20 Celebs Over 35 Who Got Pregnant In 2018

Baby bump alert! Pregnancy is no joke and it can be even harder to get pregnant after 35. Yet, most celebs don't hesitate to get pregnant past the tricky age of 35, with some even getting pregnant closer to 50! Some of the pregnancy reports are still trickling in but there are quite a few that have already made their announcements and are now waiting for the timer to go off for the bun in their ovens.

In all seriousness, for some people, the struggle of getting pregnant past 35, especially past 40 and approaching 50, is very real. Still, many of these stars persevered, with one of them even trying in-vitro fertilization for a whopping ten years before finally giving birth to her daughter recently. One of the biggest struggles with getting pregnant after 35 is conceiving in the first place. Still, most of these celebs show us that anything is possible.

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20 Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

via: kinggossip.com

That's right! The news is just in. 35-year-old Carrie Underwood has certainly had a busy 2018 so far and she can now throw in a new baby into the mix. On August 8th 2018, she revealed on her Instagram that her three-year-old son Isaiah will soon be becoming a big brother.

“You might be wondering or asking, ‘Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?’ Well … yay!” she said, revealing balloons spelling out “BABY” above her head. “Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond,” reported People.

19 Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

via: justjared.com

No one saw it coming. While on The Howard Stern Show, 39-year-old Claire Danes out of nowhere blurted out that she is “seriously preggo.”

“I’m deep into my second trimester,” she confessed, according to People, also adding that it was her official announcement. Although it’s a rather unconventional way to announce a pregnancy (from a celeb standpoint), it’s still cool that she made the reveal – unlike some celebs who months after giving birth still continue to remain mum on their new baby (we’re looking at you, Rachel McAdams).

18 Jillian Harris & Justin Pasutto

Via: Instagram

Already with a little boy under her wing, 38-year-old Jillian Harris announced in April 2018 that she's expecting a second bundle of joy in the first week of October.

"All I did was was complain for two and a half months. I felt like such a Debbie downer. I was just so tired. But I feel better now," the star revealed to Us Weekly. Sorry to burst your bubble but her current partner isn't the one she chose during her season of The Bachelorette; it's actually the exceedingly handsome Justin Pasutto.

17 Kat Von D & Leafar Seyer

Via: Instagram

Just like Carrie Underwood, 36-year-old Kat Von D has also had quite the year so far. Not only did she finally marry her soulmate Rafael Reyes in a rather unconventional type of ceremony but her pregnancy thus far hasn't gone without its fair share of issues either. All of her fans were pretty happy when she posted a picture of herself cradling her baby bump and with the caption: "It’s a boy."

16 Christmas Abbott & Benjamin Bunn

Via: Instagram

Christmas Abbott had nothing going on with her fellow former housemate Paul Abrahamian. Nearly immediately after exiting the house, 36-year-old Christmas found herself in the arms of Benjamin Bunn, with whom she is now expecting her first child.

She even made a playful reference to the one who is always watches writing in an Instagram post back in March: "Well, I’ve always expected the unexpected in my life and this year is no different! In January I discovered I am actually EXPECTING and a whole new life would be laid out before me."

15 Yvonne Strahovski & Tim Loden

Via: Sierra Club

Turns out Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Serena on The Handmaid's Tale, took a page out of Kerry Washington's book and was actually pregnant during filming! "It was quite interesting hiding the pregnancy, actually, as my first trimester was (from) episode 9 through to the end of The Handmaid's Tale," the 36-year-old confessed during an appearance on The Project, as reported by the Daily Mail.

"That's why it got tricky. In the end I was over hiding it so I said, ''You know what, I'm pregnant.' People thought I had the flu. They were scared to come near me," she also added.

14 Donatella Arpaia & Allan Stewart

Via: Yahoo

Although many of the other celebs on this list are expecting babies in their late 30s, Donatella Arpaia is expecting at the age of 46. The Food Network star and restaurateur revealed to People that before finding out she was pregnant, her son woke her up one night and said: "God told me that you’re going to have two babies — not one, but two babies. They’re going to be a boy and a girl and their names are going to be Noah and Emma."

As crazy as it sounds, he was right and she is indeed pregnant with twins! "At the doctor, when we first saw the heartbeat, I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ and all of a sudden he just moved it to the left and there’s another one. I was in disbelief."

13 Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus

via: popsugar.com

Hold the zombies; there's going to be another little Reedus running around. Multiple sources revealed to both Us Weekly and People that the two lovebirds are expecting their first child together. Although 49-year-old Norman already has an 18-year-old son from a previous relationship, it's going to be Diane's first child at the age of 42.

Both have remained rather mum on social media about the pregnancy but Diane did post a black-and-white picture of herself with little footprints in the caption. As it turns out, Kruger and Reedus first met while filming Sky in 2015 – doesn't it always happen that way in Tinseltown?

12 Elizabeth Smart & Matthew Gilmour

Via: Instagram

Elizabeth Smart recently took to Instagram to announce the happy news that she's expecting her third child in November 2018. Now a child safety activist, she frequently posts pictures of herself and her family to her Instagram, often accompanied by inspiring messages.

As reported by People, she recently posted about the importance of finding "balance" in her life: “I find my balance when I’m able to spend time with my family, when I listen to my little Chloe’s biggest concern is when we can’t find her other ‘pony shoe. Going for runs with my 3 dogs, nothing quite as heating and refreshing as a morning run.”

11 Emilie De Ravin & Eric Bilitch

Via: Instagram

Emilie De Ravin may have fallen off the radar since wrapping up filming Once Upon a Time and Lost way back when, but it turns out it's because the 36-year-old has been busy making her second baby with her partner Eric Bilitch. At the end of June, she posted a picture of herself holding up a pregnancy test with obvious news.

"Coming this fall... Baby boy makes 4! Eric & I could not be more excited to share our happy news with y’all & Vera is over the moon about becoming a big sister," she captioned the pic. The couple already has a two-year-old daughter.

10 Kenya Moore & Marc Daly

Via: Instagram

Soon after announcing she is expecting her first child with husband Marc Daly, 47-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore also opened up about her journey with IFV. "It’s weird because you hear other people’s troubles with the injections and the hormones. And for me, it was a pretty simple process," she told People.

She also added that although she didn't take an over-the-counter pregnancy test before getting officially tested for pregnancy, she did drive over to get one soon right after taking the test at the doctor's office!

9 Erika Christensen & Cole Maness

Via: HawtCelebs

Unlike many of the celebs who remain tight-lipped about their pregnancies, the 35-year-old Parenthood alum hasn't shied away from showing off her pregnancy ever since making her announcement. As People revealed, after posting a picture of herself in a red jumpsuit on May 31st, she posted another picture but this time from the side in which her baby bump was more than obvious. To avoid any confusion, she also added the caption: "And I didn't just eat a burrito." Ha!

She later also posted a pic of her soon-to-be 2-year-old wearing a "Big Sister" shirt. Well, that's one way to make the announcement extra obvious.

8 Danielle Harris & David Gross

Via: Instagram

After years of heartbreak, Danielle Harris is having a second baby! Back in 2016, Harris announced: "After three years of fighting for the family I so desperately wanted to start, I’m proud to finally be able to say I’m gonna be a mom to a baby boy […] thanks to the painstaking miracle of IVF."

Fast-forward to 2018 and the star is having a second baby boy. She announced her happy news on her 41st birthday on June 1st by posting a picture to Instagram, adding the very fitting comment that she felt like a "warrior princess."

7 Brigitte Nielsen & Mattia Dessi

via: people.com

More than 23 years after having her fourth child in 1995, Brigitte Nielsen shocked the world when she announced in 2018 that she was expecting her fifth baby. For the record, her first child Julian is now 34 years old. Also for the record, her 39-year-old husband Mattia Dessi is but five years older than her eldest son. Then again, let's not forget that most people no longer bat an eye at the announcement of a male celeb fathering a child after 60 years old with a much younger woman – Jeff Goldblum, Billy Joel, Melanie Hamrick and the list goes on and on.

“I think at times you can feel lonely, because a lot of women don’t talk to each other about it. We should hold hands because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a baby whether you’re 20, you’re 30, you’re 40 or, in my case, 50,” Nielsen told People. The former Beverly Hills Cop II actress welcomed her daughter Frida on June 22nd after 10 years of IVF treatments.

6 Letoya Luckett-Walker & Tommicus Walker

via: madamemoir.com

Although 37-year-old Letoya didn't go on to make it as big as Beyoncé, the former Destiny's Child member still did better than group members LaTavia and Farrah. Having released a couple of albums on her own, she also appeared in a couple of movies and TV shows. Her biggest role yet is soon awaiting though as she announced she is expecting her first child with entrepreneur Tommicus Walker in June 2018.

In a short video poster on Instagram, her six-year-old stepdaughter adorably sang: "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby!" Since then, she hasn't hesitated to post multiple pics of her bump and there's no denying how great she looks!

5 Rachel Platten & Kevin Lazan

Via: Instagram

A little over a week after announcing her happy news on July 25th by posting a pic of her bare bump to Instagram, the 37-year-old singer already found herself getting criticism for her body. She posted a scowling picture of herself a few days later with a caption discussing how she noticed her body changing and had to remind herself that these changes were happening because her body was making a baby, and that is a great thing.

4 Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

Via: Harper's Bazaar

Lots of big celebs who are generally private about their lives will also go to extreme lengths to ensure the paparazzi doesn't reveal their news. Surprisingly, despite being quite private usually, Rachel Weisz actually stunned everyone when she made her reveal to The New York Times.

“Don’t you have some secret to share with the readers of The New York Times, like an avocado face mask or acupuncture?” asked the reporter. To this she replied, "I’ll be showing soon. Daniel and I are so happy. We’re going to have a little human. We can’t wait to meet him or her. It’s all such a mystery."

3 Kristen Dunst & Jesse Plemons

Via: Celebskart

Bear with us as we push the boundaries a little bit but there's no way that Kristen Dunst could be omitted from this list. Even though the 36-year-old would have undoubtedly gotten pregnant sometimes before the new year, she did only announce her happy news in February 2018 with a series of stunning maternity pictures. The news shouldn't have been all that surprising for fans considering she confessed to Marie Claire UK back in July 2017, "I wasn't one of those 'I need a baby!' people until my goddaughter was born."

Although everyone is still eagerly awaiting for pics, Dunst gave birth to Ennis, a healthy baby boy on May 11th.

2 Kate Hudson & Danny Fujikawa

Via: CelebJar

The most exciting part about Kate Hudson's pregnancy isn't so much that she is pregnant. After all, she has been down this road twice before with former husband Chris Robinson when she carried her first son Ryder, who is now 14, and her second son, who is 6. The excitement now lies instead with the fact that she is expecting her third baby, this time with Danny Fujikawa and it's going to be a girl!

The 39-year-old told People that "she's most looking forward to 'balancing out the masculine [and] feminine in the house' with the arrival of her baby girl." She said, "I’m no longer outnumbered. Well, we are still out numbered. I look forward to having feminine energy.”

1 Rachael Harris & Christian Hebel

Via: Twitter

Whether you know her as the spunky Sheila from Suits or Linda from Lucifer, what you may not know is that Rachel Harris is actually expecting her second child. Not only did she stay tight-lipped on her baby's due date when she made her announcement in February (which means it's entirely possible that he or she has already been born), but there's also the fact that she may have gone the surrogacy route. After announcing that she was expecting her first baby back in 2016 with husband Christian Hebel, the media was quick to point out that she hadn't appeared very pregnant at a couple of prior events. With that in mind, it's quite possible that she chose the same path for baby #2.

References: People, Instagram, US Weekly, Revelist, NY Times, Daily Mail, and US Magazine.

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