20 C-List Celebs Who Might Become A-Listers In 2019

2018 has been a great year for Hollywood so far. We’ve seen so many great films come out, and we still have a few months to go. We can’t wait to see what else is going to hit the big screen this year! This fall and the upcoming holiday season will definitely be packed with amazing movies, so get ready to watch your favorite stars tackle some incredible roles. Now, we all know that our favorite A-listers will always be on the movie posters, but there are some up and coming celebs working their hardest to move up the ladder.

Sure, 2018 has been full of awesome films, but 2019 is shaping up to be another good year for Hollywood. We’ve already got the scoop on lots of feature films that will be coming out over the next few months and into next year. And like every other year, some new stars whose names you may not have known before will be making their marks on the industry. Watch out for some of these newbies: they will definitely be big names going forward, and they’re about to make a splash. Here are 20 C-listers who might become A-listers in 2019.

20 Eva Green

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If you’re a big fan of Tim Burton’s movies, you are definitely familiar with the wonderful actress Eva Green. But she actually worked on a huge variety of films with different directors throughout her career. According to People, she has appeared in films like Kingdom of Heaven, Casino Royale, and 300: Rise of Empire. But in 2019, she will be appearing in another Tim Burton film: the live remake of the Disney classic Dumbo. This film is sure to be a darker take on the popular story, and with the star studded cast, it will definitely make a big impression.

19 Betty Gilpin

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Betty Gilpin has one of those names that somehow makes you think of classic old Hollywood—and she has the looks to match. According to Variety, Betty has definitely made a big impression on audiences with her role in the hit series GLOW on Netflix. She’s appeared in several other television shows, too, including Nurse Jackie, Medium, Fringe, and Elementary. But in 2019, she is about to step into the mainstream. She already has three major films lined up that will premiere next year! Betty will be appearing in Isn’t It Romantic, Stuber, and the remake of The Grudge—how exciting!

18 Zazie Beetz

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Lately, it seems like Zazie Beetz is the name of everyone’s lips (and she’s got a pretty funky name, right?). Zazie is all set to make her lasting mark on Hollywood—we have no doubt that this girl is going to be making waves in the industry for years to come. According to Access Hollywood, Zazie captured the attention of audiences and critics alike with her performance on the television show Atlanta. She now has four films lined up for release in 2019: High Flying Bird, The Translation of Wounds, Against All Enemies, and Pale Blue Dot. Nobody works harder than Zazie!

17 Billy Eichner

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Did you love the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation? Well, if you were one of the loyal fans who hung on to the very end, you will definitely remember Billy Eichner’s role as the funny newcomer to the Parks department, Craig. And you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in 2019! According to Variety, Billy is going to be voicing the character Timon in the remake of The Lion King! Seriously, we just can’t wait for this movie. The cast is packed with all of our favorite celebs, and the remake will probably be just as good as the original.

16 Dove Cameron

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Dove Cameron just might be a real life angel, and it seems like everyone in Hollywood sees just how charming and talented she really is. According to Variety, Dove is definitely a rising star in Hollywood, and she’s slowly making her way on to the A-list. She will be reprising her starring role as Mal in The Descendants 3 film on Disney in 2019—this trilogy is basically High School Musical for kids today! She will also be voicing a character in Angry Birds 2. Oh, and did we mention she’s recording her first studio album on top of all that?

15 Taron Egerton

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If you’re a fan of British television shows and comedy films, you might already be aware of the super talented Taron Egerton. If not, get ready, because soon everyone will know his name! He has already appeared in the TV series The Smoke and the Kingsman films. According to Variety, Taron is going to be playing Elton John in his biopic, titled Rocket Man. The film will be released in 2019. Wow, talk about a huge honor—playing this famous and beloved artist will certainly come with a lot of pressure, but we have faith that Taron can pull it off.

14 Lee Pace

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If you were a big fan of the Twilight films, you may remember that Lee Pace made an appearance playing Garrett. According to The Wrap, Lee more recently played the role of Ronan the Accuser in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. So it’s safe to say that whether you’re a fan of vampire romances or superhero movies, you’ve seen Lee on screen! In 2019, he will be reprising the role of Ronan the Accuser in the film Captain Marvel. And we already know that this film is going to be a huge hit, so get ready for a blockbuster!

13 Andrea Riseborough

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Andrea Riseborough has been appearing fantastic films under the radar for years, but watch out for her name in 2019, because she’s about to earn her spot on the A-list. According to Variety, Andrea appeared in the critically acclaimed film Birdman, and worked with Tom Cruise in the film Oblivion. She also was in the cast of Battle of the Sexes and another comedy-drama film titled The Death of Stalin. So, what’s in her future in 2019? Andrea is going to be starring in a remake of the super popular horror film The Grudge—what an exciting project!

12 Caleb Landry Jones

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Caleb Landry Jones has secretly been in a few of your favorite films over the past couple years—you just might not know it because he lays low in his private life! He appeared in Get Out, as well as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and The Florida Project. Yes, that’s right—he appeared in not one, not two, but three Oscar nominated films in a single year! In 2019, he will be in a yet-untitled drama film with a star studded cast, directed by Lone Scherfig, and the comedy/zombie film The Dead Don’t Die.

11 Mena Massoud

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Haven’t heard of Mena Massoud yet? Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll be hearing his name everywhere—especially if you’re a fan of live action Disney films. Previously, he’s appeared in smaller films that didn’t get major releases, including Ordinary Days, Masters in Crime, and Final Exam. In 2018, he will be appearing in the movie Strange but True. According to Access Hollywood, he will be playing the lead role of Aladdin in the live remake of the classic Disney cartoon movie. Yes, we’re super excited for this. He will also be appearing in another 2019 film titled Run This Town.

10 Naomi Scott

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Now that you’ve got the 2019 release of Aladdin on your mind, you’re probably wondering who will be playing Jasmine! That’s the burning question on everyone’s minds, and luckily, we have the answer for you. According to Access Hollywood, Naomi Scott will be playing the role of Jasmine, the princess who steals Aladdin’s heart. We can’t wait to see Naomi and Mena fly around the world on a magic carpet together! Before taking on the role of Jasmine, Naomi acted in a couple other films: she was the Pink Ranger in the recent film adaptation of the famous TV show Power Rangers.

9 Joe Alwyn

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You may only know Joe Alwyn as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend—but get ready to see him in a totally new way, because he is getting ready to make a name for himself in Hollywood. Taylor’s boyfriend or not, this guy has some serious talent. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe appeared in several films in 2018 that received positive reviews, including Operation Finale, Boy Erased, The Favourite, and Mary Queen of Scots. Looks like he’s been working really hard to carve out his own career! In 2019, he will be appearing in the upcoming film Waiting for the Barbarians.

8 Alice Braga

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Alice Braga may not be the biggest name in Hollywood, but just wait and see how many times you hear her name in 2019. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alice has a major role in the upcoming X-Men film, The New Mutants. This will be one of her biggest mainstream roles. She originally gained prominence films shot in her native country of Brazil. However, she did star in a pretty big hit a few years back: she starred opposite Will Smith in the film I Am Legend. She has also had parts in several other major films, including Elysium.

7 Wendi McLendon-Covey

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It’s been a few years since the popular comedy film Bridesmaids came out, so the name Wendi McLoven-Covey might not sound too familiar. According to Access Hollywood, Wendi played the role of Rita, and she was nominated for several comedy awards after the film was released to rave reviews. Since then, she has appeared in several films that also received a lot of positive buzz, including What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Magic Mike, The Single Moms Club, and the sequel to Think Like a Man, Think Like a Man Too. In 2019, she’ll be in the highly anticipated What Men Want.

6 Eric Andre

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Eric Andre is definitely not your typical celebrity. We’re talking about the guy who created The Eric Andre Show here—you know, the guy who actually got famous by scaring other celebrities that appeared on his show. So it’s clear that he was never trying to become wealthy and well-known—but his fans love his sense of humor, and 2019 is going to be his year. According to IMDB, Eric will be breaking into the mainstream as part of The Lion King remake cast. He’ll be voicing one of the hyenas, Azizi, and it’s going to be a laugh riot.

5 Zachary Levi Pugh

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We know that for the past few years, everyone seems to say that Frozen is their new favorite Disney film—but we can’t forget about the adorable movie Tangled and the awesome soundtrack! Did you know that the actor Zachary Levi was the voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled? Who could forget that scene where he sings with Rapunzel at the magical lantern festival? According to Deadline Hollywood, Zachary will be making an appearance on the big screen in 2019—he’ll be playing the titular character in the upcoming DC film Shazam! We’re looking forward to seeing this one for sure.

4 Naomi Ackie

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Naomi Ackie is definitely an actress to watch in the coming years. According to London Evening Standard, Naomi started acting in short films and doing guest spots on television shows a couple years ago, but she really made an impression when she appeared in the critically acclaimed film Lady Macbeth. In fact, audiences and reviewers were so stunned by her performance that she received a British Independent Film Award for best upcoming newcomer! What a huge honor. In 2019, you will be seeing her on movie screens everywhere in the next installment of the Stars Wars saga, Star Wars: Episode IX.

3 Timothy Olyphant

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Timothy Olyphant is another one of those actors who may not get a ton of press, or land leading roles in every big films, but he’s always pulling his weight on screen and consistently appearing in good films. But according to Access Hollywood, that could all be about to change. In 2019, Timothy will appear in the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, alongside major stars like Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio! Look, if you can hold your own with those A-listers, it’s clear that you deserve a spot on the A-list, too. Expect to see Timothy everywhere.

2 Nasim Pedrad

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Nasim Pedrad has had her hits and misses in Hollywood over the years: she signed on to some projects that did not fare too well, like the short-lived sitcom Mulaney, but she was also a cast member on Saturday Night Live and appeared in popular shows like Scream Queens and New Girl. According to Variety, Nasim will be making an appearance in a major feature film in 2019: she will also be joining the cast of Aladdin! Although she mainly appears on TV shows or does voiceover work for animated films, it looks like she is trying something different.

1 Asher Angel

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Don’t know who Asher Angel is yet? He’s about to make the transition from young Disney star to true Hollywood star—just wait and see! According to People, Asher is known amongst young fans for appearing in the Disney series Andi Mack. However, he is now taking on some projects that will take his career in a whole new direction. He will be appearing in one of the leading roles in Shazam! This will probably be his biggest mainstream role to date, and his character could very well be making appearances in future DC films as well—it’s a turning point!

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