16 Things About Jessica Biel Even Super Fans Forgot

Jessica Biel is Justin Timberlake’s wife and they are one of the cutest celeb couples, but there is a lot more to Biel than her relationship with the mega-famous person she married. She was born in Minnesota, raised in Colorado, and got her first big break in the acting world thanks to her role as Mary Camden on the hugely popular TV series, 7th Heaven (she’s still besties with her co-star, Beverley Mitchell, to this day), but these are things that everyone knows about Biel. What makes her truly remarkable is the way she cares about others and is even willing to put herself up for auction to try and raise funds. She was a rebel, and her life has imitated her art not just once, but twice, when she dated her boyfriend onscreen as well as off (and no, it was not Justin Timberlake).

These are just some of the things that make Biel unique. There are lots of attractive actresses in Hollywood, but Biel is also someone with substance. She is thoughtful, she has an interesting history, and there’s more to her than what meets the eye (even if she does think her looks can negatively affect her acting career). Below are 16 things about Jessica Biel that even super fans probably forgot, or maybe didn’t even know in the first place.

16 She Once Put Herself Up For Auction

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When reading the title of this entry, you'd be forgiven for being confused because why would anyone put themselves up for auction like they’re an object? But Jessica Biel believes in helping others, and this is why she offered herself up as a willing participant to go on a date with the highest bidder. It was in the hopes of raising money for a Colorado teen who had a horrific accident in a limousine on her prom night, which resulted in her losing her leg.

The event was dubbed “Mollypalooza” because the teen's name was Molly Bloom, and Biel’s participation helped significantly with her medical expenses. According to People magazine, the top bid was $30,000 and was from a man who identified as “John,” a senior vice president of an oil and gas company in Denver.

The pair were reportedly set to go on a lunch date on Aug. 18, 2006, and Biel said in a taped message “I promise, I’m a cheap date.”

15 She Played The Role Of GF To Her Real-Life BF

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Long before Jessica Biel became Mrs. Timberlake, there was another man in her life named Chris Evans. The couple reportedly started dating in 2001, and although they didn’t speak about each other much to the media, there were on several red carpet events over the years looking very loved up.

They were reported to have split in 2006, but during their relationship, it’s interesting to know that they actually played onscreen lovers not just once, but twice.

In the 2004 film, Cellular, Biel played the role of Chloe, while Evans played her love interest— a college student tasked with rescuing Kim Basinger’s character, Jessica Martin. The pair starred in a movie together again in 2005, in the Hunter Richards-directed film, London. Biel played the role of London, who was Evan’s character, Syd’s, ex-girlfriend.

14 NSYNC Who? She Wasn't A Teenage Fan

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Many people who are reading this were probably, at one point or another, big fans of Justin Timberlake and his '90s boy band, NSYNC, but the woman he married was not one of those fans, oddly enough. She revealed as much during a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' session after a fan had asked whether she was Team NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys (two of the most popular bands in the ‘90s). The answer? She was neither.

She said, "I was such a theater nerd at that time that I literally wasn't listening to either of those groups. I was listening to soundtracks, like Rent and old 50's, 60's music. I can be a little off on my timing. But if I had been cool, DUH, NSYNC all the way, baby!" The reason for her bias is obvious, and although she wasn’t a super fan then, she definitely is now because Timberlake reportedly serenaded her at their wedding.

13 She Has Mad Skills When It Comes To Pringles

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Biel has starred in a lot of movies— from the 2003 film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the popular 2017 TV series, The Sinner. Funnily enough, she got her start on television through a Pringles commercial. She was 11 years old at the time the commercial aired and she spoke about it during an appearance on a chat show. She said, “I started working when I was like 11 or 12,” adding, “I was doing silly stuff like commercials; a Dulux paint commercial, a Pringles commercial…” and in this commercial, she was seen acting silly and crunching down on the tasty snack.

Turns out the audition for the ad was just as silly because she was asked if she could roll the Pringle from her cheek to the mouth, and much to her surprise she did it. She also got the job.

12 She Thinks Her Beauty Is A Burden

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There are many successful actresses who are also considered to be some of the world’s most beautiful women, take Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie, for example. And while there’s no denying that Jessica Biel is a beautiful woman, she hasn’t been quite as successful in finding roles that are not about her looks.

What I’m saying is that she has been cast mostly as love interests and in roles where she is required to be beautiful. She feels that at times, her beauty holds her back. In a 2009 interview, she reportedly told Allure magazine that she wanted more dramatic roles but is not given the chance. When asked if she thought it was her looks that had a part to play in this, she responded with, “It really is a problem. I have to be blunt.”

11 She Wanted To Play Annie But Never Did

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You probably didn’t realize that Justin Timberlake is not the only singer in the family because Jessica Biel can sing too, and it seems like she’s pretty good, well, at karaoke at least. According to BoomsBeat, when Biel was eight, she won a karaoke contest and wanted to become a musician.

Now, here’s another interesting thing you probably didn’t know because according to Useless Daily, when Biel was eight, she desperately wanted to play the lead of the orphan Annie in the musical, Annie. Despite her persistence, she never landed the leading role, although she is reported to have been cast as the understudy. Over the years, Biel has achieved many of her goals, both personally and professionally, but it seems that singing was not one of them.

10 She And Justin Timberlake Had A Love At First Sight Moment

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Jessica Biel now calls Justin Timberlake her husband, but right from the beginning, it was pretty clear that they were going to be together. The pair first met at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards, and Biel’s friend, Beverley Mitchell, recalled the moment, telling Today, "I was there like the moment the love connection happened. I was like, 'Okay, this is happening.'"

According to the publication, Timberlake also opened up about Biel during a press conference and revealed how he chose to go the traditional route when contacting her.

He said, "I did it the old-fashioned way — by telephone. That's something I learned from both my stepdad and my grandfather — that there is a thing called chivalry and it doesn't have to die with the birth of the internet. The way I see it, if you're asking a girl out on a date, it's only right to do it in a way that she can hear your voice. I had to be pretty persistent in order to get her to say yes. But I have a fair amount of tenacity and if I want something I stick to it. And in the end, she agreed."

9 Her Parents Made Her Adventurous, Even As A Newborn

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Jessica Biel has done a lot of interesting things in her life, but one of the most interesting things had nothing to do with her because it was her parents who made the decision. When their daughter was a newborn, they reportedly wanted to go and watch a dog sled race, and they weren’t going to let the poor weather conditions stop them.

According to BoomsBeat, they went to watch the race in conditions that were 30 degrees below zero but Biel doesn’t seem to mind the cold in her adult years either. In 2008, she was all smiles when she walked a red carpet in London for her film, Easy Virtue, despite the snow, wind, and rain!

8 She Loves Bones So Much She Considered Being An Archaeologist

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Many actors and actresses have a backup plan just in case their dream of making it big in Hollywood didn’t work out. At one point, Angelina Jolie wanted to be a funeral director, and apparently, Jessica Biel wanted to be an archaeologist.

Biel is quoted as saying that she had “a million dreams” when she was younger and one of those dreams was to work with bones. She said, “I wanted to be an archaeologist because I loved Indiana Jones. And I've always been fascinated with bones. I like medical shows and surgery shows. I wanted to be a doctor, a heart surgeon but I'm not very good at maths so that wasn't going to work.”

Of course, her career in Hollywood did work out, but it’s an interesting career choice all the same.

7 She's A Tough Cookie Who Conquered Mount Kilimanjaro

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Jessica Biel is not just a pretty face because it takes strength and determination to climb the 19,340 foot, Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa. But more than that, it was the reason Biel climbed the mountain that makes this story so remarkable— she did it to raise awareness for the global water crisis.

This was in 2010, and according to MTV News, in addition to raising awareness, the climb also raised funds for important initiatives like the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program and Water for People's PlayPumps Technology.

Biel spoke about her climb during an interview with MTV News, comparing the mountain to a “mysterious, foreboding, ominous woman.” She added, “And she was hidden almost all day long, and just when you were unmotivated, and feeling like cr** and uninspired and thinking, 'What am I doing here?' the clouds would part and she would peek out, and the beauty would strike you, and then you'd be inspired again."

6 She’s Married To A Man With The Same Name As Her Brother

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Everyone already knows that Jessica Biel is married to Justin Timberlake, and the pair said “I do” in a lavish ceremony on Oct. 19. 2012. But what you probably didn’t know, or perhaps forgot, is Timberlake is not the first Justin in Biel’s life. She also has a brother named Justin Biel.

Her brother is three years younger than her and the pair appear to be very close (more on this below), but some people may know Justin Biel’s name for an entirely different reason. In 2011, he made headlines for a video that TMZ found of him moaning about Justin Timberlake’s failure to promote his tequila brand, 901 Tequila. However, it turned out there was no tension at home because Justin Biel revealed on Facebook that it was a joke and a clever a ploy to get the brands name into the media.

5 And They Had An Eco Brand Together

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We mentioned Justin Biel in the entry above, but he is also worth mentioning in this entry because along with his sister they had the eco accessories line called Bare (which seems to no longer be in business). The siblings and Justin’s friend, Grason Ratowsky, launched Bare in 2013, a lifestyle brand that is socially responsible and reuses coffee bean sacks as their material. Their products included wallets, totes, pouches and duffel bags.

Jessica shared her how capable her business partners were in an interview with Vogue. She said, “My brother is one of those people that I just have total, 100 percent faith in. And I’ve known Grason [Ratowsky, his best friend] since I was in sixth grade. Together they’ve just, I don’t know, always surprised me and done things that were way older than their years.”

4 She Was A Rebel On The '7th Heaven' Set

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The role that made Jessica Biel a big star was her portrayal of the character, Mary Camden, on the long-running series, 7th Heaven, but this role also coincided with Biel’s rebellious teen years.

Biel landed the role when she was 14, but there were times when she was growing up that she rebelled and had to apologize to the director, Aaron Spelling, for her actions. She told W magazine that one of these moments happened when she took a risk with her hair. She said, "I cut my hair super-short and dyed it blonde. I had to apologize to Aaron Spelling [the producer] for doing that. He wasn’t happy. When I turned 17 or 18, a really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set. I had to apologize for that too. The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologizing.”

3 She Has A Long-Lasting Friendship With Beverley Mitchell

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On the show, Jessica Biel played the role of Beverley Mitchell’s older sister— although it’s interesting that Biel was actually 14 months younger than Mitchell — and the two formed a very strong bond, one that has lasted for decades.

Biel considers Mitchell her “real life soul sister,” and revealed as much in 2018, in a social media tribute for her friend's birthday. Mitchell has previously gushed about their effortless friendship, too. The friendship has endured decades, and during an interview with Access Hollywood Live (via Daily Mail), Mitchell said, “We’re the friendship that doesn’t — there’s no work and there’s no expectations. We’re just always there for each other. We see each other when we see each other and she’s my sister for life and I love and adore her.”

2 She's Penned A Short Film

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At this point on this list , we have already established that Jessica Biel is a woman of many talents; not only can she sing and act, but she is also physically fit (she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, after all), and it turns out, she’s also a writer.

Most people would never guess that Biel was interested in being behind the scenes because she has been working on-camera since she was a child, but according to her IMDB profile, she has a short film under her belt as well. Along with Sean C. Wright, Biel penned the 15-minute short entitled, Sodales, in 2010. It is reportedly an action comedy with a storyline involving two warrior princesses who are battling it out to free themselves from an evil force, however, there’s a twist when Mom shows up. I can’t say I’ve seen this myself, but it does sound...interesting?!

1 She Thinks Adam Sandler Is A Comedy Genius

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During Jessica Biel’s AMA Reddit session she answered a bunch of questions (including the one about NSYNC) and one of them was about what Adam Sandler and the work she did with him on the 2007 film, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

Sandler is regarded as one of the highest-paid actors in showbiz, but not everyone thinks his movies are hilarious. Biel, however, is a fan. She said, “Adam and Kevin James and their whole crew are hilarious to work with. Working with them is almost impossible because they’re so clever and on their feet at all times and you’re laughing and cracking up during every take.”

It also seems as though the film was one of her fondest memories. She said, "It’s so much fun. They make comedy look easy, but it’s not. It’s way harder than anyone thinks.”

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