20 Photos Of Kelly Ripa That Makes Her Daughter Want To Be The Role Model

You aren't the only one who has probably been embarrassed by their parents. But you can count yourself lucky if those moments haven't been seen by millions of people. Or talked about on talk shows that are seen by even more people. But for the 3 kids of the Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos household, that's the ramifications that come with being their offspring.

While Michael (21) and Joaquin (15) probably aren't thrilled by some of the entries below, it's their 16-year-old daughter, Lola, who seems to be the most outspoken about how awkward her life has become thanks to her parents. Such as Kelly's decision to utilize Throwback Thursday on Instagram as an opportunity to show a Halloween costume of the kids that Lola quickly shut down.

But regardless of if the entry features Lola or not, you'll understand why I picked the photos I did. I mean, just imagine if your Mom twerked all up on Michael Strahan for Halloween like Kelly did (or you know, DON'T). Or you had to deal with seeing your parents stretching all up on each other's business! Lola also made headlines in June when Kelly uploaded a photo of her at Prom.

I hope you enjoy these 20 Photos Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Would Rather The Internet Forget. If you have anything negative to say about Kelly, I also included a quote from Mark about what he'd do to any shamers who are unfortunate enough to run into him in person!

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20 Kelly Embarrasses Lola By Saying "Lit-Ness"

Kelly Ripa knows that she can embarrass her daughter not only with what images she posts but also with her choice of vocabulary. When sharing this adorable photo to Instagram to help honor her marriage to Mark Consuelos, Ripa was more than happy to title it "21 years of lit-ness". She did also apologize however to Lola for using the term "lit" knowing that it was sure to leave her feeling embarrassed. As just because your Mom has a career talking on television doesn't mean she is always going to use the right words! Let's hope that whatever Mark did to celebrate the occasion for Kelly left Lola feeling less awkward.

(Source: Dailymail)

19 Lola On The Red Carpet With Braces

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having proper hygiene. In fact, I don't mean to brag, but I even brush my teeth twice a day. And don't even get me started on my flossing game which I'd also like to hopefully say is at least up to standards! I was also fortunate enough to not have had to deal with braces. Lola, on the other hand, did have a moment in her life where she was rocking some braces. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely in favor of Lola getting the braces that I'm sure her teeth needed. But I'm also pretty sure that if she had it her way, that the world wouldn't have this reminder of her wearing them.

18 Mark and Kelly Do Some PDA After Doing The Grouse Grind

As someone who lives in Vancouver, one of the things that I say I am going to do every summer is the "Grouse Grind" which also has the intimidating nickname of "Mother Nature's Stairmaster". It's a 2.9km hike up Grouse mountain and while you'll feel like dying, the view is great. But on the other hand, if I'm doing that, how am I going to be able to binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Mark and both Kelly know first-hand how exhausting it is to get up the mountain. And while it may be very cute to see their small PDA, Lola may also quickly scroll away whenever she sees a photo like this.

(Source: GrouseMountain)

17 Kelly Can't Figure Out How To Selfie With Lola

Kelly Ripa has been the subject of many photos that make her look absolutely beautiful, something that this list will show repeatedly. But back in 2015, the struggle was definitely real when she was trying to partake in a photo with Lola.

But hey, selfies are hard for some people! Kelly ended up sharing the photo online along with the caption, "Here's the result of Lola teaching me the art of the selfie. I couldn't love this child more." Let's hope that's a skill that Kelly has gained a lot more experience in since then! It's also wonderful to see that experiencing moments like this only bring the two closer together.

(Source: ABCNews)

16 Kelly Becomes Presidential For Halloween 

There are many celebrities out there who I can confidently say are going to put in a significant amount of effort into their Halloween costume every year. Such as Neil Patrick Harris, who alongside his adorable 2 children and husband David Burtka always look amazing. Or Farrah Abraham who also puts forth a...different type of effort every year! You should also have just as much faith in Kelly Ripa's ability to rock it on Halloween. And while I don't know her political preference, her dressed up as the big guy in the White House may be a sight that rubs people (including possibly her daughter), the wrong way.

15 Mark and Kelly Show Off Their Flexibility Together

Yoga is one of the most beneficial ways to help improve your overall level of health. Along with helping out in key areas such as flexibility, it also has a wonderful way of helping center your mind.

"I feel like my mind is a little quieter when I exercise," said Ripa in a past interview.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos also both know just how important yoga is to them. And as you see with this memorable photo, they also aren't afraid to show the world just how talented they are when they decide to engage in some stretching out together!

(Source: BrainyQuote)

14 Lola Takes Food To The Red Carpet

One of the most important things for celebrities to become used to is being on the red carpet. And while there is an entry on our list where Kelly looks amazing alongside Mark when the two were asked to attend a fancy event, for this entry, it's Lola who got the invite to come and stand beside Kelly. Both Kelly and Lola are all smiles for the photo, but for Lola, that may be due to the fact that she's got some food in her hand! You don't often see people eating on the red carpet, but nobody was going to tell her no.

13 Lola Demanded This TBT Halloween Photo Be Removed 

There are a few entries in this list where Kelly Ripa shows her love of Halloween. Her children seem to love it too. Something that is best explained by this photo of the three children. But when Kelly shared it, it was met by almost an immediate response from Lola demanding to get it removed,

"I was like, 'You know what? She can't get mad at an eight-year-old photo. It's a Halloween throwback Thursday," said Ripa to Jimmy Fallon when explaining why she thought it would fly! In case you can't tell, Lola is the one in yellow, though I wouldn't be shocked if all the kids were at least a little embarrassed here.

(Source: EOnline)

12 Kelly In a Candid Photo From Her 40th Birthday

There are some topics that you just don't want to talk to a person about. And if I want to embrace a stereotype, one of those topics is asking an older woman what her age is.

Which means that it may be Kelly who is the most unimpressed with this photo of her drinking from a cup on seemingly her 40th birthday. If you're interested, she is currently 47 years old. Though it may be Kelly herself that really doesn't like this photo and not Lola! That being said, she still has accomplished a tremendous amount in her life since this photo, so perhaps she loves looking at this throwback.

(Source: Wikipedia)

11 Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Become Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Miley Cyrus has done a lot of things in her career that can be defined as being "raunchy". But if you had to start ranking them, one of the top moments occurred in 2013. When at the VMA's with Robin Thicke she decided to get all up on Robin Thicke. A moment that was later re-created by Ripa and her then co-host, Michael Strahan. And while Lola may have many moments when she loves that her Mom is famous, you never, and I mean never, want to see your mom act out this performance. Do you think Kelly ran this idea by Lola and the other kids? Mark saying yes to this outfit (because why wouldn't he!) probably shouldn't have been good enough.

10 Kelly Realizing American Idol Isn't For Her

Kelly Ripa is very talented. But I am among the opinion that singing might not one of them. Kelly decided to have some fun participating in a makeshift American Idol audition for Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

But after singing "Why Don't You Do Right" (by Peggy Lee), which is a pretty solid song, Perry chimed in,

"I just want to say that that was different. It was special..Something we've never heard before. I don't really know how to define it, so I'm just going to leave it at that."

Good thing Kelly isn't going to be quitting her day job anytime soon!

(Source: TooFab)

9 The 5 Of Them Together For a Throwback Family Photo

There are probably many things that you have in your house that you would consider to be incredibly valuable to you. And while material goods like your electronics or Funko Pop! collection, could be wonderful to save, something like a family photo may be even more important to you. For the Ripa family, family photos are available in a wide abundance on the internet which would help minimize that loss if that situation was ever realized for them. I hope you agree that is a wonderful photo of the 5 of them. But it also may be a side of Lola that she'd have rather kept to herself.

8 Mark vs the internet

I know that television and real life are not the same thing. But if Mark Consuelos' character on Riverdale, Hiram Lodge, is anywhere as intimidating is in real life, as he is on the screen, he definitely isn't the kind of guy you want to upset. When defending his wife from body shamers, Consuelos stated,

"She works extremely hard in her professional life and her commitment to exercise, healthy diet is admirable and the benefits show...To all the males that had something negative to say. I suggest you bring it up with me if ever I’m lucky enough to run into you."

(Source: USMagazine)

7 Lola and Kelly Found Some Glittery Scarves

Kelly and Lola have photos like this that may be a bit embarrassing, but the world has also been told many hilarious stories involving Lola. This includes back when on Letterman, Ripa impersonated her daughter, while using making sure to employ a valley girl voice, saying,

"I don't even understand why I can't have a teeny bikini because all my friends have one. And you and Dad are just, like, you're just like such strict parents! I don't even understand why I can't have any privacy in the world," as well as mentioning that Kelly "ruined Lola's life" after she denied her chance to go and see friends late at night! Which is a line I'm sure many kids have said to their parents. (Source: EOnline)

6 Lola Shows Off Her Cooking Skills With Kelly and Ryan

Lola had the opportunity to appear on Live with Kelly and Ryan back in November 2017 and help cook some food.  Though the first thing Lola mentioned when she got on stage was how nervous she was to be on television and in front of a live audience. But maybe that means that she came away with an even bigger appreciation for what her Mom does for work every day! She definitely should not have been nervous though, as she did a great job, as stated by Ryan Seacrest.  Kelly also mentioned how she was proud of her, which should also hopefully put a smile on your face.

(Source: YouTube)

5 Lola and Kelly Caught Leaving The Gym

Kelly Ripa has to know that with the success of her career means that she is always going to be a pretty solid target for members of the paparazzi, regardless of how interesting her activities on that day may or may not be. But I'm sure that Kelly would agree with me when I say that her children should be considered off-topic. That isn't how the paparazzi operate though, and in September 2016, they caught her and Lola leaving a workout. They both look sweaty and without makeup, but that shouldn't be a surprise as literally just finished working out!

(Source: Dailymail)

4 Mark and Kelly Looking Amazing On The Red Carpet

Kelly Ripa always knows how to look amazing whenever she is appearing on your television screen. But you better believe that Kelly also knows how to ramp up her A-Game in "fancier" wear as well. And considering the number of times that Kelly has gone down a red carpet in her life, you shouldn't perhaps be surprised that she has the ability to look this good! Though this outfit may be considered the best one she has ever worn on the carpet. Which means that while Lola may want this photo taken off the internet, Mark may have a very different opinion on it.

3 Kelly Killing It At The Gym

Kelly Ripa knows that as long as she is successful enough to keep appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan, that she is going to want to keep her body and health in tip-top shape as her physical appearance is definitely part of the job.

But don't worry, as there is an abundance of photos of Kelly showing off just how much she loves working out, which means it's something that she isn't going to stop doing anytime soon. Though we are sure photos like this also may garner some inappropriate comments that her daughter may not be such a big fan of!

2 The 5 Together On Christmas Morning

For many people, Christmas is their favorite time of the entire year. This may also be the case in the Ripa household. There is great music, great movies to watch and hopefully you can spend some time with your loved ones. The family has shared several adorable photos from their adventures over the years, but I created this collage to show off their most entertaining year. Not only do you get some hardcore nostalgia with some of the awesome gifts, like something from the Aliens franchise, but everyone else is clearly rocking that "Christmas morning glow" and I hope created a morning that they have yet to forget.

(Source: EOnline)

1 Lola Attending Her Prom

You need to hope that Kelly Ripa talked to her daughter Lola about uploading a photo of her in her prom dress. When talking about the experience, Kelly also talked about the pre-prom party.

"They are now hosting events where you as parents are allowed to show up and take pictures, so that you have them, and then your daughter can forbid you from showing them on your talk show...That's how it went for my son as well. It was unbelievable. I'm, like, 'I am not sure why you are robbing me of the privilege that all the other parents, like, all the other parents get to immediately post their photos on Instagram, why can't I?' And they're like, 'You know why.'" joked Kelly.

(Source: TooFab)

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