20 Harry Potter Character Posts From Tumblr That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

If there's one thing that we all know about the Harry Potter series in general, it's that the characters definitely helped the entire idea of it. This is true to anything when you think about it. If the characters suck but the story is phenomenal, you'll often find yourself not wanting to continue watching the series because the dialogue, actions and overall personality of the people who are in the story sucks. Harry Potter doesn't do that. All the characters have some interesting aspect to them. This includes their history and how it can be argued that they're lives are somewhat like many people's today, whether it be the academic, abused or just the curious.  The series engages the reader and the viewer with the interesting scenarios. The characters when taken into consideration, were so well developed and so well played that it just made sense to keep feeding the fans what they wanted. Why stop when people like what they're getting? The characters must have been crucial to the series' success.

This doesn't mean that we can't imagine them in unique places. If we can do it, we'll probably do it. It is the internet after all. No one can really try to stop people from shoving your favorite characters in a meme that will be remembered for years to come and then updated with current references. It's actually an honor. That's the case with these Harry Potter characters, it's not a bashing but rather a tribute. People loved the series so much that they wanted to, essentially make memorabilia by putting them into a meme. It's something that's fascinating to look into, anyone that does look into it would find some of the funniest things around town.

20 Lorde (the singer) and Voldemort could be related.

Alright, this one seems odd, yes, but it looks like a fit. It doesn't take some expert doctor to know when the face match software has found somewhat of a link. The hair of Lorde also just looks good. Her hair just somehow matches well with the face of Voldemort. It's not even an insult. The hair that she's got is so good that even Voldemort looks good in it. It could even work to his advantage. Maybe some people wouldn't be as afraid of him.

The two could be related because of the uncanny resemblance when it comes to their body types, specifically their faces. Most people wouldn't match up but for some reason, the two of them seem to just look good together. The reason they do look good together is that of the dimensions of their faces. While their genders are different, they don't exactly have wildly different features. The face of Voldemort is actually quite small and not like the stereotypical face of a man, which would be boxy and large. His face is rather small and more round. Lorde's face is also small and feminine, this is because she's a female and has some features associated with the gender on her face. It's just by chance that the two of them have faces that look good when mixed together. Altogether, this makes for a unique blend. It makes you think of Voldemort singing her top songs like "Royals." That's certainly something a lot of people would pay good money to see. The parodies that could be made with those two combined would be hilarious.

19 Did they have to reuse people?

If you take a gander at the this Tumblr post. You'd see some pretty obvious similarities between two characters. The one in the front towards the right is male and is actually well known to many people and that is Draco Malfoy. In back of him, on the left is Crabbe, who is one of Malfoy's bodyguards. One theory revolving around this could be that they're related. That's a real possibility but how many siblings look that much alike, the answer is, very few.

The post does mention in a joking manner that it's possible there was a low budget. If so, they did a pretty good job at decorating the other actor. It's pretty hard to tell and actually requires some careful looking into. While the characters do look the same, they're some minor differences like the one in the back being larger and being female, as well as having much longer hair. It's as if it was done on purpose. It's also just one of the many ways Hogwarts is a mystery. Other than that, if she isn't real, then the budget wasn't big. Maybe the producers spent the big bucks on everything else, literally. There is a lot of insane stuff that happens.

18 Dumbledore and his rules

Alright, Dumbledore, he's a leader, a caregiver and a hard working individual for his school. He makes sure that all of his staff work hard and give the best education they can give. This is some pretty normal stuff for a principal of a magical school. It's actually pretty normal of any principal or leader in general. However, who draws the line when a rule can be not cared about. They're put in place for a reason and he tries to make sure people follow them for their own safety. That's why he says the forest is forbidden and no one can go inside, for any reason.

This very important rule, well, superficial rule it seems to most outside people who think about it, is easily broken when detention is held in the forest. The very same forest that was supposedly forbidden. Who at the office decided this? It literally puts the safety of the students they're supposed to be protecting at risk. What this shows the audience is that while the safety of the student body is important, it's not at the top of the list. That's normal considering the kids are going to a school where they can fly a broomstick looking object around the sky. It also shows that Dumbledore should not be the one deciding the rules. He does have some good experience but the post makes us think that his mind is everywhere.

17 the weasleys and their haircuts

Ah sports, many of us have heard of the fascinating sports family. They're all hard working and tend to support the sport that they play all the time. Most of the time, these families tend to also make time to take care of things like haircuts. The opposite is the case with the Weasley family. This post makes it look like they put sports at the forefront of their priorities. They don't care at all on the basis of this picture. You can see it in their eyes! All they care about in that moment is the game they are watching. Literally, they look like if someone makes a mistake, they're going to run onto the field and give the referee a piece of their mind.

Hey, who are we to say that Quidditch isn't the best sport to play? They're without a doubt really into it. You've got to really contemplate how this has happened. They must have some deep hidden history in it. Their hair says it all. Anyone or rather any family that doesn't cut their hair must be up to something. It can easily be pictured that the entire family is watching a sports match on the television and then just never leaving the couch until the entire season is over. It's not too far off when you consider that they have magic wands and spells that can do so much for them. What this means is that while they're so entrenched into watching and keeping up with the latest stuff on their favorite sports games, they forget the important things like cutting their hair.

16 the adventures of hagrid and the giant squid

Hagrid works really hard. This Tumblr post in particular really puts that into everyone's perspective. It does this by explaining what he had to do.  What he had to do was find a giant squid, catch the giant squid, transport the giant squid, and figure out where to put it. It doesn't sound like much but literally, few of us would be able to complete this chore of a task. How did he even find a giant squid? You've got to give him props, he's really good at hunting. Hagrid has been playing chess while we were all playing checkers.

The most annoying part of the logic in this little situation is that everyone is just cool about it. That's like someone saving another person's life and then the person that was just saved just walks away without a word. No word of thanks or anything of the sort. It is just unheard of. It could make a very good scene, learning about how Hagrid landed that catch. Everyone in Hogwarts needs to sit down and accept the difficult task for what it is and then thank Hagrid. No one is even thinking about it and even the creator of the post knows this. For some weird reason, everyone is just super calm about how it happened and why it happened. It's time things changed up, Hagrid deserves a plaque or something that would be honorable.

15 Hermione Granger was a nag for a reason

Now to really understand her point of the argument you've got to read the post. When you do read it, you'll find out that they really only had to write about half a page or maybe two pages for a homework assignment. It's not really that much when you think about it. College students do more than that on an average basis. Harry Potter and some of the boys in the film never seemed to like to actually do the work that they needed to. Even the name of the type of assignment made it come off as a super large one but in reality, it's actually quite short. The groans of those assignments must have been just out of pure laziness.

Hermione Granger was on the backs of the boys because they didn't do their work. She is a studious and hard-working student that's always worrying about school. This is why she's been seen in the films actually doing her work in the classes properly. Even the post has the info that would suggest that she cared about the boys because they weren't doing their work. It's basically the nightmare of any studious person, someone not wanting to do work for a good mark makes studious people like Hermione lose their minds.

14 Who has Sirius been chatting with?

The post itself raises some really good questions. It's kind of like a small plot hole that hasn't been filled. It's not bad but rather a place for debate. It's not known how he knew certain information, was it a spell he cast, a person he spoke to or was he just secretly following everyone with a telescope. We don't know. We do know one thing, the man knows info that he shouldn't.

The debates that could happen with this vital information could change many people's idea of the series. Many people think it's very hard to poke holes in anything, let alone an extremely popular type of book and series. When something like this comes out and it's about a large series, it doesn't exactly mean that someone didn't think it through. It can mean that it was purposely put there to ensure the exploration of these characters and the entire scene itself. People identified this realizing that Sirius knew something that he, logically, shouldn't know. It's not like he was talking to someone at any point, who knows, maybe he got an owl to hook him up with some information but even at that point, he gave it to the owl. These types of situations always result in a new and more complicated questions being asked by someone. This also lets the series stay alive longer since there's still activity going on inside of the community.

13 Harry Potter and the boy who does whatever he wants

Okay, so the movies may not show it as much, but Harry Potter was known for being a master of sass. Seriously, the kid fought back against authority so much, which is why he was so like his father. You just can't hold that boy down. In fact, a lot of Harry's lines either never made it to screen, or were actually given to Ron since he was classified as the joker of the two. It's a shame, considering the fact that Harry Potter was seriously hilarious.

The age-old meme of someone telling themselves to do something when everyone else tells them not to is a classic. It exists within every fandom, be it a book, television or film. There are just mountains of characters who fit the bill on this one, and Harry perhaps takes the cake. Hermione is always the one trying to hold the boys down, while Harry just goes head first into dangerous situations without truly thinking about it. Ron, as shown in the photo, is usually just in the background chasing after them, always a couple of steps behind. Still, Ron gets points for effort.

12 sirius is lupin's biggest fan

So, not everyone sees eye to eye at every point in time. That very well could be the relationship between Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They're both wonderful characters that have their own little quirks. The reason some people could find Remus Lupin scary is that the class that he teaches is kind of all over the place. He teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts, which is exactly as it sounds. They're both fascinating individuals that really scare some people and make some others fall in love with them.

The reason Sirius would defend Lupin is that for one, they're working with the kids. Well, Lupin is, but Sirius loves him enough to defend him anyway. Why would they sabotage each other if it would only hurt the kids in the end? They would defend each other when needed. This is seen in schools and in the real world. Teachers will stand up for each other in most cases. The second reason that Sirius would probably stand up for Lupin is simply because they're best friends. Sirius has a soft spot for the old werewolf, who has been his best friend since childhood and will do anything to protect him.

11 Harry Potter and what he should have done

Picture this post in your head alright: Harry Potter with his arms crossed, dissing Voldemort, which ends up being enough to disarm him and win the battle. Easy right? Harry could have come out with some really weird and just outright confusing stuff. It does so well with Voldemort that he's lost all ability to actually come back from the single roast that just happened. In the films, of course, it didn't go this way, in fact, it involved much more action and wild spells. The two of them went the action route but the entire series could have been taken a unique route if it hadn't gone that way.

If Harry Potter would have played a psychological game against Voldemort, it would have certainly caused a lot of funny things to happen. In fact, the entire series could have been argued to be a secret comedy for the dark humored. The fact that Harry could have taken his resentment for Voldemort in this manner would have changed everything. This also doesn't mean that Voldemort would not have done the same thing. He could have certainly played with the mind of Harry. Imagine getting a letter from your worst enemy. It would suck but be funny to everyone on the outside.

10 harry potter and the ridiculous names


Okay, for anyone who read the books, or even watched the movies, for that matter, this post needs no explanation. Of course, we're going to explain it anyway.

In the books, when Harry has his children, one of his kids gets the name Albus Severus Potter. Which for a lot of reasons, is the most uselessly long name ever. Seriously, it's way too much. The meaning behind the name has to do with the fact that Severus Snape was the bravest man he ever knew. Newsflash Harry! Cedric Diggory straight up died for you. So did Moody, Sirius, Lupin, Tonks and Dobby. Not to mention the fact that Severus spent his entire time in the books making Harry's life miserable. Seriously, he was just an adult bully. He tried to excuse himself because Harry's dad gave him a hard time when he was in school, but seriously, who is the adult here and who is the child? The point is, it was a dumb name. He should have named it after one of the people who actually helped him, or died for him because they considered him both a friend and an equal.

9 when the characters are relatable

Alright, so the characters in Harry Potter can't be that different from regular students. Well, maybe the stereotypical student around their age. They don't come off as a bunch of people who enjoy working, except for Hermione who enjoys doing the work assigned to her. You've got Harry Potter, the man, the myth, the legend, who doesn't seem to like doing work and the same goes for Ron Weasely. These three people are visible in the above post and seem to be living up to their personalities.

This isn't the only thing they're living up to either. This is actually the face of many students during tests of all types. In the photo, you'll see that each character is taking the test in a different way. One of them is very knowledgeable and the other two and kind of just questioning life. Harry Potter basically looks like he's going to run a podcast called "Getting Existential With Potter." This all connects to the real world and that's why it's so funny. If you were to take a peak in an exam room, you might see these three types of students doing this. It also brings up another idea that the series has a whole educational aspect to it and the main characters are kind of not doing what they need to do!

8 The rules of Hogwarts

Okay so many of us know what it's like to experience the bad part of the stick when it comes to rules. Many of which don't make much sense, like not being able to drive down a certain road at a certain time because of the sunlight or something whacky that makes little to no sense at all. Hogwarts isn't immune to these types of rules, unfortunately, they do end up having this happen to them.

Some of the rules as stated above are with parental consent. They don't seem to make much sense at all. In fact, one should probably be asking who's been approving this, it's not normal by any stretch of the imagination. You don't need permission to join the sports team that doesn't even wear helmets when they're flying in the sky on brooms or do detention in a forest that's filled with stuff that literally wants to murder you. The person who decided this can't seem to be alright with their own decision. This does, however, make for some interesting ideas for teachers. Think about that, no one would be late for class if detention was held in a dangerous forest.

7 Dumbledore filling up his gas tank

Alright, there comes a time when nearly everyone needs to make a trip to the local pump. This is true even with Dumbledore. The man has got to get to work somehow, not everyone's got a flying car you know. It is something that makes you feel good. This is true because Dumbledore is seen as this very important figure and then seeing him at the pump with you just makes you feel like you're on the same level as him.

It also shows us that he does not want to spend all of his time at Hogwarts. He would probably go insane if he did, right? Think about that, around a troublemaker like Harry Potter and his gang, I think we would all need a vacation. It shows us that even he needs a break from time to time. His breaks could very well be just him driving around. This particular Tumblr post goes beyond what we think of Harry Potter in general. It makes us think that it's more towards a fancy high school in a distant land. In this high school, Dumbledore is just one of the staff and he has been caught by a student at the gas pump, it happens and he is just going to go on with his night. The entire series makes it seem like you only leave a few times and stay at the school for most of the time with the teachers. This post does the opposite of that.

6 Voldemort's name in French

This post is not against the French in any way. They're actually quite good and it just so happens that one of the villains in Harry Potter has a name that, in French means something that's funny to the rest of the world. It's funny because it is stereotypical stuff. Voldemort's name is actually longer in French, possibly because of how grammatical rules are different and sometimes adds words to a name to make sense of them in the language.

This can make him so salty. Think about it. Most people have their names just translated into another language. There are not many occasions where it seems that a name ends up being longer than it actually is. Having this happen to someone who already doesn't have a nose just adds to their misery. He's not happy and now can't even maintain his name. It's as if he just wants to re-educate the world because they disagree with him. It shows that he's not happy because of how the French are treating him. But then again, when is Voldemort ever happy.

5 Hermione and her temper

Many people have a lot of patience when it comes to certain things but not everyone. Also, everyone has their limit and quite frankly, a girl like Hermione could reach it quite quickly with the shenanigans she might find herself in. She's literally always having to deal with the trouble of her friends. It can easily become frustrating for a girl who just wants to learn a lot about magic and help herself out in the long run by doing her work now.

Just take a look at her in the photo above, she's not looking the happiest. In fact, the photo has become a well-known meme because of how angry she actually looks. It's as if she's just about had it with all the bad stuff that goes on in Hogwarts. She only wanted to learn and has now been dragged into what some could call a journey. She didn't even really want it either, she may have but quite honestly, she just wanted to study and do her homework. When her patience finally does run out one of these days, both Harry and Ron better find a good hiding place because she'll probably be going after them first. You can kind of see this in her eyes as well, she's like some dark girl that you don't mess with because she'll come back and get you scared for good.

4 Hagrid the babysitter

Ah yes, Hagrid, a funny but not so good person when it comes to actually properly babysitting kids. Often babysitters will ensure the kids are developing well and having fun. However, Hagrid will just kind of let things happen and will do things the more old-fashioned way. In the post above he actually admits this and the author compares themselves to them being around kids and saying things they shouldn't say at all.

Saying stuff in front of kids is actually pretty dangerous. If you were to say the wrong thing it might change their personality and future choices, so everything needs to go through a curated section of each person's mind and Hagrid doesn't seem like the guy to do that. He seems like the man to go ahead and just say whatever is on his mind, this idea is definitely helped by seeing his face in the post. Deep down, Hagrid knows he messed up really badly and he's got no real idea of how he messed up. Hagrid could have his television show on how he manages children, it probably wouldn't be on TV for a long time but it would be entertaining.

3 Harry Potter and the hairstyle that could have been

If some people would have dated other people it could have resulted in a very good looking Harry Potter. The boy wouldn't have even been bothered by Voldemort because he would be just too good looking to bother with. The post suggests that we could get our dream looking Harry Potter if Lily Evans Potter would have married Snape instead of Harry's actual father.

It's something that's quite interesting because it an image of what someone would look like and for some reason it seems like the person always looks better. Would we still be as fond of Harry if he looked that well, would he still have his quirky personality that we've come to love, would he be snobby is the real question? All of these are stuff that comes to mind when we think about Harry's life being made a different way. In fact, the entire book and film series would probably have been changed over to love or just romance in general since he seems like a "dreamy" guy when he looks that way. It would completely change where Harry Potter went and how well the series actually went. It's amazing to think that one subtle change could possibly do so much in a different world.

2 even google misses hedwig

So it turns out that Google loved Hedwig too. Many of us did. Hedwig was the owl of Harry Potter. He was known for being a wonderful owl that animal lovers enjoyed seeing in the films. Some people do not like to see death, even if it is fake death that is about an animal. This post is poking fun at how Google is trying to correct the creator's search by saying that the owl is still there but in reality, it is not. It then goes on to say that Google is still on it and can't move on. This shows everyone that Google still wants to know if the series can live on in the heart by just thinking that Hedwig is standing strong in some secret place.

This also makes some people feel sad. They didn't want an animal to disappear since many people are animal lovers. They would much rather see the owl come back in some weird way than accept what they do not want to hear. It's as if they're in denial. This reality is faced by many because they're viewing the films and find themselves connected to the characters and animals respectively, then unfortunate events start to happen and it's just a downward spiral. In a separate version of the film, perhaps Hedwig is still the owl we know and love.

1 Voldemort and the eternal struggle

This terrible human being, well, thing, beast, baby-faced alien, is known as You-Know-Who or He Who Must Not Be Named. He's tried to just cause trouble for all the characters in the series. This man is not someone that is to be messed with, the dude's got some whacky powers on his side. However, despite all of that, we need to look into the "why." Other than that, it's just funny to some people that this widely considered, a bad person is not very happy about his appearance. It makes him look superficial and weak. It's something that many people would like to see, after all, he did try to hurt our beloved Harry Potter.

This needs to be looked into and quite frankly, the photo raises some deep questions without most people even thinking about it. The post makes us think about why it's really philosophical because it's kind of like the Nurture situation that Voldemort could have been in when he was a child. The question on everyone's mind is, how was his childhood? This is often asked when people look into the bully of a story or just in general. If he was always named called when he went to his magic school or if he was not well treated by his parents, it's possible that he acts the way he does out of deep emotional scarring. If this is the case, it would explain a lot, especially his fear of having "no nose," which is stated in the post.

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