20 Childhood Stars Who Haven't Looked In The Mirror Since The 90's

A career choice that is infamous for the negative impact it can have on a person, the odds often seem to be against former child stars being well-adjusted. In some cases, that can mean that they have made horrible choices that have landed them in jail or have made their financial outlook far from promising. However, as much as those two options are the most alarming, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend like many former young celebrities grow up to look funny. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about them appearing awkward on a genetic level, though. Instead, we are astonished sometimes by how many of these people make highly-questionable fashion and personal hygiene choices. In fact, in some cases, it seems like the person in question must have no idea what they look like. Coming to that conclusion inspired us to put together this list of twenty childhood stars that seem like they haven’t looked in a mirror since the nineties.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, he/she first and foremost needs to have been a former child star. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter when he/she made a name for himself/herself but he/she must have been a star by the time the nineties came to an end. Next, he/she needs to seem like he/she hasn’t looked in a mirror since the nineties. One thing we mean by that is they have mostly looked awful since then whenever they appeared in public. On the other hand, people that looked their best at the end of the nineties and partway through the 2000’s could be included here as fashion didn’t change all that much in the first part of that latter decade. However, looking put-together every once in a while is permissible as they may get some kind of outside help if they end up walking a red carpet or something like that.

20 Joey Cramer

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Forever best known for his starring role in the family-friendly sci-fi adventure film Flight of the Navigator, Joey Cramer’s character lived out a fantasy that many kids have, which was piloting a spaceship. Also seen in a minor role in 1986’s The Clan of the Cave Bear, he did appear in a few other projects after that but nothing of particular note. Instead, the next time he drew headlines was when he was arrested for his connection to a bank robbery that took place in British Columbia. Looking as though he’d been holed up in a dark space to avoid the attention of the police at the time, it clearly wasn’t his best moment. Still, even though he might have looked better at other times over the last several years, to our eyes, it seems like years of neglecting his look have taken a toll on him.

19 Shia LaBeouf

Not too long ago an actor that seemed poised to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf appeared in films directed by heavyweights like Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. Starting out years earlier as a child star, he first garnered a level of fame when he played the main character in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. Often seen looking pretty good on movie sets and red carpets throughout the 2000’s, that actually doesn’t preclude him from appearing on this list. Instead, the thing that matters to us is that even at his height when he was left to his own devices and was photographed on the street, he looked rather unkempt. Additionally, ever since his very public meltdown, he perpetually looks like he puts little to no effort into his look or that he is putting on the show of dressing up while still seeming sweaty as usual.

18 Orlando Brown

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Someone who found his way into acting circles as a kid, once Orlando Brown received one major role, they just kept coming. A part of many memorable TV shows, he appeared in series like Moesha, Family Matters, The Jamie Foxx Show, and most notably, That’s So Raven. Another person like Shia that cleaned up pretty well at times in the 2000’s, he too seems to have looked very different when stylists weren’t involved. Thirty years old at the time of this writing, to say that his life is in a very different place today than many expected is a huge understatement. No longer an actor, instead, he garners attention as the focus of controversy due to multiple arrests for pretty bad crimes. Revealed to look little like he once did, he still has a pretty good smile but looks like he just rolled out of bed otherwise.

17 Devon Sawa

At one time an actor that you might expect to appear inside the locker of many teenagers that were attracted to boys, Devon Sawa had the looks to make many youngsters swoon. First coming to many people’s attention due to the movie Little Giants, he also appeared in other films like Casper, Wild America, Idle Hands, and Final Destination. All but missing from the acting scene today, his career looks very little like it once did and frankly, so does his face. For instance, we have no idea what happened to his eyebrows but they are barely visible, which is off-putting. Something that could easily be fixed if only he’d look in a mirror and notice it, that alone is proof enough for us that he belongs on a list like this one.

16 Jake Lloyd

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Whenever we come across a photo of Jake Lloyd, we immediately have an emotional reaction. Someone who makes us cringe, we have to say that his part in The Phantom Menace drives us a little bit nuts. But at the same time, we think that crappy lines and direction are the root cause of that. After learning that he was given such a hard time by his peers after the movie came out, it makes us feel pity for what he must have gone through. The type of cruelty that nobody should have to suffer, imagining what he went through makes us feel awfully bad for him. Seen at a few events as an adult, he makes it abundantly clear that he has disdain for Star Wars because of what it did to his life. Perhaps that is why he appears to put zero effort into looking his best or even slightly happy at these events.

15 Lindsay Lohan


A former child star that turned a lot of heads when she played two different characters in The Parent Trap while she was still a kid, years later in the early 2000’s, Lindsay reached new heights. One of the people that apply to this list because her look in the mid-2000’s was strikingly similar to something we would have seen in the late nineties, since then, her image has regressed, if anything. Now seen by many as a cautionary tale of what can happen when someone attains fame early in life, her career has hit the skids in a major way and almost nobody sees her as relevant. Oftentimes looking as though she hasn’t even gone to bed yet after a night of hard drinking and chain smoking, we can only imagine that she is unaware of how the rest of us see her.

14 Erik Per Sullivan

A member of the cast that was at the core of the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, Erik Per Sullivan played Dewey Wilkerson, the youngest child from the family that the show revolved around. However, what some people don’t realize is that prior to receiving that role, he’d already landed a memorable part in The Cider House Rules, a highly respected drama that came out in 1999. A truly adorable kid that was easy to love, Erik also fit the tone of Malcolm in the Middle to perfection as he had a mischievous smile that seemed in line with that show’s zanier side. Twenty-six years old today, in his most recent publicly available photos, he can be seen sporting a haircut that seems designed to make him look years younger than his true age and like a relic from the past.

13 Kieran Culkin

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The second most famous Culkin brother, Kieran appeared in a movie for the first time when he had a small role in the 1990 film Home Alone alongside his older sibling. From there able to branch out on his own, he was cast as Matty Banks, the son of Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in the Father of the Bride movies in 1991. A pretty decent actor that arguably has seen more success than his more famous older brother over recent years, he has appeared in movies like She’s All That, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and more. Someone who clearly doesn’t seem to be overly interested in fame, he appears to prefer taking on roles in less mainstream films. Perhaps viewing himself as an outsider is what has led him to avoid showers and focusing on his looks as epitomized by his perpetually greasy-looking hair.

12 Haley Joel Osment

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One of the most emotive child actors in the history of the business, without finding someone as talented as Haley Joel Osment, The Sixth Sense, his breakout movie, would have been half as good. Able to hold his own with a Hollywood heavyweight while portraying subtle and multilayered emotions, Haley landed an Oscar nomination for his part in the movie. The go-to young male actor in the years that followed, it was only once puberty set in that his career slowed down. Mostly absent from the acting world throughout many years after that, as of late, he has had something of a comeback. Now an adult with an interesting look, he has been typecast as a weirdo, which fits him. Consistently seen in ill-fitting clothes and sporting unflattering facial hair, if he does look in mirrors regularly, they must be the fun house kind.

11 Taran Noah Smith

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The youngest star of the hit show Home Improvement, Taran Noah Smith appeared in all two hundred three episodes of the show that aired over eight seasons. Extremely young when his time on that show began, he spent his formative years on the set of a television show, which is a recipe for being maladjusted. Opting to leave the acting world behind the same year Home Improvement came to an end, he instead used the money he’d made in his youth to start an ill-fated business. Also throwing himself fully into a marriage that also came to an end and was seen from the outside as being extremely odd, throughout his adult years, he has looked eccentric. While that could easily have been a choice he made, it also seems entirely possible that he has no idea how odd he looks.

10 Amanda Bynes

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Another instance of someone that looked good throughout the mid-2000’s but whose look at that time was in line with the nineties, with that in mind, Amanda Bynes was a shoo-in for this list. At one time seeming like she was going to be a former child star that continued to make it as adults, that all went away after she seemed to suffer a meltdown. Completely changing the way she looked at the same time, she committed criminal acts and accused her parents of awful things. Nothing she was doing at the time made sense. Finally seeming more stable, she has altered her look once again but it seems like she went to a hairdresser and told them to do their thing. Either way, despite posting selfies during the height of her odd era, it seems clear that she wasn’t seeing the world as it is, and even now, she doesn’t seem to know what exactly is going on.

9 Macaulay Culkin

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One of the biggest movie stars around for a short period in the early to mid-nineties, Macaulay Culkin became a gigantic deal when he starred in the insanely popular movie Home Alone. Also a part of several other films, he played a pivotal part in other classic movies like Uncle Buck, My Girl, Home Alone 2, and The Good Son among others. However, at the height of his acting career, he opted to walk away from it all, seemingly due to a disillusionment with fame and the movie industry. Since then choosing to do his own thing, he has occasionally acted and focused on music as well as often trying to eschew the public eye. Going through a period where he sported long and greasy hair, even after his long locks were cut, he often opts to dress like he has no idea what he looks like or doesn’t care.

8 Dustin Diamond

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A part of the hugely popular show Saved by the Bell, right from the start, Dustin Diamond was the oddest actor involved in that show. Since then a figure of controversy as he has tried to make a buck wherever he can, on top of other things, he even put his name on a book that made everyone involved with Saved by the Bell look awful. So hard up that at one point, he straight up pleaded with fans to help him save his house that was set to go into foreclosure, his finances did not rebound, and enough aid did not come in. Perhaps his lack of means leading to him not being able to afford a mirror is the explanation for why his clothing often looked so sad on top of his poorly-kept hygiene.

7 Edward Furlong

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An actor that landed the role of a lifetime when he was plucked out of obscurity to play John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, he was never able to reach those heights again. That said, for a time, it seemed like he might have a solid career after appearing in respectable movies like Pecker, American History X, and Detroit Rock City. However, as the 2000’s dawned, his career prospects diminished greatly as did his personal life after he began struggling with drugs and alcohol. Much larger today than he has ever been in the past, that happens to many of us so it has no effect on his inclusion here. However, the fact that he seems to have given up on shaving or washing his hair regularly and wears clothes that look dirty and too tight has everything to do with his appearance on this list.

6 Barret Oliver

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One of the most beloved movies of the eighties, The NeverEnding Story holds a special place in the collective heart of an entire generation that grew up watching it. Focusing on a bullied boy named Bastian that finds solace in reading books, his character serves as the film’s narrator as he is introduced to the fantasy world seen in the movie as well. Played by the child actor Barret Oliver, by the time the nineties began, the young man decided to step away from film and television sets in order to focus on his academic interests. Looking absolutely nothing like he did as a kid today, he now sports an extremely long beard and hair. Clearly someone who has no interest in looking at all stylish, looking at him, we can’t even imagine what use he’d have for a mirror at all.

5 Gaby Hoffmann

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From one person that seems to have no interest in staying within style norms to another, this time around, we are looking at someone who continues to act, Gaby Hoffmann. A former child star that was highly in demand, she starred in a long list of movies like Uncle Buck, Sleepless in Seattle, as well as Now and Then. Now someone who seems to know exactly who she is and only does what she wants, she truly seems like she was born to be artistic. Very expressive in every way, she has walked a red carpet looking like a fifties housewife and dressed like Andy Warhol with crazy clothes. This leads us to assume that when she is more made up, others have put that together, and when she looks more artistic, it is because she got ready without ever seeing how she looks.

4 Lark Voorhies

The second star of Saved by the Bell to make this list, funnily enough, during her time on that show, Lark’s character endlessly dealt with the love that Dustin Diamond’s Screech felt for her. Seeming like the last person who would end up on a list like this on, in the past, she was cast as a fashionista because she was so well put-together. Additionally, throughout the rest of the nineties, she looked fantastic in a long list of other shows like Days of Our Lives as well as The Bold and the Beautiful. However, since that time, she has been rendered virtually unrecognizable as her face seems distorted. Looking very odd now because of bad plastic surgery, wearing far too much makeup, or some combination of the two, if she has chosen to look like she does now, her mirrors must be broken somehow.

3 Corey Feldman

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An actor that at one time seemed to be in the running for every young male role, early in his life, Corey Feldman found a great deal of success. Best known for films like The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Stand by Me, License to Drive, and more, he was a big-enough star to lead a movie either by himself or alongside Corey Haim. At one time good friends with Michael Jackson, Corey began to embrace a similar style to that of his more famous pal. A trend that continues to this day, as a result, his image is still fully entrenched in the fashion of the nineties. As a result, Corey seems like he could get ready in the dark as he does very little to his long hair, and the weird things he wears seem like they could be chosen at random a lot of the time.

2 Brian Bonsall

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A medium that has been going on for a long time now, as a result of that, viewers are now used to things like producers adding a child actor to their cast if their once-popular show is failing. An actor that owes his fame to that trend, Brian Bonsall was added to the sitcom Family Ties later on, and he played the son of Work in Star Trek: The Next Generation. No longer an actor today, instead, he now seems to care most about his fledgling music career. Someone who sometimes looks like he jumped right out of a band like Green Day or has spent several years in prison, either way, he won’t be winning any best-dressed awards. In fact, we can easily imagine him rolling out of bed, running his hand through his hair, and throwing on dirty clothes from the previous week before exiting his home.

1 Robert MacNaughton

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A part of one of the most successful films of all time, Robert MacNaughton was cast in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial which has forever assured that he has a place in Hollywood history. Never finding a role to compete with that, he mostly retired from the acting world just prior to the dawn of the nineties. Decades older at this point, despite that, his face hasn’t changed a whole lot since he was a youngster, which has led him to try to change his image in other ways that were already passé at the time. For instance, in the picture on the right, it looks like he belonged in a band like the long unpopular Limp Bizkit. A horrible look on him, we can only hope he never looked in a mirror after he trusted his head to a barber that was stuck in a bygone decade.

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