20 Reasons Why Hollywood Might Drop Kaley Cuoco After The Big Bang Theory Ends

Kaley Cuoco entered our homes with her role in 8 Simple Rules and everyone instantly fell in love with her sweet next girl type attitude and then she really hit the big time with her role in The Big Bang Theory. Well, sorry to say, but Kaley is anything but sweet! She's a complete diva and extremely self-centred with two big roles where she's a star so she is not an A-lister like she thinks she is. Everyone thinks she's big in Hollywood, yes, she has won some awards but they haven't been the big time awards and she has won a Razzie award for worst supporting actress in two movies. There's just so many reasons why Hollywood can't wait to drop her because all of her movies are actually B- or C-graded films or Netflix and TV Movies. Kaley's co-stars can't stand her since she gets paid the most and she hardly does anything. They have all confessed that she brings her personal life drama to set and her habits also affect her work ethic. Drinking and partying until the early hours of the morning which no director will want on their set since she will just cause drama for everyone.

Cuoco also has a bad name in the industry because of her big mouth, social media posts and leaked nude images. She's deleted all her social media accounts because of the controversies. No one wants to hire someone who doesn't interact with their fans and who has nothing but bad headlines in the press! Kaley even dated Superman star, Henry Cavill for publicity reasons and it paid off as only then did everyone talk about her.

20 A Bonafide Diva

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Kaley wants the world to know that she's all sweet and innocent and likes to portray this with her looks and actions but behind closed doors she's anything but nice. Instead, she is a diva, and no one can stand working with her. Co-stars from the hit show are all fed up with her antics as she is constantly moody because of her endless dramas.

“She flips out about makeup, wardrobe, even the catering." Mayim Bialik doesn't even want to speak to her unless she absolutely needs to.

They all say her behaviour was due to her divorce and she became more demanding as her depression and mood swings became worse. It got so bad that producers were even talking about killing off her character which didn't end up happening but still talks about it reveal to other workers in the industry that they wouldn't want to work with Kaley. Cuoco is also extremely demanding and things must go her way!

19 Low-Budget Hollywood Films

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Cuoco tried her hardest to enter the film industry since she was doing so well with her roles in comedy TV shows but sadly she had no luck as producers and directors in the indie films industry are only interested in her and sometimes they don't even want her as a lead. Her roles in more well-known movies were only voice parts. All her parts in B-graded and even C-graded films were when she just started her role as Penny and it seems she let that fame get into her head and she believed that she could make it big with movies.

It was an epic flop since they made it straight to the small screen.

The actors aren't even well known, and the worst was The Penthouse which only got over a 3 out of 10 in rating. They were all comedies and Kaley's role was basically the same as Penny which shows she doesn't want to branch out with different roles.

18 It's All About Her

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This starlet loves herself and is extremely self-centred. She's obsessed with her looks as she has had extensive plastic surgery done as she feels she's not pretty enough and she reads everything — the good and the bad in the media and takes it to heart.

"I'll read something from someone in Indiana who's like, 'She looked disgusting in that dress,' and it's going to ruin my night."

Cuoco will literally dress up or change after reading what was said. She is totally self-absorbed with the attention and loves it when everyone talks about her even when it's negative. She also always loves to talk about herself and when she did have social media all her posts consisted of selfies of her. Kaley also never hesitates to share every single little detail about her life during interviews on talk shows and she must take all the spotlight from her co-stars as she thinks she's better than them. Kaley is a nightmare to work with and this is why Hollywood can't deal with her.

17 She Dresses Terribly 

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Kaley's wardrobe is so versatile as for public appearances her face is made up and she wears the best designer clothes. Well, it's a different story for when she has no public obligations as Cuoco has been spotted out in the streets looking like a homeless person. In every single image, Kaley is wearing sweatpants and baggy jumpers. Her face is free of makeup and you can clearly see pimples. Her hair is also hanging loosely or done up on the go as a messy bun. Its unruly and doesn't fall perfectly into place. Cuoco has admitted how she feels about inner beauty, but these images clearly show she's given up and doesn't need to put on an act anymore.

16 Bad Habits

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Cuoco has a drinking problem and she isn't afraid to admit that fact. She loves her wine and can go on a bender basically every night. It's so bad that she was even searched at an airport in Australia. Her Gucci bag was searched because the security officer discovered a wine bottle opener not just one, but two. Wow, Kaley can't even travel without it! She was even embarrassed when she admitted the ordeal to Jimmy Kimmel. According to Nicki Swift, her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting even divorced her because of her overboard drinking. "Kaley would go out with her friends, without her wedding ring, and get wasted. She'd drink two bottles of wine by herself."

The actress often frequents clubs as well and loves to have a wild time.

This habit will cause trouble since she would turn up to set feeling under the weather making filming a nightmare.

15 Demands To Be Paid More

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Ms Cuoco thinks she deserves to be paid more since she believes she is better than the rest of her cast mates. Kaley demanded to be paid $1 million per episode which is a lot of money considering Mayim Bialik was only getting paid a measly $100,000. it's a huge difference and Mayim was livid and confessed how unfair it was. Cuoco had to do down to $900,000 after the complaints and sadly for Kaley her threats of leaving the show if her even higher demands of an uprise aren't met was rejected because of the uproar it caused. It came out to the press and the producers were mad.

Cuoco is such a diva and believes she should be paid more because of the newfound status she believes she has.

Kaley brings a whole lot of drama even money concerns and no producer or director wants that on their sets. Plus no one wants to deal with a demanding prima donna.

14 Fighting With Co-Stars Made Public

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Publicists of Kaley's try their hardest to not let her rivalry with her Big Bang co-stars come to light in the public but lucky for us it does! No matter how hard they try to deny it the facts are there — no one can stand working with her. Mayim can't even speak to her and Jim Parsons and she had a feud and act all pal like for the cameras, meanwhile, they hate each other. At last year's SAG awards Parson didn't even want to sit with the cast and instead sat at the cast table of Hidden Figures. The pair often has heated arguments on set and Kaley hates taking his advice. As reported on Radar Online, it's gotten really bad and that why the show will be doing no more episodes.

“It used to be Kaley and Johnny versus Jim, but now it’s kind of everybody versus Kaley.”

The jealousy got to much for the producers and director and they couldn't handle the negative headlines!

13 Razzie Award For Worst Supporting Actress In Two Roles

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When you get the best in Hollywood being awarded you also get the worst with the famous Golden Raspberry awards. Many actors fall prey to this including Kaley who won worst supporting actress for her roles in Alvin & The Chipmunks: Road Chip and The Wedding Ringer. She was the voice as Eleanor in the animation film so it's strange that she would have won worst as she didn't even act. It could be due to her screechy voice which she even admits she has. It's surprising that she won the award for the comedy hit as it got good reviews from fans but then again it got really bad reviews by critics. Kaley's role was a bridezilla and throughout the whole movie, she was annoying, hence the award. There was hardly anything mentioned about her in the reviews as they were mainly written about her co-star Kevin Hart as he is a much bigger name in the industry than she is. The two most notable movies she had roles in she was rejected as she was praised for being the worst and it's now on her resume.

12 Life Is A Constant Drama And She Doesn't Leave It At Home

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Kaley loves her drama as she is well known for her personal life making front news and she loves talking about it as she believes it’s the reason for her fame. Other celebrities have their fair share of drama, but they don't bring it to work which Cuoco loves to do. In recent years Kaley has made the front page in the tabloids for the wrong reasons and she lets it consume every aspect of her life. Her divorce from Ryan shook her hard and she entered a deep depression which affected her work as all she was doing was crying and complaining about how sucky her life was.

It dampened the whole set and her Big Bang co-stars couldn't focus on their work.

Plus her work ethic went downhill and she didn't want to act her scenes. The directors had a hard time trying to make her work hard and they had to do a lot of retakes with her scenes. It comes as a surprise though as she moved on months after the divorce and her mood changed. The cast didn't know what mood swings to expect.

11 She's Hollywood's "It" Girl But Hardly Does Anything

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Even "it" girls work hard for their title, but not Kaley since she was given her title only for her escapades in the press and her endless interviews with talk show hosts. Cuoco's workmates are fed up with her title since they claim it's unfair because she hardly does anything. Let's face it, Parson, and Johnny Galecki should be in the media more than they are since they are the leading stars and they are actually working. Of course, they would be jealous because they are working hard and Kaley takes all the fame. Just to be noted though her new status is only because of one role and now that it's over she's not Hollywood's "it" girl anymore.

10 Her Big Mouth Gets Her In Trouble

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Kaley admits every single little detail about her personal life and it's unbearable! You should know when you're a celebrity, certain things should remain hidden. Not Kaley she loves to give deets on everything from her engagement, marriage troubles to divorce and plastic surgery. When talk show hosts ask her questions that other celebrities wouldn't want to share Kaley gleefully answers them and has no qualms. Cuoco has no regrets in coming clean about her plastic surgery and gladly shared with the world what she had done. Kaley had plastic surgery because she is shallow and after reading what was written about her she had to change her looks to feel and look better.

Cuoco also loves to share her partying ways with the world and she can't keep a secret.

We all know a big mouth can get you into trouble as well which it has for Kaley as there was a massive controversy with her feminism comments and the display of the American flag during the 4th of July. Kaley had a lot to say but that doesn't really mean you're a feminist. "Look at me. I bleed feminism. I get equal pay to my male co-stars on a big show, I have my own home, I'm as independent as you could possibly be."

9 Actually Not A Good Actress After All

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People are actually questioning Kaley's acting abilities and she even downgrades her acting herself. Well her movie roles are evident in revealing that she actually isn't that good. To be noted her only roles have been comedies and she hasn't really been able to give good performances to showcase good acting skills. Her roles have consisted of ditzy or annoying characters which no one likes and it's always just a big laugh. There's nothing that reveals her serious side and being able to get into character since she just basically acts like herself. Fans even say they feel like they can't connect with Penny and that they don't care for her character. Reviewers say Penny is the worst character on TV because it's all just about her looks. Cuoco even admits she thinks her acting is bad.

"I usually put it on mute because I cannot stand the sound of my voice, especially early on. But I look to kind of see what I was wearing, and it's hilarious."

Worth mentioning Kaley wasn't even the first choice for the role of Penny she was the afterthought.

8 "Fake" Relationship For The Price Of Fame

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Cuoco realized how famous Henry Cavill was becoming with his role in the popular Superman franchise and she just had to sink her claws into him. The affair lasted two weeks and Kaley was ecstatic with the fame she received. Another one of Kaley's big mouth moments is when she confessed to Cosmopolitan,

"I had no one following me until I met Superman."

Cuoco even admits there was hardly any paparazzi photos of her until she was spotted with Cavill. "I've been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There had not been one paparazzi photo of me until like several months ago. The recognition was crazy." Kaley got what she needed but now that her beloved show is over will she need a new man to improve her dwindling status because it sure sounds like she needs an A-lister for a boost.

7 Majority Of Her Movie Roles Are TV Movies


We all know that to make it big you need to act in a blockbuster especially the ones that are solely made by Hollywood production companies. Streaming sites Netflix are super popular and only recently have entered the film business with Indie directors using the popular franchise as their production company. Yes, it's well known but not significantly like WB or Universal. Kaley has had a role in one movie which debuted on Netflix, it was released last year, and Kaley acted as herself in it and it was a very small part. To be honest the movie was pretty average. The majority of her roles were in movies which went straight to TV.

In the early 2000s, Kaley had a few parts but recently she has had parts in only one or two and all the actors are unknown.

Of course, these movies are Lifetime movies, therefore, they're made for the channel and aren't very successful in Hollywood. If she was such an "it" girl she would be acting in blockbusters.

6 Will Do Anything To Get Her Name In The Tabloids

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As mentioned before Kaley even uses relationships to gain more followers and she will literally do anything to get her name in the press. Cuoco's quickie divorce is very suspicious since she divorced him, and it made headlines. Kaley even went far as acting like a damsel in distress to get support and the tabloids ate it up. Cuoco also went on numerous dates months after the divorce so that she would be in the news and spoken about more. As we all know the paps love to catch rumoured couples in the act. Kaley had a brief engagement to Josh "Lazie" Resni which ended as she was spotted with a mystery man which was reported on People by an onlooker.

"Kaley and the guy were giggling all night in the V.I.P. section, where they were kissing, dancing and even did an impromptu photo shoot."

Now Cuoco is once more engaged and all the gossip mags are reporting on it, she is really pleased about all this attention. Kaley will even do questionable things to stay in the tabloids, like going nude, more on that later.

5 The Big Bang Theory Is Kaley's Only Notable Worth Of Fame

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Kaley should thank her lucky stars since the hit show is her only saving grace in stardom as all the other attempts were major flops. Blockbuster movies only want her voice and not her acting skills and the only thing she has planned is another TV movie which has released no information about what the movie is and who her co-stars are. Besides that, one role, there is nothing and it indicates Hollywood has given up on her.

Quite frankly, it’s because Kaley is only capable playing the same character and she doesn't want to spice it up since her roles mainly consist of comedy.

Plus, everyone thinks her acting is bland. Actors love to take on different characters and they always do well. Kaley actually attempted the drama genre, but the rating was so poor, and all the actors listed aren't even C-listers. Casting directors aren't even interested in her different role abilities because she can't even pull that off.

4 Everything Is A Big Deal And Way Too Emotional

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Cuoco is turning into Kim Kardashian with all her crying and it became a lot to handle on set. Kaley was crying over everything. During both engagements, tears streamed down her face, after her divorce and she even burst into tears on Ellen. Okay yes, we get you were distraught but why did you totally get rid of any evidence of Ryan from your life if you were so upset. The answer is Kaley loves the attention and feels the only way to get it is crying. We all know that people feel sorry once a person breaks down in sobs and Kaley does it on a regular basis. Yes, an engagement is important, but you don't need to break down in tears for the second one since you've been engaged before. Also worth noting is that any normal person would keep that part private but not Cuoco — she publicly outpoured her emotions to the world so that everyone could see and feel sympathetic. The most pathetic one was when she sobbed over rabbits. On her fiancé’s Instagram Kaley was wailing in a video and said, "We have to take them. Look at him! Oh my god." No one wants crybabies in the industry — sorry Kaley!

3 A Big Party Animal

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Kaley is a frequent club goer and ditched her ex-husband most of the time to drown her sorrows on the dance floor. That's not all Cuoco stirs up trouble at award after parties with questionable images that she doesn't mind being leaked on the internet. At every after-party, Kaley is there! Cuoco also went overboard at a friend’s engagement party in Florida and the next day she looked very haggard leaving LAX airport. Kaley loves to have fun and prefers that to quiet evenings at home. All the partying took a toll on her as she would be very tired the next day on set and partying ways hasn't fared well for other party girls since Hollywood has no interest in them.

The most disturbing occurrence is when Kaley had her Instagram account as things got out of hand quickly when she had a group of friends over.

Cuoco took numerous videos of their drunken escapades. Cuoco wanted to "knight" her pooch with a grill lighter and Kaley confesses she doesn't remember recording the video.

2 No More Social Media

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When you're a celebrity it's essential that you have accounts on every social media platform especially if you're popular in the media. Cuoco did have it all but she deleted every single account because she couldn't handle the backlash. Other celebs who have the same problems just ignore it and take it with a grain of salt. Not, Kaley, it affects her badly and it's another reason for her to get over emotional. Instagram and Twitter are important for publicity reasons and now that Cuoco doesn't have it anymore she can't interact with her fans and share private moments with them, which we want.

Now that's she been very quiet and after the madness of Big Bang becomes non-existent, Kaley will have nothing to keep her in the press.

All that's been published this year is her recent engagement and her appearances at award ceremonies. Kaley will soon fade away since she has no form of communication and has no major roles in the pipeline.

1 Leaked Photos

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Every celebrities’ nightmare is images of them in the bare and Cuoco was a victim in 2014. It wasn't fake and Kaley's old Instagram account can confirm this since her photos were way to revealing with a limited amount of clothing. The full nude ones were of Kaley taking selfies in her bedroom. Cuoco didn't even seem phased by it as she laughed it off during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

"Oh, it’s another fake one. And then I started getting emails about real ones going around and I looked at it and I was like, oh my gosh, there are some real ones.”

It still didn't faze her and she just shook it off. “I took it into my own hands and made a joke about it, because what else are you going to do?” J-Law, on the other hand, reacted angrily and threatened people with legal action if those images were leaked. When will celebs learn that nothing remains private when you're famous!

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