20 Pics Of Rachel Green Showing Her Transformation Since Season One

When you start thinking about what is considered to be some of the greatest sitcoms of all-time, you don't get very long into the list before Friends comes up. Airing from September 1994 to May 2004, the series followed the adventures of 6 friends living in New York.

And while Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, and Monica were all entertaining for their own reasons, there may not be a more iconic character from the series than Rachel Green. Granted it may have also helped that as an actress, Jennifer Aniston was (and still is) among the most talked-about in Hollywood.

Aniston's acting saw her take home an Emmy for her performance in the series, but the real standout performance may have come from the wardrobe department. As Aniston stunned audiences with a seemingly ever-changing style throughout the series.

Below we look at 20 of her most iconic outfits at some of the biggest moments of the series as we journey from the start to the end. In doing so, you may also realize why Ross (not to mention, Gunther) were so obsessed with her!

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20 We Met Her In a Wedding Dress

If Jennifer Aniston saw the sight of her in a wedding dress at the moment, it may very well make her pretty sad. But when you consider she recently is going through the divorce proceedings with Justin Theroux, at least that would make some sense.

Perhaps she'd be fine seeing her character, Rachel Green, don one though - as she did in the opening episode of the series. Aniston must have been thrilled to land the role in the series, especially when you learn her previous television efforts in a Ferris Bueller's Day Off spin-off was unsuccessful.

Walking in with the dress has been, to this day, one of the most iconic moments from the show, or any show for that matter. It is basically going to go down in history.

19 Dynamite In Denim At The Start

Fans got introduced to Rachel Green in a wedding dress, but she wasn't going to be able to stay in that outfit for long! Throughout the earlier portion of the series, Jennifer Aniston could be spotted rocking various types of denim. None perhaps more iconically though, then these denim overalls that she's totally pulling off for our next entry.

This outfit was worn during a trip to the Orthodontist where her near-husband, Barry, worked. While Green's character did bump it up with him during season 1, the writer's eventually decided that Paulo would be a more riveting "love rival" for Ross to battle off against. She originally wore this outfit in order to be more casual, but of course, as usual, she pulled it off and looked fantastic.

18 She Became a (Not Very Good) Waitress

Jennifer Aniston finishes the series with a job offer to go work for Louis Vuitton in Paris. While she iconically "gets off the plane", it's still a huge potential opportunity that shows just how far she got in her career.

Something that may be even more evident when you see her in her duties as a waitress at Central Perk. A job that as you may remember, was later also held by Joey for a short time in the series. Though something tells us the customers at Central Perk were much happier when it was Rachel bringing them their coffee. We're sure that's a sentiment Gunther would agree with too!

17 Her And Ross Finally Went Out!

Ross Gellar was over the moon when he finally landed the opportunity to take Rachel Green out for a date. And when you consider her outfits during this course of the series was full of amazing outfits like this one, no wonder the crush he had on her in high school didn't decrease with time!

While their first crack at a relationship doesn't go too smoothly when Rachel learns about his list of flaws he has with her, at least they end up working things out in the end. Perhaps it's also memories of outfits like this that also explain why Ross has such a hard time getting over her after they split up. But there have been many moments where he falls madly in love with her all over again due to her various outfits, and really, how could he not?

16 She Was Forced Into Pink For Barry and Mindy's Wedding

There may not be an outfit in the history of Friends that is more hideous than the one that Aniston is given to wear for the season 2 finale, The One With Barry and Mindy's Wedding. But if we're being fair to Aniston, her character is well aware that the outfit isn't the most flattering. As perhaps best indicated by her opening comment on the dress,

"I can not believe I have to walk down the aisle in front of 200 people looking like something you drink when you're nauseous."

Not helping the outfit is the hat that she's got going on. Though to be fair, the costume design definitely did their job at picking a "unique" bridal party outfit. And anyway, it is definitely a lot of fun to do skits like this in shows, it helps take some of the edge off of a performance, surely.

15 She Fantasized With Ross As Princess Leia 

There is nothing wrong with having particular fantasies that you may want to play out in the bedroom. It's just part of having a healthy view of bedroom loving. And we're sure you wouldn't be the only person in the world who thinks back fondly on the time that Carrie Fisher was handed a gold bikini to wear as her costume.

In fact, this is such an iconic moment in film history that it has been parodied in many different films and television shows (not to mention cosplays). We don't know if any woman out there (outside of perhaps Fisher herself) looks better in the outfit than Jennifer Aniston.

She donned the iconic bikini for the opening episode of season 3, and the entire episode was then dedicated to Ross and Chandler sharing their fantasies--complete with ridiculous jokes and hilarious facial expressions of shame.

14 Her First Stunning Dress Of The Series With a Seductive Twist

Jennifer Aniston definitely wanted to bring the heat to start out the 3rd season of the series. While the opening episode of the season featured her in a gold bikini, she definitely still pulled out all the stops for the following episode too, titled "The One Where No One's Ready" which follows Ross trying to get the gang ready to go to an event of his.

Perhaps the only reason to be disappointed with this dress is the fact that the audience only got to see it for a brief few seconds before she walked out the door. Though not before she indicated to Ross that she had elected to leave her underwear back in her drawer! Something tells us after that news that Ross would be the one who didn't want to leave the house.

13 She Looked More Business-Friendly When Woo'ing Over Tag

Rachel Green's love life may have had a large portion of it spent around Ross Gellar, but that's not the only man that she tried to woo over throughout the series. One of the men that played an influence along the way was her office assistant turned temporary boyfriend, Tag Jones.

Which you have to admit, is definitely a creepy relationship to think about. Don't sleep with your assistant (who is noticeably younger than you), and definitely don't hire them because you think they're hot and you'd like to sleep with them.

C'mon Rachel. This definitely is a storyline they may have done differently in 2018. But in terms of the show, it was definitely hilarious, and we got to see Rachel in funny situations with her and her then boyfriend.

12 She Put On Athletic Gear For Football With The Boys

Rachel Green has many different talents that she shows off throughout the series. But if you guessed that she wasn't the most athletic person in the world, you'd probably be right. While she did end up having a moment of glory in the infamous episode The One with The Football, most of the episode was spent making jokes at her expense.

Aniston rocking out in gym gear is not the most typical outfit that fans are used to seeing her in, but perhaps she'd take solace in the fact that even if her character doesn't play good on the field, she still managed to look good. The episode as a whole was amazing, and iconic to this day. It started the legendary football during Thanksgiving event for fans who loved the show, and we all remember Rachel doing her best and not succeeding, but hey, at least she looked the best.

11 She Tried To Wear Her Bedroom Clothing As a Dress

When Rachel Green gets ready to go out for a date, she definitely pulls out all of the stops. And judging from the outfit she has on in the next entry, it's clear that she doesn't stop putting in that effort when she gets down to lingerie.

Though if she was just trying to make sure she made a memorable opinion on Joshua, her very brief love interest, she definitely would have succeeded. His parents coming home and crashing their date meant that this outfit never ended up on his bedroom floor, though she did later reveal that her chest popped out over dinner. To this day, although it is maybe not a favourite episode, we will always love the way she looked in this piece. Really, who wouldn't?

10 She Stole Monica's Thunder As a Bridesmaid

There are several different weddings throughout the series, but none was perhaps bigger than The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding which capped off the 7th season of the series.

But as big as Monica's wedding day is (which she jokes, nothing could be bigger than!) her thunder was perhaps stolen by the fact that it was the same episode that we find out that Rachel is pregnant. While we don't find out the father until a future episode, fans still had fun speculating over the course of the "off-season" (though c'mon, of course, it was Ross).

This is obviously one of the favourite episodes for people, because while all this is going on, there are amazing moments with Ross, Chandler and Joey away from the wedding that have fans cackling the entire way through. But audiences love it for how Rachel stole the episode with her emotions and grace.

9 She Changed The Hair and Changed The Style After The News

When Friends progressed through the 8th season of the series, fans spent a large portion of the time interacting with an often very evidently pregnant Rachel Green. This next photo is taken from that time period in her life, but her baby bump is hidden away in exchange for a stunning top and necklace combo. Not to mention a shorter hairstyle that compliments her face.

This screen grab is from the iconic moment of the series from when Rachel lets her father know that she is pregnant. While the core 6 of the franchise do a tremendous job, Ron Leibman should absolutely be commended for his outstanding portrayal of Dr. Leonard Green.

8 She Dressed As a Beautiful Girl Before Pregnancy Hits

One of the best episodes of a series can come with a Halloween theme, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Office. Friends had their own crack at the holiday with the season 8 episode The One With The Halloween Party.

While it would have typically been an opportunity to see Rachel Green dress up in a fun costume, her character instead elected to just dress up as a gorgeous woman. When questioned by Monica, she replied,

"I am! I am a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress and she wants to wear it, because soon she won’t be able to fit into it." Needless to say, she looked fantastic in it, and once again, as she always tends to do, she grabbed the viewer's attention by looking absolutely flawless.

7 Because They Made Her Very Pregnant

Ross and Rachel have had many memorable arguments over the course of the series. But he definitely wasn't going to get very far when he was trying to make the point that what a very-pregnant Rachel was wearing was not appropriate for a trip to the doctor's office. Even Phoebe chimes in voicing that it was a bad idea! This is actually an outfit that gets people laughing every single time, because, well, look at her! She may be comfortable, but gosh, the outfit is definitely not flattering.

The exchange goes,

"Ross: Really? You don’t think that’s a little inappropriate.

Phoebe: Good God man don’t anger it.

Rachel: Ross, it is 100 degrees outside. For the first time in weeks, I am somewhat comfortable."

Point, Match, and Game Rachel!

6 She Tried To Win Over Joey

There weren't many good things that come out of the story arc where Rachel and Joey become a thing. If there was a takeaway that people may like remembering, it could be this outfit that Rachel from that time in the series.

When talking about pairing the two up, Matt LeBlanc revealed in an interview that he also felt uncomfortable,

"It felt wildly inappropriate. I was like, 'That’s Rachel. She’s supposed to be with Ross.' Everybody got super-defensive about the whole thing. We went to David and Marta as a group and said, 'We’re really concerned about this. It doesn’t feel right. We have a problem with it.'"

5 As Well As Guys At The Bar For Girls' Night Out

Rachel Green spent most of season 8 embracing the pregnancy trends that can come with being pregnant. So perhaps it makes sense that once she gave birth to Emma, that her sense of fashion was going to come ramping back in a big way.

One of her most eye-catching dresses in the entire series is featured in the season 9 episode The One With Rachel's Phone Number. Costume definitely had to pick an outfit that looked amazing on Aniston as it becomes a topic of conversation between Ross, as well as a joke from Phoebe who states "Girls' night out indeed!" This is one of her iconic dresses for that very fact. It jumpstarted the beginning of more tension between Ross and Rachel, and of course, the fans loved to see her in something more like the old Rachel rather than the mommy clothes that she had been wearing up until that point.

4 Her Career (And Wardrobe) Reached New Heights In Season 10

Jennifer Aniston definitely seemed to up her level of professionalism in the last season of the series. Her job at Ralph Lauren was continuing to improve and she was getting job offers at some of the most prestigious fashion companies. But while Rachel Green's life goes well in season 10, it was a season that Jennifer Aniston herself was reluctant to sign on for.

"I had a couple issues that I was dealing with, I wanted it to end when people still loved us and we were on a high. And then I was also feeling like, ‘How much more of Rachel do I have in me?" revealed Aniston in an interview.

3 We Also Saw How She Looked In 1987

While we're sure the cast of Friends would all consider themselves incredibly lucky to get to play the character's they do, it may have still gotten a little bit tedious at times. Which may make "flashback" episodes where the character's get to try on a different look, all the more fun to film. In this instance, we see how Rachel was looking way back in 1987.

This was one of the last flashbacks of the series and took place in the season 10, episode 11 The One Where The Stripper Cries and also featured a cameo from Danny DeVito. That was another episode where Rachel not only looked amazing, but delivered with her hilarious lines. The entire episode is definitely one that people remember, because really, how does anyone ever forget something that Danny DeVito has made an appearance in?

2 And How She'd Look In What Could Have Been

You may often sit there and wonder how your life would turn out differently if you had made different decisions. The Friends gang did that very question in the hilarious two-parter The One That Could Have Been in season 6.

Though Aniston may agree that, that's an outfit that shouldn't exist in any timeline! The storyline saw her go through with the marriage to Barry; though still engaged in some pretty hot and heavy flirting with Joey. Who knew then that you'd see the latter for real down the line! In hindsight, seeing it in this episode was probably more than enough.

1 But We May Always Remember Her Chilling At Home

While Jennifer Aniston's character can be put in clothing that represents high fashion, she also has many episodes where she is seen embracing a more casual style of clothing. Often in episodes that leave work by the wayside and are focused instead heavily on life in the apartment. We're sure these episodes and the fashion required was also a lot more comfortable for Aniston to relax in than some of her more professional looks.

Especially because her element being toned down for more of a day-to-day style definitely didn't decrease the amount of appeal that many people had towards her character. In fact, this may be one of your favorite outfits on the entire list!

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