20 Images That Prove Tana Mongeau Is The Queen Of YouTube

In 2005, a video sharing website called YouTube was created. Among the main capabilities users are able to do on YouTube include upload, watch, share and rate videos. The platform also allows their users to comment on videos and subscribe to other users channels. There are many other things users are allowed to use YouTube for. Over the last decade it has become one of the most popular websites with over one billion users. A website that was once used as a hobby is now used to jump start many user's careers. YouTube has become so popular that people are able to make a living off of uploading videos. Some of the most popular YouTubers have become icons in their perspective categories. Makeup gurus have went on to having their own makeup lines and some YouTubers have went on to become artists and actors.

Among some of the most popular YouTubers is Tana Mongeau. Tana is an American YouTuber and joined YouTube in 2015 and is now well-known for her rants and crazy story time videos. She currently has over three million subscribers and counting on YouTube. She has gain so much popularity in such a short amount of time, which allowed her to go on a number of tours to meet her fans from all over the world. Like every public figure, Tana does have some haters, but she chooses to focus on those who support her. She may be young, but she is living her life the way she wants to.

By gaining so much subscribers in such a short amount of time and at a young age, Tana is the queen of YouTube. If that is not a good enough reason for her to be the queen, here are 20 images that prove Tana Mongeau is the Queen Of Youtube.

20 Age Is Nothing But A Number

via: YouTube

With the amount of success that Tana has achieved you would think that she has been working for many years to get where she is today. However, at the young age of 19, Tana has over three million subscribers and she has only been on YouTube for only three years. For Tana, her age does not mean a thing. She believes that she can achieve anything and her age should not matter. By putting herself on YouTube and being in the public eye, Tana is not your typical teenager. She is proof that success can come to you at any age and it does not define who you are or what you are capable of doing. She has been able to accumulate millions of subscribers in such a short amount of time. If that is not a definition of being the Queen of YouTube than I do not know what is.

19 Magazine Cover Girl

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Tana can be spotted on a couple of magazine covers being the cover model. She has also appeared inside of many magazines, both print and online. Despite what people may think or say about Tana, she has been able to make a name for herself and has become so well known that editors want her to be on the front cover of their magazine. It also helps that the YouTube queen is beautiful and is meant to be in the spotlight. She knows how to work the camera and is very photogenic so it should come to no surprise when she is on the front page. Tana is able to position herself to be more than just a YouTuber, she is also able to bring her personality to other mediums, such as magazines. She explores every avenue that is brought her way, whether it is YouTube related or not.

18 YouTube Star Studded Girl Squad

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Every girl has a good group of friends by her side and Tana is no different. However, her girl squad is filled with well-known YouTubers like herself. Throughout her Instagram profile Tana has many pictures of herself with her group of friends. It is important to surround yourself with people who understand you and who better than to surround yourself with than other YouTubers. Most people do not understand the life of a YouTuber or what a YouTuber does, therefore people who are a part of the YouTube community tend to make friends with each other. Having a good group of friends is very important and you want to choose whom you include in your squad wisely. Tana has become very well known in the YouTube community, so it comes to no surprise that she would have many friends and a star studded squad by her side.

17 More Than Just A YouTuber

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Recently, Tana has been working in the music industry and has released a few songs. She has two of her own songs, called “W” and “Heffner”, which she has also released music videos for both songs. Not only does she have her own songs, she also has featured on other artist’s music. She has successfully taken the popularity that she has received on her YouTube channel and took it to pursue a music career. Whether is it something she plans on taking seriously or something to do as a hobby, she knows that her subscribers will support her in whatever she does. A YouTube career may not last forever; therefore it is smart to venture out into different avenues. She is able to market herself as more than just a YouTuber and that is what makes her a queen.

16 Celebrity Relationships

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It is no secret that Tana and actress Bella Throne have a special relationship. It was once apparent that the two were in a relationship, however that does not seem to be the case anymore. There are many pictures of Tana and Bella together on her Instagram account. Bella is also featured in Tana’s music video “Heffner” which has over eight million views on YouTube. Tana is a YouTuber that is often seen amongst well-known celebrities. She may have started as a small YouTuber, but she has now situated herself among popular celebrities of this generation. Bella is not the only celebrity best friend of Tana, she has been seen with many other celebrities. Being best friends with a celebrity can be intimating, but Tana fits right in like she was meant to be in the public eye from the beginning.

15 Unique Sense Of Style

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Despite what people may think of Tana’s fashion choices, she does know how to rock some unique pieces. Her clothing may seem like they are lacking material because she often does not wear much clothes, but the pieces she chooses to wear are different and she can pull them off. When it comes to fashion, Tana is more daring than most people. What some people would never dare to wear, Tana wears it with confidence. Some people would love to wear something, but they never do because they fear what others may think or they feel like it does not look good on them than it does on others. Tana does not care if people do not agree with her fashion choices. She wears what she wants and whatever she feels looks good on her. Tana is the queen she is today because of her “I don’t care” attitude.

14 Always In The Sky

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Even though she is originally from Las Vegas, Tana can be found in any country all over the world at any given time. Whether it is for personal vacations or going on tour, Tana is constantly traveling. As the Queen of YouTube, she has also been asked to travel places for appearances and meet and greets. If she is not traveling for her own tour, she is traveling because she was asked to be a part of some one else’s tour. On her Instagram, Tana has posted pictures of her in places such as Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and all over Europe. She has expanded her popularity beyond America, which allowed her to sell out shows on her European tour. Tana has fans from all over the world, so it comes to no surprised that she would want to meet her fans and thank them for their support. No matter what the reason may be she is always traveling and that makes her the Queen of YouTube.

13 Having Fun Is A Priority

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Tana knows how to work hard, but also play hard. Through her Instagram and YouTube videos, Tana is always having fun. Tana has admitted in one of her videos that she loves going on tour and meeting all her fans. However, going on tour can be a lot of work and stressful, but when it comes to show time she goes on stage and has the time of her life. She finds going on tour fun and wishes she could always be on tour. Having fun is a priority for Tana because she knows that she only has one life to live. She does not take anything for granted and knows that she deserves and earned all the success she has been given. Even through all the ups and downs that come with being in the public eye, Tana is able to put a smile on her face and move forward. Being the Queen of YouTube is hard work, but Tana has fun while being on top of the YouTube game.

12 Enjoys The Tour Life

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It is no secret that Tana is no rookie when it comes to the tour life. She has expressed her love for being on tour many times and hopes to go on many more. In the past couple of years she has gone on a couple of tours and also has another tour planned for this year. Back in February, Tana announced that she missed meeting and performing for her fans and did whatever she could to go back on another tour. She states in her announcement video that this tour is going to be as affordable as it can be without putting the show in jeopardy. It can be assumed that she will be performing her songs during the show. From videos and pictures online it is safe to say that her fans enjoy Tana’s performances just as must as she loves performing them. Not only is she the Queen of YouTube, but she is also the queen of tours.

11 Always Puts On A Great Show

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Tana has gone on a few tours within the last couple of years. As previously stated, Tana enjoys going on tour and would always be on tour if it was up to her. Despite everyone thinking that she is crazy for always being on the road, Tana does not mind it. When it comes to going on tour Tana wants to make sure that her fans have the best night of their lives when they attend the show. She has also expressed how she would cut costs wherever she could just so her tickets can be more affordable for her fans. Despite cutting costs, she makes sure that it does not jeopardize the show that she puts on. When it comes to show time, Tana always puts on a great show. She is able to engage and entertain her audience each and every time. Not only is she a queen on the stage, but she is also the queen on YouTube.

10 Sorry Not Sorry About Mug Shot

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Turning a negative situation into something positive is something Tana does best. Last year at Coachella, Tana was arrested because she was seen holding an alcoholic beverage by four undercover cops. Since she is only 19, Tana is not legal to be drinking in America, however she insisted that she did not drink it. Tana has a whole YouTube video dedicated to this altercation, where she explains exactly what happened and how crazy the whole thing is. Despite drinking it or not, Tana was arrested and brought to the police station where her mug shot was taken. This bad situation was turned into a positive when t-shirts were made with her mug shot on them. Yes she got arrested and was given a ticket, but it is not going to dim her lights. Like the true queen she is Tana is moving forward and giving love to those who support her.

9 Fans Are More Like Family

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While on tour, Tana often has meet and greets where she is able to meet all her fans. Unfortunately, these meet and greets do come with a cost as her fans do have to pay if they want to meet the queen. Even though you have to pay, Tana treats her fans like family and makes sure she gets to meet as much people as she can while she is able to. Tana appreciates her fans and shows that appreciation because she knows that the life she is currently living would not be possible if it was not for those who support her. By going on tour it is Tana’s way of thanking her fans for everything they do for her. She wants her fans to feel more like family. Tana treats her fans like royalty just like the queen she is.

8 Nothing Is Off Limits For YouTube

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An aspect of Tana’s channel that most people like is the fact that she shares everything with her subscribers and nothing is off limits. She is a type of YouTuber that does not hide anything from her viewers. She is very transparent and always keeps her viewers in the know when it comes to her life. Everything that happens in Tana’s life there is a good chance that it will end up on YouTube. Even if it is something that Tana is not proud of or did not want the world to know she will come out and let her audience know. For example, it can be assumed that Tana did not want to get arrested, let alone have the whole world know about it. Since she knew it would get out she took it upon herself to make a video letting everyone know what happened before other news outlets had the chance to. Also, it does not hurt that it would make a good video that would generate a lot of views. It’s Tana’s story so she does have the right to share it.

7 No Stranger To SnapChat

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Not only is her presence known of Youtube or Instagram, but she is also a SnapChat user. Tana is no stranger when it comes to SnapChat. At one point in time everyone was on SnapChat. Before the notorious hated SnapChat update, many YouTubers and celebrities were frequent users of the social media platform. However, since that update many people have turned away from the app. Most people still use the app for the filters, but opt to post the picture elsewhere. Tana may still use the filters from SnapChat, but she is posting on Instagram stories more often. Since the SnapChat update more people are leaning towards posting on their Instagram stories for live updates. Even if Tana chooses to use SnapChat or not, she still looks like a queen in the SnapChat filters.

6 Written On The Wall

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If it is written on the wall then it must be true. Tana posted this picture of herself standing in front of a chalkboard with “Tana Mongeau is queen” written on it. Amongst many other things written on this chalkboard only those words stand out the most. This only means one thing, that Tana is a queen. Like most successful YouTubers, Tana has not always been the queen she is today. She has people who are often hating on her and not supportive of what she does on the internet. It is how Tana responds to this type of hate is what makes her a queen. Being able to ignore the hate is something Tana does best. Not everyone is able to handle the hate that comes with being in the public eye like Tana does. No one needs to tell Tana that she is a queen because the YouTuber herself already knows.

5 Even Animals Love Her

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Not only is Tana popular among the human population, but the animal population also loves her. Throughout her Instagram profile, Tana has many pictures of her being photographed with animals, dogs in particular. Whether the dog is her own or someone else’s she does not hesitate to take a picture with the furry friend. Tana goes have a dog of her own. Her dog’s name is Dexter Morgan and before you start to think that she must be a crazy person, according to one of her tweets, she is already aware of this. To add to the crazy, in this picture that was posted to her Instagram does not only include her dog Dexter, but she is also wearing a beanie with her name on it because why not. What better way to advertise your merchandise than with a picture of a cute dog. Dogs make a great companion and also make a great addition to Tana’s squad.

4 Making Her Way On Television

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Not only is Tana on YouTube, but she has also appeared on different television shows. She has made a cameo on the well-know daytime talk show The Maury Povich Show. Maury Povich’s show is well known for a lot of drama, which is something Tana finds herself to be a part of often as seen through her many rants and story time videos. Fans were confused as to why she was on the show, however they realized that it was just for entertainment and they laughed at the skit. Recently, Tana was on a game show and according to her Instagram post she did not win and by the picture it is apparent that she is not very good at game shows either. With a score in the negatives it is safe to say that she will not be on another game show anytime soon. However, like the queen she is she owns her score and looks quite proud.

3 Collabing With Other YouTubers

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Collaborations are a big part of the YouTube community and are quite common. Many YouTubers like to collaborate with other YouTubers because it is a way to expand their audience and also help other YouTubers expand their audience. It is a great way to help one another and it is also a good chance to put two creative minds into one video. Tana has collabed with many YouTubers, from beauty gurus to lifestyle vloggers. She may be well known for her rants and crazy story times, but she has also dabbled into the notion of collabs. Tana’s video are already entertaining when she is the only one in them, but when she collabs with someone it adds another entertainment factor to her video. Not all of her videos include other YouTuber, she sometimes has friends who are not YouTubers in her videos. When she films with people who are a part of her life we get to see more of who Tana is.

2 Born In An Entertaining City

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Tana was born to be an entertaining queen. This YouTuber was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. A city that is built around entertainment and performing and is a perfect place for Tana to live. Tana loves to entertain and perform, therefore it is safe to say that it is in her blood to do so. At the age of 19, Tana is not legal to enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer, but you can bet that she is still living her life to the fullest and is also counting down the days until she turns 21. This Sin City native knows that she belongs in Nevada and even though she may not be 21, she still spends some time on the Las Vegas Strip. As Tana turns 20 this year, the queen of YouTube can almost start the countdown until she is 21. We can only imagine the vlogs and story time videos that will come after that.

1 A Must Follow On Instagram

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If Tana is not filming or uploading a video on YouTube than she is updating her social media accounts, especially Instagram. If you are looking for an up to date update, there is a good chance you will find it on Instagram, therefore following Tana is a must. Tana has close to two million followers on Instagram and each picture gets hundreds of thousands of likes and comments on every picture. Her fans show her a lot of love on Instagram and she tends to post frequently. She may post pictures that not everyone will understand or may find distasteful, but just know that leaving a hate comment will not change anything. The Queen of YouTube followers her own rules and does not care what other people think. She posts whatever she wants, however if you are following Tana than there is a good chance you agree that she is a queen.

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