20 Celeb Mothers Of The Bride That Looked Just As Stylish As Their Daughter

We know that a wedding day is all about the bride, but when it is a celebrity wedding, we can't help but keep an eye on all guests as well. If you're a fashionista, you know that celebs put on a show when they attend weddings. Though we all impatiently wait to see the big reveal of the bride's princess dress, there are a couple of other guests that make up the wedding that we should watch out for while they strut under the bride's shadow. More specifically, it is the mother of the bride, the one who has been by the bride's side from when she was born and all throughout the wedding planning process, that we should all gaze at and analyze. Just because they are mothers, do not be fooled, they could easily steal the show from their daughter.

We want to turn your attention to the mother of the bride, because some mothers find it difficult to still stand out and still look beautiful when next to their daughters. Therefore, we want to show you celebrity bride's mothers to inspire you and make it easy for you to find the right ensemble. Just because a mother is older, it does not mean they have to go for a no-skin and matronly dress. Take a glimpse at these stylish celeb mothers that were just as stylish, gorgeous, and modern as their daughters.

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20 Solange Knowles And Tina Knowles

via Entertainment Tonight

Usually, wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no— it looks like you're trying to steal the bride's thunder. However, the Knowles family showed the world that white at a wedding could be a thing. In 2014, at Solange Knowles's wedding, mother Tina Knowles made all heads turn in her skintight ivory gown. We sadly must admit that Tina's figure-hugging dress, along with the gold cuff choker necklace, made her look like an Egyptian goddess compared to her daughter, the bride.

19 Nicky Hilton And Kathy Hilton

via Glamour

We would have expected the Hiltons to show up in the most extravagant gowns, however, they kept it fairly simple at Nicky’s matrimonial ― and when it comes to fashion and weddings, sometimes less is more. When Nicky Hilton got married, Kathy Hilton opted for an ordinary gown that made her look sophisticated, classic, and just as stylish as her bride daughter. Kathy wore a powder-blue dress that had tiny ruffled sleeves and an accentuated waist. With white pearls around her neck, the only other standout detail on her A-line dress was the embroidery near the hem.

18 Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner

via Martha Stewart Weddings

There is no family that garners as much attention than the Kardashians, so evidently, on Kim K and Kanye’s wedding day, eyes would be on all members of the clan. It is painfully logical that no one wear white at a wedding, but the Kardashians followed in the Knowles' footsteps and went for an all-white bridal party. Kris Jenner did not show off much of her voluptuous curves at Kim's nuptials, as she wanted her daughter to be the showstopper. However, that did not stop Kris Jenner from wearing a plunging V-neckline.

17 Kate Bosworth And Patricia Bosworth

via Martha Stewart Weddings

There are so many jaw-dropping and stunning wedding venues in America that soon-to-be-wed couples could choose from, whether they want a rustic-cabin look or a beach wedding. Kate Bosworth got married in 2013 and informed her lucky guests that she wanted to celebrate her big day with others specifically dressed for a ranch affair. The apple does not fall far from the tree, and when mother of the bride Patricia Bosworth showed up in an Oscar de la Renta outfit, she hit the rustic look right on the nose. Her off-white dress-suit stole the show and made ranch a new thing.

16 Ellen DeGeneres And Betty DeGeneres

via Pinterest

Everyone loves Ellen DeGeneres, and though she did not walk down the aisle in a wedding gown, as she left that duty to her splendid wife Portia de Rossi, she gracefully walked down in true Ellen style. Wearing a long-sleeved, sheer and white blouse with white pants and a sleeveless white vest, Ellen's mom Betty DeGeneres did not fall far behind her daughter. Wearing a similar ensemble in beige hues, Betty made the less-formal pant and loose top look for a wedding look just as fancy as a dress.

15 Meghan Markle And Doria Ragland

via Good Housekeeping

Leave it to the Royal Family to always look fancy shmancy, whether it is a wedding or a dinner. Recently, all the buzz was about Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding, and there was a lot of speculation surrounding the anticipated wedding because of Meghan's side. Though a lot of the talk was about Meghan's dress, whether you liked it or not, her mother also made a statement with her very royal ensemble. With a formal hat in place and a pastel green dress with white embroidery, the Duchess' mom, Doria, did just as well as her trendsetting daughter.

14 Kate Middleton And Carole Middleton

via Texas 24 News

We don't know why we are so obsessed with royal weddings; maybe it is the stylish hats, the richness, or the formality of it all, but whatever it is, we tend to not forget how the royal bride's mother looked. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made our jaws drop when she appeared in her lace, long-sleeved and flowy dress, but so did her mother, Carole Middleton. It is crucial for a MOB to look just as fancy, especially at a royal wedding, and Mrs. Middleton was up to par with her powder-blue dress and jacket ensemble. Her shoes and bag were a silver-blue, which was the ultimate subtle contrast to her dress.

13 Eva Amurri And Susan Sarandon

via Pinterest

We promise you, you could never tell that these two are mother and daughter ― all jokes aside, Eva Amurri is identical to her mother Susan Sarandon. This mother-daughter duo is matchy-matchy in all they do; besides both being actresses and looking identical, they also both looked gorgeous on Eva's big day. It is hard to say who looked better, because even though it is 2018, Susan's charcoal grey dress would still be just as trendy today. The knee-length dress was age-appropriate and suited her in all the right ways.

12 Serena Williams And Oracene Price

via Pinterest

Williams got married to Alexis Ohanian, and they had a star-studded wedding that boasted a Beauty & the Beast theme. However, the one who stood out most, besides their adorable daughter, was mamma Williams. Serena surely looked like a princess for her fairytale wedding, but Oracene Price looked like a queen. With a figure-hugging off-white lace dress with gold details, all eyes were on her.

11 Pippa Middleton And Carole Middleton 

via The Telegraph

It is surely not odd that the royals would make more than one appearance on this list, because who does it fancier than royals? After Kate's wedding, Carole Middleton once again nailed the mother-of-the-bride style with a pale pink ensemble that was sleek, posh, polished, and classy, and it certainly caused a buzz in the fashion world. Similar to what she wore to Kate's wedding, at Pippa's, Carole's coat-dress was nipped at the waist and had a button-down front. And the wide-brimmed hat made the ensemble extra fancy.

10 Chanel Iman And China Robinson

via Pinterest

Just because it's a wedding, it does not mean you need to strut in a dress; plus, the pant-suit formal outfit is now a trend. Chanel Iman blew us away with her all-lace dress with layers of sheer on the bottom. With a plunging V-neckline and mid-length sleeves, it was hard to outshine the bride on her special day, but her mother came close. Strutting down the aisle in a monochromatic bubble-gum pink suit and a white blouse for contrast, was her gorgeous mother. We're telling you, wearing a dress is no longer necessary, even if you're the MOB.

9 Khloe Kardashian And Kris Jenner

via Us Weekly

We know that the Kardashians are never afraid to flaunt their hourglass-shaped figures ― even way back when. When Khloe first got married, before the all-white trend commenced, they still stuck with the skintight look. Though this dates back a few years, Kris Jenner's eggplant-purple dress in mermaid style made her look like a bombshell. We do not blame her for strutting in this alongside her stylish daughter.

8 Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner

via enews

Since people seemed to be obsessed with Kardashians, it is normal that their weddings are so heavily covered by the cameras and the paparazzi. Remember Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries wedding? If you do not live under a rock, we are sure you do. The style was very different back then; Kim had a typical princess ball gown that flattered her, and Kris Jenner wore, again, a white dress, but this time, it had a little more detail; an extravagant white bow at the top. At the time, both were top trends.

7 Emmy Rossum And Cheryl Rossum

via Instagram

Emmy Rossum dazzled in a white off-the-shoulder Carolina Herrera wedding gown, and it is among one of the most stunning celebrity wedding dresses we've seen in the last few years. The gown was accentuated at the bust with beading, as well as beading along the veil. In an Instagram story posted by the bride herself, she is seen hugging her mother who was sporting a classy "a là Audrey Hepburn" gown. A MOB does not need to go all out and wear something revealing to look stylish, and Cheryl Rossum makes a point of that with her classic black dress.

6 Anna Camp And Dee Camp

via twitter

Actress Anna Camp looked like a white swan on her wedding day, and with her short and blonde bobbed hairstyle, she reminded us a little bit of Marilyn Monroe. The True Blood star had her gorgeous mother alongside her, and we could not help but notice her with the pop of colour she added to the crowd of guests. MOB Dee Camp wore an age-appropriate bright red dress to celebrate her bride's wedding day ― and let us say, it takes a lot of guts to wear a red dress and totally rock it. With gold detail at the top, she did not need more to look stylish.

5 Kate Upton And Shelley Upton

via Journal Post

Sorry men, but the blonde bombshell Kate Upton is officially taken. Kate Upton's Tuscan wedding looked like a rustic fairytale, and she strutted down the aisle alongside her man in a Valentino dress. However, what we were in awe about most was her mother's look. In a sweet black-and-white photo, we catch a glimpse of the flattering floor-length dress that is imprinted with flowers and goes perfectly with the romantic Italian setting of Kate’s wedding. The simply chic look that hugs her curves in all the right places is a classic Tuscan touch.

4 Troian Bellisario And Deborah Pratt

via Pinterest

Fans of Pretty Little Liars know their real-life Spencer, Troian Bellisario, very well and know that she is always stylish; her style has always been original and unique. She is a woman with class and poise, so it is no surprise that for her wedding day, she would choose to be simply chic. Though she definitely stood out with her mermaid crown, her mother shined next to her. Deborah Pratt exuberated confidence while rocking an elegant and chic fire-red gown. With an off-the-shoulder neckline, Pratt was a showstopper.

3 Whitney Port And Vicki Port

via Pinterest

If you're a woman and not married yet, then look to Whitney Port's insanely pretty outdoor wedding for inspiration. The fashion influencer that started off on the reality show The Hills, wore an unusual wedding gown; short in the front and long in the back, with transparent long sleeves detailed with embroidery ― it was gorgeous. However, it was hard to pay attention to her when her mother looked like a beautiful goddess clad in a tight golden dress that was embezzled with mermaid-looking jewelled scales on the sides.

2 Jaime Lynn Spears And Lynne Spears

via Ohnotheydidnt

It's Britney who? Britney's little sister that we all fell in love with when she was a child, Jamie Lynn Spears, got married and looked incredible and so mature while showing off her curves in her Liancarlo dress. She also looked way better than Britney did, and so did their mother Lynne Spears. Wearing a light shade of grey dress that completely suited her body shape while looking very posh, Lynne looked so gracefully young. The ombre style of the dress was the perfect contrast against her dark black hair. You go Momma Spears!

1 Amal Clooney and Baria Alamuddin

via daily mail

Who ever thought that George Clooney would get married? Not us and not the entire world. However, he did, in the most romantic way, to Amal, the now Mrs. Clooney, in Venice, Italy. Of course, all our attention was focused on the drop-dead gorgeous bride, and although Clooney also looked handsome, sharp, and classy in his black tuxedo, Amal's mom took a little bit of the spotlight off them. She wore a burgundy-coloured and beaded gown that was so lavish, she immediately grabs our attention from the corner of this photo.

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