20 Behind The Scenes Secrets From The Cast Of 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why has become one of those shows that the world in its entirety needs to watch. Not only is it filled with important lessons, it is also very telling of the generation we are currently living in.

For those of you who have yet to start the series, I must warn you, a lot of it is hard to watch. However, that is what makes it a good show. It does not shy away from the sad and gruesome realities that many people have to go through. It is educational and entertaining and it definitely pulls at your heartstrings.

The reality is that what you see on the show happens every day across America and I must salute both the creators of the show as well as the cast for the important roles they are playing.

Similar to every television show, there are certain things that even the biggest fans do not know. With such a huge following I thought it would be fun to find out some cool, unknown facts to share with our readers.

From secrets about cast members to reasons why certain things are the way they are in the show, this article is jam-packed with some random facts that even the biggest fans of the show do not know.

20 Clay and Hannah have a lot in common in real life

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Throughout the series, especially in season 1, Clay and Hannah’s relationship is dissected. For the actors playing the characters, having a lot in common was not a far stretch for them to play.

One of the reasons why the show is so good is because the relationship between the actors is so authentic. They genuinely like each other and enjoy working with one another and being in each other's lives and you can tell with how the show turned out that this is the case here.

Ironically, both teenagers have the same poster hanging in their room. Both are big Arcade Fire fans and they both have the 2014 Reflektor tour poster in their room. If you think about it, these two were kind of meant to be in each other’s lives in some capacity, I mean what are the odds?

This is a super random but kind of cool fact about the cast that I am sure a lot of you did not know. It is funny to think that someone, somewhere, may have the same poster as you do hanging over their bed and you will one day do something really awesome with that person.

19 Two actors never read the book

Usually, when a series is based off the book, actors kill themselves reading the books before auditioning to get a better understanding of who the character is that they are reading for. As many of you already know 13 Reasons Why is based off a 2007 novel written by Jay Asher. You would think that all the actors on the show would have read the book before auditioning, however, for two actors that were not the case.

Both Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette both revealed that before auditioning, they did not read the book. They both thought that reading the book would potentially add more pressure or alter the characters they wanted for the show. I completely see why they did not want to do it but I would have never imagined both actors would have taken a risk like that and let's be honest, they both completely kill their roles.

Regardless of not reading the book, both got the part and in all honesty, I could not picture anyone else playing their roles. They have clearly done well by not reading the book before the audition, there was an evident method behind their madness and it worked!

18 Dylan Minnette is outside Clay's house on Google Maps

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Google maps is a pretty insane tool. I mean for those stalker girls out there it is an even better thing. For those of you who do not know, google maps has a “street view” section, which allows you to see any address from the outside.

Clay’s home on the series is shown quite a bit of time, especially in season 1. What many of you do not realize is that the house is, in fact, a real family home, with a real family living inside of it. In a lot of cases when it comes to television, they will use the outside of a real house and the inside of a set.

A lot of fans do not know is that if you search Clay’s address on google maps and switch it to street view, you will actually see Dylan Minnette posing in front of the house. Although the face is blurred, if you see it, it is pretty evident that the person posing is Minnette.

This is pretty cool for those living in the house, especially if they are fans of the show. Imagine, being a teenager and living in the same house as one of the characters of your favorite show. I don’t know about you but I would be a very happy girl if this were to happen!

17 You can listen to all of Hannah's tapes online.

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The series 13 Reasons Why is about a young girl who ends herself, leaving behind 13 tapes, for 13 different people, explaining why and how she came to this decision. These tapes are personal recollections of different events and will take whoever listens to them on an emotional rollercoaster.

For those of you who have watched the show, you will know that the tapes, in season 1 are the most integral part of the storyline. The tapes are the foundation that the entire series has been built on.

Many people do not know that you can live out the full 13 Reasons Why experience by listening to all of Hannah’s recordings via the show's website. In order to be able to access the audio, one must enter their age.

The audios are incredibly chilling, however, it is a new way of gaining insight into both the show and depression. I would not advise everyone to listen to them because as we know, some of the information we as viewers receive is quite graphic.

Regardless of who you are, you can't deny the impact listening to those tapes will have on you, even if you know it is not real, you know that many people around the globe are feeling that way and going through those emotions.

16 Katherine Langford was cast over Skype

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Auditioning could be a super painful experience. You need to sit around, looking at your competition, then you go into a room and nervously read a scene. However, for actress Katherine Langford that was not the case. Sometimes in life, things just work out in your favor and for Langford, this is one of them.

Langford who is a Perth native, was in Australia when the production team was casting the role of Hannah Baker. Langford, who obviously has an amazing agent, ended up auditioning via Skype. The talented actress was clearly perfect for the role because she got the part before even meeting the producers or other cast members.

In my opinion, Langford was the perfect person to play Hannah. Her raw talent and innocent beauty are what makes her one of the most likable people on any series ever. I can totally see why they did not need to meet her in person; she was truly made for this role.

Langford nails it as Hannah. Not only is she super believable but she makes you question her decision as well as the actions of those around her. She is one of those people who has such a bright future it blinds those around her and I personally can't wait to see what her next showbiz move is.

15 The cast has matching tattoos

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One thing that I adore about the cast members of this television show is how close they are to one another and how connected they are to the storyline of the series. They are aware of the importance their performance has on both individuals going through these things and those unaware that they are hurting people, who are already bleeding inside. This is precisely why this show is so important for people of all age groups to watch.

After the series premiered, stars Tommy Dorfman, Brandon Flynn, Alisha Boe and executive producer Selena Gomez all commemorated the moment by getting matching tattoos. They all got a semicolon on their wrists. Not only was this a way of the cast members bonding but it was also a way of them letting their fans know that they are not alone. The tattoo they got in a popular symbol for that battling depression and those having negative thoughts.

Both things are obviously huge parts of the show and the semicolon symbolizes hope to carry on. I love how they did this together, to show fans of the show that are going through this that they are not alone.

14 Selena Gomez was originally going to play Hannah

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Selena Gomez is the biggest name that is linked to the series. As many of you know she is one of the producers and shares a deep connection with the series. Selena Gomez became attached to the idea of adapting the novel for over a decade. She wanted to see this story come to life and felt like it was important to share it with the world.

When Gomez began creating the series, it was going to be a movie, where she played Hannah. As the movie began morphing into a Netflix series, Gomez along with Asher and the production team came to the conclusion that Gomez was simply too famous for that part. They began looking for up and coming leading ladies to portray Hannah, which is how Langford got the part.

When you think about it, they made a good decision by not having Gomez play Hannah. As much as I love Gomez and as talented as I think she is I do not know if she would have played as good of a Hannah as Langford did.

The show was done perfectly and I am truly happy about their casting choices. The cast of this series made a big difference and had a huge impact on the popularity of the series.

13 You can buy Hannah's nail polish

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Sometimes in life, there are fans who are so obsessed that they want to have everything they can from a series. For those of you who are detail-oriented, you may have noticed that on each tape, Hannah writes the number of the tape in a dark blue nail polish, the same shade as Hannah was wearing the last time Clay sees her and throughout the last days of her life.

Throughout the series, Blue is seen to be a very prominent color and that nail polish she uses is called Endless Blue and it is made by Sinful Colors and you can actually buy the nail polish on their site.

The color of the polish can be symbolic of a few things. The first is that the fact she is wearing that polish during her last days on earth can be symbolic of her decision being made. It can be viewed as being symbolic of the finality of her decision and the notion that her decision is irreversible.

The nail polish can also be viewed as symbolic in regards to the person Hannah is- a sweet and romantic girl. However, the dark blue polish can demonstrate that her emotions have turned into the color of sadness and heartbreak.

12 Taylor Swift has a cameo

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Taylor Swift is literally everywhere, including in the show 13 Reasons Why. Selena Gomez, who is an integral part of the show, is best friends with Taylor Swift. This duo always finds a way of supporting one another and lifting each other's careers.

Gomez gave her bestie a subtle shout-out on the show that many of you may have missed. In the background of one of the scenes, fans were able to spot a poster of Swifts 1989 album cover.

This is a perfect example of something BFF’s do for each other. Also, Swift is such a huge sensation, especially with that age group that it makes sense that her poster would be somewhere.

Many fans did not notice Swift’s little cameo but those who did sure made the Internet know about it. Although fans of 13 Reasons Why are crazy, there are no fans as devoted and Taylor Swift fans.

11 You can read Tony's recollection of the events

Tony has such an important role in the series. Not only is he one of Hannah’s friends, he is also a sort of confident for her. His trusting ways comforted Hannah, knowing that whatever she gave him, he would follow through with, which he did.

For those of you who watched the show, you know that Tony is the person that Hannah trusted her tapes with. In 2007, a blog was released after the novel became so popular. On this blog, you can read Tony’s thoughts through his journal.

Tony’s blog, similar to Hannah’s tapes, is filled with chilling insight in regards to this touchy and emotional subject. The blog is called “Hannah’s Reasons” and can be found on BlogSpot, however, it has not been updated since 2009.

10 Christian Navarro learned to drive to play Tony


Cars are such a huge part of Tony’s character. Like many teenagers, he loves his car. Most of the time, teens learn to drive as soon as they can, it is almost like a right of passage or a means of freedom.

Tony is a really interesting character. He is what I like to call, a sweet baddie. Tony loves driving and fixing up his super cool car and he looks like such a natural when he does so.

This is why fans are surprised to find out that the actor who plays Tony, Christian Navarro did not know how to drive before he got the role on the show. The show got him driving lessons after casting him and he is, for the first time in his life, a licensed driver all thanks to 13 Reasons Why.

9 The timestamps at the end of Season 1 have a meaning behind it

The thing I love about the show is all the tiny details that went into it. There is one thing that many viewers did not catch on to at the end of Season 1. That is the date that some of the characters record their testimonies for Hannahs trial. The interviews took place on November 10th, 2017 however, the show in fact premiered in March of 2017.

I believe that this was done with a purpose. It shows viewers that there is time. Time is something you cant get back but time also heals. If you or someone you know is having those kinds of thoughts, please let them know that there is time and that you have the time to help them get through these dark thoughts.

8 Kevin Bacons daughter is in the show

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Kevin Bacon is a worldwide superstar. He is a household name who has paved the way for his talented daughter who is in this industry. What many people do not know is that Kevin Bacons daughter is on the show 13 Reasons Why.

She plays Skye, the tatted barista that viewers got a chance to see a lot more of in season 2. Her name is Sosie and her mother is the stunning Kyra Sedgwick. Bacon's daughter is actually insanely talented and I am really happy that we were able to see her performance truly impact people in the latest season. I know that her character related to a lot of people and I am sure that she had a positive influence on many lives.

7 Not every character in the series is in the book

A lot of the time, when books are adapted into screenplays some details are changed and a lot of the times characters are added or removed. In this case, when the writers were bringing this book to life, they needed to create some new characters in order to give the show the success it deserved. "I think of the book as this outline of Hannah's story, and then from that, the writers of the series — with Jay's blessing — added so many details and plots that allow the viewer to unpack the story to a greater extent. The new characters help out flesh out this world" stated Langford.

It is almost crazy to think of the show without all the characters that have helped make it so impactful. There are so many layers to each and every character gives so much of themselves to the role, which is truly tremendous.

6 Some shots were filmed at a real high school, while others were not

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Television is a crazy thing and there is so much that goes into it, it is impossible to know what it “real” and what is not. Which is where I come in! "The exterior shots and some of the interior shots were filmed at a real high school in northern California” stated Langford. The production continued in the fall while school was no longer available to film in so the crew built an exact replica of the school in a giant warehouse.

Not only are those on-screen super talented but those behind the screen are the people who truly make sure that every single little detail is on point. They are truly the real MVPs of any series.

5 The winter formal scene took over a week to shoot

I think everyone remembers the dance scene in episode 5 season 1. However, what we did not know while watching the show is how complex the scene was to shoot.

The crew really wanted to capture all angles and perspectives in order to do the scene justice. Since there were so many characters and so many points of view, the scene ended up taking more than a week to film.

The cast all loved shooting this scene because there was a sense of nostalgia on set. "We had such a large group of young actors and actresses, so we really felt like we were going back to prom. It felt like going back in time, both when the cameras were rolling and when we were messing around in the green room having fun" said Langford in an interview.

4 Sometimes evening scenes are shot at 4 am

Whoever thinks being an actor is easy, is truly mistaken. The hours are long and crazy and it is hard to have a personal life when you are a star of a television show. A lot of people think acting is a glamorous life, however, besides red carpet events, there is nothing glamorous about it.

Every scene of this series took hours on end to shoot. Due to difficulties coordinating cast and crew members, a lot of the scenes ended up being shot in the middle of the night, making sure they got the shot before the sunrise.

Every scene takes hours to shoot, and it can be tough to coordinate the cast and crew's schedule with the right time of day. So when necessary, they'd fake a nighttime scene by shooting before sunset. Langford went on record stating, "Sometimes, we'd shoot from four to six in the morning on a summer day because we needed it to look like it was seven o'clock on a fall night.”

3 There's a secret meaning behind the lighting

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This is by far one of my favorite aspects of this series and it is something many people missed. There is so much genius behind this part of the visuals that is mind-blowing to think of someone creating this level of poetic visual beauty.

When Hannah is alive, the show is shot in “warm tones” and after she passes away there are more blues and greys. This visual difference is truly something that makes the show stand out from other series, the detail that went into coming up with this truly made a huge difference.

If you are ever to re-watch the series, you may notice the change and it may have you understand and see the storyline differently. It is one of the coolest and most riveting aspects of the entire series.

2 Some of the actors knew each other before the series began

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The world has a funny way of working itself out. People come in and out of your lives at different times and there is always a purpose to everything that happens. When Minnette and Langford were only sixteen years old they actually worked on an NBC pilot together titled Save Me. The show was about a mom who had suffered from a near-death experience and comes back to life with the ability to receive messages from God.

The series never got picked up and the young actors lost touch until they both landed roles on the same kickass show. "We worked together when we had just gotten our drivers' licenses. Four years later, I saw his name on the 13 Reasons Why call sheet, and it was like, oh my goodness, what are the odds? It was great to have a reunion when I signed on" said Langford.

1 Will Hannah return?

As most of us know, Netflix renewed the show for a 3 season, which is amazing news. I am looking forward to seeing what the writers have come up with and I can’t wait to see what happens with each and every character. A lot of people are wondering if Hannah will be back in season 3 and the answer is yes.

Hannah Baker, despite her ending, had an entire life waiting to be shared and rumor is that they will bring her character back and create an entirely new angle around it. This show has so much importance and I am positive that everyone involved has so much more to share in regards to all of these important topics.

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