20 British Actresses Who Are Taking Over Hollywood

Movie fans love the plots as much as they love the players. And some of films’ finest females come from far away. Lots of our leading ladies have traveled to Hollywood by way of Britain, proving the English are excellent when it comes to their acting abilities. And the ladies below prove it time and time again.

These 20 exceptional English actresses are taking over Hollywood with their talent and beauty. No matter their age or stage in the biz, each of these gals are great in their own right. They have starred in some of the greatest movies of our generation, captivating audiences with their knack for knocking it out of the park, or in their case, the theater.

Sure, we love our American actresses too, as well as others from countries all over the world, but it seems like there has been a “British invasion” of excellence from “across the pond.”

Check out these 20 amazing and inspiring women who are proving their worth in the “Wild West” of the west coast, a.k.a. Hollywood. They are spectacular in every sense of the word, bringing a certain something to the big screen we just can’t seem to get enough of. A standing ovation for these beautiful (and bankable) Brits!

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20 Keira Knightley

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The 33-year-old brunette beauty is one of the top actresses on the big screen today. She has been featured in films including Love Actually, The Hole, Domino, Never Let Me Go, Pride & Prejudice, Begin Again, A Dangerous Method, King Arthur, Laggies, New Year’s Eve, and many more, making her a fan favorite not only for her acting chops, but for her elegance and ease. Knightley’s ability to transform into any character is a true testament to her talent, and her career is in it’s prime. That said, expect this English rose to soar as her career continues to blossom.

19 Kate Winslet


Still a screen-stealer, the lovely Kate Winslet is a winner in Hollywood. She’s 42-years-old and as amazing as ever. Fans fell for the Brit after she made Titanic a blockbuster alongside the handsome Leo DiCaprio. Ever since, Winslet has been wowing us with her work in films such as The Reader, The Holiday, Little Children, Insurgent, Carnage, Steve Jobs, Romance & Cigarettes, The Mountain Between Us, and more. Winslet is an exceptional actress with an easy-going style and a smart and savvy personality. Fans of all ages agree that she is one of today’s top talents. When Winslet is in a movie, it is bound to be a blockbuster.

18 Kate Beckinsale

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As attractive as she is great at acting, the brunette Kate Beckinsale is a star who has taken Hollywood by storm. Her smile lights up the screen and her loveliness always a delight to watch. Fans have enjoyed Beckinsale’s movies for years. Perhaps you have seen the actress in one of her many films including Pearl Harbor, Total Recall, Serendipity, Underworld, Contraband, Whiteout, Love & Friendship, Snow Angels, Much Ado About Nothing, or Laurel Canyon to name a few. Beckinsale is a talent who will continue to shine in Hollywood. Casting her in a film is sure to bring in audiences. She radiates her charm right through the lens of the camera.

17 Emma Watson

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Adorable and attractive, the sweet and stylish Emma Watson is a Hollywood darling, straight from England. She is best known for her role in the Harry Potter films, but she has starred in a number of other films too, all terrific and all worth watching. Watson was a gem in films including Beauty and the Beast, The Bling Ring, Regression, The Circle, This is the End, Noah, and more. While it seems like Watson has been around forever, it’s only because she started so young. But as a woman in her 20s, she still has years ahead of her where she can continue to share her talent with the world.

16 Emily Blunt

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Gorgeous and always great on screen, the impeccable Emily Blunt is a Hollywood darling, starring in some of the hottest films and showing Hollywood that some of the best talent comes from “across the pond.” Blunt is 35-years-old and married to actor John Krasinski. If you adore Blunt, then you must have seen many of her movies. Some of which include A Quiet Place, Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, The Devil Wears Prada, Looper, Wind Chill, The Five-Year Engagement, Into the Woods, The Muppets, Sunshine Cleaning, My Summer Love, The Young Victoria, Dan in Real Life, and Wild Target. Blunt just keeps getting better, showing the world that at 35, she is in her peak. We can’t wait to see what she stars in next.

15 Felicity Jones


Fans love British actress Felicity Jones for her talent and elegant beauty. She is 34 years old and hails from the UK. But that hasn’t stopped the actress from showing the movers and shakers in Hollywood that she’s got what it takes to rule every role. Jones has been in some fabulous films, many of which have received acclaim. Some of her more popular movies include Inferno, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Theory of Everything, The Tempest, Hysteria, The Invisible Woman, and True Story. Jones is not only stunning, but super successful and a screen-stealer. She is showing the Hollywood crowd that the Brits are big in their town.

14 Naomie Harris

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The 41-year-old Naomie Harris is a delight to watch on screen. She is remarkably talented and easy on the eyes to boot. Harris is a British beauty who is a big name in Hollywood. Have you seen any of her work? If so, you know why she keeps on landing some of the best roles and wowing audiences with every performance. Harris has been in movies including Skyfall, Moonlight, Collateral Beauty, 28 Days Later, Southpaw, Miami Vice, Spectre, Rampage, Mowgli, Ninja Assassin, August, Frankenstein, and more. Harris is mesmerizing to watch in any movie of any genre. Her beautiful brown eyes and soft smile keep our eyes glued to the screen.

13 Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller is like a ray of sunshine. Her smile lights up the screen and her talent is evident with every role she nails. Miller is 36-years-old and has appeared in many movies over the span of her career. Some of her films include American Sniper, Alfie, Stardust, Burnt, Factory Girl, High-Rise, Mississippi Grind, Casanova, Foxcatcher, Live By Night, Interview, Unfinished Business, The Edge of Love, Two Jacks, Just Like a Woman, The Girl, and Camille. For years, fans have adored Miller’s magic on screen, as she shows Hollywood a thing or two about true talent. As far as we can tell, Miller will be making movies for a long time to come.

12 Tilda Swinton

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The dynamic and out-of-the-box beauty, Tilda Swinton, has been at her craft for years. She is 57 and is still making films that impress audiences from all over. Have you had the chance to see any of the Brit’s best movies? How about Doctor Strange, The Grand Budapest Hotel, I Am Love, Orlando, Constantine, Young Adam, Moonrise Kingdom, Broken Flowers, War Machine, Vanilla Sky, The Deep End, or Okja? All are amazing with Swinton to thank for a great deal of their success. Her look is always changing, but her talent never changes. If anything, it just keeps improving. Swinton is like a chameleon when it comes to her looks. But her acting ability is always fantastic!

11 Lily Collins

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Lily Collins is the daughter of legendary musician Phil Collins. She is gorgeous enough to be a model, but her heart is in acting. She is 29 years old and her presence on screen is always spectacular. She is giving Hollywood a run for its money as she lands some of the best roles out there. Some of Collins’ films include To the Bone, The Blind Side, Mirror Mirror, Abduction, Priest, Stuck in Love, Rules Don’t Apply, The English Teacher, Here Comes the Grump, Okja, and Love, Rosie. Collins comes from a talented family, so it is no surprise that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Her pop must be proud of his daughter as she takes Hollywood by storm. Fame runs in the Collins clan!

10 Imogen Poots


The English beauty Imogen Poots is a great actress, showing the Americans that the Brits are ready to rule Hollywood. Poots is 29 years old and is proving to everyone what a true talent she is. Some of her movies include Need for Speed, That Awkward Moment, She’s Funny That Way, Green Room, I Kill Giants, Fright Night, V for Vendetta, The Look of Love, A Long Way Down, 28 Weeks Later, Solitary Man, Jane Eyre, Knight of Cups, Cracks, Chatroom, and Comes a Bright Day. Poots is impressive, always entertaining, and one to watch as she keeps getting better with every role. Hollywood, look out for this British babe!

9 Claire Foy


Claire Foy is another British beauty who is making her rounds in Hollywood. She is a true movie star with impeccable talent and good looks to match. She has been seen in some unforgettable films including The Girl in the Spider’s Web, First Man, Unsane, Breathe, The Lady in the Van, Rosewater, Vampire Academy, Wreckers, The Night Watch, Season of the Witch, Pulse, and others. Fans enjoy Foy’s natural abilities to transform into character, bringing her talent to the screen and impressing us at every turn. She is lovely to look at and we expect to see so much more of the star over the years to come. We thank the Brits for sending this actress to America!

8 Gemma Arterton

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Gemma Arterton is a real gem! She is beautiful, talented, and super-successful, making her way from the UK to the US. Arterton is 32 years old and makes every movie she is in even better by being part of the cast. Some of her movies include Clash of the Titans, The Escape, Runner Runner, The Girl with All the Gifts, The Voices, A Hundred Sheets, Perfect, Three and Out, The History of Love, Capturing Mary, Vita and Virginia, and Gemma Bovery. Arterton is always thrilling to watch and fans from all over love her work on screen. Hollywood is thrilled to have this English beauty as part of the biz.

7 Rachel Weisz


The ravishing Rachel Weisz is a British beauty who has made a name for herself in Hollywood over the years. She is 48 years old and is always impressing audiences with her work on the big screen. She is attractive and alluring, making her one to watch not only for her looks but for her top-notch talent. She is married to fellow actor Daniel Craig. Some of Weisz’ movies are The Mummy, The Bourne Legacy, My Cousin Rachel, Dream House, Agora, The Lobster, Enemy at the Gates, The Fountain, About a Boy, The Lovely Bones, Youth, Denial, Stealing Beauty, The Mercy, and My Blueberry Nights.

6 Emilia Clarke

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Another British beauty taking Hollywood by the horns is the lovely Emilia Clarke, 31. She is a brunette babe who makes acting look like a piece of cake. Her natural talent is impressive, making her one to watch on the big screen. She has starred in a number of films including Spike Island, Me Before You, Above Suspicion, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Voice from the Stone, Shackled, and The Garden of Last Days to name some of her roster of roles in Hollywood. At 31, Clarke is sure to make many more movies and keep the big shots in Hollywood as well as awe-struck audiences on the edge of their seats.

5 Rosamund Pike


Rosamund Pike is another British bombshell making movies in Hollywood and doing it like a champ. Pike is 39 years old and impresses her throngs of fans with her top-of-the-line talent and taste as well as her beauty which bounces off the big screen. If you have a preference for Pike films, perhaps you’ve seen some of her finest work. Some of her films include Gone Girl, Hostiles, Jack Reacher, Doom, Fracture, A Private War, Return to Sender, Surrogates, Die Another Day, Wrath of the Titans, The World’s End, The Man with the Iron Heart, An Education, A Long Way Down, and The Big Year.

4 Thandie Newton


Thandie Newton is an English beauty with raw talent on screen. She has starred in many films over the span of her career, becoming one of Hollywood’s best and brightest stars. The gorgeous actress has been in the following films: Mission: Impossible 2, Norbit, Crash, Beloved, Gringo, Interview with the Vampire, The Truth About Charlie, Flirting, Half a Yellow Sun, The Leading Man, The Young Americans, Retreat, Good Deeds, and Jefferson in Paris. With lots of great work under her belt and plenty more that is sure to come her way, Newton is one of Britain’s best, showing the folks in Hollywood that she’s here to stay!

3 Carey Mulligan


Carey Mulligan is 33 years old and showing Hollywood that she’s got major talent. She is a blonde beauty with a great resume and plenty more movies that are sure to be in her future. She is super cute and totally talented, giving her fans a big thrill every time she is seen on the big screen. Some of her best movies include Drive, The Great Gatsby, An Education, Shame, Never Let Me Go, Wildlife, Public Enemies, Mudbound, Wildlife, Brothers, My Boy Jack, The Greatest, and My Fair Lady to name some of her work. With talent like hers, we are sure to see plenty of Mulligan films to come. Make room for more Mulligan!

2 Alice Eve


The blonde and beautiful Alice Eve is everything one would want to see on the big screen. Not only is she absolutely breathtaking, but her talent is top-notch. Eve is 36 years old and showing the Hollywood types that she’s got a knack for knowing how to stand out. Some of her long list of movies include Before We Go, Sex and the City 2, Criminal, The Raven, Crossing Over, She’s Out of My League, The Con is On, Misconduct, Cold Comes the Night, The Stolen, ATM, Replicas, Please Stand By, Stage Beauty, Hawking, Bees Make Honey, Untogether, The Amazing Trousers, and Dirty Weekend.

1 Elizabeth Hurley

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From model to actress, England’s Elizabeth Hurley, 53, has been impressing fans for decades. The brown-haired beauty is always stunning on screen, giving audiences their money’s worth. She has a dazzling smile and a radiance about her that makes her perfect for the movies. Some of her films include Bedazzled, Passenger 57, Serving Sara, My Favorite Martian, Kill Cruise, EDtv, Dangerous Ground, Permanent Midnight, Rowing with the Wind, Aria, Mickey Blue Eyes, Method, Dawg, Extreme Measures, Viktor, and The Long Winter. At 53, Hurley has never looked better and we bet she keeps improving over time. Look out for more Hurley films to come.

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