20 Famous Ladies Who Disregarded Stereotypes And Dated Shorter Men

This is wrong for a lot of reasons, but we cannot deny that as far as our society is concerned, women usually date men who are taller than them. While we could very well call this a social norm these days, there are some women who are just attracted to men who are taller. However it is possible that some women don't date shorter men because of the social stigma. Those are just a few of the reasons why you should admire the ladies on this list a bit more than you already did, just for the fact that they are okay with fighting the stigma and following their heart when they decide to date shorter guys.

Though some of these relationships are not true love, you still have to admire the fact that these women really didn't care how they looked to society. All press is good press, as they say, and these women seemed to have that in mind when they decided to follow their heart. Either way, sit back and relax because here are 20 famous ladies who disregarded stereotypes and dated shorter men.

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20 Clare Grant

Via: upi.com

She might not be one of the most famous ladies on our list, but Clare Grant is surely one of the ladies who towers the highest over her husband. Just to give you a little background, Clare is an actress who has appeared in a bunch of films you have probably never watched, like Mega Shark vs. Kolossus, Black Snake Moan, and The Insomniac. At the same time, her television credits include some shows you have probably watched, such as Robot Chicken and Masters of Horror.

One person you probably know is her husband, Seth Green. If you like comedy and if you are a Family Guy fan, Seth should be one of your favorite actors even though you mostly only hear his voice. The impressive thing here is that these two have been married since 2010 despite Clare being 5’7” and Seth being 5’4”.

19 Nicole Kidman round One

Via: vogue.com

We recently wrote a list of actresses who dated men who were notoriously taller than them, and in that list, we found that when ranking things like height difference you can usually find people who are repeating offenders. By that we mean we found a bunch of actresses who almost exclusively dated men who were a lot taller than them. We thought it would be a little bit harder to find someone like that for a list of women who dated shorter men, but Nicole Kidman proved us wrong. This all-time great actress is very tall in comparison to the average woman as she stands at 5’11”. With that, it is not that hard to imagine she would date shorter men every once in a while, but it is still an interesting bit of information.

The first example we could find was her current husband, Keith Urban, who is an inch shorter than his wife at 5’10”.

18 Nicole Kidman Round Two

Via: popsugar.com

Yeah, Nicole Kidman is not a woman who traps herself in the stereotype that female celebrities must date men who are taller than them. We still don’t quite get the stereotype. Why should a guy have to look taller than his girlfriend or wife on the red carpet? That is just a stereotype society has made us follow. At least, this is what a person like Nicole’s first husband would say if asked a question on the subject.

If you were not aware, Nicole Kidman’s first husband was none other than Tom Cruise. And yes, Tom Cruise was a lot shorter than his former wife. The action star is only 5’7” tall, a four-inch height difference that made for a lot of funny pictures on red carpets.

17 Katie Holmes

Since we were already on the topic of Tom Cruise, we might as well stick with it for a little bit. There was the notorious four-inch height difference between Tom and his first wife, Nicole Kidman, which is a tough height difference to best. However, Tom did manage to find a third wife who was not as tall as Nicole, but still tall enough to entertain fans and photographers whenever the couple hit the red carpets. That third wife was Katie Holmes, who is 5’9”.

The relationship between Katie and Tom was so weird, and there was so much religious and political stuff seemingly involved in all of it that the height difference didn’t even take front stage. We also found out that Katie doesn’t exclusively like shorter men as she has apparently been dating Jamie Foxx who is also 5’9”.

16 Mimi Rogers

Via: wikimedia.org

Last but not least, we could not finish the Tom Cruise saga without talking about his first marriage, to Mimi Rogers. The first woman to captivate Tom’s heart to the point of getting him to tie the knot in 1987, Mimi was also apparently the first of many actresses taller than the Mission Impossible star who would go on to date and marry Tom Cruise.

An interesting fact here is that she is about as tall as Katie Holmes. But the height difference is not the only interesting thing about the relationship between Tom and Rogers. His first wife was also older than Tom Cruise. Today, she is 62 years old while Cruise is only 55. The other and perhaps even most amazing fact about this relationship is that Mimi was apparently the one to introduce Tom to the Church of Scientology.

15 Ari Cooper

Via: global.ssl.fastly.net

These days, Ari Cooper is known as Ari Whibley. Did that last name bring you any fond memories of your teens? If yes, you are most definitely a ‘90s kid because that is the last name of one of the members of Sum 41. Most specifically, the last name of one Deryck Whibley, the lead vocalist of the band. You might also know Deryck from his first marriage, which was a rather publicized affair. The first union didn’t last too long as the couple married in 2006 but were divorced by 2010. However, Deryck was keen on trying to find true love in the world. And sometimes, true love doesn’t see height, which was probably very lucky for Deryck, as he managed to land the beautiful model Ari Cooper and the two of them married in 2015.

Pictures of this couple are priceless because their height difference is nothing less than seven inches as Ari is 6 feet tall and Deryck is 5’6”.

14 Liv Tyler

Via: celebuzz.com

This is one of those mind-boggling entries that we are still trying to understand to this day. Liv Tyler is one of those women who could literally choose any man in the world. The lady has everything a guy looks for. She is fun, she is the daughter of one of the greatest rock stars of all time, she is rich, and she is one hell of an actress. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that she played Queen Arwen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Seriously, what more can a guy ask for?

But even with all of that going for her, Liv made the “interesting” decision of dating a guy who was shorter than her. Don’t get us wrong, she is a rather tall woman at 5’10”, but it’s not like the 5’6” Royston Langdon is good-looking enough to make up for that four-inch height difference.

13 Cameron Diaz

Via: lovedbyparents.com

Cameron Diaz became notorious in the celebrity world because she dated a bunch of famous guys. Seriously, even for Hollywood parameters, Cameron had her fun with other celebrities. Just a few of the men she had long-term relationships we can think of, there was New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez, actor Jared Leto, singer Justin Timberlake, and another actor Matt Dillon. And while she did date those guys for a very long time, none of them was able to finally make Cameron take the last step and allow herself to be walked down the aisle.

The only guy who eventually managed that feat was the lead guitarist of the band Good Charlotte, Benji Madden. Funnily enough, Madden might just have been the shortest of the guys she has dated long-term, as he is only 5’6” while Cameron is 5’9”.

12 Erin Darke

Via: usmagazine.com

There are a lot of talented and powerful women in the world of celebrities, but sometimes when you enter a relationship with someone who is as polarizing as Harry Potter, it is hard to have your career come under scrutiny and have it compared to your partner’s career. Sure, it is not like Daniel Radcliffe had any amazing parts after he played The Chosen One, in what was arguably one of the greatest franchises in entertainment history. Still, poor Erin Darke could try as hard as she could, and she probably still won’t achieve the level of star power that her boyfriend has.

Nevertheless, there is something Erin has on Daniel that no amount of acting or accolades will be able to take away from her. She is a couple inches taller than him as she is 5’7” and Daniel is 5’5”.

11 Sophie Dahl

Via: welt.de

Supermodels are a different breed of people. They are the paramount example of what beauty should be. Or at least, depending on how you look at it, they are the perfect examples of how society says beautiful people should be. One way or the other, it is hard to deny that these women are beautiful. But the point we are trying to make here is that one of the main traits of a supermodel that makes them such a perfect example of beauty is that they are tall.

Think about it for a second. How many times have you seen a short supermodel? Yeah, this is not something we think about all the time, but it is one of the many truths of our society. Supermodels are very tall women, and a perfect example of that is British model, Sophie Dahl.

Sophie is 5’11” while her husband Jamie Cullum is 5’4”.

10 Gigi Hadid

Via: usmagazine.com

After the little Tom Cruise saga we went through, we are about to embark on another journey alongside a notorious pop figure of our time. We are, of course, talking about Joe Jonas. One-third of the Jonas Brothers probably already dated more women than both of his brothers combined, at least where famous women are concerned. Although we can definitely be sure that Joe has dated more women who were taller than him than both of his brothers combined.

To start off this little journey we could do no better than to talk about his relationship with the American model, Gigi Hadid. Not only a social media juggernaut with more than 39 million Instagram followers, but Gigi also fits the bill of being a tall supermodel at 5’10”. Meanwhile, Joe is only 5’7”.

9 Taylor Swift

Via: heightline.com

Joe Jonas’s saga of dating other celebrities would not be complete unless he was featured in a Taylor Swift song. Of course, there is no better way to become a feature in a Taylor Swift song than dating Taylor Swift and going through the eventual breakup that always happens. And as fate would have it, these two did end up dating, and they unavoidably ended up breaking up.

It was a relationship that only lasted about three months, but those three months were amazing months where we got to see Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas appearing everywhere, and the people who hated them got to laugh at how much taller Taylor was than her little boyfriend. To put it into numbers, the height difference was of three inches as Taylor is 5’10”.

8 Sophie Turner

Via: time.com

To finish up the Joe Jonas trilogy, we have his current fiancé, Sophie Turner. To get it out of the way, let’s just say that Sophie is just about as tall as the other two ladies we featured previously as she towers over Joe in her 5’10” frame.

Still, height is not the only thing that Sophie has on Joe Jonas. A few years back, it would be possible for us to claim that Joe was the bigger celebrity in the relationship, but these days that has become harder to say. Even the most diehard of Jonas Brothers fans have to admit that Sophie is much more of a celebrity these days than Joe is. While Jones is trying to revitalize his career working as a judge on The Voice Australia, Sophie has become one of the biggest stars of her generation.

7 Alessandra Ambrosio

Via: zimbio.com

Once again giving justice to the idea that supermodels are usually incredibly tall women, we have one of the best ever to grace a catwalk. The lady in question this time is Brazilian supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio, who even within the world of supermodels ranks pretty high when the subject is height. Alessandra is 5’10”.

Now, while Alessandra is a very tall and beautiful supermodel, her husband, or at least the guy who was supposed to be her husband, didn’t quite measure up neither to her beauty nor to her height. We say that because Jamie Manzur is 5’8”. He is the founder of a jeans company, and the two of them started dating in 2008. However, despite being engaged for quite a long time, they never really took the final step towards marriage and just earlier this year announced the end of the 10-year engagement.

6 Carla Bruni

Via: ellahoy.es

She might not be incredibly famous in North America, but around Europe Carla Bruni could be considered an incredibly famous pop figure. This 50-year-old lady started her career modeling and eventually transitioned into a singing career that was quite lucrative. But fame was not enough for this Italian model and singer. No, she also wanted power. And what is the best way to gain power? Easy: all you have to do is marry someone who is in a position of power.

That was exactly what Carla did when she met and subsequently married French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Oh yeah, that is quite the position of power to marry into, but that also comes with a few drawbacks depending on the taste a lady might have in men. If the taste in question has to do with height, Carla sure had to overlook it since her husband is a whole five inches shorter than her.

5 Tina Fey

Via: eonline.com

Tina Fey is by no means an incredibly tall woman. Much on the contrary, she is very near the average height for women around the globe as she stands 5’5” tall. However, she did manage to find a way to date and eventually marry a man who was shorter than her. Tina’s better half is American composer and entertainer Jeff Richmond, who stands tall in his 5’3” frame.

But despite the height difference being somewhat of a newsworthy factor about this relationship, it is hard to claim that this is the only thing this husband should be envious of when it comes to his wife. Tina is the whole package when it comes to beautiful and empowered women. After all, while Jeff has few credits to his name, Tina is an Emmy-winning entertainer.

4 Penny Lancaster

Via: mirror.co.uk

Remember how we were beating the dead horse of saying that supermodels are usually very tall women? Yeah, we found the perfect example for you. Sure, Alessandra Ambrosio and a few of the others we already talked about were already good examples, but Penny Lancaster is the home run here. This lady is married to none other than Sir Rod Stewart. Oh yeah, Lancaster managed to land one of the best-selling musicians of all time, and you can be sure that her looks and height had to help in the ordeal.

Penny is 6’1”. Yes, you did not read that wrong, she is 6’1”. And while Rod Stewart is not a short man by any means as he stands 5’10”, he is still short in comparison to his wife.

3 Stacy Keibler

Via: youtube.com

This is one for you wrestling fans out there. We could not complete a list like this without at least one mention of a professional wrestler. Or in this case, a former professional wrestler. Many people who know her as an actress these days might not remember that Stacy Keibler started shooting to stardom through her wrestling career. But wrestling is not the only thing or only career Stacy used as a stepping stone to fame. She was also a cheerleader as well as a very successful model. Stacy was so successful in modeling that she even appeared in the show Project Runway as a guest judge.

But what we are concerned about here is the height difference in her relationships since Stacy is 5’11”. She is currently married to 5’8” advertiser Jared Pobre, but she has also dated superstars like George Clooney, who is 5’10”.

2 Zendaya

Via: wmagazine.com

No one really knows if Tom Holland and Zendaya are actually dating or not. This is such a complicated relationship that started not too long ago that we don’t even know what to make of it. Both Tom and Zendaya have claimed that they were not dating and were just friends, but the media just won’t let it rest. And in defence of the paparazzi, the young couple has been seen looking a lot like a couple recently.

For example, they were very close during this year’s Oscars, and there have been other occurrences that lead people to believe they are a couple. Either way, going from the assumption that they are together, it is just fair that we add Zendaya to this list. After all, a two-inch height difference is nothing to be dismissed. Zendaya is 5’10” while Tom is 5’8”.

1 Uma Thurman

Via: huffpost.com

Another lady who could be considered a repeating offender when the subject is dating guys who are shorter than she is actress Uma Thurman. Uma became famous after she took the role of The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 1. As it happens with any movie Tarantino get his hands on, Kill Bill was a massive success on a worldwide scale. The movie that cost $30 million to make racked in more than $180 million at the box office. The success also transferred to the second movie of the franchise as Volume 2 cost the same $30 million to make and earned quite the hefty profit as it racked in more than $152 million from the box offices.

Where dating is concerned, Uma has been married to at least a couple of guys who are shorter than her. The first one was Gary Oldman who is 5’9” as opposed to Uma’s 5’11” frame. Her second shorter husband was Ethan Hawke, who is 5’10”.

Sources: CelebHeights, IMBD, W Magazine

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