20 Celebrity Couples The World Was Just Not Ready For

Being an actor or actress, musician, or anything related to the entertainment industry is just a little part of what being a celebrity is all about. Sure, people who win Oscars and Grammys usually get more attention than the other folks, but if you know how to play your cards right, you could be the most untalented human being on the planet and still see your face in magazine covers just for the fact that people love seeing other human beings doing stupid stuff. But that is all besides the point. What we are here to talk about are celebrity couples.

Whether we would like to admit this or not, coupling up with other celebrities is very much part of this lifestyle, and it is something that gives an entire industry life. What would tabloids live off if there were no celebrity couples? That being said, while it is okay for celebrity couples to be eccentric and do weird stuff from time to time, there were a few throughout the years that were just too much for the world to handle. We are here to talk a little bit about the celebrity couples that simply left people without words. Be it because of how bad their relationship was, the odd actions they took, or how incredible their fights and divorces were, these were definitely relationships that will stay in the history of the entertainment industry.

20 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

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We know this is cliché, but there is really no other way to start a list like this. When it comes to annoying couples that the world was not ready for, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are, by far, the first couple that comes to mind. It is impossible to talk about celebrity couples these days without mentioning these two. And here’s the interesting thing: whenever people are talking about them, it is seldom something good.

A lot of it has to do with their personalities, which are almost impossibly alike. These two are people who adore attention and love to give tabloids things to talk about. They thrive on that kind of stuff. So, since getting married, the gossip and ridiculousness have only increased. But above all else, the worst thing here is that no one was really ready to take in the amount of attention that Kim and Kanye would polarize after they got married.

19 Madonna And Sean Penn

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Since we are talking about couples who were annoying and who gave the tabloids a lot of fodder, the sensible thing to do here is to talk a little bit about Madonna and Sean Penn. These two were a couple that was ahead of their time. And we don’t mean that in a good way. What they were ahead of their time in was the idea that with controversy and some terrible acting (yeah, we are talking about Shanghai Surprise), a couple would be able to draw enough attention from the media that they would be able to live off of it.

In an egotistical sense of being under spotlights all the time, this was a good relationship for Madonna and Sean Penn. However, the relationship in itself was terrible, and there were even assault allegations that Madonna filed against Sean but were later withdrawn.

18 Lena Headey And Jerome Flynn

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Here is a fun question for you, Game of Thrones fans, out there. How many times have you seen Cersei and Bronn interacting during the show? Did we just blow your mind?

Yeah, this is something a lot of fans started catching on after a while since the two are a pair of the best characters in the show. Unfortunately, they don’t interact all that much, and we seldom see them together in any kind of scenes. And apparently, there is some reason behind that, which has nothing to do with the script. It turns out that before the show, Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn were a couple. Yeah, Cersei and Bronn were a couple in real life. The problem is that their breakup was probably a pretty rough ordeal since the two of them are supposedly still not on speaking terms. Imagine how hard that must make filming.

17 Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones

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When two stars of the caliber of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones decide to tie the knot and unite themselves, people start wondering what kind of greatness will come out of it. Sure, there were iffy factors beforehand (above all, their age difference), which is pretty impressive. Michael is 73 years old and Catherine is only 48. All of that aside, it all looked good because they seemed to be the perfect couple. People never heard of them fighting or anything like that.

The problem is that their relationship served to burn more bridges than it created. First, there was the ridiculousness of the allegations that came out saying that Douglas was pushing strings in order to get his wife nominated for awards. And then there was the icing on the cake that destroyed their image as a perfect couple. This was when Michael blamed Catherine for his cancer after they had a brief breakup.

16 Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus

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Here’s the thing, everyone wants these two to end up together. They do look like a good couple when they are together, but the problems happen when they break up. And that wouldn’t be such a big deal if their breakups were not regular affairs. We seriously lost count of how many times Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus broke up.

Supposedly, they are engaged, but who is to say that a marriage will ever happen? After all, this is not the first time these two have been engaged. After starting this crazy relationship in 2009, Liam and Miley have pretty much put their fans through a roller coaster ride that doesn’t seem like will have an ending anytime soon. Don’t get us wrong, we do want these two to be happy together, but all of this breaking up and making up is annoying for everyone.

15 Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna

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Since he is the worst-looking Kardashian by far, some people had hopes that Rob would be able to escape the family business and become a regular person despite his last name. However, this guy did exactly the opposite. Rob Kardashian stuck firmly to the family motto of causing controversy and drawing attention from the tabloids. He has had several failed relationships, but none that awed the public as much as his relationship with Blac Chyna.

These two have a child together, but there are those who seriously fear for that kid since the relationship between her parents is so unstable even by celebrity standards. They break up and make up more often than Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. But there is also the aggravating fact that they can be pretty destructive on social media. Everyone remembers how Rob accused Chyna of infidelity and proceeded to leak private pictures of her.

14 Kim Basinger And Alec Baldwin

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The entertainment industry is not strange to vicious divorces and failed relationships. However, back in the 90’s no one seemed to be really ready for the bloodbath that would ensue after Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin decided their relationship was no longer manageable. It is crazy how, at first, it seemed like these two would be a good couple. Hell, they look amazing in pictures together.

Unfortunately, the reality was very far from what those pictures would make people believe. They were not just great celebrities, they were also people with problems. Alec was a known alcoholic, and Kim supposedly suffered from severe anxiety issues. Those factors led to a horrible divorce and an even worse custody battle over their daughter. If anything characterized how the world was not ready for this relationship, it was the disturbing voicemail Baldwin left to their daughter, calling her a little pig and threatening her.

13 Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston

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At this point, we don’t even believe Taylor Swift will be able to maintain a relationship for more than a year. Even if you are a fan of Taylor, you have to admit that the woman goes from relationship to relationship at a dazzling pace. Maybe it is all just a publicity stunt so she can come up with more songs because everyone knows how Taylor is prone to turning failed relationships into hit songs. Still, none of her relationships had a beginning as weird as the one with Tom Hiddleston.

You know how people say they will jump back into the dating pool after a breakup? It seemed like not even a day had gone by after Taylor broke up with Calvin Harris and she was already dating Tom. This even made a lot of people wonder if these two were not already jumping the fence beforehand. Either way, they were as weird as couples come these days.

12 Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart

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You know how people usually say there needs to be a balance in a relationship when it comes to personalities? If you put two people who talk a lot together, they will just start annoying each other and will eventually break up. The same can be said when you put two quite people together since a quiet relationship like this must become boring at some point. So, you usually need some balance, or at least that was what we thought before Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart became a thing.

Believe it or not, these two seem to be even more gloom and boring in real life than they were during the Twilight movies. It is almost like they don’t have any sort of emotion, which would be fine if they were vampires, but we do think they are human. As fate would have it, what ended up breaking them up was the most newsworthy thing about their relationship, when Kristen cheated on Robert with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman.

11 Pam Anderson And Tommy Lee

Talking about dysfunctional relationships without mentioning Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee is like talking about the history of cars and not mentioning Ford. Those two things go hand in hand, and it is nearly impossible to talk about one without mentioning the other. Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee had arguably one of the most dysfunctional relationships in the history of the entertainment industry. Sure, it was exciting for everyone when these two announced that they were together. It was especially exciting for the paparazzi since they knew this was a relationship that was going to sell a ton of magazines.

Let’s just say the world was not ready for everything that came along with this relationship. From scandals about Tommy being physically abusive to the infamous "tape", this was one relationship that did not lack anything in terms of drama.

10 Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

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This is one relationship that seems like it would work out. After all, it is not every day that you see people jumping on Oprah’s couch. Then again, that should have been the first red light about this relationship. Oprah’s face during her interview with Tom Cruise when he literally went crazy saying he was in love with Katie Holmes was arguably one of the greatest moments in television. This is a woman who has literally seen everything strange the world of celebrities has to offer. And Tom Cruise still managed to give her something she had not seen before.

But that was just the beginning. The rumors that eventually culminated in their breakup involved weird and creepy stuff. There is the whole Scientology angle that we are not even going to touch, but how quiet Katie was about the relationship despite Tom’s excitement was also a weird sign. Luckily for her, it only took six years for the nightmare to end.

9 Dean McDermott And Tori Spelling

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Most of the couples we have on this list ultimately ended up in bad breakups, but at first, it seemed like they would all work out. Here is one example of a couple that is somehow still together but the relationship doesn’t really make much sense. The only reason these two are still together must be because of their children. It is not like you can simply walk away from a marriage that involves five children. Still, it is not like Dean McDermott has not given his wife, Tori Spelling, many, many reasons to believe that they should call it quits on the wedding.

They have had public fights and there have been cheating allegations thrown around, but somehow, these two are still together. If you ever have time, you should Google this couple. Their life is like a soap opera.

8 Derick And Jill Dillard

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This entry is an interesting one for many reasons. The first one is that these two might be celebrities, but they are not nearly as famous as a lot of the other couples we will be talking about today. If you don’t know who Derick is, he was a former star in the TLC show Counting On. His wife is a more recognizable figure as her maiden last name is Duggar. Yes, Jill is part of the notorious family that got their show canceled despite the amount of interest there was from people to watch how the life of a family of more than 20 would be like.

But fame is not the reason these two are here. After being fired from his show, Derick started making GoFundMe pages to support his ministry work. However, he has faced a ton of backlash because people were claiming that the couple is using that money in order to go out for dinner and to buy stuff for themselves.

7 Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin

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Call us biased on this one, but when people look down on everyone, it is hard to defend them. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were arguably the worst couple in the history of Hollywood. No, they were actually perfect for each other, they were just not good for the world. Nobody likes know-it-all condescending people, and these two were at the top of the food chain whenever those groups are concerned.

Everything about their relationship was annoying and seemed to be tailored to make people think they were inferior to this couple. Everything, from what they ate, what they drove, what they did, and where they went. It was all a dream of the perfect couple that was better than everyone else. Luckily for the world, these two probably could not even withstand themselves anymore and eventually broke up.

6 Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton

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You are a couple and you are happy, we get it. You don’t need to keep repeating to everyone that you love your girlfriend or wife or husband or boyfriend all the time. It gets old, and it gets annoying. The repetition here is not something people are fond of, and this is a little side of their relationship that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton really try to start and work on.

These two have one of the biggest platforms in music today in the show The Voice. Don’t get us wrong, they are amazing judges and coaches at what they do. The show was awesome before they started dating. The problem is that Gwen and Blake don’t seem to know how to stop clamoring to the world about how much they love each other.

5 Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

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This is just a sad story everyone hoped would have a different ending. However, there is not much people can do when someone spirals down in the world of substance abuse. Whitney Houston was arguably one of the greatest musical talents our world has ever seen. The only problem was that somewhere along the way, she met drugs and supposedly started to enjoy them. Her relationship and marriage to Bobby Brown also didn’t help her escape the tragic road she was walking on. And their marriage was also something that the world was not ready for because it was not like anything people would imagine a household with as much money as they had would look like.

4 Woody Allen And Soon-Yi Previn

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This is about as weird as weird stories get. We have seen people marrying former friends, people whose former spouses they knew, people they had cheated with, and all kinds of other relationships. But it takes a really creepy relationship for a guy to eventually marry his stepdaughter. Let’s clarify a little bit. Back in 1979, Woody Allen met Mia Farrow, and the two of them began dating the following year.

During that relationship, he got to meet Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, whom she had adopted a year before meeting Woody in 1978. And here is where things get weird. Woody claims he was not a father figure for Soon-Yi during the 12 years he dated Mia. But even if that is true, the fact that Farrow found nude photographs of her daughter (she was already overage by then) in Woody’s home is at least creepy. The guy stood by it and eventually married Mia’s stepdaughter.

3 John Lennon And Yoko Ono

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Hey, if you were considered one of the reasons for the split of the Beatles, there is no way you would manage to escape from this list. The reasoning here is simple. The world was not ready for the Beatles to split up. Therefore, the world was not ready for the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

This relationship was odd in so many ways that it is hard to explain. We could start by talking about how there are two different stories on how they met, but what is important here is that Lennon was still married when their relationship started. Perhaps the best story here is that while his wife was traveling in 1968, Lennon invited Ono to visit and the two of them did the dirty. The problem was that when the wife got home, Ono was wearing her bathrobe and having tea with Lennon. After spotting his wife, all he said was, “Oh, hi.”

2 Flavor Flav And Brigitte Nielsen

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We could all live another 1000 years and the world would still not be ready for a couple like Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen. These two were just special snowflakes who found their way to each other in a reality TV show. They met on set and went on to become one of the most unlikely pairs of human beings ever to become a couple. These two are different in so many ways that we would not even be able to name them all. From their personalities to bank accounts, there is really nothing they seem to have in common, and this is just the tip of the iceberg as to why the world was not ready for this couple.

Here, we just thought of the perfect way to describe this. The relationship was so weird that in order to bank in on that, VH1 created a reality series for them and called it Strange Love.

1 Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are the perfect example of what is wrong with celebrities these days. Actually, they are the perfect example of what has always been wrong with celebrities. What we are trying to get at here is that sometimes, people slip through the cracks and even without any talent, it seems like some individuals still find themselves in magazine covers for doing stupid stuff.

But where to start when talking about Heidi and Spencer? These two have done so much stupid stuff over the years that it is tough to choose a single one. Although, if we were to make a ranking, we have to say that the doomsday 2012 debacle was the best. Believing an asteroid would hit the Earth in 2012, the couple decided to spend $10 million in crystals, doomsday prepping, and gifts for their friends. Hey, if the world is ending, you won’t need that money anymore, right?

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