15 Women In Hollywood That Brad Pitt Will Likely Make His Third Wife

There aren't many males that have been fawned over more in the history of Hollywood more than Brad Pitt. While most of his life under the public spotlight has been in a relationship, that isn't the case at this given time.

2 divorces later (and 6 kids) and Pitt is finally single, and seemingly, ready to mingle after denying recent reports that he was aiming to become celibate for the next year. But let's hope he picks his next wife correctly because as Ross Gellar showed, having 3 divorces can really do a number on your mental health!

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Thankfully for Pitt, there is no shortage of stunning women in Hollywood that he'd be able to try and call up for a date. Who knows, perhaps the Mother of Dragons is poised to also be a wonderful Step-Mother to his children?

And just in case he needed any motivation to give the ladies on this list a call, perhaps the unbelievable photos we've included of them is that extra push he's going to need. While Brad may be enjoying the single life, it's hard to imagine he's enjoying it more than he'd enjoy spending time with any one of these Hollywood stunners.

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15 Jennifer Lawrence

The age difference of over 20 years didn't slow Lawrence down there, why would it stop her with Brad? Rumors have been around in Hollywood for a while that the two have knocked boots, and while that hasn't happened, Lawrence has still addressed the rumors saying,

"No [I'm not dating Brad Pitt,] but I'm not super excited to shut that rumor down."

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Which means she definitely may not be offended at the idea of him picking up the phone and giving her a call. Imagine a couple like that flaunting themselves around Hollywood? Fangirls wouldn't stand a chance.

14 Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario's career and love life both took off at around the same time with the Percy Jackson franchise. Along with helping her land future roles, Daddario also started dating her co-star Logan Lerman.

And while the two got serious enough to get engaged, they eventually called things off back in 2016. Daddario hasn't been linked to anyone seriously since then and if she's looking to scratch that itch, why not Brad?

Along with being gorgeous, Daddario is a talented actress who would surely light up beside Brad - both on and off screen. Especially since she's bound to take Hollywood by storm soon enough, considering she's not only talented, but extremely beautiful.

13 Lindsey Vonn

There are many people in America that aren't huge fans of Lindsey Vonn after she voiced some criticism towards the White House. Which means that Brad Pitt may want to steer clear of someone who could be a publicity nightmare.

But if he can look past that, he may see what we do, and that is that Vonn is one of the most appealing single ladies out there. An accomplished skier, Vonn has been candid about the fact that she is single and ready to mingle including saying on Valentine's Day

"Apparently it's Valentine's Day. I forgot all about it because I'm at the Olympics and I'm single. Anyone else out there single and want to be my valentine? #worthashot"

An extreme Hollywood A-Lister like Brad Pitt dating a gorgeous woman who is also an Olympic athlete? Talk about a match made in heaven. That would definitely be a match that Hollywood would love to sink their claws into.

12 Lupita Nyong'O

Lupita Nyong'O is definitely in the public eye now after the having an insanely successful last 5 years. This includes an Academy Award-winning performance in 12 Years a Slave that was produced by Brad Pitt. She was also in a little-known flick called Black Panther.

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Nyong'O was at the front of infidelity rumors with Pitt back in 2014 when he was still with Jolie. An insider for Bossip stated,

“Brad’s fixation with Lupita isn’t sitting well with Angie. Despite his devotion to her and their children, Angelina can’t let go of the nagging worry that Brad is on the prowl for the next hot thing to come along in Hollywood.”

You can imagine that may sting a little bit more if he does, in fact, end up in her arms!

11 Sienna Miller

Actress Sienna Miller poses during a photocall before the French fashion house Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2017-2018 women's ready-to-wear collection during Fashion Week in Paris, France March 3, 2017. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes - RC1C0C4F3D80

It definitely seems like The Lost City of Z was a well-made movie. When looking at the scores on Rotten Tomatoes, critics scored it at 87%. It's just too bad that nobody ended up seeing the movie and despite costing upwards of $30 million to make, brought home less than $20 million.

One of the biggest talking points from the movie were the rumors that were sparked when Miller and Pitt were spotted together. Miller starred in the film, whereas Pitt's company produced it.

While their hangouts never turned to a confirmed relationship, there's always time!

10 Selena Gomez

Brad Pitt is no stranger to dating people that he has worked with. And considering Selena Gomez has recently allegedly become single after breaking up with Justin Bieber, perhaps he may give her a call.

After all, the two worked together on the 2015 movie The Big Short. There were even tabloid rumors about the two knocking boots while Brad was still with Angelina, though they were never confirmed nor denied, but we're sure Angelina still didn't take too kindly too.

That being said, if Pitt or Gomez decided to make a move now, there shouldn't be another person standing in the way! Although, there would probably be some issues that would make themselves known considering the age difference, not that age has ever stopped Hollywood before.

9 Demi Lovato

SUNRISE, FL - DECEMBER 17: Demi Lovato attends the 2017 Y100 Jingle Ball at BB&T Center on December 17, 2017 in Sunrise, Florida. (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Demi Lovato owes a lot of her success in life to the support she received through A.A. She battled an addiction to various substances and suffered from an eating disorder throughout her life. As well as also struggling with mental issues such as depression.

One person who also knows about addiction is Pitt. When talking to GQ in May 2017 he admitted he hadn't gone a day since leaving college without smoking or drinking. Something he had recently changed,

"I was boozing too much. It's just become a problem. And I'm really happy it's been half a year now, which is bittersweet, but I've got my feelings in my fingertips again."

Perhaps they can support one another! There is nothing sweeter than people in Hollywood who are there for each other--well, not just Hollywood, but any couple.

8 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner spent a while making tabloid headlines for her relationship with NBA star Blake Griffin. But Griffin's recent trade from the star-studded Los Angelas area to Detroit has definitely seemed to put a damper on their relationship.

You can only imagine the insane paparazzi attention that would ensue if a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan hooked up with Pitt. Though when Kendall was once asked to list her celebrity crushes, she did state,

"Young Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger"

She may prefer Pitt from a few decades ago, but perhaps she would help him find his youthful spirit. Either way, whether age or the fact that he's older would dampen it, we're definitely sure that if anything, Kendall would definitely not say no to a night alone with Brad Pitt (but really, who would?)

7 Saoirse Ronan

With the film Lady Bird, Saoirse Ronan may not have been successful in her bid to win an Academy Award for Best Actress, but she still managed to take home a Golden Globe award. And at the young age of 23, we're sure she's not having many doubts about how her future is going to look.

But if Ronan wanted to add some spice to her personal life that has seemingly stayed stagnant of guys, Pitt may be the one to do it.

They're both talented and we're sure Brad would love to canoodle with someone who is as respected in the acting community as Ronan is. And hey, if she needs a publicity stunt to get her in the eyes of Hollywood, what would be better than dating Brad Pitt who is not only well known, but in his own right, an absolute legend.

6 Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is one of the hottest women in Hollywood for her role as Daenerys on Game of ThronesThough her dragons may bring the heat even more! But despite Clarke being one of the coolest people in Hollywood, she's rarely been linked to a man.

Outside of a relationship with Seth MacFarlane that lasted under a year, Clarke has kept her attention focused on Westeros. The only question is, is Pitt a Game of Thrones fan? If not, he might have some studying to do.

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Though after some of the scenes in the series, he may race to be picking up the phone. Not just that, but Clarke would definitely bring a sense of class to the relationship, as she constantly conducts herself in a very ladylike manner. There's no one quite like her in Hollywood.

5 Halle Berry

Halle Berry has had several rough marriages throughout her life. In fact, she's tied the knot as many times as Ross Gellar (...three for those who don't love Friends). Which means that Brad Pitt would have to do some serious convincing if he managed to ever get her to agree on a date, much less walk her down the aisle.

If he did though, there is no question that the two would become one of the biggest power couples in Hollywood. The peak of their career may be behind them, but the general public still wants them both to succeed. Why not together?

4 Margot Robbie

Wait, Margot Robbie? Isn't she super in love with her husband Tom Ackerly? Seemingly, yes. But let's be straight up, it's not like Hollywood marriages are known for lasting a super long time.

If Ackerley does get pushed to the side, Robbie may not be the most surprising name to see linked to Pitt.

Especially if the reports are true that she will be starring with Pitt in the upcoming film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood that is being written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. DiCaprio is also signed to the project though, so if Robbie does become available, Pitt may have his work cut out for him. Although, regardless of any of this, worst case scenario is that we just have a lovely set of photographs of the two of them hanging out, even if it is platonic.

3 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck definitely had their struggles as a relationship. While nobody can fault them for trying, it seems that as of now, she may finally be ready to move on from Batman.

Good on her too, because she is way too pretty, and way too smart to be with someone like Affleck. When that split got announced, Hollywood and tabloids all cheered in unison, more than happy to see that she would be moving on without him.

While having to fill Bruce Wayne's shoes may be a tall task for any future man to have to fill, Pitt may be the man to do it. Along with having similar career trajectories, Pitt has recently sworn off alcohol - something that plagued Garner's relationship with Affleck. He may just need to be careful not to mention Elektra on the first date (or y'know, ever).

2 Britney Spears

Everyone seemed to have an opinion on the split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This includes celebrities such as Britney Spears.

When appearing on Australia's version of the Today Show, Spears admitted that her first ever celebrity crush was on Pitt. She went as far as having a photo of him on her nightstand.

During the interview, Spears also commented,

"He probably wouldn’t even look my way. I don’t care, ’cause we can dream. We can dream!”

She'd just have to ditch her boyfriend, Sam Asghar, first who she's been with since November 2016. But hey, every girl is allowed to have a fantasy and she's more than allowed to have her own of Brad Pitt. Really, we're pretty sure that every woman in Hollywood, along with people outside Hollywood have had similar fantasies.

1 Jennifer Aniston

There wouldn't be a more tantalizing story for tabloid reporters to say that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are finally back together. While there are plenty of reasons for it not to happen, that definitely isn't going to slow down the rumor train.

It was reported shortly after her split from Justin Theroux that Aniston still kept old post-it notes from her relationship with Brad. 

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Perhaps this indicates that at least one part of her heart is still open to the idea of welcoming Brad back into her life in some capacity. And then who knows where becoming friends again can lead! Why not make your 3rd wife, your 1st wife?

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