15 Wedding Details Meghan And Harry Are Trying To Keep Secret

The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will arrive before we know it. The world is thrilled to watch this lovely couple become man and wife, and ever since Prince William married Kate, the Brits have never been so excited. This wedding is sure to be full of love and adventure as the unlikely pair make history in England on May 19.

Everyone wants to get the inside scoop about the upcoming wedding, but the Royal Family and their close friends and associates must keep all the secretive details to themselves. They don’t want anything private leaked to the press, since that could cause disruption and mayhem. The Queen will have none of that!

But as hard as the Royals may try, secrets always slip, rumors emerge, and all sorts of stories come out in the media. People are just too interested in this wedding and they will do anything they can to find out the details before the big day. You can’t blame them, as royal weddings are always worldwide spectacles.

Here are 15 wedding details Meghan Markle and her fiancé Prince Harry are trying to keep secret. Try as they may, they are not doing the best job at keeping their wedding plans under wraps. Leaks happen and the press can’t wait to print them. And we can’t help but read anything that’s fit to print!

Check out these 15 “secrets” and see which ones you think are real and which are fabricated by the media. But we will have to wait until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wonderful wedding day to find out which are the real deal and which were a bunch of royal BS.

15 The Cake Will Be Gourmet and Unique

Royal weddings are not your run-of-the-mill cookie cutter, banquet hall celebrations — no plain old 3-tiered vanilla or chocolate cakes with sticky-sweet buttercream frosting will do. The fabulous Royal couple will be slicing into a super special cake that will be specifically created for their pricy palates.

Rumor has it that their wedding cake will be made with elderflower and organic lemon and baked by Violet Cakes of London.

Lemon cake may be fairly common, but elderflower is something you certainly don’t taste everyday, if at all for that matter. Leave it to the taste-making bride-to-be and her impressive gourmet sensibilities to choose a wedding cake flavor that will delight the wedding guests after a night of dining and dancing. This cake is sure to take the cake. Talk about a slice of heaven!

14 The Queen Will Weigh In On The Floral Décor

Meghan is super hands-on when it comes to planning her big day, but sources say that she is seeking advice from the Queen when it comes to the flowers.

Or perhaps the Queen is offering her two cents and Meghan must give in and let her have her way just to keep the peace.

Either way, the Queen’s taste will be reflected in the floral arrangements for the wedding. It has been noted that Meghan loves peonies, but if the Queen loves roses or tulips, we’ll all know who had the last word once we see pics from the big day. Hopefully the women were able to compromise while preparing the floral details, otherwise, the bride may be holding a bouquet of flowers she’s not too fond of. She’ll still be glad to toss it to all the single ladies in the crowd, but it is unlikely any of those gals will land themselves a prince.

13 Markle’s Parents Will Attend The Ceremony

We don’t hear much about Meghan’s mom and pop, but we do know they are divorced and living separate lives.

Meghan’s dad is particularly out of sight, but apparently Meghan keeps in touch with both of her parents since it has been reported that they will both be in attendance for the Royal wedding.

Will her dad walk her down the aisle? That has not been confirmed, but seeing his daughter marry a prince will be something he would have never imagined he’d ever witness. We wonder if the Queen will make Meghan’s parents feel at home at the palace or if they’ll be staying at a nearby hotel. And will they be dressed by professional stylists? We can’t wait to see how the in-laws interact with the Royals since they are from such different worlds.

12 600 People Are Invited To The Ceremony, But Only 1/3 Get To Party Afterward

Most of the 600 lucky chosen people who will be coming to the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t feel quite as special when they realize that only about 200 are going to be able to party the night away at England’s Frogmore House.

This exclusive list of special friends and family is under wraps, and if they spill the beans, they may be in hot water with the Royal Family.

This party is sure to be super exclusive with the finest wines and champagnes, gourmet fare, and plenty of music. Maybe Meghan will do a wedding wardrobe change and slip into something foxy she can get down in. And Prince Harry will be sure to knock back plenty of booze as he smooches his beautiful bride until the sun comes up. Even the Queen will get down on the dance floor. Check your invites to see if you’re welcome to the after party!

11 The Obamas May Attend

While it’s pretty clear that President Trump is not invited to the big day, rumors are swirling that former President Obama and his elegant wife Michelle are on the guest list. Heck, they may even be among the lucky 200 who get to attend the special party after the “I dos.” We’ve seen Prince Harry and Obama together before and they seem to have a friendship.

The Obamas know how to cut a rug, so they would surely have a blast at the Royal wedding.

And Prince Harry can feel confident that Barack won’t tweet about the party, giving away exclusive details. Michelle is sure to look like a million bucks at the event and Meghan will love posing in pics with the former First Lady. Class and charisma make the Obamas the perfect party guests.

10 Tennis Pro Serena Williams May Swing By

The Royal Family has friends from all walks of life from all over the globe including superstar athletes like tennis pro Serena Williams. While Meghan and Prince Harry are trying to keep their celeb-filled wedding guest list top secret, leaks always come out in the press. We hear that tennis great Serena Williams was invited to the Royal wedding, so let’s hope she R.S.V.P.s an enthusiastic, “Yes!” We love to see celebs get together to celebrate special events, and what could be more exceptional than a star-studded Royal wedding? We are used to seeing the pumped-up Williams dressed in her sporty tennis gear, so we wonder what she will wear to this formal event. She is always a stunner, so she will surely ace her style game on the big day.

9 Two Best Men?

It is no big surprise that Prince William will be his baby bro’s best man, but this role may be filled by a duo for the Royal wedding.

A detail the family has been keeping mum about is that there’s a chance that Prince William will have a sidekick for the best man role — one of Prince Harry’s closest childhood buddies.

Will Prince William feel slighted if he must share the gig with another dude or will he be happy to share the love? Knowing what we do about Harry’s older brother, he will be more than willing to be part of a best man duo, allowing more loved ones into the marital mix. This old friend of Harry’s must be someone super special to be given such an important role in a royal affair.

8 The Beautiful And Talented Actress Priyanka Chopra Will Be A Bridesmaid

We all know that before she became Prince Harry’s bride-to-be, Meghan Markle was doing her thing as an up-and-coming Hollywood actress. Being in the biz means meeting other stars, and Markle surely made the rounds.

She became close buds with the gorgeous actress Priyanka Chopra, and the secret is that she is going to be in the exclusive bridal party.

Will she show up Meghan? Chopra is surely a knockout, but this will be Markle’s day to sparkle. Chopra seems like she is super cool and fun to be around, so it is no wonder that Markle adores the A-list actress. Another one of Markle’s bridesmaids is said to be stylist Jessica Mulroney. Perhaps she can help the gals look their best on the big day by adding her special touches to their outfits. This event will be more stylish than ever before. Princess Diana would be impressed!

7 The Bachelor Party Might Be In Mexico

Word has it that Prince Harry will celebrate his last days of being a single man by living it up down South in Mexico at a fancy hotel, no less. His big brother Prince William and a close pal affectionately known as “Skippy” will be planning the fun-filled festivities, giving Prince Harry a chance to relish in his numbered bachelor days as they come to an end.

Prince William seems rather subdued, so this party may not be too wild and crazy, but we all know that Prince Harry has been known to let loose and party hard.

Surely there will be plenty of margaritas to go around for toasting Prince Harry a happy marriage. As long as Harry is stone-cold sober in time for the big day, his fiancé Meghan should have no problem with him having one last hurrah in Mexico with his besties.

6 Meghan Might Wear A Dress By Erdem

No matter what she wears on her special day, Meghan Markle is sure to be a beauty as she walks down the aisle to greet her grinning groom. But word has it that she will be decked-out in a gown by Erdem. Her stylist friend, Jessica Mulroney, runs a Toronto-based bridal shop, so she has an in with some of the best wedding gown designers.

Markle has worn designs by Erdem before, so she knows what she likes. But will the Queen be cool with a Canadian-Turkish designer when there are plenty of British ones dying to dress Markle for the big day?

We won’t know what Markle will wear until her wedding day, but by the looks of it, she will dress in a design that she loves the most. Don’t mess with a bride when it comes to her gown!

5 Will Harry Wear A Wedding Band?

Most married men wear a wedding band, but when it comes to the Royals, it seems like traditional rules simply don’t apply. Did you know that Prince William does not wear a ring? His wife does, but his ring finger is buck naked. Not that the world doesn’t know that he is taken.

The secret Prince Harry and Megan Markle are keeping is whether Prince Harry will follow his older brother’s lead or will please his bride by wearing a ring on his finger.

Markle seems like the sort of woman who would prefer that her hubby wear a ring, but now that she is part of the Royal Family, she may change her tune. As long as she has plenty of “bling,” she may not care if her man is ring-free after all.

4 Markle Plans To Deliver A Speech On Her Wedding Day

Sources have revealed that Meghan Markle may break tradition and deliver a speech at the Royal wedding. Normally, the man in the relationship preps a speech and the royal wives sit back and listen. Being that Markle is used to being front and center, the idea of her getting up in front of the crowd to say a few words isn’t so crazy.

As long as the Queen is okay with this modern idea, then Markle will be ready to wow the crowd with her witty words to her new husband and their family and friends.

Harry will still give his speech, but Markle may be a tough act to follow. She is quite charismatic and knows how to give a great performance. But Harry knew what he was getting into when he courted his Hollywood honey.

3 No Toast From Pop?

Meghan Markle’s dad lives a secluded life in Mexico. He used to be part of the Hollywood set as a writing director, but those days are behind him. Being that he is out of the public eye, the secret is that he may not deliver a speech or toast at his daughter’s wedding. But who knows? Maybe the old man will surprise his little girl and her new hubby by whipping out a sheet of paper and grabbing the mic. After a glass of champagne or two, he may find the “liquid courage” he needs to stand before the Royal Family to wish his newly-married daughter all the luck in the world — not that she hasn’t hit the jackpot already. It would be nice if he speaks at the wedding, but for now, the Royals are staying silent about which members of Markle’s family will be addressing the guests.

2 Spice Girls Reunion?

One of the biggest secrets about the Royal wedding involves who may perform music for the excited guests at the exclusive reception. Rumors are running wild that the Spice Girls may entertain the crowd.

While they may not be the classiest bunch of babes, apparently, Prince Harry and Megan Markle are big fans of the girl group.

These five gals have been broken up for years, but what better place than the Royal wedding to announce their widely-anticipated comeback tour? If they still have the chemistry and talent, this could be the big break they’ve been waiting for. Does the Queen like Scary Spice or is she more of a Ginger Spice fan? It will be fun to watch the stuffy  crowd get down to some of those cheesy pop songs!

1 Look Out For Elton John

You may recall that Sir Elton John was a dear friend to Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

While the Royals are keeping their lips zipped as to whether he’ll be at the wedding, it has been said that John has cancelled a few dates from his popular Vegas show right around the time of the Royal wedding.

A coincidence? We think not. Surely the entertainer will be at the wedding and he may very well perform. Will the Spice Girls be his opening act? It would be wonderful for a close friend of Lady Diana’s to take part in her son’s special day. And who doesn’t love Elton John’s music? If he does attend, he is sure to be one of the 200 invited to the reception. He can sing “Your Song” for the couple’s first dance. It’s surely a more suitable selection than the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.”

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