20Adrian Grenier

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Fame Meter: 7/10

Famous show: Entourage (HBO)

Last Project: Affairs Of State (film)

Inspired by actor Mark Wahlberg’s actual entourage, the series was not meant to last a long and successful eight seasons. The story was not actually inspired by

Wahlberg’s buddies, but his real-life agent Ari Emanuel. A role embraced by actor Jeremy Piven, which won him three Emmys and a Golden Globe throughout the show’s run.

The entourage was Eric (Kevin Connolly) or simply E, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), and Johnny or Drama (Kevin Dillon). At the center of them all is the movie star Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier. The series revolves around the life of a young and promising actor who steps into the Hollywood scene and tries to make it big. It’s particularly entertaining due to countless cameo appearances, the ins and outs of a Hollywood actor’s life, and just plain man-boys having their fun.

This was Adrian Grenier’s golden ticket, because prior to Entourage he appeared in zero TV shows. He made around 13 films in supporting or non-existent roles, except for two where he was in the main cast, Drive Me Crazy (1999) with Melissa Joan Hart (an honorable mention in this list), and Harvard Man (2001) with Sarah Michelle Gellar who’s further down in this list.

Unfortunately though for Grenier, he could not seem to ride the wave of his Entourage fame as he only had one great film after starting Entourage, as Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend in the Meryl Streep film, The Devil Wears Prada. The rest were, of course, the Entourage movie and several flops and direct-to-video releases. He hasn’t had that much luck in television as well, doing only cameos and a voice-over recurring character in a Disney animated show.

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