20 Famous Celebs Fans Won’t Remember By 2019

Careers in Hollywood tend to come and go faster than you think. One minute, you are selling records from left to right, performing at stadiums, and all in all, creating endless headlines for yourself whether they may be good or bad, but it's evidently still helping sustain a sustainable career. Then, before you know it, it's all gone, which is usually the case for artists who tend to make wrong investment decisions, sign on to bad record label contracts that messes up their music career, amongst other things. It really varies from each celebrity whose experienced such a downfall before, but it goes without saying that this sort of case tends to be very common in Hollywood more so than ever before.

In an era where people are made famous on the internet, sustaining longevity and continuously attaining the attention from others to keep at that level can be difficult, and all 20 celebrities listed below can certainly vouch for that.

Taking everything into consideration on how these notable names have lived their lives in recent months, along with their spending habits and relevancy in the media is concerned, it's more than likely that nobody will remember any of these famous faces once 2019 is upon us.

It's not as if any of these celebs have some sort of talent that isn't replaceable. A hit song comes and goes; a successful movie with a great actress can be replicated with the next big up-and-coming star who is offered the right role, not to mention the reality stars who, unless you're a Kardashian, have had  the worst luck in keeping up appearances and sustaining their longevity in the industry.

Here is a list of 20 celebrities, from all different backgrounds in the field of entertainment, that you most likely won't remember in 2019.

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20 Tyga

via divorcecourt.com

Tyga’s music career has been facing lots of up and down moments for the past couple of years, but 2018 could potentially be the year where this is the last time we’re notably going to be hearing from the rapper, who has failed to produce any hits in almost four years.

Thing is, Tyga had been making plenty of money during the time he was dating Kylie Jenner, which saw his club appearance fees drastically rocket up to $30,000 just to show up for a couple of hours and party with the crowd. But since Kylie is no longer in the picture, those days are long gone where Tyga could request for such hefty appearance fees.

Many people believed that the father-of-one was riding off Kylie’s fame and that’s why he had put his own rap career to the side because showing up to clubs and traveling around the world for free was pretty much covering enough bills on top of living a luxurious lifestyle.

Now that Jenner and Tyga are no longer together, and though the rapper is desperate to find a hit in the upcoming months as he gears up for the release of his next album, it appears that nobody is interested in music material from the Faded hitmaker.

19 Iggy Azalea

via kjlhradio.com


Iggy Azalea had a tremendous amount of success in 2014 when she released her hit single Fancy, which would go on to sell an incredible 10 million copies worldwide, followed with the impact of Black Widow that shifted another 4 million. It definitely seemed like Iggy had finally cracked her way through the music industry and was more or less giving Nicki Minaj a run for her money as the next top female rapper in the game.

While that may have seen to be the case, two comeback attempts have seen Iggy Azalea flop harder than any other artist in recent years. Having initially planned to make her return to music in 2016, after a two-year hiatus from the initial success she had, her record label had postponed those plans when the debut single from the canned album had bombed at the charts.

Azalea returned to the studio and would release Savior featuring Quavo, in 2018, but even after having taken another two years off and putting out an okay record, people still weren’t fond of the music and refused to show support. It definitely seems like Iggy’s time is over.

18 Tinashe

via hypebeast.com

Tinashe has all the elements to be a successful pop star but it appears that her label, RCA, simply just doesn’t know what to do with her, having failed to turn her into a commercial artist that can actually sell records based off her talent alone.

While it’s really unclear why Tinashe isn’t connecting with her demographic, what is apparent at this point is that her second studio album, Joyride, was one of the worst selling records of 2018 so far, shifting no more than 9,000 copies in the United States. And that’s despite being a well-known singer in her home country.

Fans fear that Tinashe will soon be facing the boot from RCA since she’s not making them enough money to make up for the money they’ve spent on her music videos and studio session budgeting, but can Tinashe be blamed for that if the label doesn’t appear to be helping their artists when it comes to marketing and branding the right way?

It’s doubtful that the Hands on Deck songstress will find herself releasing another album with the label having seen how badly her sophomore record did.

17 Jessie J

via celebsnow.com

Jessie J’s alleged diva behavior and wild antics as her fame status grew immensely were really what ended up shattering it all for her. It’s been reported for years now that one of the reasons why Jessie saw her career fall apart so quickly was because she developed an attitude of none other.

Sources claimed that during the time she was co-judging on the UK’s version of The Voice, Jessie was throwing endless fits on what she needed, giving production staff an extensive list of what they can and can not do when they are around her. Mind you, this was only one year after she broke onto the scene with hits such as Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag.

Turns out that her diva behavior caught wind with the public and slowly but surely, Jessie J’s name started to fade from the charts — to the point where her own record label, Republic, is refusing to support the singer’s projects, known that the singer has lost a tremendous amount of support in recent years.

Her third solo studio record, Sweet Talker, bombed worldwide, selling no more than 60,000 copies, a far cry from the 4 million she shifted with her debut album, Who You Are.

16 Ciara

via thatgrapejuice.net

Ciara has been struggling to get her music career back on track for as long as people can remember. Having found herself in endless drama with her previous labels, who quite frankly did her dirty when it came to the marketing and promotional aspect of things, the singer is continuing to fight her way through the industry in the hopes that she can still make a notable comeback.

Having utilized her entertainment skills for other things such as hosting award shows and keeping up appearances on reality shows, Ciara has been keeping her name on people’s lips, just not with any new music. She recently inked a new deal with Warner Bros., which could potentially be what she needed in order to get the right people behind her to revive her career.

However, with it being three years since her last release with the album Jackie, which sold no more than 19,000 copies in its first week, its doubtful that people will care about Ciara’s forthcoming project if they already saw no reason to buy her last record — unless, of course, there’s a hefty amount of marketing behind her this time.

15 JoJo

via youtube.com

Everyone was so happy for former teen sensation JoJo when she announced in 2016 that she was able to part ways with Blackground Records to sign with Atlantic, following a decade-long feud with the aforementioned company for what she claimed was a prevention from releasing new music to fans.

JoJo stressed that Blackground Records lost a fortune over the years she was with them, evidently leading them close to bankruptcy, so instead of releasing her from her contract, they decided to keep her on her roster and refused to terminate the agreement they had until JoJo fulfilled her obligations to release at least two more albums.

Blackground, however, had no money to fund any more music for JoJo to record meaning that she was evidently stuck. After having taken the case to court, the singer eventually came out victorious, and though she’s seen been putting out records, all of them have pretty much gone unnoticed or failed to make any sort of impact on the charts.

It seems that if JoJo was to put out another record, nobody could care to give it a listen since her first record under Atlantic had also gone unnoticed.

14 Rita Ora

via fuse.tv

She was often branded as the one to watch, while others claimed she’d be the next Rihanna, but it turned out that neither of those things was true. Having released her first album, Ora, back in 2012, Rita has failed to make any sort of impact in the music industry aside from landing a couple of top ten hits in the United Kingdom.

What goes without saying is that Ora has had an amazing team behind her that have organized deals ranging from Adidas to cosmetic brands, and not to forget her recent appearances in box office movies such as 50 Shades of Grey. So, it seems that the people behind her are doing everything they can to get the singer into a position where the publicity helps the music she’s been putting out.

From the look of things, though, people are far from interested and often feel like they can’t engage with Rita Ora, who also left her previous label Roc Nation to sign with Warner Bros., thinking that being around a new team of executives would help her find more recognition in America. She clearly had another thing coming, and Rihanna is far from worried about her status in the industry, that’s for sure.

13 Kenya Moore

2018 could be the last time we hear this much about Kenya Moore with the rumor mill being that the reality star will not be returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Producers have allegedly been annoyed with Kenya ever since she decided to get married without letting anyone know about it. Execs over at Bravo would have wanted to record the events for their Housewives franchise. After all, if you’re going to share your personal life on reality TV, then you have to share all of it, especially a wedding.

Well, Moore decided to do things her way and apparently it cost her the job of holding a peach on Atlanta’s most controversial television show. It’s being said that Kenya will not be returning to the program, meaning that all the drama the former beauty pageant had found herself in the 10th series of the show will stay in 2018 while season 11 will see Moore’s position be replaced with a new member to the franchise.

It's believed that Kenya has been wanting to move to New York, so being fired from Real Housewives may not actually bother her that much.

12 Snooki

via lifeandstylemag.com

Snooki is back in action now that MTV has revived the ever-so-popular Jersey Shore with a reunion special. An entire series was granted for the original cast to come back and give their aging fans a look into their lives as grown-up adults, with some already having welcomed two babies into the world.

What’s been seen on the show, however, is that nothing much has changed. The majority of cast members on Jersey Shore are still very much crazy. And while it’s undoubtedly going to give the likes of Snooki and JWoww and lot of attention in the media and online, once the reality show has concluded, which will be later this year, people would have gone back to forgetting about them.

Jersey Shore skyrocketed with the number of viewers that were tuning in every single week, but with that said, once the show went off the air, it seemed that something new came around the corner just as fast, which made everyone forget about the cast in a matter of seconds. It’s no doubt that this will replicate itself again by the end of the year when Snooki’s name will be a mention of the past.

11 Joseline Hernandez

via wetpaint.com

Joseline Hernandez may have made the biggest mistake of her career by feuding with Love & Hip Hop creator Mona Scott-Young, seeing that their rivalry had cost the reality star her placement on the show in 2017, but even with that in mind, Joseline was confident she would bounce back.

Well, now that it’s been well over a year since she found herself removed from the show for having claimed that Mona owed her hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even going as far as to pen a diss track about the TV executive, Hernandez has found herself making a fraction of what she was making in 2017.

The checks she was notably getting from her appearances on reality TV have stopped and so has the publicity and recognition. After all, nobody is really aware of what Joseline is actually doing right now to make her money. As Mona always said, the Love & Hip Hop brand lives on its own regardless of which TV personality decide to leave the show for their own reasons; even with their absence, it won’t hurt the show in any sort of way.

Since ratings are still high, it seems as if Mona was right.

10 Rob Kardashian

via hotnewhiphop.com

Could 2018 be the last we hear about Rob Kardashian? Ever since feuding with his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, over the summer of 2017, the sock designer has kept himself completely out of the limelight, even refusing his sisters to take photos of him to avoid any sort of unwanted attention.

Kardashian has dedicated all of his time raising his daughter, Dream, and seeing that he’s actively working on getting his mind right and develops a workout plan to get himself back into shape. There’s no reason for Rob Kardashian to post unflattering photos of himself on social media knowing that people are bound to have quite the opinion on his weight.

Being a heavier figure since 2012 has affected Rob in many different ways. Now that he’s become so reclusive that he doesn’t even take part in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is enough to know that with the public barely hearing anything from the USC graduate in 2018, don’t expect to hear much from Rob either once 2019 approaches us.

It seems as if he prefers staying under the radar while his famous sisters continue to exploit their fame to reach their own personal needs.

9 Kendra Wilkinson

via eonline.com

Kendra Wilkinson had it all going for herself after moving out of the Playboy mansion and dumping Hugh Hefner: she got married, welcomed multiple children into the world, landed her own reality show, endorsement deals, and so much more.

These days, Kendra is not only going through a divorce, she’s close to losing her TV show and the number of sponsorships she was handling at the peak of her career has drastically slowed down.

Many believe that Wilkinson is addicted to fame and would go to extreme lengths to stay on reality TV, with some social media users having claimed that in 2015, when estranged husband Hank Baskett was alleged to have slept with a transitioned woman, that was a fake storyline to grant the two another series of their show.

It was too hard to believe that a woman who found her man in that situation would continue to stay with him after such a scandal. Who knows if the divorce Kendra claims to be going through in 2018 is true either — perhaps it’s all being documented for her show so that drives enough interest for the former model to see herself land yet another season.

Kinda pathetic.

8 Azealia Banks

via forbes.com

Azealia Banks is notoriously known to be one of the most controversial female rappers in the industry, having quite frankly started fights and arguments with everyone in Hollywood — to the point where one even wonders how she still gets to put out music and see it chart on Billboard.

Well, it seems that there are a number of people that continue to support Banks’ music, but it should be noted that the kind of sales Banks pushes these days don’t compare to her best years in 2012-2014 when her music was literally played at every nightclub.

Due to her racist remarks, having admitted to bleaching her skin and torturing animals, her music had very much been overshadowed by her talent and people still wonder whether the rapper still stands a chance to make things right and potentially see herself reaching heights similar to Nicki Minaj.

From a business point of view, everybody would want to be like Nicki but Azealia may have ruined those chances with all the shenanigans she has found herself in throughout her very short-lived career that only took off in 2012.

7 Leona Lewis

To this day, Leona Lewis is recognized as one of the singers with the most incredible voices in showbiz. But that hasn’t changed the fact that Leona can’t sell records in the way that the likes of Adele, Beyonce, and Rihanna are so famously known for.

Selling music is what’s key to remaining on a label’s roster and Leona Lewis, despite her talent, has seen herself being passed around from all kinds of record companies, who all didn’t know what to do with her seeing that her personality is rather bland and the songs she has sung, except for Bleeding Love, are completely dull.

If a producer and songwriter try and make a star out of someone that has the talent but is constantly given the wrong material, it would almost seem as if Leona Lewis was sabotaged right from the beginning, and those having tried to make endless comebacks, none of them has been significant enough to get people caring about her music anymore.

Lewis would need an entirely new look and sound before her remaining fans would be willing to purchase anything with her voice on it.

6 Ashanti

via startribune.com

The early 00s saw Ashanti take over the entire R&B music industry, having not only found herself winning in all aspects with her solo career but also penning some of the biggest songs for artists such as Jennifer Lopez.

It honestly seemed as if Ashanti was going to stick around for quite a long time given all the success that was coming her way, but as time passed, so did people’s interest in her music. Ashanti found herself struggling to sell records, and by 2016 it was clear to the singer that her career had taken a drastic shift, which even she wasn’t prepared for.

Having admitted in previous interviews, Ashanti blames her falling out with Irv Gotti, the producer and music executive that helped her land her initial record deal, as the reason behind her career suddenly taking a slump and never being able to recover. It should be said that Ashanti has continued to release music independently in recent years but nobody seems to care enough to buy the tracks, let alone even listen to them. Ouch.

5 Nicole Scherzinger

via twitter.com

Nicole Scherzinger had one of the most promising starts in her field when she jumped onto the scene with her girl group The Pussycat Dolls, later on admitting that though they were all actively singing on songs, Nicole was the one who contributed 90% of the vocal on all the tracks ever released by the band.

When the singer would go on to launch her solo career in 2007, all the proposed singles had flopped worldwide, which led Nicole to get back with PCD for the album, Doll Domination, which was an instant success globally, and one would’ve thought Scherzinger would have learned her lesson at this point.

Nope, Nicole was eager to get back out as a solo artist, feeling as if she had gotten just about the right amount of exposure to really make her career pop but she couldn’t have been further from the truth as her second attempt was just as bad her first.

The PCD lead singer has made endless efforts to put out music in the hopes that something will stick and give her that breakthrough record with sales along the lines of a Don’t Cha track, but from the way it’s been looking for the past 11 years since launching her first solo career attempt, things really aren’t working out for Nicole.

Word is that in early 2018 she was also fired from X Factor UK, a job she has held for multiple years while taking a hiatus from figuring out her solo career efforts.

4 Keri Hilson

via power935.com

Can you believe it’s been eight years since Keri Hilson last dropped any new music for her fans to listen to? Well, it may not be all that hard to digest considering what led Keri to take such a long hiatus from the music industry.

Hilson had released a remixed version to her hit song Turn Me On in 2010 in which she goes on to slam the likes of Beyonce, who she calls out for having helped the Bootylicious songstress out with penning some of her biggest songs and that instead of focusing her attention on a career, she should settle down and have a baby.

Keri’s harsh comments aimed at Beyonce seem to have come out of nowhere, but it didn’t take long before Beyonce’s fanbase were placing fire behind Keri’s behind, with many going on to create hate campaigns against the songwriter, who clearly realized that the diss track about Beyonce was a huge mistake.

Hilson has spent the last eight years in hiding, but it’s believed she plans to make a return to music by 2019 — the year in which we would have already forgotten all about her. Not to say that we haven’t already.

3 Bhad Bhabie

via xxlmag.com

Who would have thought that acting like a brat on daytime television could land you a record deal and turn you into a multi-million in a matter of 12 months? It goes without saying that everything Bhad Bhabie has done to launch her career, starting from selling her infamous Catch Me Outside catchphrase T-shirts has been pretty impressive.

Bhad Bhabie, also known as Danielle Bregoli, is listed in this particular category as many people are doubtful that she will be able to sustain longevity in the industry, particularly now that she’s chosen to focus her attention on a rap career that is backed by her famous friend Lil Yachty.

What’s even crazier to comprehend is that Bhad Bhabie is signed to Atlantic, the home for artists such as Bruno Mars and Cardi B, and from what’s been said, the deal that Bhabie put in place saw her make several millions of dollars as an advanced payment to what the record company plans to do with her in the future.

Tours and albums are all set in place but the question is on whether or not people will actually still care to listen or even find it in themselves to spend $40 to see Catch Me Outside girl live in concert.

2 Lil Pump

via capitalxtra.com

Lil Pump isn’t all that different. 2017 became this rapper’s breakout year with his worldwide hit Gucci Gang becoming one of those records that you simply couldn’t get out of your head.

Since then, Lil Pump has continued to enjoy commercial success with several other songs, but similar to Bhad Bhabie, people are under the impression that these sort of artists who put out new music every given day fail to find a way to make their careers have longevity.

While Lil Pump has served himself up a good foundation to actually build his name into more than just a rapper but potentially move over to modeling and owning his own record label, given that he’s known to live a rather fast life surrounded by girls, alcohol, and partying, it’s unlikely that he’ll use this time to capitalize off the fame and invest in what he’s already made.

Social media users strongly believe that Lil Pump’s career will be a thing of the past by 2019.

1 6ix9ine

via nepascene.com

6ix9ine is probably the only rapper, aside from Azealia Banks, who has openly slammed an entire group of fellow Hip-Hop artists and challenging out on a fight regarding his distaste for their music and way of living. This particular rapper has found himself in feuds with plenty of artists including The Game, who challenged the 22-year-old out on a fist fight, claiming that if the so-called gangsters are about the life they profess in their songs, they should step up to him in person.

His interview with The Breakfast Club early 2018 clearly heard 6ix9ine stress that he has endless people trying to fight him. Beefing with the likes of The Game and other notoriously dangerous rappers has also faced consequences for people in the past, to which the New York-native says he’s not afraid of.

It goes without saying that 6ix9ine makes very catchy songs that the youth love listening to, but if he continues taunting people out on fights, it will eventually end up ugly and before you know it, not only will the rapper’s career be over but also his life on earth.

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