19 Things About Jessica Biel That Even Her Fans Might Not Remember

One of the most popular shows that fans all loved watching from 1996 to 2007 was 7th Heaven. We loved how Rev. Camden and his wife overcame issues in their marriage and how they dealt with the challenges of raising such a big family. We also loved just how normal this family was, regardless of having a pastor as its head, since most people have all sorts of preconceived notions about pastors and their families.

However, one of the best things to come out of 7th Heaven was Jessica Biel, who played the role of the oldest daughter called Mary Camden. She is arguably the most successful actress from the show today, and the fact that she's married to Justin Timberlake is also a huge plus.

Jessica Biel has very many fans out there, and it's possible that some people know her so well that they can tell you everything we'd want to know about her. However, not too many people know her past really well, and if you know a lot about her there are some things you've surely forgotten since she's such an adventurous woman.

19 She Is Very Charitable

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Back in 2006, Jessica Biel put herself up for auction. The purpose of the charity was to raise money for a teenage girl who was involved in an accident on her way to prom where she lost her leg. Jessica was to go on a date with the highest bidder and one lucky guy called John, an oil company vice president, got the date with a bid of $30,000.

The funds were used to clear the girl’s medical bills. She also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to raise awareness of the global water crisis while working with United Nations.

18 She Used To Date Captain America

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Biel, now married to famous singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake, once dated Chris Evans back in 2001. Chris who now plays a fictional superhero called Captain America in the Marvel comics acted two roles as Jessica’s boyfriend in the films Cellular and London when they were still dating.

They enjoyed working together as they got to spend more time together. Their relationship was never in the limelight because they dated way before every paparazzi had a blog where they needed to constantly post photos. The two dated until 2006 before calling it quits. She started dating Justin Timberlake the following year and they got married in 2012.

17 She's Also A Musician And A Model

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Jessica initially trained as a vocalist before pursuing acting. Her interest in music started when she won a karaoke contest at eight years of age. The next year she appeared in several musical productions like The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast. She has participated in international music competitions and at the same time ventured into modeling.

She has also appeared in The Fly Away From Here music video by Aerosmith released in 2001. Her debut role in acting before landing her breakthrough role in the series 7th Heaven was in a musical film titled It’s a Digital World. She has sung in several of her films.

16 She's Besties With Her Former Co-Star

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Jessica’s role as Mary Camden in the family drama series 7th Heaven introduced her to her long-time bestie Beverley Mitchell. In the series, Jessica played the role of Beverley’s older sister but interestingly Beverley is 14 months older than her in real life. Mitchell was even there when Jessica first met Justin Timberlake at the Golden Globes award in 2007.

She constantly made fun of Jessica for hanging out with the members of the famous band NSYNC. Jessica was even a Bridesmaid in Mitchell’s wedding to Michael Cameron back in 2008. The two say that their friendship is so effortless, which is why it has endured for decades.

15 Acting Was Her Backup Plan

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Majority of Hollywood actors and actresses claim to have wanted to pursue acting as their only career goal since they can remember. This was not the case for Biel; she did not want to be an actress at first but instead wanted to venture into medicine and become a surgeon.

She says she enjoys medical shows but figured she needed to be good at math so pursuing such a career would not be possible. She is also fascinated with bones and once claimed she would want to be an archaeologist in another life. Jessica seems to have no regrets about choosing acting because her career in Hollywood worked out just fine.

14 She's A Hands-On Mom

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Jessica and Husband Justin Timberlake welcomed their son, Silas Randall Timberlake on April 8, 2015. Jessica admits that she has been having trouble balancing her career and personal life after having the baby but says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She does not have nannies to assist with the baby and prefers being a hands-on mom. Jessica says Silas is a handful, she barely has time to even eat, and most of her meals are either finishing her son’s food or eating while taking a shower. But all in all, there is no denying she absolutely enjoys motherhood.

13 She Owned A Restaurant

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Jessica’s love for food prompted her to open a kid-friendly restaurant called Au Fudge in Los Angeles in March 2016. Since she is a former vegetarian, the restaurant had vegetarian, vegan, organic and gluten-free food options. The restaurant had space for kids to do various activities like art, music, play, and offered classes for them as well.

The restaurant also had a bar for the parents to enjoy their drinks. In July this year, Jessica announced on her Instagram page that she would be closing the restaurant after running the business for two years, which she did. However, the restaurant would be available for private events.

12 She Was An Adventurous Teen

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While Jessica played the role of a minister’s daughter in the family drama series 7th Heaven, she often found herself getting into trouble with the production cast. She landed the role when she was 14, but it seems the role didn't stop her from being a typical teenager.

For example, she once cut her hair short and dyed it blond without consulting or even informing the producers or directors. Aaron Spelling, the show's director, was not happy with her decision and she had to apologize.

11 She Owned A Company With Her Brother

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Jessica once partnered with her younger brother Justin Biel and his friend Grason Ratowsky to open an eco-accessories line called Bare. Bare was launched in 2013 as a lifestyle brand that recycled materials sourced worldwide, like reused coffee bean sacks, which were used to produce wallets, tote, pouches, and duffel bags.

Jessica was their biggest marketer as she would carry the tote bags to her movie sets. She once admitted on a Vogue interview that her brother and his friend Grason kept surprising her with their creativity and therefore developed 100% faith in them and their work. However, the eco-accessories line is no longer in business.

10 Jessica’s Wedding Was Amazing

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Jessica and Justin had been engaged for 10 months before tying the knot at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Fasano, Italy. What her fans do not know is that the wedding took place a day before the scheduled date. The two started planning the top-secret destination wedding shortly after Justin proposed.

The location was revealed to the guests moments before it began and all phones and cameras were confiscated. Unlike most brides, Jessica wore a pink gown on her big day and Justin serenaded her as she walked down the aisle with a song he wrote for the special occasion.

9 Her Beauty Hinders Her Career Growth

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Having been named the world’s most beautiful woman alive by Esquire magazine in 2005, Jessica says she has not been successful finding roles that are not about her looks. She believes that her beauty has really played a big part in hindering her career growth. She is mostly cast in roles where she is required to be beautiful or as a love interest.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Jessica confessed that she has always wanted to play dramatic roles but has never been given the chance. She was even passed for the role of Wonder Woman in the film Justice League: Mortal after the movie got canceled.

8 She’s Nothing Like Her Mom

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Jessica once confessed that she would not raise her children like her mother Kimberly Conroe raised her; she planned on doing things a little different from her. She claimed she would also be as down to earth as possible despite being a Hollywood actress. Jessica once expressed that her mom was opposed to a lot of things when she was growing up because she was very traditional.

She never allowed her kids to even put sugar in their cereals or eat processed foods. Jessica believes parenting is all about finding the right balance which was something she never had as a kid. The mother and daughter might not agree on parental styles but Jessica says she is still grateful to her mother for raising her.

7 She's A Writer And Producer

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In 2010, Jessica debuted her directorial role by writing and directing a short fifteen minutes film called Sodales. The film is an action comedy about two warrior princesses who are fighting for their lives against a nefarious leader for a sacred key. Jessica has produced several other short films like The Tall Man, Hole in the Paper Sky, The Short Game, and The Book of Love.

In 2017, she embarked on her first executive producer role while still playing the leading character in the television series The Sinner. She worked on the series for a while before it was released and was ecstatic when it finally appeared on television.

6 She Plays Herself In Her Cartoon Roles

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Jessica likes playing herself in cartoon shows. In 2004, she started playing a voice role in cartoon network's show Johnny Bravo. For this role, she got to work alongside celebrities like Don Knotts and Alec Baldwin.

In 2016 she got a recurring cartoon role in the season three and four of Bojack Horseman. Here she played the role of a rude egoist who loves being in the public eye, taking photos, and reminding everyone that she's Jessica Biel.

The show’s main character is a sitcom horse of the 90s who has grown bitter about Hollywood and is not famous anymore. Jessica also voices a character by the name Brooke in the cartoon series Family Guy.

5 She Attended Tufts University

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Jessica attended Tufts University in Massachusetts between 2000 and 2002. She was there for only three semesters and never got to graduate. She bailed on her education to focus on her acting career, which was filming the family drama series 7th Heaven at the time.

Despite her very successful career in Hollywood, Jessica sometimes regrets not finishing her diploma. She says Tufts was fun, her only job was to get to class, take exams, and live with girlfriends. Jessica played soccer as an extra-curricular activity and was also a gymnast. In 2015, Justin planned a surprise performance for Jessica’s college roommate wedding reception.

4 Jessica Was Not An NSYNC Fan

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Justin’s boy band NSYNC which rose to fame in the 90s had a huge fan base but oddly enough Jessica was not one of them. She revealed this during an interview where a fan asked her which boy band she preferred between NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, and she responded by claiming she liked neither.

Jessica said that at that time she was deep into theatrics and never got to listen to both bands; just singles from the 50s and 60s soundtracks. She went on to add that if she was cool and hip in the 90s, she would have probably been an NSYNC fan. She might not have been a fan then but she definitely supports her husband.

3 She Has An Expensive Prenuptial Agreement

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Before getting married to Justin, rumors were flying around that Justin was with Olivia Munn back in 2010. Jessica clearly kept this in mind when getting married in 2012 and made sure to include a special clause in their prenuptial agreement.

Justin was to grant her $500,000 if he ever betrayed her. Another clause stated that Jessica would only have a child with him if he remained with her for a certain amount of time. It seems like Justin is abiding by the agreement as they now have a baby together.

2 She's Not Into Celebrity Trends

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We are always eager to hear the names Hollywood celebrities give their children. Some names are so weird that we are sure that these kids cannot wait for their 18th birthday to change them. Thankfully Jessica and Justin are not in that category.

Jessica once joked that if she was to get a dollar from everyone who suggested she name her kid Batmo, she would have enough money to pay therapy for the poor kid. This shows that she is not a fan of such trends. The couple welcomed their first baby on April 8, 2015, and named him Silas Randall Timberlake. Silas will definitely thank them later in life.

1 She Co-Founded The Make The Difference Network

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Jessica co-founded the Make The Difference Network (MTDN) with her father John Biel and business partner in 2010. The network’s aim was to help various charities link up with potential donors and increase awareness for the non-profit organization.

The inspiration came after Jessica assisted a 23-year-old fan who suffered from muscular dystrophy cope with his illness. He had been restricted to his wheelchair for 15 years.

The network has been holding events and fundraisers to support the cause. Jessica won the Do Something Award for her efforts and has received a lot of support from her fellow celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Gabrielle Union.

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