20 Odd Celeb Couples That Are Probably Not In Real Relationships

Some of the cutest couples come from people who are vastly mismatched. The experts say that opposites attract, and, in most cases, this is true but what about the physical aspect of it all? Some couples look like they would be into completely different hobbies, they dress different, they act different and they overall seem as though they have nothing in common. In Hollywood, there are a lot of these couples. Celebs are dating people who are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum not only professionally, but also physically and mentally. Every week there is a new couple alert that boggles the mind of fans and haters alike. In fact, this might be the only time that haters and fans agree on something regarding a celebrity. Some couples leave people feeling like they are being duped. We are wondering just how some of these women get these men or better yet, how some of these men have the privilege of being with these amazing women. Society has to make sense of what is happening in Hollywood because some of the relationships coming out of that place are making us go crazy. Since when was it okay for a reality star to date a well-known actress or a basketball player to date an actress who looks like she doesn’t leave the safe haven of her upper-middle-class neighborhood. The couples on this list are leaving fans around the world baffled.

20 Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

via E! Online

While both are musicians they still couldn’t be any further from one another in personality. Blake Shelton is a country boy, he sings country music and the last woman he was married to looked and acted nothing like Gwen Stefani. Stefani is an off the wall musician who likes to experiment with sounds and styles that are out of the box. So where does Shelton fit into this? The one thing they did have in common was they were both fresh out of relationships that were muddied with cheating rumors. The couple has had a very public romance since meeting on the set of The Voice and of course every week there is a rumor that they have either broken up or their romance is for show. It’s been a been years now since they first hooked up and it’s still weird to see the couple out and about together.

19 Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes

via YouTube

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes refuse to confirm their relationship and that’s their right. However, they can only deny it for so long seeing as they have been spotted together several times. Really, why else would they be hanging out if they weren’t dating? They certainly don’t have enough in common to just have a good time together as friends. Whether they want to admit they are dating or not, they have to be one of the most confusing couples this year so far. Holmes was married to Tom Cruise and was a completely different human being when she was with him. Foxx is a comedian, actor, loud and out there while she is very low-key. How did these two meet and start dating and how are they still going strong? They run in completely different circles. Maybe this is just a joke Foxx is playing on his fans.

18 Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

via Hypebeast

So, no it’s not weird that Kylie Jenner is dating a rapper, but it is weird that they ended up having a baby together. The couple comes off as a fling and there is no way that this wasn’t a little slip up in her birth control. Now we have to question if the couple is together sincerely or because of the circumstances of not practicing abstinence. It just seems so off and weird, but one thing is for sure, their daughter Stormi Webster is gorgeous. Even if they don’t stay together they were brought together to bring this life into the world and that can’t be a mistake. The video that Jenner released showed a softer side of Travis Scott. He isn’t flashy, he’s all about his music and he is obsessed with his new daughter.

17 Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka

via Us Weekly

Since her divorce from Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey has made some seriously questionable choice in men. But none is more questionable than her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. When the couple first revealed they were dating everyone thought it was a joke or a publicity stunt for her reality show on E!. They soon found out that Carey is just bad at picking boyfriends because her and Tanaka seem to be going strong. However, could it be any other way? He probably has to do what Carey says not only in his relationship but at work too since his job is on the line as well. If they break up, will he get fired? This is all around awkward which is why people may be inclined to believe that this union is a joke.

16 Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

via YouTube

She is an actress who posts silly videos on Instagram with her co-star and best friend. He is a wannabe bad boy and musician. She is low-key and he is flashy and attention seeking (maybe that’s just on stage). They both grew up in the public eye and that’s one thing they can definitely share, and we will admit they look cute together. But a full-blown relationship, no one saw that coming. Now they are engaged, and many people are having a hard time wrapping their head around that maybe because no one really knew they were actually in a serious relationship until like 3 or 4 months before they got engaged. Do they have a good enough connection to actually make it down the aisle? Time will tell but for now, we are still trying to figure out what they see in one another.

15 Rosario Dawson & Eric Andre

via Daily Telegraph

This couple is supposedly over but the idea that they even dated is crazy to fans. If anyone is aware of who Eric Andre is then you know that he is wild, and Rosario Dawson is an actress who seems relatively normal. So how in the world did these two hook up? Where did they meet? Or a better question would be, what did SHE see in him? His TV show showed a side of him that turned out to be the only side of him. Him bouncing off the walls literally and him saying wild things and not even realizing that they are inappropriate. Dawson’s career has recently been on the upswing and this could be the reason why they broke up, lack of time or maybe she just realized that he is too much for her.

14 Rihanna & Hassan Jameel

via E! Online

Hassan Jameel is only a household name because he is supposedly dating Rihanna. We say supposedly because they refuse to confirm or deny that a relationship is taking place. Even though they have been spotted together when there is no possible reason why they would be together unless they were dating. What do they have in common? He is a businessman and part of one of the wealthiest families in the world and she is a musician. He is conservative and always representing his family so there is a certain image he must uphold. How can he bring the wild, skin-flashing singer home to meet his parents? Where does she fit in? Regardless, they are a cute couple and they seem to actually enjoy one another’s company.

13 Jeremy Meeks & Chloe Green

via YouTube

Jailbird Jeremy Meeks is literally a convicted felon who looked good in a mugshot and became a model after he served his time. He was in a long-term relationship with a woman who held him down while he was in and out of prison. Then he got out and dumped her, he ended up dating Chloe Green, an English reality TV star and heir to stores like Top Shop. How in the world did he even meet her? Most likely on a modelling gig but what makes these two weird is how different their circumstances are. She grew up rich and privileged and he literally just got out of jail and has several kids and just started making enough money to support himself. Is this a serious relationship? There is no way that this is going to last.

12 Tom Holland & Zendaya

via Variety

These two clearly met on the set of Spiderman Homecoming and they could have been dating since they were making that film, but no one knows for sure. Even now no one knows if they are actually dating because they refuse to say yay or nay. That being said, they are spotted all over the place together. Since we know how they met we have to ask what made them want to date? They are both young and rich and famous but what else do you think they have in common? We have to admit we are only confused about their union because we keep seeing them together but they won't confirm anything and we don’t know if they are together because they are filming a Spiderman sequel or if they are actually dating.

11 Scott Disick & Sofia Richie

via YouTube

Dear Lord, this relationship is having all of us questioning our morals. What could Sofia Richie possibly see in Scott Disick? He has no control over himself, he doesn’t really have a job, he isn’t inspiring in any way so why would he be the older guy she chooses to date? She’s so young and a budding model does she need his drama weighing her down? Probably not. At first, even she denied the relationship on social media. Could it be because she was weighing the pros and cons of getting wrapped up with someone like him? We still want to believe this is just a ridiculous dream that we haven’t woken up from yet. The relationship is weird and a bit gag-worthy. It’s okay though, we are sure this will be over before we know it.

10 Macaulay Culkin & Brenda Song

via Just Jared

Ah, did Brenda Song learn nothing from Mila Kunis? Kunis dated Macaulay Culkin for so long, seriously like 10 years and even she couldn’t make it work. Does anyone see what is appealing about him to Song? He still looks like he is on drugs and we hope he isn’t. He truly probably is a good guy but it’s weird to have a former Disney star hooking up with a guy who is more known for his addictions rather than his film career. What do these two have in common, no scrap that, what can she gain or learn from being in a relationship with Culkin? Partners are supposed to learn from one another and we are unsure of what he can teach her and vice versa. Mostly, it’s just so weird for us to see them in photos together being all loved up.

9 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

via Entertainment Tonight

They tried and failed, tried and failed again and so on and so forth. No one ever gained anything from going back in life. So why do these two keep hooking back up? He isn’t good for her and she’s just too sweet to be with him. It’s weird to see them as a couple because they have tried and failed so many times and that says something about their relationship. It’s just unusual to see them trying again knowing that they have struggled every time before. Have they not learned yet? This has to be a big joke to their fans because no one will believe that this couple just doesn’t know when to say when. They are very mismatched because he is a bad boy who never learns from his mistakes and she is a good girl just trying to be a good role model.

8 Natalie Dyer & Charlie Heaton

via YouTube

The Stranger Things couple look good together and we aren’t hating at all, well not too hard. We just always assumed that like the Netflix show she would be obsessed with and dating Joe Keery who plays Steve Harrington. You know not the creepy guy in town whose brother went missing. Don’t get mad at us but they look weird together and when we say they we mean, Charlie Heaton in particular, he looks like if he wasn’t an actor he would be a murderer. It’s such a weird look parallel to her looking like she could one day win an Oscar. So, we have to question where this relationship is going? We don’t see it lasting a long time, in fact, they may break up before the show finishes (we hope for them it doesn’t happen). Maybe her glamour will rub off on him.

7 Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson

via Entertainment Tonight

Like her half-sister, this is a typical move for Khloe Kardashian to date an African-American basketball player. However, this one is weird and different because she is having a baby with him. Unlike her past relationships, when they split up she won’t have to see them again but with Tristan Thompson, she will forever have to deal with him because they share a child. How predictable of her for a choice in a man. Maybe they will rush and get married then have a messy divorce like a lot of the women in that family. We are curious to know how serious this relationship was from the beginning and if they are now only staying together because of the circumstances. Hopefully, for them, they have a clean break-up or else co-parenting is going to suck.

6 Ewan McGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead

via OK! Magazine

WHAT? First of all, who even knew this was a thing? No really, this is a real couple. How? No when? No, why did this happen? Where would these two bump into one another and what do they see in one another that made them want to be in a relationship? This just seems so random. The only way we can think of these two meeting and really getting to know each other enough to start dating is on the set of a film. However, as far as we know they haven’t appeared in anything together. No, we spoke too soon they were in Fargo the TV series together. It still doesn’t make sense to us, its just too random and there is a weird age gap between them, 14 years to be exact which isn’t a huge deal but still, it adds to the randomness of it all.

5 Naomi Campbell & Skepta

Via: Ayola TV

This has to be one of the most random couples on this list. Naomi Campbell and Skepta have only just started dating but it's starting off on a weird note. For those who don’t know, Skepta is an English hardcore, grime rapper and Campbell, well she’s just one of the most known supermodels in the world. She’s a model and he’s a rapper and it sounds like a celebrity love story, but it isn’t because his bad boy image is probably going to be ruined by Campbell’s bad girl image. Realistically, these days she is more known for beating up her assistants and causing scenes. To top off the weirdness they posed for GQ in matching boxers. How much more random can you get? They look good together but we are seriously worried about their future, mainly worried about him and her flying hands.

4 Laura Dern & Baron Davis

via Us Weekly

Basketball star Baron Davis has been lucky enough to hook up with Laura Dern. Now, if this couple isn’t mismatched then we don’t know anything about relationships. They don’t even run in the same circle, he plays basketball and she is an actress. Should we be bold enough to put her in the WAG category? She is an athlete’s girlfriend after all. It’s weird to see them making out in public like this has to be a joke, right? There is no way that these two have enough in common to keep a relationship flourishing. They look good together but we have to ask, what else? Where is this going? There is no way a marriage or even long-term relationship can come from this, are we wrong?

3 Millie Bobby Brown & Jacob Sartorius

via YouTube

The only reason why these two are on this list is that the situation is absolutely ridiculous. Why would a 13-year-old girl be in a relationship period? She is too young to have anything written about her that isn’t in regards to what she has lined up next work-wise. This is a recipe for disaster. Will she be the next child Drew Barrymore? Where would she even meet Jacob Sartorius who is an internet personality who lip syncs along to people’s music and tapes himself doing it? She seems a little out of his league. The whole situation is weird no matter what happens but her being in a relationship at 13 with a 15-year-old is a little odd. Just focus on your work sweetie there will be time for boys in the future.

2 January Jones & Nick Viall

via People

January Jones is a full-blown actress, like really an actress who is pretty well known and gets some decent roles. Why in the world would she choose to hook up with a reality TV contestant? Not just any reality TV contestant but, a contestant on The Bachelor the most ridiculous and staged reality TV show on TV. What is appealing about Viall after he went on TV and showed what a jerk he is? Jones must be desperate, right? Or maybe like the show his personality was an act and he really is a great guy. What is natural about a reality TV star who is hooking up with a famous actress? How did he even get access to her? This is what happens when people blur the lines between real hard-working actors and reality TV “celebrities”.

1 Alexis Ohanian & Serena Williams

via Popsugar

Alexis Ohanian is an internet geek. He is the co-founder of Reddit along with several other internet related companies. Serena Williams is a tennis pro and celebrity personality so what could these two possibly have in common? When the now married couple started dating it was very hush hush and because they were never pictured together everyone assumed it was a rumor. When they began to make public appearances, a lot of people questioned how long this would last. Fast forward to the current day they are married with a baby who keeps breaking the internet. Many people are still confused and don’t understand how this couple works, but when we see Ohanian and their baby girl sitting in the stands cheering on mommy all those questions melt away.

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