20 Models Who Bounced Back After Pregnancy

A woman is exactly what she wants to be; women are in control of their bodies, just like supermodels are. When we see these ultra fit and thin models walk the runway, though, their fragility makes us wonder just how they would handle pregnancy during and after. These models serve as inspiration for many women out there, even though not all of us are 5'10." While these models, like many Victoria's Secret models are genetically blessed, they work extremely hard to keep their shapes and stay fit even during pregnancy. Though it may seem like these models are living their best lives, being a model is a never-ending task; all the hard-work and effort that they put in does not stop when they have a baby on board. As mothers-to-be, they are still required to use all their resources, work out, and follow strict diets.

And more recently, the fashion world has become a little more flexible with their rules, and they have allowed their models to rock the runaway sporting a baby bump. While the fashion industry typically demands its models to retain an athletic build, it is great to see that they are now allowing models to celebrate their pregnancies. Remember that time Gisele Bundchen gave a painless birth at home and was back out there looking as fit as she always has? Now that many of your favourite VS models have had children, we want to remind you of those babes that were back on the runway in no time.

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20 Chrissy Teigen

via Us Weekly

After the models give birth, they do not say, "namaste stay at home," instead, they are back up on their feet in sky-high heels in no time. When it comes to model Chrissy Teigen, all of us love all of her too — excuse us Mr. Legend, but we are obsessed with the mother of your children. Teigen, a model, is a goddess in our eyes; she has always remained humble and is the last person to brag about how glamorous she is. However, we believe she has every right to, as after both pregnancies, she was ready to hit the red carpet right away. If it was up to us, we'd claim this model and mommy as the queen of pregnancies.

19 Heidi Klum

via Pinterest

Are you even surprised that these Angels immediately bounce back and retrieve their wings? This model got pregnant four times, and at the same time, she was enjoying a modelling career that has spanned around three decades. Though we have not seen Klum on the VS runaway in a couple years, we did not forget her brilliance and hard work. A woman that always carried herself with poise and grace, after giving birth to Lou in October 2009, she was back on the Victoria's Secret runway only a month later. That is one reason why we appreciate Klum's dedication and values.

18 Karolina Kurkova

via CafeMom

Karolina Kurkova is one model-mommy that made pregnancy look chic and powerful. While pregnant, she was often spotted rocking her baby bump in a bikini, and seriously, every angle of her body looked stunning. The former Victoria's Secret Angel and Vogue cover star sadly had to deal with a terrible health condition after her second pregnancy, battling with a thyroid condition, but that did not bring down her positive aura. However, when she gave birth the first time to Tobin in 2009, she was back with her wings on in a year.

17 Lily Aldridge

via Us Weekly

One thing that is surprising is that some models have walked the runway while pregnant, yet it was completely concealed. One would think we'd easily notice their baby bumps since they are so lean and fit, but we didn’t catch many. The California-born supermodel walked Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019 show at New York Fashion Week while five-months pregnant in a formal fitted gown. The model, who got pregnant at the same as model friends Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio said about her pregnancy, "I did a lot of prenatal yoga and got lots of massages. I relaxed and had the most beautiful pregnancy. I loved every second of it." Though she quickly got back in shape, the stunning model recently announced her second pregnancy.

16 Candice Swanepoel

via People

We are sure these models let out numerous siren calls for the food they are craving, but how they got back into shape so quickly is beyond us. VS models like the blonde-haired and blue-eyed Candice Swanepoel, should be known as superheroes and not only Angels for their ability to bounce back in no time. Looking hotter than ever after giving birth to her first child, the Angel opened the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on November 20, only 13 months after welcoming her first child. Wait, what? The Candice that we saw in red-hot lacy lingerie was pregnant just a year before? She was, and she recently gave birth to her second baby, too.

15 Behati Prinsloo

via Growing Your Baby

This model also made an epic return. Our question: How do these women get their abs back so quickly? Some models like Behati Prinsloo get their figures back so quickly, but then quickly get knocked up again! When Prinsloo gave birth to her daughter, only seven months later, she took her confidence to social media, posting a picture of her with her pre-baby figure back. She hit the runway 14 months later but missed the 2017 VS show because she and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine were preggo again; we're sure to see her in this year’s glamourous show, though.

14 Irina Shayk

via Just Jared

We know that when a woman is pregnant, she glows; the pregnancy hormones give a healthy glow to the face, and everything is just more apparent. However, though these models have enviable figures pre-baby, we find most of them look better than ever after pregnancy, like Irina Shayk. Shayk welcomed her daughter Lea in March 2017, but just months later, in July, she posted a mirror selfie of herself in a bikini showing off a flat and toned belly.

13 Doutzen Kroes

via Pinterest

How these gals get is so quickly on track after pregnancy is beyond our understanding. Doutzen Kroes is among the models who kept the breastfeeding conversation going. However, she did not only insist on the importance of breastfeeding, but also on getting fit quickly. She gave birth to her second child, daughter Myllena, in July 2014, and having nothing to feel ashamed of, she flashed an extremely toned tummy not long after. The model who has a gaunt frame, once told us that we could eat whatever we want ― in moderation evidently.

12 Molly Sims

via Vogue Australia

Model Molly Sims has bounced back quickly from each pregnancy, and she looked so stunning each time, which is probably what motivated her to write her book Everyday Supermodel ― thanks Sims for not being selfish and sharing your tips. The model claimed that during her second pregnancy, she got through it by staying loyal to Pilates, Tracy Anderson, and SoulCycle. Last year, after giving birth to her third child, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was back in supermodel shape just eights months after, as she showed off her incredible post-baby body in swimwear.

11 Miranda Kerr

via Celebskart

Miranda Kerr still amazes us; every time she takes the runway, she makes it her own with all her grace and poise. And that did not change when she was preggers, while she was five-months pregnant, Kerr walked the Balenciaga Spring 2011 runway while expecting her first baby boy. With such confidence and determination, we were not surprised when the same year that she gave birth, she was back on the Victoria's Secret runway. We were all floored when we saw the model only months later close the show without an ounce of baby fat.

10 Alessandra Ambrosio

via Pop Sugar

During her pregnancy and after her pregnancy, Alessandra Ambrosio had us fooled; during and after she was incredibly fit and thin, and we would have never thought she was pregnant or gave birth. Ambrosio is so dedicated to her modelling job that while pregnant in late December 2011, she still chose to rep Victoria's Secret on the runway, disguising her bump with ornate jewelled accessories ― and 30-pound peacock wings. So evidently, she did anything after her pregnancy to get rid of her weight quick and hop back on the stage. Ambrosio gave birth to baby Noah in May 2012 and slayed the Victoria's Secret show just six months later.

9 Bianca Balti

via Pregnant Models Pictures

You may recognize this flawless Italian beauty, Bianca Balti, from either Sports Illustrated or the infamous Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue commercials. We love how the Italian model and actress confidently walked the D&G AW15/16 show during Milan Fashion Week. However, the pregnancy was overly generous to her body, as she gained 50 pounds throughout. Yet, Balti was back doing her modelling thing in no time after she dedicated herself to working out twice a week and eating healthy.

8 Jourdan Dunn

via Pinterest

After stepping on the scene in 2006, Jourdan Dunn has since become one of the world's most recognizable supermodels. However, at only 19 years old, she got pregnant and her boyfriend was doing time, so nobody thought the beautiful model with long legs would get back on top of her game, but she did. All these years later, and Dunn is now a catwalk queen, and is an A-list model along with the likes of Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner. We love seeing photos of her jogging on the streets while flashing her toned abs.

7 Cindy Crawford

via Pinterest

The original model is Cindy Crawford, no one did it like CC, she is the role model for what all models should look like and be. And though her daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber is now a model, having followed in her mother's footsteps (they look identical), Kaia was once upon a time a child when Crawford had to get back in the game. After giving birth to two children, both times, Crawford instantly got back into shape. Back when she was in her prime, every woman aspired to have her body. Remember those workout videos?

6 Natalia Vodianova

via Nine in the Mirror

We guess practice makes perfect; continuing to pop babies makes it easier and faster to lose weight each time. Model Natalia Vodianova is a mother of five, and in 2016 when she gave birth to her fifth child, she broke a record, and she did it looking hotter than ever. At the time 34, the Russian bombshell went back to work, showing off her talents and toned body on the Givenchy catwalk just 20 days after giving birth. Now that is some real willpower!

5 Coco Rocha

via Glamour

Just this year in April, Coco Rocha gave birth to her second child and her confidence outshines many of her fellow colleague models. Rocha, while pregnant both times, continued to constantly work out, and she shared that with her fans on her social media platforms. After giving birth to her first child in 2015, she stunned the fashion industry with her jaw-dropping toned figure post-baby. So much so, that the model hit the runway looking better than ever after only six months.

4 Marisa Miller

via Just Jared

Snapping back into shape takes lots of hours of hard work, dedication and determination, however, it just seems to come much more easily to models like Marisa Miller. Miller, mostly known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Victoria's Secret, is a mother of two precious children and is the prime example of a model-mama that snapped rapidly back into shape after giving birth. When she gave birth back in December 2012, in July 2013, seven months later, Miller hit the red carpet wearing a revealing blue dress that hugged her figure tightly and had netted parts that showed off her toned post-baby tummy.

3 Eva Herzigova

via Pinterest

We give all the credit to Jessica Simpson for making us rediscover Daisy Dukes, but we give major props to model Eva Herzigova for throwing on her shortest shorts just weeks after giving birth. This model was once upon a time a Victoria's Secret Angel, but she is mostly known as the hottie behind the WonderBra ads. Mother to three children, each time, the model was back to her slim figure in just weeks. And those legs, we can't forget about those long and stunning legs ― “Hello Boys!”

2 Gemma Ward

via British Vogue

We love how these models are so dedicated to their work and go to extreme lengths to get back in the game as quickly as possibly after giving birth. Gemma Ward is one of the models who walked the runway while pregnant back in 2016 at 15 weeks with her second child. However, just three months later, this hot mama was spotted in a revealing one-piece swimsuit, looking amazing and slender. And just recently, this August, the model revealed she was to make her biggest comeback yet.

1 Adriana Lima

via Pinterest

This Victoria Secret Angel is a goddess to many; this brunette Brazilian babe is the ultimate beauty and mother of two. When Lima struts the catwalk at the VS show, it is like the whole world freezes. Known for her sultry looks and slimline body, she often shows that she owes it to her passion for boxing. Any follower of Lima on social media will know that the model, after the birth of her second child, was kicking butt while boxing many hours a day and seven days a week. After bringing one of her children to life in September 2012, she so quickly got her feet back on those sky-high heels and put her wings on for the VS show only two months later.

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