20 Celeb Duos Who Probably Shouldn't Be Friends (But Surprisingly Are)

Most of us have no real idea whatsoever of what it is like to be a star, but there is one thing that seems very obvious from afar—there is an intense amount of competition in the celebrity world. Something that makes a lot of sense since most industries that can lead to fame will only have a select few rise to the top, things seem like they can get really intense. As such, it can be really heartwarming when we see friendships in the celebrity world that come off as genuinely caring and sweet. That said, we do have to admit that in some cases, the famous people that become pals can be really surprising. Realizing this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty close celebrity friendships you’d never expect.

In order for a celebrity friendship to be up for possible inclusion on this list, there has to be some kind of confirmation that the people involved are indeed pals. For our purposes, that doesn’t mean they have to post photos of themselves making friendship bracelets or wearing BFF T-shirts or something like that. Instead, we’re looking for people that have been seen hanging out together more than once in the past and exhibit body language or other signs that they have a close-knit relationship. Additionally, signs of friendship that are visible between pairs on social media can also be an indicator. Of course, we also looked at cases in which one of the people involved revealed that they were buddies. On top of that, there needs to be something about them as a duo or group that we feel makes it surprising that they are pals.

20 David Beckham And Snoop Dogg

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A rapper that seems to have the Midas touch, Snoop Dogg released his debut album in 1993 and has consistently put out music ever since. If that weren’t enough, he also appears in lots of other artist’s songs and has acted in movies and hosted TV shows. However, none of those things should have put him in the orbit of David Beckham who is the most famous football (soccer) player in the world. Two men that have reached zeniths in their businesses few could dream of, they only came into contact with one another because Snoop had a “reality” show.

Brought in to appear in an episode to explain soccer to the Snoop and his son, the two hit it off and are now close enough to call each other brothers.

Additionally, it was even revealed that David was the first to hear one of Snoop’s albums as he called him immediately after it was done so he could get his take on it.

19 Millie Bobby Brown And Maddie Ziegler

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A pair of young women that have both recently risen to prominence, in that regard, the friendship between Maddie Ziegler and Millie Bobby Brown makes a lot of sense. An actor that garnered huge acclaim and respect from the masses as well as international fame for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie seems to be poised for greatness. Then you have Maddie, an actor, model, and dancer who is best known for her performances in Sia’s music videos and ad campaigns for companies like Target and Ralph Lauren.

Two teenagers that both seem to have a great zeal for life and have a lot of fun,

we could easily see them having a great time together, but were still surprised to find out that they are pals. After all, we never expected there to be a reason for them to even meet one another.

18 Jessica Williams And J.K. Rowling

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The British novelist that is responsible for the Harry Potter franchise and its recent spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, J.K. Rowling has become internationally famous. Someone who has become immensely wealthy as well due to her work, unlike other rich and famous figures, she seems to largely eschew the spotlight except on social media. That is why we were so surprised to learn that she’d become friends with Jessica Williams, an American comedian and actress that served as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Turns out their bond began on social media as revealed by Jessica. A fan of The Daily Show,

J.K. grew to love Jessica’s appearances on the show which inspired her to reach out on Twitter, and the two became pals after they met in person.

As the ultimate cherry on top of the sundae, Jessica is now set to appear in the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

17 Lena Dunham And Claire Danes

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An actor that first developed a fanbase in the mid-nineties, since that time, Claire Danes has managed to give one stunning performance after another. Best known for the TV shows My So-Called Life and Homeland, she also was a major force in the movie business due to films like Terminator 3, Romeo + Juliet, and Brokedown Palace. Able to influence plenty of actors whose careers have sprung up since she first became a big deal, it seems safe to assume that her work could have had an impact on Lena Dunham. Still, considering the kind of content that Lena is famous for and the world she sprung out of, it seems as though these two wouldn’t have much in common aside from being actors. Despite that, every time they’ve been seen in each other’s proximity, the affection between the two seems clear.

16 Tyra Banks And Clay Aiken

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Among the most successful models in the history of the modeling business, Tyra Banks not only rose to huge success in that industry but has since become a massive TV star too. The host of the “reality” show America’s Next Top Model, it makes sense that she would then come across other people that made their name on similar series in the past. That said,

if we were going to put odds on who we’d bet Tyra would bond with, Clay Aiken would not appear on the list of people we’d expect.

The runner-up in the second season of American Idol, Clay was beloved for his lovable nature and smooth voice but comes across like a more subdued person. Known for being outrageous, Tyra didn’t seem likely to befriend Clay but they’ve been seen on a subway and Broadway in the past and that is just the start.

15 Kris Jenner And Lance Bass

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One of the most interesting figures in the entertainment world today, say what you will about Kris Jenner but she is incredibly shrewd and has become the queen of an empire. Called a “momager” because she has guided the career of her famous spawn, she is responsible for all of the Kardashian and Jenner “reality” shows that are loved and hated by so many people. Then you have Lance Bass, a member of the boy band N'SYNC that has largely been out of the spotlight for several years but has contributions to an impressive list of hit songs under his belt.

A pair that appears to have little in common down to things like their age, gender, and lust for fame, they’ve been seen on double dates together

and have been hanging out because of a shared love for “reality” TV.

14 Christopher Reeve And Robin Williams

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Someone who will forever be linked with one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, for a lot of people nobody will ever surpass the performance Christopher Reeve gave as Superman. Also someone who enjoyed a laugh as much as anyone in his real life, he was fortunate to have a friendship with famous funny man Robin Williams for many years.

They became roommates in 1973, and when Christopher suffered the injury that left him almost entirely paralyzed, his old friend came to his rescue in a way.

The actor could have lapsed into depression but then Robin brought a smile to his face by sneaking into his hospital room and pretending to be a Russian proctologist. Such an important moment in his life that he wrote about it, Christopher revealed that “my old friend had helped me know that somehow I was going to be okay.”

13 Jack McBrayer And Alexander Skarsgård

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Someone who first came to a lot of people’s notice when he had a tiny role in Zoolander, since then, Alexander Skarsgård has appeared almost entirely in more serious work. First becoming a star when he took on a major role in the show True Blood, since then, he has also starred in The Legend of Tarzan and Mute. Looking at the major benchmarks in his career, it seems like only one role points to him having much of a sense of humor. That is why we were pretty shocked to learn

how close he is with Jack McBrayer,

an actor that is famed for playing the sweet and bumbling character of Kenneth from 30 Rock. If there was any question that these two guys are the closest of friends, it was put to rest not only by the times they’ve been seen together but by the fact that Alexander brought Jack to the SAG Awards.

12 Will Arnett And Daniel Radcliffe

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The star of one of the most impactful film franchises of all time, ever since Daniel Radcliffe was a child, he has found himself in the movie industry. No longer a part of the Harry Potter world except through previous performances, since that role came to an end, he has taken on a list of unexpected and pretty out-there roles. Evidence that he doesn’t appear worried about the optics of the gigs he takes on and thinks more about challenging himself, it often seems as though he eschews the celebrity life. That and the fact that

there is almost a twenty-year age difference between them made it really surprising when Daniel and Will Arnett were seen walking the streets of New York City together.

Turned out that the friends were getting lunch together along with Daniel’s girlfriend, and their relationship stems from them living in the same building as one another.

11 Courtney Love And Carrie Fisher

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An actor whose passing was mourned throughout much of the world, ever since Carrie Fisher became famous due to her Star Wars role, she was adored by many. Far more than just that single role, she was brilliant with a pen which led to Hollywood using her skills on their scripts on top of being great in other films like The Blues Brothers and When Harry Met Sally. All of this and how open she was with her struggles and brilliance led to the sorrow many of us felt but we did not expect Courtney Love (of all people) to be especially impacted. What we hadn’t realized was that

Carrie was a mentor to the singer for many years

and Carrie was around her life enough that even Courtney’s estranged daughter publicly mourned her passing. In retrospect, their connection makes a good deal of sense, considering they both had to deal with a lot of the same issues in their lives.

10 Jennifer Lawrence And Aziz Ansari

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Someone who truly broke out after she gave a stunning performance in the movie Winter’s Bone, after that, Jennifer Lawrence went on to become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. A four-time Oscar nominee that took one of those trophies homes as well as an endless list of other statues, on top of that, she has also starred in several blockbuster films. In short, if the film industry were anything like the high school movies, she would be the head cheerleader. On the other hand, Aziz Ansari is an actor whose career is mostly based on trying to get laughs, and in our theoretical high school, it seems like he’d be at the bottom of the food chain. That is why we never expected to see these two hanging out, let alone having crazy nights out that include piggyback rides.

9 Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman

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A man that, in some ways, looks as though he is a part of a whole different evolutionary stage than the rest of us, Brock Lesnar seems like he was born to beat the crap out of others. Blessed with outstanding genes and work ethic, he used them to become a standout amateur wrestler and the UFC Heavyweight Champion after entering the latter sport late in life. Also world-famous because of his career as a WWE star, due to his time in that company, he met Paul Heyman. A man that is more than a decade older than his young charge, on TV, Paul plays the advocate for Brock. However,

in real life, he has helped him throughout his career in both MMA and wrestling.

Extremely close for real, Paul and Brock seem to have nothing in common, and we really can’t explain why they are so close but they clearly are.

8 Amy Schumer And Ronda Rousey

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One of the most competitive industries in the world, the stand-up comedy business has only so many slots and only a select few ever get to headline shows in the biggest cities in the world. As such, becoming successful enough as a comedian to garner fame is incredible. But when you are then able to make the jump to acting and also do well, that is simply mind-boggling. Someone who has done both, it is clear that Amy Schumer must have a killer instinct in at least one way.

Perhaps that is what has allowed her to become friendly with the former UFC athlete Ronda Rousey.

Either way, when Amy posted a shot of the two of them hanging out in a park on Instagram, it was a coming-together that nobody saw coming.

7 Dax Shepard And Tom Arnold

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Someone who has been kicking around the entertainment industry for a long time now, Tom Arnold has appeared in a long list of films and TV shows. Also well-known for his past marriage to Roseanne Barr and his struggles with drugs and alcohol, Tom seems to have turned things around, but there has been a lot of chaos in his life still.

Fifteen years older than his good friend Dax Shepard, it seems like that may be what has drawn them to one another

as both of them have had to struggle to find sobriety in the past. In that regard a heartwarming story, the idea of them supporting one another is pretty inspiring. Still, when Tom revealed that the pair is close enough that Dax offered to be a sperm donor for his buddy with the support of his wife, Kristen Bell, we were taken aback.

6 Zach Braff And Harry Styles

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The star of one of the best sitcoms to exist in the last few decades, Zach Braff was integral to the off-the-wall sense of humor that made Scrubs such a gem in its early seasons. Then able to remake himself as an independent filmmaker that specializes in creating films about the struggle to transition in life with out-there elements, he is also set to return to TV soon. Still, despite all that, there is no doubt that Zach is not exactly the talk of the town while the young singer and fledgling actor Harry Styles very much is.

That hasn’t stopped the pair from becoming good friends that have gone to dinners together that they chronicle on social media and support each other’s efforts.

In fact, Harry is such a good friend that he attended the Sundance premiere of his buddy’s film despite his busy schedule.

5 Gwyneth Paltrow And Jay Z

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An Oscar-winning actor that made a name for herself due to being in movies like the Iron Man series, Shakespeare in Love, Seven, and more, Gwyneth Paltrow is a big star. The daughter of famed actor Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow who was a producer and director, it seems like she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Now often a target of derision for her lifestyle company Goop, one of the main reasons she receives so much scorn is that she seems so out of touch. Despite receiving so much scorn,

she has become friends with one of the most respected performers in the world, Jay-Z, in large part due to his wife, Beyoncé, who she is also close with.

A grouping that seems like they could only have fame in common, Jay and Beyoncé are also filthy rich but they still understand that isn’t the case for everyone. As such, they seem to exist in totally different worlds.

4 Elton John And Eminem

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Two men that were able to rise to the very top of the music business, Elton John and Eminem have success in common but that seems to be the end of it. An English singer, pianist, lyricist, and composer, Elton has been named one of the bestselling music artists of all time who is known for his bombastic style both on and off the stage. On the other hand, Eminem is a rapper who is also a sales sensation but his image has varied from lovable goofball, outraged observer, and hard hip-hop artist. First seen as a pair when they performed at the 2001 Grammys, it was a shocking visual, considering that Elton had been out and proud for a long time and Eminem’s many homophobic lyrics.

A duo that seemed like a one-time publicity stunt, they have become close friends.

Elton even revealed that Eminem sent a diamond-encrusted item to his husband and him.

3 Courteney Cox And Ed Sheeran

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One of the group of people that became gigantic stars pretty much overnight due to starring in the sitcom Friends, Courteney Cox went on to portray Monica Geller for ten seasons. Able to make a fortune from that and other shows she starred in like Cougar Town and Dirt, it should come as a surprise to nobody that she has been able to buy a pretty great home. A place with space to spare, the world would come to learn that she offered up a place in her home to her friend, Ed Sheeran, to come and stay.

Already a massive star at that point, he stayed in Courteney’s home for free while he worked on material for an album of his.

An act of kindness, it turned out to be pretty great for the actor’s private life as Ed would introduce her to the man she has since married, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid.

2 Tommy Lee Jones And Al Gore

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An American politician that came as close as anyone to becoming the President of the country without actually serving, since then, Al Gore has found a new life in the public eye. Now best known for being an outspoken proponent of educating the masses about the dangers of climate change, he continues to fight for the world as he sees fit. Of course, he was not always known on the international stage and,

at one time, he went to Harvard and became roommates and friends with Tommy Lee Jones.

An actor that is best known for films like the Men in Black films, The Fugitive, and many more, when seen in public, Tommy can come off as rather grumpy. However, when he’s been captured on film with Al, the two of them seem positively tickled to be together.

1 George Clooney And Richard Kind

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One of the biggest film stars in the world over the last couple of decades, George Clooney is the type of person that you’d expect to surround themselves with other Hollywood heavyweights. Best known for films like the Ocean’s series, Out of Sight, Up in the Air, and too many more to list here, prior to all that, he spent years as mostly an unknown actor. During his leaner days, he met and befriended Richard Kind, a lovable character actor best known for the shows Mad About You and Spin City.

Two men that lived together for a time after George got divorced

the year before ER began airing, they are still so tight that Richard stood up with his buddy at his second wedding. Their friendship even survived the time George found the ugliest painting he could and tricked Richard into displaying it in his living room for five or six years because he thought he’d painted it. Then, George revealed the long-running joke in an interview and Richard found out he’d been had for so long and all their mutual pals knew about it. Richard then called George and took it in good stride after admitting to hating the painting all along but leaving it up in order not to hurt his friend’s feelings. Now that is friendship.

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