20 Pics Of Amber Heard Doing A 180 Since Split From Johnny Depp

Amber Heard had a rough 2015/2016. She filed for divorce from actor Johnny Depp and revealed that she had been abused by him on several occasions. The actress received mixed messages once she started talking to media about her former marriage. On one hand, she was supported and commended for coming out and being honest and having the courage to leave. On the other hand, she was questioned about why she didn’t say anything before and why there was no evidence of this so-called abuse. Well, she eventually did one better and released not only photos of the abuse but the police reports to back it up. This made the world stand up and take a closer look at Johnny Depp as an individual. He has such a large fan base and he is a household name around the world so it’s easy to see why people would feel the need to doubt Heard. After all the drama, the actress took some much-needed downtime to collect herself and get her life back on track. By mid-2016, she was out and about looking refreshed and excited about the new possibilities in life. Better yet, she was attending events again and slaying the red carpet like never before. Since her split from Johnny Depp, the actress has gone back to work, moved on to a few different relationships and best of all has become an advocate for women who has or is dealing with domestic violence of any form.

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20 Beginning Of The End

via Mirror UK

In May 2016, Amber Heard had finally made an appearance where she was actually smiling. Fans were eager to find out what was making her so happy. The Mirror UK reported that Heard had just left a four-hour long meeting with her lawyers. The supposed discussion was about Heard being accused of blackmailing Depp. Stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope claimed that Heard’s allegations of domestic abuse against Depp were absolutely false. What was his proof? He said, “she had attempted to "blackmail" him by "threatening to lie about him publicly in any and every possible duplicitous way if he didn’t agree to her [divorce] terms.". All this was divulged in his column with The Wrap. Either way, Heard wasn’t letting anything get her down this day she and her friend, Raquel Pennington were enjoying what they could about this messy situation. In Heard’s case, she stood to get at least $20 million from her 15-month marriage to Depp. The actress made a lot of accusations against Depp that could have left her very rich. However, she maintained that she never wanted his money and vowed to give most of it if not all of it away. Yeah, we would be laughing too.

19 Getting That Revenge Body Back?

via Daily Mail

Heard was spotted at LAX in the summer of 2016. It wasn’t sure where the actress was coming back from but it as apparently one of the first times Heard felt comfortable coming back to LA since she filed for divorce. This was only because Depp was in the Bahamas and she had no chance of running into him in LA. When she flew back to town, people were raving about her new revenge body. In fact, the actress was being called out by the producers of Justice League because she was about 20 pounds lighter and could no longer fit her Mera costume. We will admit she looked good but maybe she needs to indulge in a hamburger here and there. But that is what stress will do to you and there was no question that her situation was beyond stressful. It didn’t help that she was wearing all black, the one color that is known for making people look slimmer. TMZ reported that she couldn’t even go to the Justice League fitting because she knew she wouldn’t fit the costume.

18 Divorce Finalized

via Just Jared

In January 2017, Heard stepped out for the first time since finalizing her divorce to Depp. She wore what seems to be her favorite color, black. A basic black t-shirt and blue jeans a staple in everyone’s closet so you really can’t go wrong. While she doesn’t look phenomenal and glam in this picture she does look more relaxed. Her shoulders have dropped, she had a relaxed messy bun and she finally doesn’t look like she has to constantly watch over her shoulder. She isn’t the only one to step out, Depp also showed up on the set of his new film Labyrinth on the same day that Heard stepped out. If we had to have a “who wore it better” divorce edition we would say Heard wins but that’s only because she isn’t in some silly costume. Also, Depp has always been a bit of a weirdo and his looks are an...acquired taste. Heard always looks so good when she is going casual so it’s no surprise that she is making a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt look so good. Heard later met up with her sister Whitney who has been a constant pillar of support for her older sister as she navigates life after divorce.

17 Heaven Gala

via YouTube

For her first glam night out after her divorce finalized, Heard went to the Heaven Gala. The Gala may not be as commercially popular as say the MET Gala but the Heaven Gala focuses on art as well. Its main purpose is to “join together and emotionally triumph over art”. The gala has an awards ceremony that praises celebrities, their art and how they help their communities through their art. Their mission statement says. “We believe in using art as a catalyst for social change. Our “full circle” approach engages emerging artists in inspiring acts of service that forge opportunities for them to share their creativity in diverse and meaningful ways with individuals of need. We support and acknowledge our volunteer artists by providing platforms to showcase their art within the community”. Heard wore a beautiful gown as she showed up to support fellow celebrities, friends and local artists and youth who were winning awards and showing off their art. Her dress was full of crystals, sequins, and jewels it was glistening under the lights and the flashes of the camera. Her makeup was on point and she was serving face as usual when she isn’t under pressure and stressed out.

16 Pre-Golden Globe Party

via Daily Mail

January was a busy month for Heard. She attended the Heaven Gala and a pre-Golden Globe party. For the Golden Globe party, she went a little more casual because it was somewhat of a day party. The party was hosted by W magazine she was noticeably skinnier as she rocked her two-piece dress. However, this wasn’t taking away from the fact that she looked amazing in the halter top and long skirt. The dress featured pictures of kangaroos and joeys amongst a backsplash of black and splashes of bright colors like gold and blue. She paired the dress with a black clutch and a pair of beautiful, blue heels. To be honest, the dress is giving us Australia vibes which are reminding us of her time in Australia with Depp and their dogs. You know the incident where they had to end up making a bizarre video of them apologizing for taking their dogs into the country without the correct paperwork. It looks like in addition to getting her groove back, she has also picked up the art of being petty. This dress may be a testament to her newfound pettiness. We love it.

15 Shopping Day

via lezpop.it

In June, Amber got some much-needed girl time with one of her best friend’s Cara Delevingne. The friends were out in Hollywood shopping and enjoying life. Delevingne also went through a break up with musician St. Vincent, so it looks like the two are really leaning on one another. The girls look fresh-faced as they dress downed for their day of shopping. Heard wore jean shorts and a yellow boho, peasant top. Whereas, Delevingne opted for a loose fitting tank top and a pair of black shorts. Even without all the glitz and glam and the red carpet lights Heard still looks better than she has in a really long time. They were photographed in a market taking in some of the one of a kind pieces. The girls have been spending so much time together that rumors were beginning to swirl about the friends were becoming lovers. To us, it just looks like they were enjoying a day out leaning on one another for that much-needed support that you can’t always get from friends you meet in Hollywood. To be honest, if these two did end up being a couple we certainly wouldn’t mind it.

14 Embracing that Freedom

via Karnaval com

If anyone was ever wondering how Amber kept her physique so tight (and thin) it looks like it’s thanks to yoga. While filming Aquaman, Heard took some time on her day off to do partner yoga with her friends. She is clearly a master at yoga because these moves are advanced AF. Not everyone can just sit on their friend's feet high up in the air. This chick might as well have been floating because this looks almost impossible to a non-yogi. The girls snap chatted their yoga fun and made the world jealous that they probably can’t float like Heard. The actress showed off her abs in a white crop top and cut off jeans she stretched out her arms like she was ready to embrace everything new the universe had to offer. The actress has been on such a high lately that we can’t wait to see how much more she begins to embrace as she gets back to old self. It’s also great that she has so many roles coming up it will definitely keep her distracted. Thankfully, she has these great set of friends and then some to help her push through. Hopefully, the high altitude doesn’t screw with her equilibrium.

13 Jason And Amber

via MTV.com.au

Jason Momoa was having a family night in Australia while filming Aquaman and guess who came in and crashed his family time? With a glass of wine of course. Heard and Momoa are both in Aquaman so we expect that they spend a lot of time together on set but it’s awesome to see her spend time with her co-worker outside of work too. Momoa looks genuinely happy to see her and we can only imagine how much fun they get up to on set. Just seeing Heard out and about having a good time is a clear sign that she is on the up and up. In addition, a glass of wine is always a lifesaver. These days Heard is doing a lot that is leaving us envious. Momoa shared the picture of he and his co-star on Instagram and captioned it, "Arthur loves a redhead. @amberheard first state of origin Go Queensland My 8th state of origin I love rugby #ibleedmaroon aloha j,". The actor was dressed in red and gold to show off his Queensland pride as Heard looked on pretending to be utterly bored. We can’t imagine what kind of fun they get up to on set if they are having this much fun offset.

12 Elon Musk And Amber

Via YouTube

In December 2017, Amber was spotted on what everyone assumed as a date with her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk. Heard and Musk had previously dated before she met and married Depp the couple seemed to have reconciled or she rebounded with a familiar face in an effort to feel normal again. Either way, when she stepped out with Musk she turned heads for two reasons. One, she was with Musk and two, she looked like she was glowing. The actress looked so fresh-faced and she actually looked happy. Old flings can do that for you. The actress was smiling from ear to ear and honestly, fans thought that this might be a real thing. Unfortunately, the couple broke up soon after. According to People.com Elon was the one who pulled the plug. “Elon decided it was time to end it and Amber agreed. They both still care deeply for each other but the timing wasn’t right,”. Since then, the actress and the Billionaire have been on and off. In fact, tabloids usually describe their relationship as a roller coaster. To be honest, she probably should be cooling it on the dating but if it continues to make her glow like this then we ain’t mad at her.

11 Amber And Mark Wystrach

via People.com

In November of 2016, soon after her divorce news hit the papers, Heard was seen on a date with her ex-boyfriend, Mark Wystrach. If you don’t know who he is that’s okay neither did we until this very moment. Wystrach is a country singer and they were spotted leaving a Los Angeles restaurant late one night. You could see the flirtation all over Amber’s face which is something we hadn’t seen basically the entire time she was married to Depp. The way she looks at Wystrach is as if she is in love. People assumed they went home together that night but to be honest, it looks like it was two friends catching up as if she had been cut off from important people in her life. The two were seen hugging as he walked her to her car. The get together was literally a few days away from Heard and Depp’s divorce being finalized. During this time Heard was making the rounds to a few past love interests and meeting up with old friends. It was speculated that she wasn’t able to see a lot of people when she was in her relationship with Depp either because she was too embarrassed or he was keeping her to himself.

10 Australia’s Woman Of The Year

Via Daily Mail

Amber was named Australia’s Woman of the Year in December 2017. This was kind of shocking seeing as Australia was livid at her and Depp for essentially sneaking their dogs into the country undocumented a few short months beforehand. All that behind them, GQ gave her the award and got uber-talented photographer Nino Munoz to shoot the layout. This photo shoot looked like a real post break up glow. Heard looked flawless in every picture and she really wasn’t even doing anything. She even made brushing her teeth look hot. The photos showed Heard at her most basic; a little bit of makeup, her hair blowing and messy and a subtle smile. You could see in her eyes that it was basically a big screw you to Depp and anyone else who doubted her or made her feel less than. This was Heard not giving a darn about anything and trying to live her best life. Still we think it’s weird that Australia went from being so mad at her to giving her the cover of GQ Australia and even letting her back into their country. We are beginning to think they were more upset with Depp than her.

9 MET Gala

Via Bustle

2018 seems to be shaping up to be one of the best years for Heard. The actress has so many pokers on the fire we don’t know when or where she will pop up next. One of the places she was looking her best this year was at the MET Gala. This is one of the most prestigious events of the year and she looked like a freaking goddess. The theme this year was Christian art and Heard wore a crown that was made of zip ties that looked like radiant sun rays shooting out of her head. Dare we say, she was one of the best-dressed people at the gala this year? The gala that was entitled “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” has some of the best fashion on the carpet in years. Heard coupled that beautiful crown with an elegant, long, red dress designed by Carolina Herrera. The actress was simply glowing and yes, it may have had something to do with her highlighter, bronzer, and makeup tricks but who cares. She looked pretty phenomenal and we have to assume that some of her exes were out there kicking themselves for letting her go. We would be.

8 Cannes Film Festival

Via Celeb Mafia

Amber Heard showed up at the Cannes Film Festival this year looking spectacular. The actress wore a barely there dress and nearly had a wardrobe malfunction. She walked the red carpet for the film Sorry Angel. The actress also revealed that she is the new spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris. She stopped to chat on the carpet about her Texas roots and why she is choosing to empower women. “I am from Texas, you know the saying: ‘The bigger the hair, the closer to God’”. She went on to say that her activism has recently begun to play a bigger role in her life: “Particularly with a focus on gender issues, gender pay inequality, violence against women; in general, gender inequality, both in Hollywood and the real world” — the growing momentum of initiatives like the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements changes how that tagline can land on you”. Heard wasn’t in Cannes long but her short time there she nailed every outfit and every premiere she was able to attend. She even enhanced some of her looks with literal sparkles on her face. Who else do you know that can place sparkles around her eyes and look like a complete boss?

7 She Is The Perfect Mera

via imdb.com

Heard recently shared a picture of herself dressed as Mera her character in the upcoming Aquaman film. Mera first made her appearance in the 2017 Justice League film and will be featured heavily in Aquaman that comes out in December 2018. Heard has only spoken highly of this character and we can safely say that it isn’t because she is being paid or is contractually obligated. If fans thought she looked amazing as Mera in Justice League she looks even better in Aquaman. The costume has been changed up a bit and features a more sleek look that is good for on land and in the sea. It certainly shows off Heard’s figure. If you follow Heard on social media you will see how in love with the character she is. She even posted a photo of herself in the makeup chair getting ready to become Mera. She captioned the photo, "Over a year of prep, 6 months of training, & countless hrs of denying myself pleasure, aka donuts, has led to this moment”. This is actually commendable because we doubt that we would be able to stay away from donuts. Clearly, it was worth it, maybe when we start getting paid to diet we will take it more seriously.

6 Attending Art Of Elysium With Her Sister

via Just Jared

In early 2018, Amber and her sister Whitney attended the Art of Elysium's 11th annual celebration in Los Angeles. Heard wore a stunning sequin gown paired with a bright red lip and swept back hair showing off those cheekbones we are so jealous of. It looks as though good looks run in the family because her sister is equally beautiful and they both have that beautiful long blonde hair. Oh sorry, beach blonde, natural highlights that are enhanced by strategically placed highlights. The year before, Heard had stunned as well at the Art of Elysium celebration but we didn’t think she could top it with this years looks. The actresses low cut gown was one to envy. Not only did it hug her curves perfectly, it literally made her glow. The dress was also sheer and left not much to the imagination. It was designed by Georges Hobeika and it was fresh off the runway. Heard is supposedly the first person to wear the dress to an event after it’s debut. She looked so good she even upstaged her sister. The girls were in good company with Vivienne Westwood, Vanessa Hudgens, Cameron Silver, Colleen Atwood, Linda Perry and Marina Abramović.

5 Maui Film Festival

via Variety

Heard went to the Maui Film Festival in May and looked stunning in this black number. The actress was there to receive this year’s shining star award. Barry Rivers the festival founder and director explained the purpose of the award. The award honors actors “who dares to dream big dreams and delivers brilliantly charismatic and revelatory performances every time that opportunity knocks”. A few other pretty popular actors have won this award including Adam Driver, Zac Efron, Andrew Garfield, Jake Gyllenhaal, Freida Pinto, Emma Roberts, and Olivia Wilde. The official award is given out in June but Heard was also there at the pre-awards to show her appreciation. Heard has come a long way from being ripped apart in the tabloid to being given awards related to her activism. It looks like she has been able to turn a negative experience into a positive one and in the process bring awareness to a topic that most people have been afraid to talk about. The black gown she wore to the event was not a color she normally chooses when she walks the red carpet. However, it seems to us she is embracing changes in her life, taking things as they come.

4 Unite4: Humanity Gala

via Page Six

April 2017 showed fans a whole new side of Heard, the actress stepped out for the charity Unite4’s Humanity Gala. She had to, unfortunately, leave the gala early and in somewhat of a rush due to a family emergency. However, before all that happened she slayed the red carpet. She took photos on the red carpet at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. She wasn’t only there to show off that beautiful red lip and slick back hairstyle. She was actually up for an award honouring her for her humanitarian work with ACLU. Luckily her friends, iO Tillett Wright and Cara Delevingne were on hand to accept her award for her. Heard’s charity ACLU stands for American Civil Liberty Union. It is a nonprofit organization that is “working in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and the laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country”. They work to preserve equality for people like LGBTQ and tackle issues revolving around HIV, capital punishment, disability rights, free speech, juvenile justice and a whole host of other issues. We are just glad she got to slay that smokey eye before she had to run out and attend to family business.

3 Meeting Syrian Refugees

via The Spokesman-Review

Amber spends a lot of time doing charity work. She gives a lot of her time to working on making the world a better place she is somewhat of an Angelina Jolie type and we can totally see her one day doing what Jolie does full time. In April of this year, the actress was in Jordan speaking as part of a delegation of the Syrian American Medical Society. Heard admitted during an interview that she knew only a little bit about the conflict in Syria before her trip. She told the Associated Press, “My biggest takeaway from this trip is the indelible mark left on my soul after spending a week on the ground here”. She even managed to look amazing as she dressed down for her trip to Jordan. She is even looking healthier after she debuted a svelte frame the year before as she was dealing with her divorce from Depp. She has the colour back in her face and pulled her hair back to reveal that amazing bone structure that we too often forget that she has. Heard ended her time in Jordan by referring to the #MeToo movement, “Hollywood needs to catch up and catch up fast”.

2 Looked Casual But Pretty At CinemaCon

via Celebun

Heard showed up to CinemaCon in April to promote the upcoming Aquaman movie in Las Vegas. The actress looked so cute in her sparkling blazer and hat. She was serving so much face that there is no way that people wouldn’t want to recreate this look. Heard hit the red carpet with her co-stars Jason Momoa, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Patrick Wilson along with the movie’s director James Wan. She even chatted a bit about her character Mera: “She’s not a damsel in distress [but a] warrior on her own”. Heard hasn’t really stopped to talk to a lot of publications since her divorce so it was nice to see her getting more comfortable and back to what her old self would have done. It seems like this character is reflecting what Heard is becoming in her own life. This is a prime example of art imitating life in a good way. The pictures from the event revealed a happier Heard someone who looked like she was enjoying her time on the red carpet and really enjoying the family-like atmosphere that the cast was providing for her. Let’s see Johnny Depp ruin this moment.

1 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Towards Women

via YouTube

Soon after Heard told the world of how rocky her relationship was with Johnny Depp she wanted to start making a change. She hooked up with IDEV or International Day for the Elimination of Violence Towards Women. She made a video detailing some of her experience and how it made her feel. She was candid, raw and emotional and it was only just the beginning of how she would change for the better. Even in this video just after leaving she looked so much stronger, she looked like she was ready for whatever else could happen. She wasn’t willing to back down and wanted the world to know that she didn’t want to be seen as a victim. Through tears she went on to say, “If I haven’t had a few people, women around me that I really trust for support, if I hadn’t had them around me, how different my life would be”. The video is so powerful and even though people normally see tears as a weakness, Heard made them look like she was finally gaining something she hadn’t had for the last 15 months. Her crying and being straightforward according to her, was so different than what she would have done while she was with Depp.

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