20 Pics That Show Jenna Dewan Is Living Her Best Life Since Her Split

Back in 2006, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan starred in a movie together called "Step Up." The movie is set in Baltimore, Maryland and follows the lives of the unprivileged Tyler Gage, which was played by Channing and the privileged dancer Nora Clark, played by Jenna. The two are paired up in a showcase that would ultimately determine their futures. They realize that if they want to be successful they will have to work together. Working on this movie together sparked an interest in one another, which ultimately led Jenna to give Channing an ultimatum. Jenna knew she wanted a relationship so she told Channing that he had to figure out what he wanted. Three days later, Channing knocked on Jenna's hotel door and told the actress that he could not stop thinking about her. The two eventually got married and now have a daughter together.

Earlier this year, Channing and Jenna announced that the two were separating. This news shocked the public because the pair seemed to be destined for each other. The pair have made it clear that there is no bad blood between them and that they will do whatever they can to be the best parents they can be for their daughter, Everly.

Now newly single, Jenna is moving forward and focusing on herself and her career. She has been able to reach new heights in her career and is finding a lot of success. It is clear that Jenna is now living her best life and is able to grow as an individual. Here are 20 pictures that show Jenna Dewan is living her best life since her split.

20 New Gig On NBC's Competition Show

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Jenna is no stranger when it comes to all things dance related. She has a new gig on a dance competition show that airs on NBC called "World of Dance" She serves as a mentor and a host of the show. It comes to no surprise that she would be involved in a show that revolves around dance because Jenna is a talented dancer and has played many roles in dance movies. The show is produced by Jennifer Lopez who also serves as a judge. This dance competition show features dancers in many types of dance genres who all compete to win a prize of one million dollars. Those who are competing are judged by celebrity judges, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough. The show premiered back in 2017 and got great reviews from the public, which led to the show getting renewed for a second season, which started on May 29th. Despite Jenna splitting from Channing, she is able to keep herself busy by continuing to host the show. This is a great display that she is going to live her best life. Keeping herself busy is her way to prove that she is happy since splitting up from Channing.

19 80's Style Inspired Photo Shoot

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Recently Jenna found herself being photographed for Bazaar magazine. The outfits she wore were 80's inspired and included a shoulder padded rhinestoned dress and retro cassette players. Short clips were also taken for the magazine, which involved Jenna dancing through the decade. According to numerous Instagram posts, Jenna was honoured to be a part of this shoot and she enjoyed every moment of it. She posted clips of herself moonwalking in high heels and listening to classic 80's music. Bazaar stated that during the photo shoot everyone was amazed that Jenna knew every move to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and not only did she know all the moves, but she performed them perfectly. Jenna told Bazaar that she trained to music by Janet Jackson. Being a dancer is a part of who Jenna is as a person, however she does do a lot of acting as well. Despite once being known as the "hot guy's wife", Jenna has been able to shine more than ever even though she is no longer his wife. Jenna admits that she was happy being his wife, however she wanted more in life and now she feels a sense of "joy and freedom and excitement."

18 No More Wedding Ring

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Before their split was confirmed rumours speculated that the two have called it quits because Jenna was spotted not wearing a wedding ring. The two did make their split public, which did catch many people off guards despite the rumours that were going around. Even though she is no longer wearing a wedding ring, Jenna has made it clear that the couple will work together to raise their daughter. In her Instagram post that announced their split Jenna stated that nothing has changed between the two and that they still love each other, however this love has taken the couple on different paths. This Instagram post explained that this would be the only time that they would be commenting on the situation and they ask that the public gives them some privacy as they deal with the matter. The couple made it aware that as much as they did not want to go public with the situation, they felt like they had to due to the nature that they are in the public eye. This is something that is not easy to address especially when you have to explain it to the world. At least the couple were on the same page when it came to the separation.

17 Being The Best Mom She Can Be

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Back in May 2013, Channing and Jenna welcomed a baby girl to their family. As a couple who were in the public eye due to the nature of their jobs, they did their best to keep their daughter out of the spotlight. They wanted their child to be able to live a normal like as she possibly can. According to Hello Giggles, the pair's daughter Everly, made her public debut at this year's Kid's Choice Awards. Jenna had taken her daughter as her date to the kid friendly event back in March of 2018. Everly was able to see her father on stage as he presented an award and walk the red carpet with her mother. Up until this point, the public was only given updates on their daughter through Instagram posts that did not expose her face and captions that expressed certain milestones Jenna was going through as she navigated through motherhood. With Jenna now being single, the public hopes that they will see more of the mother and daughter duo. It is never easy separating from someone especially when you have a child together, however Jenna seems to be doing just fine as long as she has her daughter by her side.

16 Back To The Beginning

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During a recent social media trend, celebrities started to look back to their beginnings in the industry and post their first headshot. Jenna took part in the trend and opted to post her first glamour shot, since she was unable to find her first head shot. The picture shows a young Jenna before she had made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Jenna has come a long way since this picture and she has a lot to be proud of. Jenna expressed that she is embarrassed of this picture as she captioned it with "I will go crawl in a hole now, thanks mom." Despite being embarrassed Jenna had no problem sharing this picture with the public. We can only assume that she is living her best life and wants to share with the public who she was before she even met Channing. In the comments, many people stated that she now looks like a totally different person and did not recognize this being Jenna in her younger years. A lot has changed from when this picture was taken, but from what we can see Jenna is happy with who she is today.

15 St. Jude's Award Winner

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Jenna made her first public appearance post breakup at St. Jude's Gala in April 2018. The actress was honoured at the St. Jude's Hope and Heritage Gala in New York City. Jenna has supported the hospital for many years and contributed to the research and lifesaving treatment for children. No longer with Channing, Jenna brought her father has her date and was spotted wearing an embroidered gown by Zuhair Murad. The outfit also included jewels from Lorraine Schwartz. Jenna was honoured at the event and was given an award for being St. Jude's Humanitarian of the Year. She posted a picture on Instagram thanking St. Jude's Hospital for everything that they do and continue to do for children. She also posted a picture of her and her father at the event in which she entitled it "love ya dad." Despite what she was going through in her personal life, Jenna continued to support the causes that she had always worked with. This award shows that despite what was going on in her life, Jenna made it important to continue the work she was doing to help other people. Jenna is making sure that not only is she living her best life, but she wants to make it possible for others to live their best life as well.

14 Keeping Herself In Shape

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As a dancer Jenna is used to always being in shape and having to work on her fitness. Dancing is a lot of physical movement so it is important to be in shape. Since her split, Jenna is taking the time to work on herself, whether that be mentally, emotionally, spiritually or even physically. Jenna continuously proves that she is able to move and is in great condition. She has many clips of herself dancing on her Instagram profile. Jenna uses dancing as a way to keep in shape, along with doing a little hiking every now and then. Through many Instagram pictures, Jenna has expressed her love for a little outdoors and her love for the California weather. When going through a separation, celebrities tend to stay out of the media because they do not want any press following their relationship. Jenna has made it clear that she is not going to let her separation define who she is and she is going to make a bad situation into a positive one. She is not going to let it get the worst of her and is going to continue to live her best life. She wants to show that she is able to stand alone. Doing what she loves and taking care of her daughter by being the best mother she can be is the only things on her mind.

13 Helping People Help Others

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It is always a nice feeling to be able to help others especially in their time of need. Jenna is a part of an organization called Baby2Baby. Founded by Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein, the organization provides low-income children with diapers, clothing and basic necessities. Each year Baby2Baby serves more than 180,00 children in Los Angeles and many more across the country. By working with non-profit partners they are able to deliver everything these children need. Jenna is a part of the organization's "angels" group. In which she does whatever she can to support the group and do whatever is needed to make sure the children's needs are being met. As a mother, Jenna understands how much a child needs and what can happen if those needs are not met. In one of her Instagram posts, she posts a picture of herself and children who uses the services that Baby2Baby provide. In this picture, Jenna took these children to the beach for their very first time. This shows that Jenna is living her best life by helping other people be able to live their own best life.

12 All Smiles On The Red Carpet

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When it comes to the red carpet, Jenna is no stranger. She is often photographed on the red carpet in beautiful dresses and her hair and makeup done. Celebrities hit the red carpets looking their best, but for Jenna it does not take much as she has a lot of natural beauty. However, for the past nine years Jenna has graced many red carpets with her then husband Channing. Since the split, Jenna is rocking red carpets solo, however she still looks amazing. At the iHeart Radio Music Award Show, Jenna is photographed all by herself, even though she was married to Channing at time. During this time, speculations of their marriage hitting rock bottom were going around, therefore being photographed on the red carpet alone only confirmed that the couple were having issues. Despite what she was going through in her personal life, Jenna is all smiles when she is in front of the camera. She is not going to let drama in her personal life affect her professional life. This will not be the last you will see Jenna on the red carpet. Her professional life is taking off and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

11 First Picture Posted After Spilt

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After Jenna and Channing announced their split through an Instagram post, Jenna took to Instagram to post another picture to show how much her fans love and support mean to her. This is the picture that she posted and captioned it "thank you guys for all your love. Love you right back." The caption also had a lot of heart emojis with it. The picture includes Jenna on the beach wearing an all white outfit. The picture gives off a very pure feeling and also shows that Jenna is ready for a new beginning. She is starting fresh and living her best life. When looking through the comments, Jenna received a lot of positive comments in regards to her separation with Channing. It is always a nice feeling when you are given love and support especially when it came to a difficult decision she and Channing had to make. It also makes it easier to move on when you know that people support you no matter what you do in life. In recent times, many people are quick to give a lot of hate to celebrities, especially online, so for Jenna to receive such positive feedback is really meaningful. It makes it easier for her to continue her life and live her best life without feeling like she made the wrong life choices.

10 Always Laughing With Jimmy Kimmel

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There is never a shortage of laughter when it comes to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jenna showed up on Jimmy Kimmel wearing a sleeveless pink dress and open toe shoes. She previously revealed her newly short bob hair cut with a side part. Jenna opted for a more natural look when it came to her makeup as she rocked very little makeup. The "World of Dance" host was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new season of the dance competition, which airs on NBC. The dance show has been doing so well that it was recently renewed for a third season even though the second season has just premiered. Good news for Jenna she will have a job for another season. She has been doing a lot of press for the show and should be very proud for the show's success. Jenna has always been involved in dance, therefore this show has a lot of significance to her career. It gives her to the chance to be a part of something that involves her greatest passion in life. Jenna is truly living her best life as she gets to do a job that she loves. Her time on Jimmy Kimmel Live proves that she is living her best life one laugh at a time.

9 New Hair New Jenna

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A new hairstyle can represent a new beginning in a women's life. It can truly make someone feel like a whole different person. At the 2018 Billboard Awards, Jenna debuted her new hairdo, which represented the new beginning in her life, since this was the first red carpet event she attended since making her split from Channing public. Newly single, Jenna seemed to be very confident walking down the red carpet and as she posed for the cameras. She wore a gladiator inspired dressed studded gold and black open toe high heels. The black leather dress was designed by Zuhair Murad. A designer Jenna has worn many times before. Jenna announced that she was cutting her hair via her Instagram story as she posted a picture of pieces of her hair on the floor with the caption "bye hair." Cutting your hair can symbolize getting rid of a piece of you that you want to keep in the past. It demonstrates a change in your life and in Jenna's case this change is enlightening and something she can grow from. With this new hairstyle Jenna is ready to take over the world and live her best life.

8 Girl Time and Chocolate

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There is nothing a little girl time and chocolate cannot fix. On February 13, which is also known as "Galentine's Day", Jenna posted a picture on Instagram a picture of her and her friend surrounded by Lindt Chocolate. Galentine's Day is a day where ladies show their love for their lady friends, single or not. Just a couple of months before Channing and Jenna made their split official there were signs that the couple were having issues. Jenna did not post anything for Valentine's Day, instead she opted to celebrate a day that celebrates ladies and she spent it with a good friend of hers. Chocolate is often a go to when it comes to going through a breakup, so it comes to no surprise that Jenna would post something in this nature. Even through hard times Jenna has people who she can surround herself that will help her live her best life post breakup with her husband. This proves that she is not going to let her separation bring her down, instead she will celebrate her new found freedom.

7 Supporting Her Friends Products

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Jenna is the type of girl who will support her friends in anything that they do. On her YouTube channel, Jenna dedicated a whole video to her favourite hair care products in which she shows her love for her friend's products. In the video she explains that she gets a lot of questions about the products that she uses to achieve certain hairstyles. Throughout the video as she explains the products that she uses in her hair she gives shout outs to her friends, such as Jen Atkins who is well known in the beauty industry. She explains that she likes to use products that are easy to use and also quick to use because she states that she is always on the go and does not have a lot of time to spend on her hair. Throughout the video Jenna has nothing but nice things to say about each product and also giggles a little when she realizes that most of the products she uses are made by her friends. What can she say, Jenna is a girl's girl and does whatever she can to show her friends that she supports them. Jenna knows that her girlfriends are important to her especially since her split. Her friends help Jenna live her best life.

6 Getting That JLo Glow

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At the age of 48, singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez is not only living her best life, but is also looking her best and Jenna wants a little piece of that JLo glow. Jennifer is known for her beautiful skin and the fact that she seems to never age. To support her dancer friend, Jenna posted a picture on her Instagram showing off her glow and captioned it "super unnecessary selfie courtesy of my excitement over #jloxinglot We’re all after that otherworldly glow of yours @jlo." Jenna and Jennifer are both working on the dance competition show "World of Dance." The picture shows off a more natural look as she is not wearing a lot of makeup in the picture. Jenna shows that even without a full face of makeup she is happy about the way she looks and wants to show off her glow. She is feeling confident in herself post spilt with Channing. She shows that she is living her best life and no one can tell her otherwise. This is also another example of how Jenna supports her friends and is happy for them when they are successful. Jenna is not going to let her breakup stop her from living her best life.

5 Trip Down Memory Lane With Friends

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In a recent YouTube video, Jenna sits down with her style and friend, Brad Goreski and look back at their favourite red carpet looks from the past. Jenna calls Brad her favourite person in the world and gives him credit for all the looks she wore on the red carpet throughout the years. Brad is also a celebrity stylist, therefore he is no stranger to dressing celebrities for red carpet events. The two take a trip down memory lane and talk about the looks Jenna has worn on the red carpet throughout her career. Jenna has rocked many looks on the red carpet. Some looks Jenna loved, others not so much. She has worn a lot of red carpet looks and it is interesting to hear her thoughts about the outfits that she wears. The two react to different looks that Jenna wore on the red carpet and give their thoughts and opinion on each outfit. At the end of the day, it does not matter what she is wearing Jenna looks good in anything. Not only was this filmed for YouTube, it also gave Jenna the opportunity to spend some time with a friend and talk about the times they spent working together. She may no longer be with Channing, but she is surrounded by people who admire her.

4 Celebrates Vegas Magazine 15th Anniversary

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Jenna graced the front cover of Vegas Magazine to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Jenna was honoured to be on the front cover and thanks Vegas for giving her the opportunity. She attended the magazine's anniversary party at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas on May 18th. She hit the red carpet in a black, sheer dress with a lot of fringe detail. She rocked bright red lips and straight hair. The magazine thanked Jenna for her participation on the issue by posting a picture of Jenna laying on a pile of magazines in which she is on the cover of. The magazine titled the picture "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." A phrase that is often heard when talking about Vegas. On the front cover Jenna wore a beige trench coat with black detail on it. She wore minimal makeup and her hair was kept simple and straight. Jenna looks amazing, especially for someone who was separating from her husband. Post separation, Jenna is living her best life and gracing the front covers of magazines. She is working harder than ever to make sure that she is not just known as "Channing's ex-wife." She is more than that and is determined to prove that.

3 The Importance Of Girl Time

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Jenna is taking her new found freedom to find who she wants to be as a single women and mother. She admitted to Bazaar that they ended their relationship on good terms and because of that she was able to move forward and be excited about her future. To help her move forward in life and get excited to do things she surrounds her self with great friends. Despite ending her marriage, Jenna is continuing to grow and is focussing on her career as a dancer and actress. She must be doing something right in life because it is no secret that she is currently living her best life. She was able to take this moment in her life and grow from it. On her Instagram profile, Jenna has posts with many of her friends and she thanks them for always being there for her. Her girl time is important to her. Jenna told Bazaar that every move she is making now is not related to her marriage and is something she is doing on her own. She stated in the interview that she wanted to expand her life and herself and embark on a journey that was solely her own. With her friends and family by her side, Jenna is capable of doing anything because she has a great support system.

2 Bare Face and Feeling Beautiful

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Even though she is likely to be all dolled up, Jenna is not afraid to show off her bare face. She takes the time to relax and focus on herself. Jenna has proved that she does not need all the makeup to make herself look beautiful, she has natural beauty. She has been photographed many times in the public not wearing makeup and since she became a mom, she admits in a YouTube video of hers that she has less time to get herself ready. The reason why many people like Jenna is because of her humble personality and natural beauty. Jenna has stated in an Instagram post that she does have an intense skin care routine, which allows her to go makeup free with no need for a filter. She wrote in the caption of the picture that she gets a cool laser treatment done to her skin. Glamour reported that she uses a cool laser because it helps with her melasma, which is a skin condition that forms after pregnancy or too much exposure from the sun. It appears as dark marks on your skin. Whatever she is doing to her skin is definitely working for her.

1 Starring in A Fox Musical Pilot

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Deadline reported that Jenna has been casted to play a major role in Fox's musical drama pilot "Mixtape." The musical is a romantic drama that addresses a group of people that are interconnected in Los Angeles through the lens of music that defines them. It focuses on the different stages of love and how that love can sometimes lead to a heartbreak. Jenna is casted to play the role of Joanna, who is a young professional that always has everything under control. She is a little guarded and is always prepared for the worst. There is no other information about production or release dates as of yet. Jenna has stared in many movies that included a nice soundtrack and choreography, therefore this role is perfect for her. She continues to keep herself busy and working, which shows that she is an independent women that can do things for herself. She is being a great example for her daughter as she is showing her daughter how to be an independent women who can do whatever you set your mind to.

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