20 Reasons Why Alice Eve Should Be An A-Lister

Alice Eve is a star on the rise. While she is no newcomer to Hollywood, you may have only heard of her over the past couple years or so. She’s not always front and center in blockbuster feature films—she takes on a variety of interesting projects that may not always get a ton of mainstream attention. But here’s the thing—while she may not get as much media attention as other stars, she is super talented, and she’s been flying under the radar for a while now. We think it’s about time that more people start taking notice of Alice, because she is about to make some real waves in Hollywood.

You may have seen Alice in all sorts of interesting films and television shows over the past few years—and you may have even caught her on stage, too!—but she still hasn’t quite cemented her spot on the A-list. However, it’s clear that she deserves it. Her talent, her style, and her personality all have her destined for the top. Don’t be surprised if we start seeing her name everywhere in the coming years! Here are 20 reasons why Alice Eve should totally be an A-lister.

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20 Her Personal Style Is Always On Point

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There’s no doubt that Alice has amazing style. Anytime you see her, it just looks like she could be on the best dressed list. It doesn’t hurt that she is naturally beautiful! She could walk out of her house wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, and she would still look amazing. According to Marie Claire, Alice says that she is not the type to pay attention to trends or follow the crowd. She says that when it comes to her personal style, she just follows her own instinct—if she thinks that something will look good, she tries it out.

19 She Has Appeared On Broadway

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You probably have seen Alice on screen before, but she also thrives on stage. Her talents are not limited to one form of art or another—she is always open to trying new things and exploring new mediums. According to Broadway World, Alice appeared in the Broadway show Rock ’n’ Roll. But before she made it that far, she had already appeared in several theater productions. According to The Daily Beast, Alice actually started acting when she appeared in plays. Her love for acting took off when she was a teenager in England and began acting in plays at Oxford.

18 She Had Four Films Come Out In 2018

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Who is working harder than Alice right now? Well, we have to admit there are not many people! According to IMDB, Alice has been a very busy woman appearing in several films that were released in 2018. In fact, in 2018 alone she has had four films come out! She appeared in The Stolen, Untogether, The Con is On, and Replicas. But wait, that’s not all! She has also been filming several TV shows. You will be seeing her in episodes of Ordeal by Innocence, Robot Chicken, and Iron Fist. Look, you’ve got to work hard to get on the A-list!

17 She Has Worked With Tons Of Big Names In Hollywood

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It’s clear that Alice has been climbing the ladder and making some serious connections. She may not be on the A-list herself just yet, but she certainly seems to know everyone who is. According to IMDB, she has already worked with big names like Chris Evans and Matthew Broderick. While she may not have her name in lights for Oscar winning films just yet, she is definitely rubbing elbows with people who have already made their mark. It’s clear that people who are high on the Hollywood totem pole have a great appreciation for her talent—she can hold her own.

16 She Co-Starred In An Amazing Episode Of Black Mirror

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Black Mirror is one of the most interesting TV shows out there right now. It’s all about the ways that technology could potentially change our lives—and the ways that it already has. And most of the time, it’s downright creepy—it might make you want to get rid of your smartphone! According to Vox, Alice played the character Naomi in the episode “Nosedive,” which is basically about a world where social media has taken over everyone’s lives. Imagine if your follower count and likes determined everything you could do in life? That’s what “Nosedive” is all about—so scary!

15 She’s Played A Huge Variety Of Roles

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Alice is not the type of actor that you can typecast. She has played a wide variety of roles, and she is definitely open to taking on all kinds of different projects. According to Harper’s Bazaar, she says that she absolutely loves playing complex women who have an adventurous side—like her starring role in The Stolen. However, she also plays all different types of women. For example, her character in “Nosedive” was about as shallow as can be. But she rocked both of those roles. She is not afraid to explore new perspectives and take creative risks in her work.

14 She Comes From A Creative Family

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Alice was basically always destined to be an actress. Why is that? Well, she comes from a very creative family, and her parents raised her with a love of the arts. According to The Daily Beast, both of Alice’s parents are actors. In fact, her father Trevor Eve is quite famous in England! When she was young, she lived in America for a brief period of time as her father worked on some American films in Hollywood. However, he realized that the American market was not a great fit for him, so the family ended up going back to England.

13 She’s Popular In America And The UK

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As we just mentioned, Alice’s father Trevor had a tough time finding American films where he could express himself creatively. He had much more success back home in England. But Alice has found herself with the ability to move between countries and industries, and she has found success in both America and England. According to MSN Movies, Alice began her acting career in England in the theater world, but eventually began landing small parts in television shows and drama films. Eventually, she began to break into American films, landing roles in films like Starter for 10 and She’s Out of My League.

12 She Appeared In Star Trek Into Darkness

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Alice is certainly no stranger to the science fiction genre! She is always open to amazing new sci-fi projects. According to Collider, Alice played Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness. The film received mainly positive reviews, and this role definitely put her on the map. However, before she began working on the film, she wasn’t too familiar with the Star Trek series! She said that she basically had to go watch old episodes and films from the Star Trek universe to study up and prepare! She says that she was happy to have the chance to appear in the film.

11 She Does Indie Movies And Feature Films

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As we mentioned earlier, Alice takes on all sorts of interesting projects. She is not just chasing Oscar gold by appearing in major blockbuster films. She loves to experiment and really explore her artistic side with all kinds of films and TV shows. According to IMDB, Alice has appeared in a huge variety of indie films as well as feature films. She even appears in indie films that go straight to DVD because they don’t have the budget for major screenings, like The Stolen. She really is just acting for the love of it and not trying to chase status.

10 She Does Her Own Stunts

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How cool is this? Alice may not look super tough when you first see her, but she definitely is strong enough to pull her own weight on the set and perform her own stunts! According to Harper’s Bazaar, Alice likes to do her own stunts on set. She does not need to hand that responsibility over to a stunt double. We think it’s awesome that Alice does her own stunts. Many actors and actresses do not, and it just goes to show how seriously she takes her roles—she wants to go all out and do her own thing with it.

9 She Is A Strong Supporter Of Other Women

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One thing that really makes an actress like Alice stand out? She is always there for her fellow women in Hollywood. You won’t catch her gossiping about anyone or trying to tear anyone down! Nope, she wants nothing more than to see other women succeed. According to The Daily Beast, Alice worked with actress Zoe Saldana on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness. She said there was a ton of joking around on the set and lots of practical jokes—and she and Zoe totally bonded because they were surrounded by a big group of guys all the time!

8 She Has That Classic Hollywood Look

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We can’t deny it: Alice Eve is simply gorgeous. Seriously, just look at that beautiful blonde hair, her perfect skin, and her lovely smile. Honestly, we’re surprised that she hasn’t done more modeling, because she really could make anything look good! According to The Daily Beast, Alice has one feature that really makes her stand out. One of her eyes is blue, and one of her eyes is green! This is actually a condition called “heterochromia” (which just means that you have two different colored eyes). It’s pretty rare, but this unique feature just makes her look even more beautiful.

7 She’s Been Honing Her Craft Since She Was A Kid

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We’ve already mentioned how Alice came from a family of actors, and it seems like she was simply destined to be an actress since day one. And there’s a reason that her talent and dedication shines through so strongly: she has been working on her craft and improving as an artist since she was a child. According to her interview with Conan O’Brien on Conan, Alice has said that she was always interested in performing, and that she always knew that she wanted to be an actor. She began acting when she was young, and she has simply never stopped!

6 She Appeared On The Hit Series Entourage

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By now, you already know that Alice appeared in the TV series Black Mirror—but she also had a role on the popular series Entourage. According to Complex, Alice appeared on Entourage as the British journalist Sophia Lear. But she went from journalist to love interest for the main character of the show, Vincent Chase. She was definitely a fan favorite—partially for her attitude, and partially for her good looks! Although Entourage ended a few years ago, many fans still love to watch reruns of the series and look back on it fondly—it had a very successful run.

5 She’s Not Afraid Of Intense Shooting Schedules

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Alice knows that hard work will take you far. She does not shy away from a project just because of an intense shooting schedule—in fact, this just encourages her to go deeper into her role and really learn how to embody the character she is playing. According to Indie Wire, Alice is totally fine with shooting entire films in under two weeks—she simply throws herself into the work and doesn’t look up until it’s done! For example, for the film Some Velvet Morning, they worked on a nine-day shooting schedule to get all of the scenes they needed.

4 She Only Has Positive Things To Say About Her Costars

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One thing that really makes us like Alice even more is the fact that she only has positive things to say about the people she works with. You will never catch her gossiping about her costars—she simply wants to lift people up and support them! She is not a competitive person in terms of tearing other people down. In interviews with publications like IndieWire and Mandatory, Alice speaks highly of the people she has worked with, including Stanley Tucci, Matthew Broderick, and Chris Evans, among others. Seriously, we don’t think we’ve seen her say a negative word about anyone!

3 She Brings Her Own Ideas To Every Set

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Sure, it’s not an actor’s job to change the script or improvise—the writers and directors have it all laid out for them, right? Well, technically it’s not their responsibility, but when an actor chooses to take that initiative, it really does bring them up to the next level. According to Collider, both Alice and her co-star Stanley Tucci have talked about how important it was for them to be able to give their input on the script for Some Velvet Morning. They described it as a collaborative process—they were adding and taking away from the script as they worked.

2 She Just Joined The Cast Of Iron Fist

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The new series Iron Fist didn’t get such rave reviews for the first season—but the show runners have taken all of this into consideration, and they geared up for an even better second season that will really take things to the next level. According to The Washington Post, viewers are already enjoying the second season much more, particularly because the cast is much stronger—a cast that includes Alice Eve! She is playing a new villain called Typhoid Mary who plays a huge role in the new season. To find out more, you’ll just have to watch the series!

1 She’s Never Involved In Drama—She’s Too Busy Working

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Look, let’s just be honest for a second—there are some celebs who always end up in the tabloids for the wrong reasons, and then there are some who never seem to be at the center of the Hollywood gossip. Alice Eve is one of those celebs who just stays focused on her work and doesn’t waste time on much else! According to Harper’s Bazaar, she just wants to continue playing strong women and support other actresses. She is truly an example for other celebs to follow, and that attitude and work ethic will earn her a spot on the A-list.

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