20 Images That Prove Camila Cabello Is Clearly The Next JLo

Besides being of Latin descent, Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello have a lot more in common then we think. They both show love to their roots and provide the world with great music and entertainment. New faces in the industry can be daunting, but being the professional that she is, Jennifer does not let it get to her, she knows her worth and lets her talent do the talking. As the new girl, Camila is willing to take whatever advice is given to her and looks up to those who paved the way for her.

There comes a time in one's career when a new face comes into the industry and an artist feels like they can either give up and let the new face take over or reinvent themselves to stay relevant. However, when it comes to Latin music, surely there is enough room for two superstars, meaning that JLo and Camila are both here to stay. Jennifer Lopez has been in the entertainment industry for many years and she is not going to let a new face take her shine. Camila is not here to replace anyone, she is here to make a name for herself.

With many similarities, Camila Cabello could very well be the new Jennifer Lopez. Here are 20 images that prove Camila Cabello is the next JLo.

20 Amazing Music Collaborations

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When artists come together, great things get created. Some of the best music that is out there comes from artists collaborating. Jennifer is known for having many great songs with talented artists. She has been able to further advance herself in the industry because of these relationships that she has created. Jennifer has collaborated with artists such as Pitbull, Ja Rule, Lil Wayne, and many other talented musicians. Just like JLo, Camila has also found herself partnering up with well-known artists to create music for many to enjoy. She has been able to pair her voice and style with other amazing artists to create a new sound. Every song she collaborated on has risen to the top of the charts. Camila has collaborated with artists like Shawn Mendes, Machine Gun Kelly, and just like Jennifer, Camila has teamed up with Pitbull.

19 The Latin Spice Is Within Them

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Although she was born in The Bronx in New York, Jennifer Lopez does come from a Latin decent. Her parents were born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States before having children. She may not have been born in Puerto Rico, but she has made it clear that she is proud of where her family comes from and is a huge icon in the Latin entertainment industry. Like Jennifer, Camila is also apart of the Latin entertainment industry, as she was original born in Cuba and came to the United States at a young age. She makes it known where she comes from and never forgets the sacrifices her parents made to leave their home country and go to America. She displays her Latin side with pride and shows her roots in any way she can through her music.

18 Talented From The Beginning

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In the early '90s, Jennifer Lopez started her career in the entertainment industry as a backup dancer for the boy band, New Kids On The Block. Since then, Jennifer has found herself getting many opportunities to ditch the backup gig and do her own thing. She was featured in many movies and started her own music career. Jennifer was very talented as a young girl and knew she had what it takes to make it to the top. Similar to Jennifer, Camila also knew she was talented at a young age. After auditioning on the music show, X Factor, Camila found success when she was introduced to her group members of Fifth Harmony. This newfound success meant Camila had to leave high school and focus on her music career.

17 Found Themselves On Top of The Charts

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Jennifer Lopez has been in the number one spot on the Billboard chart more than once and many of her songs have been listed on the chart. She is no stranger when it comes to finding success with her music. When every song is a hit song, it is hard to deny that kind of talent. She has graced the Billboard magazine cover and shows the boss lady that she is. Also finding herself on the front cover of the Billboard magazine is Camila Cabello. Since starting her solo career, Camila has had one song come in number one on the Billboard charts. Her song "Havana," featuring Young Thug, spent 27 weeks on the chart and made it to number one in January of 2018. With top charting music, both musicians show that they are here to stay and plan on remaining at the top of the charts.

16 Always Willing To Help Others

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Being able to give back to people or help people who are in need is something that both Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello love to do. Jennifer has teamed up with numerous charities. One of the most important charities to JLo is the one she had co-founded with her family, The Lopez Family Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health and well-being of women and children and helps increase the medical care that is offered to them. They aim to make health care more accessible. Camila is also no stranger to helping others and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Camila had partnered up with Save The Children and designed a t-shirt with them and 100% of the proceeds would go to charity. Like JLo's charity, Save the Children aims to help girls remain healthy, safe, and well-educated.

15 Not Afraid Of A Little Hard Work

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Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello are not afraid of a little hard work. Both artists did not end up where they are today from just good luck— it took a lot of hard work and dedication. Nothing was handed to them, they had to work hard for everything they achieved. They did not sit back and let success find them, they went out and found the success and because of that hard work, they are where they are today. They both display strong qualities and show that they are strong women. They are examples of people who show that giving up is not an option and they can achieve anything that they set their mind to. They are also great examples of two people who came from nothing and now they are on top of the world.

14 Here For The Long Haul

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There is no questioning that Jennifer Lopez is one of the best artists in the game. Her career started in the early '90s and has been going strong ever since. For almost 30 years, JLo has been making hit songs and starring in big screen movies and there is no sign of her slowing down. Year after year, she has been able to reinvent herself and stay relevant. Even though Camila Cabello is new to the game, compared to JLo, she still displays signs that she is in it for the long haul. After feeling like being in an all-girl band was holding her back from reaching her potential as an artist, she decided to leave the band and continue her career as a solo artist. Becoming a solo artist after leaving a band is not always the easiest decision to make and it is also not the easiest thing to do. However, Camila has been able to shine and reach great success. After releasing her latest album, she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

13 A Family Of Only Sisters

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Family is very important when it comes to the Latin culture. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Jennifer and Camila are both very close with their siblings. What is ironic is that both families only have girls, therefore JLo and Camila only have sisters. There is no other bond like a bond between sisters. Jennifer is the middle child and Camila is the oldest child. Whatever success that the two artists have had, they make sure that they share it with not only their siblings but their entire families. They work hard so those who helped them out in life do not have to. The two artists make sure that spending time with their family is a priority and when they are with them, they can be themselves, leaving their fame and success at the door. They are able to just relax and be around people who treat them as if they were just like anyone else.

12 No Stranger To Competitions

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Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello are very familiar with competitions. Growing up, Jennifer was a part of a dancing competition which helped start her career as a dancer. For Camila, being on X Factor helped start her career, as the judges saw potential in her and paired her up with an all-girl band. If it was not for these competitions, who knows where Jennifer and Camila would be? If they had not been a part of these competitions, their careers would most likely not be as successful. Not only does Jennifer have experience as being a part of a competition, she also has experience judging one. JLo was a judge on the hit show, American Idol, which is very similar to X Factor. Jennifer and Camila both know what it is like to be judged as an entertainer and receive critiques, however, Jennifer also knows what it feels like to be the one judging.

11 Exceeds In The Vocal Department

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It is no secret that Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello are both very talented when it comes to singing. The two have performed at many award shows and have put on many concerts. They are both able to shine even when they are putting on a show and entertain an audience. Known as a dancer, Jennifer Lopez is able to put on a great performance without jeopardizing the quality of her vocal performance, which has been seen as a challenge in the industry. Camila has also perfected the art of putting on a great show and she uses her vocals to demonstrate her talent. She may not be a professional dancer like JLo, but she does display some great moves and is able to put on a show. Both artists are able to get their audience on their feet dancing and enjoying a show.

10 Influenced By The Latin Culture

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Coming from families who are a part of the Latin decent, it is no surprise that the two have incorporated this culture into their work. Jennifer Lopez has attended and performed at the Latin Music Awards and makes it obvious that her Latin decent does have some influence on the type of music she makes. Jennifer also incorporates other elements, such as R&B, dancehall, and hip-hop into her music. However, she does have a lot of songs that show her Latin roots. Camila Cabello also displays her Latin roots in her music. Her latest album includes song such as "Havana," in which she pays tribute to the place she was born and other Latin-inspired songs. She has also collaborated with many Latin artists and also sings a little bit in Spanish. However, like Jennifer she also has many other influences in the music she makes.

9 Style Icons On The Red Carpet

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When it comes to walking the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez is known to wear the best outfits. Her sense of style is always evolving with the times and she is always up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. She is famous for her long legs, which are often shown by wearing high-cut dresses with long slits. Camila Cabello also displays this interest in fashion. Camila graces the red carpet wearing the most elegant outfits and pretty much looks good in anything. Like Jennifer, she knows how to work the red carpet and have all eyes on her. When it comes to red carpets, the fans always know that Jennifer and Camila will look their best. The two artists have similar taste when it comes to red carpet looks, as they both are often pictured in long dresses that are perfect for their body shape.

8 Celebrity Best Friend Squad

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Every girl has a squad of best friends and Jennifer and Camila are no different. Jennifer has been best friends with the actress, Leah Remini, for over a decade. Both Jennifer and Remini were born in New York and share the same pride that they have for the state. They have both been in the spotlight for many years and understand the struggle that can take on someone's personal life. They are always there for each other and support each other in whatever they do. Like Jennifer, Camila also has her go to best friend, Taylor Swift. Swift is known for her girl squad. For Camila's 18th birthday, Taylor threw her a surprise birthday party since the two had been seen hanging out and supporting each other. Celebrities often have friends who are also celebrities because it is nice to be surrounded by people who understand their lifestyle.

7 Supports One Another's Career

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At the Cali Bash 2018 concert, Jennifer Lopez had a dance number to Camila Cabello's hit song, "Havana." With this song choice it is safe to say that Jennifer is a fan of Camila's songs. Camila's songs fit perfectly with Jennifer's performances and has a similar sound to something Jennifer would produce herself. The two may have never performed together on stage before, but they have worked together on a song. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, many celebrities have stepped up to work together to provide some relief, including Jennifer and Camila. Jennifer and Camila, along with Gina Rodriguez and Marc Anthony, have been seen in a video recording a song for hurricane relief. The one is called “Almost Like Praying” and it includes both English and Spanish lyrics. The song is closely based on the character, Maria, from the play West Side Story.

6 Enjoys Reading A Good Book

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Jennifer Lopez has a few published books, her most well-known one being "True Love." It was a book about her life, which she wrote while she was on her Dance Again World Tour. She may not be a book enthusiast, but she does admit that she enjoyed writing this book even though at times, she felt afraid to write about certain topics. Her book was well-received by the public, so surely Jennifer would not be discouraged to write another book. Camila Cabello may not be a published author, but she does enjoy reading a good book. Camila has been known to be a bookworm. She always gets excited when asked what book she is reading and what is on her reading list. She may still be young, but surely when the time is right she will definitely write a book, whether it is about her life or a love story people will definitely read it.

5 Cuba Is A Part Of Their Past

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In 1997, Jennifer Lopez married a Cuban waiter named Ojani Noa and even though their marriage only lasted a year, Jennifer showed love to Cuba. Once they were divorced, Jennifer went though many battles regarding her relationship with Ojani. Being her first husband, Cuba was a big part of her life and she learned a lot about the Cuban culture. Despite not being with Ojani anymore, surely there is no bad blood when it comes to Jennifer's feelings about the country. On the other hand, Camila's connection to Cuba is something she cannot divorce from. The same year that Jennifer married Ojani, Camila was born in Cojimar, Cuba. Before settling in Miami, Camila moved back and forth between Havana and Mexico City for a lot of her life. Whereas Jennifer wants her connection with Cuba to remain in the past, Camila wants her roots to be known.

4 Strong Social Media Game

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With millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello have a strong social media presence. In recent years, being on social media is very important for public figures. It is a chance for them to connect with their fans and also provide live updates on their lives. By clicking follow, you are literally able to keep tabs on your favorite celebrity. Just on Instagram alone, Jennifer Lopez has over 70 million followers and every picture she posts gets at least one million likes. Camila Cabello also has a large amount of followers on Instagram. With almost 20 million followers, Camila makes her presence known online. It may not seem like much in comparison to JLo, but you have to keep in mind how long Jennifer has been in the game.

3 Known Celebrity Boyfriends

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It is not unheard of for celebrities to date other well-known public figures. Jennifer and Camila are no different. Jennifer Lopez has been dating the retired MLB player, Alex Rodriguez, for just over a year. The two have been spending a lot of time together and it has been rumoured that the pair are looking to move in together. Their children have already met and spend time together. Everything seems to be going perfect in JLo's world. Camila is also dating a public figure. She has been spotted numerous times with Mathew Hussey, who is a British dating coach, writer, and Youtube personality. The two have not confirmed anything, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Jennifer and Camila are no strangers when it comes to dating celebrities as their current relationships are not the first time they have dated someone famous.

2 Knows How To Put On A Great Show

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We all know that when it comes to putting on a great show, Jennifer Lopez knows how to deliver. She is well-known for her dance moves and her ability to captivate an audience. Since she is such a great dancer, and she is able to provide her audience with great visuals. Her capability to sing and dance is what makes a JLo concert a fun place to be. Her concerts provide a great party atmosphere and a perfect girls night out. When you go to a JLo concert, you will not be disappointed. Camila Cabello also knows how to put on a great show. While in the girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila and the girls put on great shows that made their fanbase proud. Even as a solo artist, Camila is able to get everyone up and dancing.

1 Age Is Nothing But A Number

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When it comes to Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello, age is nothing but a number. Jennifer Lopez is close to turning 50, however, you would have never guessed by her looks. Her appearance has not changed much over the past 30 years. Whether or not Jennifer feels like she is getting old, her appearance is saying otherwise. She looks amazing for her age and you would not have guessed that she will be turning the big 5-0 in a couple of years. Camila also has a young face, even though she does not look like it, she is actually turning 21 this year. Having a young face is always a good thing and something everyone wants. No one wants to look like they are aging. This is something Jennifer and Camila will never have to worry about since there is a good chance that they will look young forever.

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