20Clay and Hannah have a lot in common in real life

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Throughout the series, especially in season 1, Clay and Hannah’s relationship is dissected. For the actors playing the characters, having a lot in common was not a far stretch for them to play.

One of the reasons why the show is so good is because the relationship between the actors is

so authentic. They genuinely like each other and enjoy working with one another and being in each other's lives and you can tell with how the show turned out that this is the case here.

Ironically, both teenagers have the same poster hanging in their room. Both are big Arcade Fire fans and they both have the 2014 Reflektor tour poster in their room. If you think about it, these two were kind of meant to be in each other’s lives in some capacity, I mean what are the odds?

This is a super random but kind of cool fact about the cast that I am sure a lot of you did not know. It is funny to think that someone, somewhere, may have the same poster as you do hanging over their bed and you will one day do something really awesome with that person.

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