18 Photos Showing Why Everyone Should Unfollow Bella Thorne On Snapchat

Bella Thorne is everybody’s worst Snapchat nightmare. The former Disney star has taken to the app to reveal just about everything about herself, from sordid personal details to outfits that make your jaw drop. While Bella may have caught our eye as the cute rising star from Shake It Up, it seems that she likes to be in front of the camera so much that she feels the need to show us every detail of her private life through her constant Snapchat updates. These days, when not flaunting her eyebrow tats or bikini bod for everyone in the world to see, Bella can be found playing Paige Townsen in the new series Famous In Love. The show is about a nobody who gets her big break in Hollywood and has to deal with the fallout of being in front of the camera 24/7—something that Bella knows all too much about.

While Bella may seem like a typical gorgeous young star, a quick look at her Snapchat reveals someone who’s really just an attention-seeking teenager obsessed with selfies and oversharing. It just seems like there’s something about Disney Channel stars that makes them want to become rebels. Who knew that the next Miley Cyrus was right under our noses all along?

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18 Repping Her Love Interest: Chandler Parsons

via Pinterest

Here we get a shot of Bella rocking some very strange purple hair and a Chandler Parsons jersey. Presumably, this is after she shared a romantic kiss with Chandler before moving onto fellow baller Jordan Clarkson. I guess we can say that Bella sure has a type, right? But while this outfit may have only been a way for Bella to pay tribute to a short-term fling, there’s no arguing that it’s a ridiculous look. The Grizzlies jersey is hardly an iconic NBA jersey, and Bella rocking it over full-body fishnets only helps the look a little bit. And all of that would be fine, except that it clashes horribly with her bright purple hair, which doesn’t belong anywhere near an NBA jersey.

The whole look is ridiculous and not that attractive, and a bit sad—

like, does an NBA player really want to hook up with a girl who’s actually wearing his jersey? That’d be kind of weird, right?

17 Being A Biker Chick

via Pinterest

Here, Bella’s going for biker chick, and while she mostly manages to pull it off, as usual, she seems to be trying way too hard. You’re not a member of the Hell’s Angels, Bella. You’re a Disney girl who makes millions in Hollywood. For some reason, in this picture, Bella decided to pull her underwear up past her miniskirt (but we couldn't show you that here). I thought most people tried not to show off their underwear? Her little Harley tank seems ironic, too—like a pretty girl dressing down to enter a wet t-shirt contest. I’m not sure if camo boots really fit with the Harley motif either—sheer black leather would be more Harley. And

does anyone think Bella actually knows how to drive a motorcycle?

Here’s guessing that she has to jump in back and hold on for dear life.

16 Trying On A Yankees Cap

via Fame Bible

This is a mirror selfie of Bella trying to look cute in a Yankees cap and some kind of beige sweatshirt. While this isn’t a horrible photo,

the subtle duck face she’s showing off here is a reminder that Bella will always be trying too hard to get our attention with her Snaps.

And while the Yankees hat may be more iconic than the Grizzles jersey she rocked a few slides back, at least the Grizz jersey was unique. Everybody wears Yankees hats—even people who hate the Yankees. Whatever she’s wearing, as a shirt in this photo is strange for only one reason—it doesn’t show off her body. I didn’t know Bella was capable of wearing shirts that covered up her collarbone. Hopefully, Bella will figure out what she stands for one of these days.

15 Wearing All The Colors

via Just Jared

What even is this outfit? While this was a paparazzi snap, it belongs on this list because it’s clearly a crazy outfit. Bella has a pink-and-white striped bow in her hair, glasses, and crazy hippie earrings. She looks ridiculous enough from the neck up, but then you come to the shirt, if you can even call it that. This top has a million different colors (all a little too bright) and looks like something that was knit by her grandmother. Has Bella officially entered her unwashed hippie phase? As usual, we see that she has her house key strapped around her neck as a piece of jewelry.

This whole look just looks like a university student rebelling against her parent.

Hopefully, this isn’t the look she’s going to stick with long-term.

14 What Is Going On Here?


Well, this outfit is something completely different. This outfit is either incredible or awful, depending on who you ask—it’s got a ton of originality and something kind of dynamic about how it features contrasting whites and reds throughout. The weirdest thing about the look is that Bella seems to have completely ditched the notion of wearing a shirt, wearing what looks to be a lace bra out in public instead. While women have recently made strides towards being allowed to walk around topless and this strange fashion choice might be a nod towards that movement, it’s still not exactly normal for a grown woman to walk around with nothing more than a bra on top. So, while this getup may seem racy and cool, it’s also pretty out-there... and highly questionable.

13 Mrs. Claus?

via www.realitytvworld.com

This is a holiday outfit that casts Bella as some kind of steamy female Santa Claus, a mrs. Claus, if you will. While she pulls the outfit off well, a risqué Santa seems like a bit of a stretch.

It’s definitely trying way too hard to get into the Christmas spirit!

Bella even has red-and-white stockings on to complete the look, but they don’t look like they have any candy in them. This is definitely an outfit that can only be worn one month out of the year and will strike a lot of people as garish and gross. By showing off so much body, Bella seems to be conflating a kids’ holiday with adult desires, which is just kinda… gross. But, at least she’s festive! Maybe next Christmas she’ll put on some real clothes so she can play with the kids.

12 With Glasses And Blue Hair

via GotCeleb

We’re not sure if this is the exact same outfit as one that will be featured down the list, but (and, yes, we do know how mirrors work), it appears that this is a slightly different take with a similar look. Just check out the ridiculous glasses Bella is wearing in this pic. She seems to have pulled them down her nose for some kind of a hipster-librarian look which doesn’t exactly mesh with the revealing outfit. And again in this photo, we have Bella’s ever-present house key strung around her neck like a little kid whose parents are worried that she might lose her mittens. Whatever look Bella Thorne is going for here, it’s not quite working for her.

11 Being A Basic You-Know-What

Here’s a Snap of Bella wearing what almost looks to be just a bra as she calls herself a basic b****. Is that supposed to be a compliment, Bella? Is Thorne just weirdly venting some of her personal self-loathing on social media for the masses to see? I guess that on some level,

what Bella is doing (or should we say, trying to do, with all of these Snaps is bringing herself down to the level of the common woman,

letting her fans know that for all the glam and fancy outfits that come with fame, at the end of the day, she’s just a girl struggling to get through life with the same needs and wants as everybody else. And if she wants to be a basic you-know-what, no one’s stopping her from embracing her true inner self.

10 Going For The Vintage Look

via assets.teenvogue.com

This vintage outfit is kind of classy, but at the same time, what year does Bella think it is? She looks like a girl hanging out at a golf club in the 1950’s with this gentle blouse and patterned red skirt. This is apparently a shot of Bella on set, so maybe she’s just in costume for a movie, but the smartphone in her right hand doesn’t exactly suit the old-fashioned look. While there’s nothing egregious about this photo, it certainly shows a different Bella and

reminds us that she seems to be really good at taking on all sorts of guises,

and sometimes, she’s totally unrecognizable from one look to the next. There’s something to be said for being a chameleon, but there’s also something to be said for knowing who you are.

9 Being New-Agey At Coachella

via www.fashiongonerogue.com

Here we get Bella going a different route. Instead of stripping down and showing off as much body as humanly possible while still remaining PG-rated, here,

Bella seems to be overdressed in garish garb and bizarre jewelry.

We’re not really sure where to start with this pic. Is it the enormous hipster sunglasses? The studded nose ring? The half-moon necklace? The weird purple scarf? While we’re sure there was some specific wealthy new-age princess look that Bella was trying to go for here, the end result is questionable at best. It just looks hurriedly thrown together, with pieces that don’t quite fit right. While I’m sure that this rich girl loves playing around with so many weird costumes, I don’t think she’s quite found herself yet.

8 Going High-Fashion

via Sweetshout

Here we see Bella go full-on high-fashion, which is a welcome respite from some of her earlier looks. But even when she’s wearing some of the most expensive clothes on the market, Bella still seems to have a punk teenager’s desire to make every outfit look absolutely ridiculous. And despite being in the spotlight for almost a decade, this starlet is still just 20 years old. Here she’s decided to wear a shirt that’s covered in tassels and jewelry along the shoulder lines that looks straight out a fifth-grade geometry class—just a whole bunch of dangling white circles that don’t seem to signify anything at all.

While Bella might find the look fashionable, most would call it cluttered, confusing, and more than a little bit high-maintenance.

For a look like that, I think she’s be better off shopping in the thrift aisle—it’d look more unique, and it’d be cheaper too!

7 Wearing A Shirt That’s Missing Something...

via Pinterest

This outfit is actually all kinds of interesting. It won’t appeal to people who prefer their shirts to, you know, actually cover their midriffs, but the weird cutout V does an interesting job of showing off Bella’s curves while leaving a whole lot to the imagination. The sweatpants are a bit weird, but they make the look a bit more casual, and this is generally a shot of Bella being risqué without being too out-there or revealing.

She’s still probably trying too hard with this cut off shirt, but at least she looks like a normal human being who could go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant

(well, okay, maybe only after she ditches those pants). Maybe this look isn’t for everybody, but Bella’s always got a way of keeping people’s eyes on her.

6 Tattooing Her Eyebrows

via nyppagesix.files.wordpress.com

This one may be a little obvious—it’s a shot of Bella getting her eyebrows shaved off and new ones tattooed onto her face. We’ve all heard of painted brows, but tattooed brows? That’s just another level of what the heck.

This is a Snap that shouldn’t have been shared,

but more than that, it’s a procedure that probably shouldn’t have been done in the first place. Why does Bella need artificial eyebrows? Were her original brows (the ones that got her cast on Shake It Up and Famous In Love in the first place, remember) not good enough? Apparently, the procedure was supposed to make her brows more prominent, but I’m wondering why she needed a change in the first place. It’s one thing to get surgery at the age of 50 as your career begins to crumble around you.

It’s another to do it at 19.

5 Wearing Low-Cut All-White

via GotCeleb

Here we get Bella in an all-white outfit with big black boots (remember the one we discussed a few entries ago?). The look itself isn’t half-bad, with everything matching and Bella clearly making an effort to show off her best assets. But at the same time, the cutoff shirt seems to be trying a little too hard to make someone think about getting her naked. Her hair is a little messed up, and beneath the outfit, you can tell that Bella’s just jonesing to be a party girl, and she’s probably going to go a bit wild.

The weirdest thing of all is the house key she has hung around her neck like a kindergarten pupil.

On the one hand, it’s a smart decision to wear a key around your neck if you’re planning to get a little wild—it’s the easiest way to make sure you don’t lose it. But at the same time, should a grown adult really need to wear her keys?

4 Blue Hair Don't Care

via typeset-beta.imgix.net

Here, we get a shot of Bella dyeing her hair blue. There’s nothing wrong with choosing the blue-hair look, but it just seems like

Bella has rocked enough hair colors to remind us of that punk chick in university who was always trying on new looks

and is now 40 and has hair that’s totally dead and flat from all the bleach. Having a different color of hair for every month of the year seems like a such a teenage pursuit, which is fair enough because Bella’s practically still a teenager. But her hair looks great au naturel, so we’re not sure of the need for all the alternative looks. Maybe Bella’s trying to be individualistic, but here’s a word of advice: if every second, 17 to 20-year-olds from California to Montreal are doing it, it stops being so original after a while.

3 Sticking Out Her Tongue At A Gas Station

via www.gotceleb.com

Betcha never saw Bella’s tongue this close before! The oversharer of oversharers has the camera pointed right into her wide-opened mouth in this photo as she makes a silly mug for all of her Snapchat followers. She also seems to have eyeliner smeared outside of each eye, for reasons which are totally inscrutable.

Is she trying to look like a cat?

Her jacket in this photo seems to have some kind of scribbled design on it which is hard to interpret. Maybe it’s a symbol of some kind. And, of course, we have the ever-present necklace key. Between the expression, the key, and the half-cocked biker jacket, Bella looks every inch a suburban teenager clowning around with her friends and trying to act all mature before she has to go back to her mom’s place. Bella, you might play at being trashy, but we all know that’s not the real you.

2 Going METAL!

via Teen Vogue

Geez, those shades! While movie stars rep shades that block out their faces from the paparazzi, Bella’s ginormous glasses in this photo seem to have the exact opposite effect—they’re huge, but they don’t really hide anything about her expression. This Snap’s caption mentions that Bella’s got an acne problem, but we’re hard-pressed to tell from this photo. It feels like most acne-riddled teens would be jealous of Bella’s skin tone. Beside the shades, she’s got red-tinted hair, grotty fingernails painted jet-black (of course), and tons of finger jewelry. Bella also seems to be wearing a torn-up black t-shirt which screams “HEAVY METAL.” But

even if it is a metal tee, we’ve seen enough of Bella’s shape-shifting outfits to realize that it’s just a Snapchat costume.

Get back to us when you’re really ready to rock, Bella.

1 Posing In The Bathroom

via Maxim

This is another shot of Bella in a minuscule bikini—only this time, she has some kind of a see-through robe draped around her shoulders. Is that thing even a clothing? It looks more like a shower curtain or bedsheet that’s been re-appropriated. Bella’s yellow bikini also seems to have some kind of design imprinted on each cup and the thong portion—it’s hard to tell what it is, but maybe it’s a gold-yellow crab.

The whole thing has the vibe of a theatrical teenage girl playing dress-up in her parent’s basement,

and really, it isn’t too far off of that, is it? The fact that this picture was taken in the bathroom adds it to Bella’s cache of TMI Snaps that blur the line between her public life and her personal life. One thing we will say about Bella, though is that’s one bangin’ bod she’s showing off in this shot.

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