20 Reasons Why Jennifer Garner Is Ready To Date After Her Divorce

In 2005, the actress, Jennifer Garner, and the actor, Ben Affleck, got married in sunny Turks and Caicos— a wedding that was not highly publicized. Since then, they had many successes with starring in movies and also had three children together, two girls and a boy. A love story that everyone thought would have a happy ending came to an end in 2017. Once the news hit the public, many people were shocked and in disbelief. Despite being separated for almost a year, the two have been seen in public together spending time with their children.

Everyone goes through a rough time in life. Separating from someone who you not only shared 12 years of your life with but also three wonderful children cannot be easy. Since getting a divorce, Jennifer has been spotted spending time with her support group. When in your time of need, it is also great to have a good group of family and friends by your side. Seemingly, Jennifer is handling the divorce the best way she can from what the public can see. She is often spotted out and about with a smile on her face.

Throughout the years, Jennifer has graced the public looking her best on and off the red carpet. With her great looks and amazing personality, Jennifer will not be single for long. Here are 20 images of Jennifer Garner that will make Ben Affleck reconsider his divorce.

20 Taking Her Style To The Streets

via: Entertainment Tonight

According to InStyle magazine, Jennifer is notorious for putting outfits together that are able to withstand a busy day. She is able to look good running her errands without jeopardizing her fashion style. When walking the streets, Jennifer makes sure to look presentable and would not be seen in something she would not want to get photographed in, since there is a high chance there will be paparazzi hiding around. However, Jennifer has been seen wearing some questionable outfits, but this mother of three is allowed to have her off days. Being a mom can be difficult when it comes to having the time to spend on getting ready, but by the looks that she rocks on and off the red carpet, she does what she can with the time she is given. Feeling confident in whatever she puts on, Jennifer is able to take her style to the streets.

19 All White and Angelic Style

via: People Magazine

Jennifer attended the Baby2Baby Gala at 3Labs in Los Angeles wearing an all-white angelic gown. The dress was designed by Roland Mouret and it included bat-winged slit sleeves and a halter-neck style. The dress was very classy and simple, which demonstrated that you do not need to go all out to look good. The well-known saying, "less is more," is definitely working for Jennifer. Since this look is not over the top, it is easy to recreate for those who would want a gown like this. She paired this outfit with very minimal jewelry and also matched it with black open-toe high heels. To remain true to the Jennifer Garner look, she wore her hair swept to the side with long loose curls. She also kept her makeup to the bare minimum, almost looking makeup-free. She went for a more neutral look and wore a tint of pink lips.

18 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Gown

via: Instagram

Jennifer posted a picture of her in the outfit she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Instagram to show the world the beautiful gown she wore. The picture was very well-received, with many people commenting on her looks and the beautiful dress. Some comments declared that she was the best dressed of the night. Jennifer wore a long blue gown that crossed over her chest and went over one shoulder. This unique design presented a very elegant feel and was definitely an eye catcher while walking the red carpet. Keeping the look nice and clean, Jennifer is not wearing that much jewelry, just a few rings, and long dangling earrings. With the unique style of the dress, it is ideal to keep the accessories to a minimum. Jennifer keeps her signature hairstyle and wears her hair swept to the side with loose long curls.

17 Welcoming A New Member To The Family

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Last year, Jennifer welcomed a new member to the family and, no, she did not have another child— she welcomed a new chicken. According to her Instagram, Jennifer considers herself a chicken lady. This newest addition is named Regina George and according to the caption, Regina likes long walks, dehydrated bugs, and kale. However, Regina George hates carbs. The post shows that Jennifer enjoys walking her chicken, who is seen holding a leash that her chicken is on the other end of. It does not matter what the animal is, it still deserves to be loved like any other member of the family. Some people like their cats, while others love their chickens— who are we to judge? This is one lucky chicken to be a part of the family. Ben may no longer be in her life, but this chicken is and by her smile, you can tell she is happy.

16 Not Sorry About Her Cat Obsession

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By looking through her Instagram profile, it is no secret that Jennifer loves animals. She has many posts about her dogs, chickens, and her love for cats. Animals are human's best friends and Jennifer has many animal best friends.  In one post, Jennifer takes her love for animals to a whole new level by rocking a cat outfit. The outfit includes a multi-colored shirt with an image of a cat on it eating a pizza and taco along with a pair of cat pants with cat faces. It also includes cat ears, gloves, and necklace— an outfit that any crazy cat lady would be jealous of. This takes being a cat lady to a whole other level, but by her facial expression, Jennifer is not sorry about it. Ben may be out of the picture, but there are always more cats that can fill her heart.

15 Perfect and Professional Vanity Fair Shoot

via: Vanity Fair

Jennifer has been featured in Vanity Fair many times and at one of the photoshoots, she was photographed wearing an all-white outfit that gives off a professional look. Despite looking like a two-piece skirt and top combination, the outfit is actually a dress. The dress gives off an illusion of a shirt that has a collar and two pockets, which is actually just for a design aspect of the gown. Throughout the dress, where it looks like the seams would be are actually mesh stripes that show a little skin. She has her hair swept to the side with a little more of a natural curl feel. Jennifer rarely wears a ton of makeup, but when she does, she opts for more neutral tones. This looks also includes no jewelry, except a white, thin bangle. It does not take much for Jennifer to look beautiful in any picture.

14 Not A Typical Mom Style

via: Laine Gossip

When people think of the term "mom style," they think of baggy jeans and a t-shirt. Jennifer redefines the term, as she opts for not wearing baggy jeans even though she is a mother-of-three. She gives mom styles a good name and despite being a mother, she still tries to look her best. She can be seen walking around the city with her daughter wearing jeans, however, they are usually a pair of fitted jeans and not your typical mom jeans. She keeps it simple and comfortable, which is very important when you are a mother. Comfort is key. Jennifer does not look like she just rolled out a bed. Jennifer may be a well-known actress, but she is also a mother and that is a job she takes seriously. Being able to look as good as she does in jeans and t-shirt will definitely have Ben rethinking their divorce.

13 Working On Her Fitness

via: Celeb Mafia

There comes a time in everyone's lives where they start to take their health seriously. Whether it is exercising more often or changing what you eat, we have all wanted to make changes to try and live a more healthy lifestyle. Jennifer is no different as she is often photographed going to the gym. Workout clothes are not always the most flattering and it is important that you are comfortable. Comfortable clothes sometimes lack style, however for someone like Jennifer, she can rock anything and look good wearing it. According to Celeb Mafia, Jennifer opts to wear loose fitting clothing when she works out. Even after a workout, Jennifer looks beautiful. She can really rock a bare face. Knowing that she is working on her fitness is definitely going to make Ben rethink their divorce.

12 Stepping Out In Black

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Every woman owns a little black dress and it is always a perfect time to wear one. While out and about, Jennifer can be found wearing many fashionable outfits. As much as she enjoys being comfortable, she also likes to dress up whenever she can. On any given day, Jennifer can be spotted wearing a dress or jeans. Whether it is a dress or jeans, you can never go wrong with wearing black. The color black is very popular when it comes to fashion, mainly because it matches almost anything and it is a color that looks good on most, if not all, women. Jennifer pairs this black dress with black closed-toe high heels. They are perfect for any occasion and can also be dressed down or up depending on the event.

11 Spending Time With Loved Ones

via: Laine Gossip

When a couple goes through a divorce, it is normal for them to spend more time with their loved ones. It is a time when they realize how much those who they love meant to them. Since her divorce with Ben, Jennifer has been seen spending a lot of time with family and friends. She is able to surround herself with people who are there for her and care for her and that is always a nice feeling, especially when you are going through a difficult time in your life. Going through a divorce cannot be easy, but Jennifer chooses to surround herself with loved ones to make the hard times a little easier to deal with. Sharing a few laughs with people who are special to you can definitely make your day and make you smile. Ben would definitely rethink their divorce if she sees how well Jennifer is handling the separation.

10 Glamorous On The Red Carpet

via: Pop Sugar

After her divorce became publicized, Jennifer hit the red carpet at the Oscars looking more beautiful than ever. She was not going to let her separation ruin her time or put a downer on the event. She showed up on the red carpet wearing a black off the shoulder dress with a sparkling sequence on one side.  She also wore a black sequence belt to add a little more sparkle to the outfit. She paired this outfit with black open-toe heels, diamond earrings, and silver bangles. Instead of her signature swept to the side hair and loose curls, Jennifer opted for a more Hollywood glam hairstyle, as she wore her hair in an elegant, pulled back updo. Jennifer definitely knows how to work the red carpet and anything that is going on in her personal life was able to be put aside so she could enjoy the night.

9 A Little Retail Therapy

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Some people who are going through a rough time in their lives turn to the shopping malls for a little retail therapy. Jennifer definitely looks a lot happier when she was photographed leaving a store after doing a little shopping. Dressed very casual, Jennifer proves that she can look good in anything and can pull off any style— even the baggy pants and t-shirt look, a look most people would never want to be seen wearing. The best thing any women can wear is a smile and Jennifer has an amazing smile that radiates. When you see her smile you cannot help but smile yourself. That could also be another reason why it does not matter what she wears because her smile outshines her outfits. Jennifer is the definition of a woman who can do both, and that alone should make Ben rethink their divorce.

8 The Importance Of Family Time

via: Pop Sugar

As mentioned before, spending time with your family and friends is super important especially when you are going through a rough time. When it comes to parents going through a divorce, the children also feel like they are going through a rough time, therefore, spending time with your children is very important. Jennifer is photographed on vacation with her kids and spending time at the beach. This mother of three worships her children and would do anything for them. She wants to make sure that they know that their mother loves them, therefore, she spends as much time as she can with them. She has also been seen being civil with Ben for the benefit of their children. This shows how great a mother Jennifer is and another reason why Ben should rethink their divorce. He is also going to miss those family vacations.

7 Displaying Her Band Geek Side

via: Today Show

Jennifer is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an actress, she can also play the saxophone. She posted a video on her Instagram a video of herself dressed up in a marching band outfit playing "Happy Birthday" on the saxophone. The video was dedicated to the actress, Reese Witherspoon, for her birthday. Once completed, Jennifer marched away as the video ended like a true band member would do. However, this is not the first time we have seen Jennifer's musical talent, her band talent was also displayed in the movie 13 Going On 30. This video also shows a more playful side of Jennifer and that she does not take everything so serious and that she can joke around. Having someone who can make you laugh is always a good thing, Ben should rethink his divorce so he can have someone like Jennifer around all the time.

6 Makeup-Free Selfies

via: People Magazine

Just by looking at her, you could never tell what age Jennifer is, but the actress is 45, despite not looking it. Jennifer posted a selfie on Instagram without any makeup on and she looks amazing. You would never be able to guess her age just by looking at the picture. Many people have to do a lot of cosmetic surgeries or enhancements to maintain a youthful look. A problem Jennifer seems to not have, or at least that we know of. She also has a lot of natural beauty, which is why she hardly ever wears a lot of makeup. Not wearing a lot of makeup could also be the reason why she does not look her age. For this selfie, in particular, Jennifer is wearing no makeup and has a tired face, however, her face looks amazing despite the lack of makeup and sleep. She is the pure definition of, "I woke up like this," because she is flawless! Waking up to this beautiful face should be a good enough reason for Ben to rethink their divorce.

5 Just A Girl And Her Best Friend

via: Got Celeb

It has already been established that Jennifer has a love for all animals. There is a special place in her heart for her golden retriever, Birdie. The golden retriever has made many appearances on her Instagram. The latest is one of her reading a book to Birdie. By the amount of posts and times she has been photographed with Birdie, surely she spends a lot of time with the golden retriever. In this photographed she is seen training her dog to do what Birdie was born to do and that is retrieve things. Some people say a dog is a man's best friend, but it can also be a women's best friend too! Every dog loves to play a little catch every now and then. If how she treated her animals is any indication of how she treated Ben, than he might want to rethink their divorce because she treats her animals like royalty.

4 All Smiles For Jennifer

via: People Magazine

We all know the Jennifer has a great smile. She may be going through some stuff in her personal life, but you would never know because her smile is always so genuine. Jennifer seems like a type of person who is always so happy, which is not a bad thing. It is always a good thing to think about the positive things in life, especially when you are going through a hard time in life. Being in the public eye forces you to always have to try your best to put on a happy face or else the media can twist it into a story. The media is able to take something so small and make it into a headline and no celebrity likes made up news about them. Jennifer has no problem showing off her smile and we can only assume that she is actually happy.

3 Finding New Love Rumours

via: Celebrity Insider

Jennifer's new movie, Love, Simon, features her co-star, Josh Duhamel. Since the announcement that the two would feature in this movie, rumors sparked that the pair were dating. Many people speculated, however, ET Online talked to the duo and they confirmed that there is no truth to the rumour. Despite the rumour being false, they did admit that they do have a great admiration for one another. The pair knows what it feels like to have your relationship issues in the media, since both of their relationship fallouts were highly publicized. Not only did Jennifer divorce Ben, Josh Duhamel had split from the singer, Fergie. Josh Duhamel admitted to ET Online that he believes Jennifer is an amazing catch. Jennifer is getting attention from other men. Do you think Ben is rethinking the divorce?

2 Jennifer Pays A Visit To Ellen

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Everyone wants to be on the Ellen Degeneres Show and for some lucky people, they get to be on it more than once. Jennifer is one of those lucky people, she has been on the Ellen Show a few times. Being on the Ellen Show means that you are agreeing to be asked any questions that Ellen wants and most questions that are asked do get answers. Celebrities like to open up to Ellen, therefore, her show is a must watch when you want to know if a rumor is true or false. Being on Ellen also shows that you have achieved some kind of success, since she likes to welcome guests on her show who have achieved something positive in life. Jennifer was recently on Ellen for a promotional visit and to talk about her latest involvement in a meme. When you get a call to be on the Ellen Degeneres Show, you know you have done something right in life.

1 Jennifer Enters The Memes World

via: Deseret News

In recent times, memes have become very popular when it comes to poking fun at certain events or people. Recently, while attending the Oscars, Jennifer found herself being the new face of a meme. She was caught clapping her hands and furrowing her brows and all of a sudden she stopped clapping her hands and had a confused look on her face. One Twitter user turned this scene into a meme and captioned it with, "What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?" This meme became so popular it made it's way to the actress herself. Jennifer told Ellen on a recent taping of her show that she found the meme embarrassing. Jennifer herself did not know what she was doing or why she suddenly stopped and changed her facial expression. Her new found fame in the meme world should definitely make Ben rethink their divorce.

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