18 Photos Proving J-Lo Is Always Ready To Hit The Gym

Singer, dancer, and actor; Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate “triple threat” in Hollywood today. Even as she approaches her fifties–and as mom to twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel–Lopez is still making music, movies, and performing high-octane dance routines during live concerts.

In fact, Lopez is so successful and famous that she is known around the world by just three letters—J...L...o. She was the first Latina actress to be paid more than $1 million per movie and the first person ever to have a number one album and a number one movie at the same time!

Perhaps her most impressive achievement is the fact that she doesn’t appear to have aged since her first movie appearance back in 1995, when she starred alongside Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in Money Train.

Photos of Lopez in her gym gear show us just how much she takes her fitness seriously. In fact, J-Lo often looks more like a professional athlete than a performer. Perhaps she could have been a “quadruple threat” all along? Judge for yourself from these photos of J-Lo in her gym gear. Do yj-Lo and sportswear were made for each other you think she should have been an athlete, or would we have missed her music and movies too much?

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18 J-Lo Looking Fresh As A Daisy

Via hawtcelebs.com

Amazingly, this shot was taken as J-Lo was leaving a gym in Miami in 2017. How come she still looks so fresh after she’s finished a workout when most women look like pink sweaty messes with smudged makeup? Well, that’s probably because J-Lo is supremely fit and healthy and can even hit the gym without even getting too out of breath or losing her cool. That suggests athlete levels of fitness; levels that us mere mortals can only aspire to attain. Well, unless of course she only ducked into the gym to try and hide from the paparazzi photographers who were clearly hot on her trail that day.

17 Looking Good For J-Lo Is Just A Walk In The Park

Via celebmafia.com

Here is yet another shot of J-Lo looking fabulous in fitness wear, although at least in this picture, she is on her way to a New York gym and not leaving one (apparently). But walking to a gym? When you’re a famous celebrity and probably have access to chauffeur-driven limousines? That shows real commitment to staying fit and staying healthy. Most ordinary people who do manage to drag themselves to their local gyms will only manage that if they can drive right to the door. Well, not for our Jenny from the block. For her, even getting to the gym is part of the workout.

16 She Still Looks Fabulous Running Up A Hill

Via usmagazine.com

J-Lo doesn’t stick to indoor workouts either. She clearly operates on the basis that you don’t need expensive equipment to stay in shape—a set of stairs and a dedicated attitude will do just as well! This picture was snapped as J-Lo exercised at a stadium in Los Angeles running up and down the steps of the bleachers in a lung-bursting workout which included burpees, push-ups, and some serious weight lifting. That physique wouldn’t look out of place at the Olympics or on the soccer field and, of course, a pair of tight-fitting leggings show off that famous posterior very nicely.

15 She Is Gym Buddies With The Rock… That Explains The Dedication

Via promiflash.de

How does J-Lo stay so motivated to keep fit after all these years in the public eye? Surely, some days she just wants to stay in her PJs, watch The Wedding Planner, and eat ice cream, just like the rest of us? It helps to have a gym buddy who helps keep you focused, and what better inspiration than to train with former wrestler and current action movie star, Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, right? Even though J-Lo is dwarfed by her companion, she looks just as fierce as he does. And what better inspiration than working out with someone whose arms are way bigger than your own head?

14 She Follows Workout Rules

Via celebland.net

Getting the body of an athlete undoubtedly takes a lot of commitment and a plethora of workout rules. J-Lo has admitted that sometimes even she doesn’t feel like hitting the gym... just like the rest of us. The difference is that she just shakes off her lethargy, puts on her perfect gym kit, and keeps going no matter how tired or busy she is that day. Fans may look jealously at J-Lo’s attractive athletic physique, but a body like that doesn’t happen by accident or does not appear overnight. Good genes only get you so far. After that, it’s all down to the hard work you decide to put in, and J-Lo seems to work very hard at all times indeed!

13 Tracy Anderson Is The Ultimate Gym Hero

If J-Lo is your gym inspiration, then perhaps you should also look to the woman who keeps Jen inspired and keeps her in such tip top shape—personal trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson. Anderson, who now has gyms all over the US and even in London, has developed her own exercise method, a whole-body workout which keeps even the most fitness fans enthused with regular changes to her routines and high-energy musical playlists. While you can buy her DVDs online, J-Lo is lucky enough to work out with the woman herself several times a month and is often seen visiting Tracy Anderson gyms around the country. Oh, to be rich and famous...

12 Her Leopard Print

Via pinterest.com

It isn’t just J-Lo’s washboard abs that give us some serious gym envy. She has also managed to keep that famous derriere of hers looking trim even as the mom of two approaches her 50th birthday. Her gym routine obviously involves some serious squats and lunges if she has managed to keep her posterior looking as pert and perfect as it did when she had her first big break. And why wouldn’t she devote so much time and effort to what many fans would consider to be her greatest asset (pun intended)? Especially when her bountiful bottom was once reportedly insured for a whopping 27 million dollars.

11 No One Looks As Good As J-Lo Lifting Weights

Via usmagazine.com

J-Lo clearly follows her fitness guru Tracy Anderson’s “full body workout” mantra pretty closely. Not only is she regularly seen doing cardio to keep her fit and exercises to keep her abs and glutes in tip top shape, but she is not afraid to pump a little iron too. In fact, as is evident from this paparazzi shot, the iron she pumps is pretty hefty for a rather petite 5’5” lady! It’s difficult to make out how big those weight plates actually are (we're guessing they're about 25 pounds each), but overhead lifting is certainly not for the fainthearted, and J-Lo is clearly as keen on building up strength as she is on just looking good.

10 Her Personal Trainer Is A Miracle Worker

Via popsugar.com.au

Tracy Anderson may be J-Lo’s fitness inspiration, but any celebrity worth their salt also has a personal trainer to keep them on track at all times, push them harder, and make sure they stay looking good. J-Lo’s trainer must be a miracle worker, given that he has managed to take an actress and singer and made her look like an athlete (although some credit must go to J-Lo herself!). J-Lo’s personal trainer is David Kirsch, who was also helping with regular training sessions, has developed an express workout which Lopez apparently swears by to keep her in shape and looking great.

9 She Doesn’t Forget To Sprint For Success

via Dlisted

So, what was J-Lo’s secret when it came to getting back in shape after her twins were born? Well, she signed up to take part in a sprint triathlon to raise money for charity. Giving herself a target kept her focused on her fitness. Choosing a triathlon meant that she really had to work on her whole body, and as a bonus, she was raising cash for a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. She took part in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon–which is a ½-mile swim, 18-mile bike ride, and 4-mile run–alongside Wedding Planner co-star Matthew McConaughey and was cheered on (at the time) by then-husband Marc Anthony. We're sure A-Rod would be cheering her on too if she decided to participate in one today!

8 She Still Spends Time With Family When Working Out

Via people.com

Like any modern mom, J-Lo has to juggle looking after her twins with her career and still find time to go to the gym. Of course, unlike ordinary moms, she does have an army of personal assistants to help make things a little easier for the star! Nevertheless, as this candid shot shows, J-Lo still manages to spend time with son Max and daughter Emme, even while she’s hitting the gym and working out. What a way to multitask! And she’s setting a great example for her kids too, who will likely grow up thinking that exercise and taking care of your health is a normal way to live.

7 She Has Set Couple Workout Goals

Via popsugar.co.uk

The couple who works out together, stays together. At least that’s what fitness fanatics who spend all their time in the gym tell themselves. J-Lo is currently dating former Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez, who is six years her junior. As a former sports star himself, he also loves to stay in shape, and it seems that J-Lo and A-Rod love nothing more than getting their sweat on, together. This adorable photo shows how the couple not only work out together but also manage to make it fun and enjoyable at the same time. Real relationship and body goals in one picture, if you ask me.

6 A Little Yoga Is Perfect

Via people.com

Exercise classes are a great way to stay motivated, and even J-Lo and A-Rod understand the benefits of a bit of structure in their gym routines. As well as J-Lo following Tracy Anderson’s exercise tips and David Kirsch’s workout plan, she and her current beau are regulars at TruFusion gyms, where patrons are put through their paces in a 60-minute Tru Barefoot Bootcamp class which involves lifting kettlebells, Pilates poses, and yoga all in a room heated to 120°F! According to class regulars, J-Lo definitely gives former athlete Rodriguez a run for his money when it comes to keeping up with the high-energy class.

5 There’s No Excuse Not To Keep Fit

via:Lainey Gossip

Given how busy J-Lo is–with her kids, her love life, her career, and her keep-fit regime–she could be forgiven for taking it easy when she’s on vacation, right? No one would criticize her if she ditched the workout in favor of a sun lounger and a snooze in the sun. Even on vacation, however, J-Lo and A-Rod reportedly stick to their fitness regimes, as paparazzi snaps from a recent stay in the Bahamas illustrate. J-Lo was pictured in her usual bright-colored gym gear getting ready for a workout, while the couple was enjoying a romantic break on the idyllic islands.

4 She Has Proven That You Are What You Eat

Via hawtcelebs.com

Clearly, J-Lo takes her fitness seriously. How else would she be able to boast the body of a pro athlete at nearly 50 years of age? Exercise alone doesn’t get you looking that good, though. It is also important to watch what you eat and drink, and J-Lo also makes sure that she eats a healthy diet. J-Lo has ditched coffee and alcohol completely–which is difficult because of all those red carpet parties she attends–and while she eats plenty of vegetables and protein such as chicken and pork, she avoids dairy, sugar, and refined carbs completely. Not the most exciting diet, but you can’t deny that it works.

3 She Loves Feeling Good

Unsurprisingly, for someone who is so fashion-conscious–and such a fashion icon to ladies with curves–J-Lo loves stylish gym outfits. In fact, she even uses her wardrobe of chic workout clothes as inspiration when she doesn’t feel like exercising. J-Lo seems to prefer long leggings, often with colorful patterns and designs, bright-colored sneakers, and equally colorful sports bras, throwing a comfortable oversize sweater over the whole thing if she needs to keep warm. While her athletics gear is all designer label, you can easily copy the J-Lo look on a tighter budget, although that is no guarantee that you will get the body to match!

2 She Gets On The Floor When Not Working Out

Via pinterest.com

J-Lo’s music videos and live performances are noted for their complex and very high-energy dance routines. The singer needs to stay fit just to keep up with choreography! J-Lo has also spoken about how she sees dancing as a great form of exercise in itself. She says that dance has always been an important part of her life and that when she is feeling a little down and tired, getting on the dance floor (or just dancing around her home) is the only way to cheer herself up. Despite her success as a singer and actress, she started out as a backing dancer and still feels that this is her strongest skill.

1 She Inspires Us To Be Like J-Lo

Via usmagazine.com

So, now that you know how you too can have J-Lo’s athletic physique, you simply need a wardrobe full of designer sports gear, access to the most exclusive gyms and personal trainers, plenty of time to exercise, and the will to give up coffee, alcohol, and delicious sugary snacks. Oh, and it helps if you have great genes that keep you looking young. Easy right? Even with all her riches and her advantages, J-Lo still has to work very hard to look as good as she does. Maybe twenty years ago, she could have chosen to be a pro athlete rather than the actress and singer we know today. We wouldn't love her less!

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