20 Celeb Duos The Internet Thinks Are Identical

It’s said that everyone on Earth has an exact double somewhere else in the world. Given there are nearly 7 billion people on the planet, that’s not out of the realm of possibility. In Hollywood, it’s been a given to see similarities between actresses over the years. Indeed, more than a few starlets have won awards almost perfectly replicating an actress of the past in bio-flicks and wowing with how much they can look alike. Yet it’s also impressive how some modern actresses can bear a very striking resemblance to each other. The Internet loves to talk about it and it’s true in some cases, they can make stretches but other times it’s notable. Indeed, when he recently hosted Saturday Night Live, Chris Pine joked how much people mixed him up with Chris Pratt and Chris Evans to show how it happens.

But it happens with actresses too as it’s amazing to find so many pairings who look so much alike. It’s not just looks but it can also be in their choice of roles or how they get along in real life. A few of them are fully aware of this and even laugh about it (complete with posing together “to prove we are two different people”). In a few cases, the resemblance is more wishful thinking by Internet fans. Yet in other cases, you really can mix one lady up for another to the point they should be playing twins in a film. Here are 20 pairs of ladies the Internet is convinced look alike and show the whole “doppelgänger” thing might be for real.

20 Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard

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It’s a hard choice between two women who each stand as incredibly beautiful. Scarlett Johansson took a longer road with simply lovely parts in films like Lost in Translation and others but her turn as the Black Widow made her one of the most beautiful women alive. Usually a blonde, Johansson shows off nicely in elegant gowns on the red carpet, a lovely smirk and can easily rock any color of hair or clothing to be a good presence.

Amber Heard started off looking like a model which led to success in movies like Pineapple Express and the Rum Diary where she met future husband Johnny Depp. Like Scarlett, Heard has moved into comic book movies as the red-haired Mera in Justice League and the upcoming Aquaman film and while not as huge a star, shares the same great style. Indeed, the two can dominate any red carpet and prove that in or out of costume, they are one very beautiful pair.

19 Jamie Pressley and Margot Robbie


The resemblance between these two is not just their hair color but how they broke out wearing almost nothing. Jaime Pressley made her debut in the cheesy 1997 softcore thriller Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. It was a role requiring her baring all quite a lot and Pressley admits she should have been more careful. Various “hot blonde” roles followed like Not Another Teen Movie. But in 2005, Pressley amazed critics with her performance as the nutty Joy on My Name is Earl which earned her an Emmy. She continues to be successful, starring in the hit CBS show Mom and still a hot style with her Southern accent.

Margot Robbie had some roles in Australian soaps and the short-lived Pan Am. However, she broke out huge in The Wolf of Wall Street, baring all in some scenes. She’s since gone on to major success such as playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and a hot red carpet look. The ladies have acknowledged how much they look alike, even posing with Allison Janney to show they are different people. That folks can mix them up when Pressley is 17 years old says a lot to how gorgeous both are.

18 Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel


It’s been easy to compare Zooey Deschanel to a few other actresses. The lovely lady is known for her cutie-pie features with large eyes and a gorgeous face that’s served her well in her career. She’s had numerous movies but really rising up with the Fox sitcom New Girl which helped introduce “adorkable” to the lexicon. As the unlucky in love Jess, she’s terrific with her quirky outfits and fun humour.

Amazingly, the best lookalike for Zooey is Katy Perry. The pop trailblazer is known for her outgoing outfits and ability to change her looks as well as a buxom appearance. But in facial terms, the duo share a stunning resemblance in the large eyes and lips and could actually pass for lookalikes at times. It does seem odd given how vastly different they are in careers and body forms but it’s easy to see why fans hope Perry does a New Girl appearance to play on her resemblance to Zooey.

17 Jennifer Garner and Amy Jo Johnson


She’s played a jockey, a cop and a struggling mom. But Amy Jo Johnson will always be remembered as Kimberly, the first Pink Power Ranger. Her lovely face, framed by dark brown hair, stood out with the stunt work, integrating her real gymnastics experience into the part and making it an icon for fans. Johnson has kept busy with roles in TV shows like Felicity and Flashpoint.

Jennifer Garner had minor roles in shows like Time of Your Life before being launched to stardom with the hit spy series Alias. It led to major movie roles from Daredevil to working with huge directors like Steven Spielberg and her marriage to Ben Affleck. Gorgeous and with a bright smile, Garner and Johnson share a very close likeness. In person, Garner is a few inches taller but they are both very athletic and possessing a lovely charm so it’s easy to sometimes see a similarity between the former spy and Power Ranger.

16 Emma Stone and Jane Levy


A classic case of an A-lister who can be mixed up with a lower-ranking actress and vice versa. Emma Stone is among the biggest stars in Hollywood with her resume of hits like Easy A, The Amazing Spider-Man and her huge Oscar win for La La Land. She’s famous for her dark red hair but a natural blonde and notable for her bright eyes and lovely smile. She might seem to be one of a kind in many cases but there’s actually someone much like her.

Jane Levy burst onto TV in Suburgatory, a cult comedy of a high schooler handling a weird new town. Her bright red hair and engaging smile won over fans and viewers and while the show was never a huge hit, it had a devoted audience thanks to Levy’s looks. She’s starred in various movies like Don’t Breathe and ready for a TV return in the upcoming Castle Rock. When they have the same hair color (whether red or blonde), they can be practically clones with bright eyes and even the same lips in a tight smile. So while Levy may not have the same career as Stone, she sure shares some of the same looks.

15 Amanda Peet and Lake Bell


Neither is an A-lister but they have each carved out a fun legacy of cult TV shows and each looking truly nice while looking so alike. Amanda Peet got attention for playing the first title role in the short-lived WB drama and comedy Jack & Jill. Her star rose as a quirky hit woman in The Whole Nine Yards and pushed her into various TV parts on Studio 60, The Good Wife and currently a bartender/team owner in the baseball comedy Brockmire to show her fun humor.

Lake Bell got attention for the first season of Boston Legal and has been a familiar TV face for some time. That includes How to Make It In America, Wet Hot American Summer and the beloved cult comedy Childrens’ Hospital. Both brunettes are of the same age and look very much alike with sultry smiles, pert noses and making being funny look very hot so it’s no surprise some folks easily mix them up.

14 Krysten Ritter and Anne Hathaway


At first glance, it’s not a huge resemblance. However, many insist it’s there, especially when they have matching hairstyles. Anne Hathaway broke out with The Princess Diaries and seemed destined for family-friendly roles. She changed that up with daring parts in Brokeback Mountain and others to impress with her acting skills. Masterfully switching between comedy, drama and action flicks, Hathaway won an Oscar for Les Miserables and is one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood as well as a red carpet darling.

Krysten Ritter had small roles in Gilmore Girls and then a beefy part in Breaking Bad. She really rose up with her role as super-strong sardonic private eye Jessica Jones on Netflix. With her alluring looks, smoky eyes and love for leather jackets, Ritter really stands out as an intense presence. The two are compared for their bright smiles and how good they look with dark hair so while not as huge as some of the other “doppelgängers” on this list, it’s still a pairing the Internet insists looks alike.

13 Lea Michele and Idina Menzel


As soon as Glee began, Lea Michele was being compared to a younger Idina Menzel. It wasn’t just a fantastic singing voice but also the fact that Michele bore a stunning resemblance to the beloved Broadway star. The older actress had broken out on Broadway with the musical Rent and winning a Tony award for Wicked. The two brunettes both were great singers and quite lovely in person. The Glee producers had to agree as Menzel was soon cast as Shelby Cochrane, the head of a rival choir group meeting Michele’s Rachel.

It was thus no shock at all when it turned out Shelby was Rachel’s birth mother and the two ladies would team up for some sensational duets. Menzel has achieved further fame voicing Elsa in the mega-smash Frozen while Michele keeps busy on TV with Scream Queens and the Mayor. It’s too easy to think they really are mother and daughter given how much alike they really are

12 Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard


Here’s a resemblance so famous that the actresses themselves have had to comment on it. As the daughter of Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas got into movies early rising up in various roles such as The Village and notable for her bright red hair. Surprisingly, she dyed it blonde to play Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3 but back to red for various roles such as Jurassic World. Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain broke out with gripping roles in the likes of Zero Dark Thirty and The Martian, her own red hair and bright smile soon making her a red carpet darling.

It’s become amazingly easy to mix the two ladies up as they actually co-starred in The Help. Each has rolled with it, even doing photos of them together while laughing about folks “thinking we’re the same person” and Chastain joked that she’s even “rolled with” being confused for Howard a few times. The two are good friends which just makes it harder as it would take one going blonde for the spell of thinking they’re the same to be broken.

11 Kristen Stewart and Jena Malone


They share the fact that each stars in a blockbuster movie adaptation of a best-selling book series. However, Kristen Stewart and Jena Malone also share a great resemblance in looks and beauty. Stewart got attention playing Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room but achieved mega-success with the Twilight series. That’s led to her starring in various indie movies and coming out, showing some great style and humor with a daring choice in roles and fashion choices.

In an ironic connection, Malone played the younger version of Jodie Foster’s character in the 1997 movie Contact. She also starred in various indie films before coming to fame in various indie films. She got major attention as Johanna in The Hunger Games series with a fiery style that won over fans and critics. Both ladies share good looks, a willingness to change their hair color to fit a role and each choosing parts that challenge them majorly. Perhaps not as clear as others but you can see how alike they are.

10 Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

Here’s one of the best cases of two actresses who look so much alike that they’ve even used it for some fun. Both broke out huge in 2005 and both are strikingly beautiful redheads so it’s not surprising they’ve been mixed up. Amy Adams was first with her acclaimed turn in Junebug earning her the first of five Oscar nominations amid blockbusters like Arrival and Man of Steel to stand out well. Isla Fisher appeared the same year in Wedding Crashers and is enjoying her long career in hits like Now You See Me and others.

The confusion is huge with Fisher sharing the story of how, at the Oscars, Lady Gaga gushed to her about American Hustle with Isla actually pointing to an entering Adams and saying she was Fisher. Even better was that Fisher actually put Adams’ face on her body for a Christmas card to friends and family…and no one saw the difference. Redheads are supposed to be rare but it’s all too easy to mix these two up.

9 Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland


Mila Kunis is famous for only being 15 when she landed her breakout role as Jackie in That 70s Show. It wasn’t until midway through the first season that the producers discovered her real age but given how terrific she was in the part, they kept her on. Kunis has since shown her gorgeous looks and hot style in movies like Friends With Benefits, Black Swan and others, fans loving her great humor and how she may be short but very sexy.

Sarah Hyland broke out as Hayley on the long-running Modern Family, already cute but growing into a truly gorgeous woman. She’s notable for her lovely deep eyes and a thin but very nice look. Hyland has stated that she has been mistaken for Kunis several times, especially with her longer hair and takes it as “the best compliment possible.” She even joked of people asking her about Swan on the Golden Globes red carpet and tempted to act like Kunis but instead corrected them. While Kunis is several years the senior, it goes to show how young she was starting off to get mistaken for Hyland so much.

8 Naya Rivera and Shay Mitchell


The resemblance of these two is not just that they’ve played roles TV viewers greatly adored. Naya Rivera is of Puerto Rican descent and broke out majorly as the wicked Santana on Glee. With her great singing and dancing and sharp lines, she got attention. But she also impressed with the storyline of Santana coming out to her very religious family and eventually marrying her love Brittany. With that lush dark hair and skin tone, Rivera was easily one of the most beautiful women on the show.

Shay Mitchell is of a mixed Irish/Philippines mix and thus had a very alluring look to herself. That served her well with the role of Emily on Pretty Little Liars involving a lot of wild costumes. Mitchell also had an acclaimed storyline of Emily coming out and ready to return in the upcoming Lifetime series You. Each lady is a beauty with their deep eyes and thus shows they share more than just similar TV roles to be major favorites.

7 Emily Blunt and Alicia Vikander


Maybe not as obvious as others on this list but still a resemblance fans insist is a big one. Emily Blunt was the first to come out as a star with her scene-stealing performance as the tart-tongued assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. Since then, she’s been a fantastic starlet with everything from dramas to action flicks like Edge of Tomorrow. She was even offered the role of the Black Widow but turned it down and set to take on the iconic part of Mary Poppins to sell herself as a British beauty.

In 2015, Alicia Vikander burst onto the scene with a trio of acclaimed roles in Ex Machina, The Man From UNCLE and The Danish Girl, the latter of which won her an Oscar. She’s beefed up majorly to play Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider and thus showcasing the same athletic edge as Blunt. They also share a piercing gaze and a willingness to take risks in roles so while not as clear as others, the resemblance is on several levels.

6 Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester


Another case of two gals who openly acknowledge how easily they get mixed up. Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester both basically broke out at the exact same time. Kelly was first with her role as cheerleader Layla on the critically acclaimed NBC series Friday Night Lights. She sold this gal who realized life was more than just a football-loving Texas town and losing her money. While looking great with her lovely looks and lush dark hair, Kelly also sells a good humor to carry the show and handling short-lived series like Charlie’s Angels and Being Human to remain a hot presence.

Meester broke out huge as the self-absorbed Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. Fans loved her sharp tongue and how she made these fantastic outfits look amazing. Her gorgeous looks match Kelly’s and Meester using them for roles in Making History and some movies. The two are friends and even co-starred in The Roomate. It just shows how two brunettes are better than one.

5 Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett Smith


While she had a great look already and some good movies like the TV show A Different World and such, Jada Pinkett became more famous with her relationship with Will Smith. The duo have a great marriage with their kids getting into acting and singing as well. Jada is a beautiful woman who looks just as good in a dress as she does kicking tail in action scenes. Smith pretty much sticks to family stuff today aside from the odd appearance as gangster Fish Mooney on Gotham and thus not as popular as she once was.

Her mantle seems to have been taken up by Zoe Saldana. The alluring actress broke out majorly with Avatar, playing Uhura in the new Star Trek movies and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. She looks amazingly cool and able to handle action scenes with some humor.

4 Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale


This may seem odd but Lucy Hale swears that she has constantly been mistaken for Selena Gomez. Their backgrounds are different with Hale born in Memphis while Gomez was raised in Texas and proud of her Latina roots. However, it can be understandable how Hale could be mistaken for Gomez when they were a bit younger. Hale was rising up in TV with roles in short-lived shows like Privileged before Pretty Little Liars made her a huge star. She’s kept busy since the show ended with her new CW series Life Sentence and is even a singer.

Gomez can relate, having grown up a Disney starlet with her own singing career and the hit Wizards of Waverly Place. She’s shifted to a more adult style on tours and even handling stuff like a kidney transplant. Both have nice looks and lush dark hair and while they have different backgrounds, it is understandable how Hale could be mistaken for Selena a few times.

3  Emmy Rossum and Kat Dennings


In terms of bodies, Emmy Rossum is a bit thinner while Kat Dennings is proud of her curves. However, their faces do tend to look a lot alike with deep eyes and bright smiles as well as dark hair. Rossum had a “good girl” image in various movies like Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. But she sure threw that away with her part as Fiona in the raunchy Showtime comedy Shameless. While cursing like a sailor, Rossum also showed no problem doffing it all on camera and looking spectacular doing it.

With her smart mouth and sharp humor, Dennings got attention as the quirky Darcy in the Thor movies. She then graduated to her own CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls which lasted six seasons, giving her a chance to show off her fun with. A blogger, Dennings is planning her next move and doesn’t doff it like Rossum. However, it shows how the ladies may be matching in faces, if not bodies.

2 Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev


These two actresses do bear a very startling similarity to each other despite how Nina Dobrev is four years older than Victoria Justice. The Canadian-born Dobrev came to attention in the long-running Degrassi series. She then rose to fame for the dual roles of Elena and evil vampire Katherine on the long-running CW hit The Vampire Diaries. She’s moved on to movies like XXX: Return of Xander Cage and her gorgeous looks with dark black hair and nice features make her stand out.

Justice became famous on the Nick series Zoey 101 and then went on to star in the hit Victorious. Her fantastic singing voice is showcased with some leather outfits that Dobrev would be proud of. In 2015, the duo finally took a photo together at a party to prove they are different people and whatever road their careers take, it is amazing how easy it is to mix these two different ladies up.

1 Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley


The resemblance between these two is so amazing, it was made a key movie plot. In Star Wars Episode I, Padme (Portman) is shown as one of the handmaids for Queen Amidala who works with the Jedi and meets Anakin. In a later meeting with the Gungans, the Queen is talking but Padme steps up to reveal she’s the real Queen and this is her faithful decoy. It worked as Kiera Knightley and Portman have a stunning resemblance to each other. The face, the cheekbones, those deep eyes, it’s very easy to mix the duo up. With the makeup on, Knightley easily passed for Portman and the fact Portman can pull off a flawless British accent just helps it.

Knightley would go on to fame afterward with the Pirates series and other hits as she and Portman have gone on to great careers. Amazingly, the two have yet to work together since given that resemblance but one can hope someone realizes having them as on-screen twins can work once more.

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