16 Pics Of Ryan And Blake That Show They Are The Real King And Queen Of Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the king and queen of Hollywood. No one out there compares. And here's why: they love each other deeply, they support each other and they are always best dressed. And they know how to have fun. They often troll each other and make comments about each other in a mocking way. You know they are meant to be when they can humiliate each other in public and laugh about it.

They have two famous stances on the red carpet. Either they are ignoring the cameras and instead are gazing lovingly into each other's eyes or else they're standing face to face looking at each other with huge smiles.  According to body language expert Patti Wood, that's what proves their love.

"If you look at the teeth, see how they're matching? Specifically the upper front teeth — which show joy — are absolutely aligned. That shows a moment where they are absolutely connected in joy to be with one another."

And it just so happens that the couple is also gorgeous and always looks stylish when they hit the town. For the record, their favorite color is navy blue, which is why Ryan is always wearing a blue suit. And they also like to coordinate, which shows their connection to each other. Lastly, Blake loves wearing jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. So do you want to see the king and queen of Hollywood in their best-dressed ensembles and showing off their love? Well, just look at the pics below!

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16 At The Golden Globes


For the 2017 Golden Globes, Blake looked stunning on the red carpet in her black Atelier Versace dress with gold sequinned detailing. The black velvet dress is so Hollywood glam, and coupled with its gold chain-mail detailing on the neck and the sparkly gold pockets, makes for a stunning outfit.

To top it off, Blake is wearing an emerald bracelet on her wrists by Lorraine Schwartz. Every detail counts, and Blake knows that. That's why her pockets are also encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Gossipmongers said that the velvet dress took the Versace fashion house 300 hours to make. 300 hours? It's beautiful and all, but that's a long time. Maybe it is just gossip! Ryan coordinates with Blake, this time wearing a classic black tuxedo rather the navy tuxes and suits he loves to wear. It's all about the love!

15 At The Deadpool Premiere


The 2016 red carpet gala was to celebrate Ryan's movie Deadpool--which was the role that made him an A-list star. But Blake almost stole the show again when she came out wearing a Chanel embellished dress.

It was cream in color and featured one sleeve. This dress says "F" in three ways: flirty, feminine and fun. It had this airy romantic vibe to it, and was a change from all the gowns Blake usually wears to premieres. She paired the Chanel with metallic ankle-strap Stuart Weitzman nudist sandals, which also appear flirty. The blonde bombshell wore her hair in glossy waves that revealed her signature locks. And Ryan looks fab wearing, yet again, a navy suit paired with black shoes and a tie-bar straight out of Mad Men. Once again, when this couple goes out, they go out in style.

14 Date Night Out After The All I See Is You Premiere

OK Magazine

So here they are in New York after having done the press circuit for Blake's film, All I See Is You. The pic above is from their date night out, and Blake is wearing something unexpected. She's wearing a basketball-inspired jersey by Monse with matching track pants. The jersey is ripped in strips, kind of like how a paper shredder turns paper into strips. The head-turning jersey is also done in sequins for a glammed-up sporty look, and her track pants are left undone at their ends. Talk about an outfit!

But this isn't just a jersey that she ripped apart. It's actually straight off the Monse's Spring 2018 collection.  Meanwhile, Ryan matched his wife’s look with a navy suit and tie and, for contrast, he's wearing a brown vest. See they love navy and they love to match! He even wore dark blood-like dress shoes to coordinate with Blake's red pumps. They're so cute, we want to die!

13 The 2014 Met Gala


For the Met Gala in 2014, Blake and Ryan dressed up in a style that could only be called high Hollywood glamour. Look at them! They look timeless and classic at the same time. Blake's dress, with a beautiful train, is an iridescent Gucci gown coloured in a slight salmon pink hue for a romantic vibe. Even her clutch matches! And her hair! Her usual straight long hair is this time curled, making her really look as if she just stepped out of Hollywood in the 1950s.

Ryan knew just the thing to wear: a traditional tuxedo that's both simple and classic.  Anything else would detract attention from his beautiful wife and her ensemble, so he's done up in the right way. This time, Ryan opted out of wearing his black eyeglasses, making him look like the handsome king to his queen. If you saw these stunners walking down the Met's steps, you'd be mesmerized just like we were.

12 The 2017 Met Gala

At the 2017 Met Gala, the couple looked as stylish as their last Met Gala appearance. While she looks a tad nude with her plunging Atelier Versace gown, that's just because it's gold in color that nearly matches her skin color. She would never go all-out sexy, even though she is. Her luminous hair is tied into a ponytail to show off her 82-carat Burma sapphire earrings, which matches the fringe-style beading and blue feathers of her dress. And she really evokes style as she's wearing over $3.5 million in jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz and Ofira Jewels.

There's the 10-carat triangle diamond ring, a 28-carat nude diamond pear shape ring and, finally, a 50-carat triple sapphire ring. And isn't it cute that Blake and Ryan coordinate again? Paired with a sleek dark navy tux, Ryan's wearing a blue bow tie to match the plumes on Blake's gown and those draw-dropping earrings.

11 Dinner In Barcelona

Even for casual wear, these two look astonishing as usual as they stepped out in Spain for dinner together. Although they have no real reason to get dressed up, we are not sorry that they did, because they managed to steal the show once again.

Although we should not be surprised. Any man that is in a relationship with Blake Lively, who spent years as Serena on Gossip Girl, being obsessed with fashion and always looking good kind of just comes with the territory. It is impossible to not think they are stunning beyond all reason. Blake looks like she is wearing something similar to a jogging suit, but there is silver on the sides of it, almost like crystal. We expect nothing less from these two.

10 The White House State Dinner

The Globe and Mail

When attending the State Dinner in honor of Prime Minister Trudeau and Mrs. Sophie Trudeau of Canada at the White House in 2016, the Hollywood couple once again turned heads by their fashion-forward attire. Blake wore a long satin dress in a bluish-grey hue from designer Ralph & Russo's spring/summer 2016 couture collection.

If you're thinking Blake's dress looks more like a robe, you wouldn't be wrong. In fact, the designer calls it a robe too, saying that the dress is a "fluid silver double satin robe with cutout shoulders." But the plunging shawl and the smooth flow differentiates itself from a normal robe, and the matching earrings lend a few sparkles to the outfit. As for Ryan, it seems his favorite type of tuxedo is dark navy, which is what he wore again, just like at the Met Gala. His white satin bow-tie complements his white shirt, giving the outfit visible interest.

9 Ryan Reynold's Walk Of Fame

It's official! Ryan Reynolds is a true Hollywood actor of the finest caliber as he got a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in December 2016. It was a full family affair for the couple as they brought their children along with them for the first time. Blake nearly stole the show in her flowing cerulean blue dress. She wore her beautiful blonde locks loose with just a touch of waviness and her husband wore a complimenting gray three-piece-suit. But it was the two little ones who really stole the show.

While Blake kept her baby Ines close to her chest, the couple's firstborn daughter James was naughty in nature, hogging the microphone for her dad and dancing around on the red carpet.  In his acceptance speech, Reynolds told Blake,  "You've made me the father of my dreams, when all I thought I had was 'fun uncle' potential." Awww!  Now with Reynold's Walk of Fame, they're really the king and queen of Hollywood.

8 The Time 100 2017 Gala

The Richest

At the 2017 Time 100 Gala, Ryan Reynolds was on hand to celebrate his recognition on Time's list of 100 Most Influential. He looked dapper as always, wearing yet another navy tuxedo--he sure does love that color!--with a black bow tie for some contrast. But all eyes were once again on Lively, as she came dressed in a  Marchesa gown that featured floral applique, a plunging neckline and tasseled embroidery detail. She looked flirty and fun and alway put together.

It seems as if Lively can wear anything, and always be best dressed. Helen Mirren sang Ryan's praises in her Time speech, "He's the Everyman, but somehow with more of everything: wit, elegance, looks, and general hunkiness." With Time by his side and the Walk of Fame, Reynold has definitely cemented his status as Hollywood's leading man. With all the accolades he seems to be the only actor whom we can truly call a king.

7 Out And About With Kids In Tow


Here they are again! But they aren't dressed up for all the galas and parties they attend. For their disguise from the paparazzi, Blake chose a floppy hat and Ryan wears what he always wears when incognito: a newsboy cap and glasses combo. That's his go-to outfit when he steps out. They're both wearing jeans and Blake is wearing a plaid shirt while Ryan is wearing a hoodie. It's just the basics. And yet they both look great in every day clothing. And Blake isn't wearing any makeup and yet she still looks good.

If you notice, Blake also has a hint of flirty appeal going on, as her flannel shirt has a few buttons undone. But it's not racy and it's not like she's trying to show cleavage. She's keeping it classy, as she always does. And Ryan looks so literary with glasses on. He could be the next Jonathan Franzen!

6 The 2018 Final Portrait Premiere


In March 2018, Blake and Ryan made a red carpet appearance in New York to support their friend Stanley Tucci, whose movie, Final Portrait, was both written and directed by him. It had been a year since the power couple appeared on the red carpet, and they literally couldn't take their eyes off each other as they posed for photos. They just look as they always do, in love, even if this was their seventh anniversary together.

Blake's outfit was flirty and fun, a black and white buffalo check dress (if it was red and black, she'd be a lumberjack) with long sleeves and cut outs at the top of the bodice. The asymmetrical hemline went as high as her knee, and to coordinate her outfit, and she wore black sandal heels. Ryan, meanwhile, looked preppy in a tweed dark gray suit with skinny pants, a white shirt and a repp-stripe tie.

5 The A Quiet Place Premiere

They have two famous stances on the red carpet. Either they are ignoring the cameras and instead are gazing lovingly into each other's eyes or else they're standing face to face looking at each other with huge smiles. For the photo above, it's the latter. And what's so funny? They look as if they're telling each other an inside joke.

So their red carpet moment in New York earlier this month was to support their friends Emily Blunt and John Krasinski at the premiere of their new horror movie A Quiet Place. Blake looks amazing as always, wearing a plunging tweed and leather dress by Chanel with strappy multicoloured heeled sandals courtesy of Balenciaga. She also has on Ofira earrings and bangles--she loves to accessorize!--as well as rings by her favorite jewelry designer, Lorraine Schwartz. Tonight B and R aren't coordinating, but R still looks dapper in a navy suit--yep, another navy ensemble!--with a polka dot tie and brown lace-up shoes.

4 New York Fashion Week 2018

Harper's Bazaar

So here's Blake at 2018's New York Fashion Week. Even though Ryan is absent, we're dying to show you this Valentine's Day look that Blake sported, as Fashion Week was actually on V-Day. Even royal couples go stag, just like Kate Middleton, who, from the looks of it, goes alone to the many charities she's part of. And while Blake doesn't have royal blood, she is similar to Kate because whatever they wear, fans want to wear the same outfits too. They're style-makers.

In any event, as usual, all eyes were on Blake. She's festively dressed in red, wearing a bright-red patent leather coat by Michael Kors. But it's her shoes that are adorable. She's wearing white pumps that have big red hearts on them. They're so fun and flirty! And her blonde hair looks free and effervescent, swept to the side in a natural way. And if you look closely, Blake's diamond rings are, of course, from Lorraine Schwartz.

3 The All I See Is You Premiere


In a now famous move, Blake Lively wore seven different outfits of the day to promote her film All I See Is You in New York City, on October 16, 2017. Each talk show or interview Blake looked stunning, and the fact that her outfits were all unique just goes to show you how versatile she can be, able to transform into a men's wear inspired suit to a gorgeous yellow dress. At the premiere, Blake is wearing Chanel couture from the spring 2007 couture archives.

She definitely outdid herself this time, looking glamorous in her silvery sequinned gown that has streaks of vertical ribbons that end at her feet to show off her perfect legs. Meanwhile, Ryan looks dapper in a black suit that coordinates with his black glasses.  They look so elegant together. And look at the way Ryan is staring at her! It's the I-Can't-Beleive-We're-Married possessive look. This is why they are royalty, as they live under the same scrutinizing spotlight.

2 The 2014 Angel Ball

Huffington Post

Blake and Ryan attended the 2014 Angel Ball at Cipriani Wall Street in NY and they showed the world that they couldn't be more in love. They kept staring at each other as usual when photographed, and the both of them had that I-Want-You-Now look. So, anyway, even though Lively has a baby bump, she has on a form-fitting Gucci Cruise gown with a modest plunging neckline.

Lively is not into makeup, so she kept it minimal, at best. Her hair here is straighter than usual and is flowing at one side, but no matter what style she chooses, she always looks damn good. And Ryan looks like the leading man he is, wearing a Gucci tuxedo, shirt, bowtie and shoes. This is why they are the real queen and king of Hollywood. No one can match their style, the honey-dew glow that the couple have, the way they don't care who's looking so that they can stare into each other's eyes.

1 New York Gala


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