15 Ways Taylor Swift Tries Too Hard To Make Friends

Fan or not, if you’ve heard of Taylor Swift, then you’ve heard about her squad. These Swift “besties” are on her list of celebs who have reached the status where Swift can declare them part of her inner circle. Some are models, some are musicians, and some are actors, but what they all have in common is that they are part of this “elite” group of famous folks who get to be up close and personal with the talented and beautiful Taylor Swift.

But what if these squad members weren’t genuinely Swift’s friends at all? Perhaps she just wants to look like she is constantly surrounded by stars, so she paid them to act like they are all this tight-knit group of people who adore her. Heck, they may not even like her music. But they’d never tell her for fear that her next song will be all about them.

Some of these squad members include singer Lorde, actress and model Ruby Rose, musician Ed Sheeran, singer Ellie Goulding, model Lily Aldridge, actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld, model Martha Hunt, actress Dakota Johnson, actress and singer Selena Gomez, actress Lena Dunham, musician Jack Antonoff, model Karlie Kloss, model and actress Cara Delevigne, model and actress Jaime King, actress Blake Lively, and singer Camila Cabello. All are frequently photographed with Swift and they seem to do many things together. The question is, are these squad members in it for real, or is something else motivating them to keep up with the façade? And the worst part is, once they've been photographed and confirmed that they're one of Swift's friends, if they do anything she disagrees with, she shuns them and influences others to hate them too.

Here are 15 reasons why we think Taylor Swift pays her squad to be friends with her. Maybe money can buy you love and happiness after all.

15 She Wants To Be A Model

Sure, Taylor Swift is tall, slender, and beautiful, but she made a career as a musician, not as a model. So, what better way to hook into the elite model crowd than to have a few friends in the beauty biz? But what if none of those models wanted to hang out with Swift? A big enough check with plenty of zeros signed by Swift herself could have them changing their tune. Now we see pics of Swift doing all sorts of things with these models, from going out on the town for dinner and drinks to taking trips to attending concerts.

Do they invite her along in the hopes that she'll pick up the bill? After all, no matter how successful these models are, their bank account can't compare to Swift's $280 million. 

Swift just loves all the attention the gorgeous models get and loves it even more when people say she could be one of them herself. Money well spent.

14 She Wants To Come Off As Edgy

While Swift has changed up her game over the years, she still can’t seem to shake off that girl-next-door vibe. No matter how much she tries to give her look some edgy s*x appeal, it is still difficult to forget that fresh-faced and perky teenaged country girl we once knew. To keep herself “cool” with the younger set, Swift might be bribing some of the edgier celebs to hang around with her in the hopes that their edgy attitude will brush off on her.

She will take plenty of pics with these cool celebs and post them all over social media so people think she has a seat at the “cool table” in the cafeteria, so to speak.

Is this payoff plan working? That all depends on your definition of “edgy.”

13 She Wants To Do A Duet With Justin Bieber

By getting close to actress/singer Selena Gomez, Swift thinks she will get the go ahead to collaborate with her on-again, off-again fling Justin Bieber. Heck, she may even invite him to be part of her squad too — or bribe him to pretend.

Gomez seems like a super cool chic, but who knows if the friendship she has with Swift is the real deal or made up for publicity’s sake.

And if Swift was able to bribe Gomez to be part of the squad, surely, Bieber would be on board too. Love him or hate him, the dude’s popular, and Swift is always looking for more fans. Throwing a few bills in Gomez’s direction could result in a duet that would climb the charts. Sometimes, it is all about who you know.

12 She’s Making Up For Not Being Cool In High School

While Taylor Swift is super cool these days, it would be safe to assume that she may have been a total outcast when she was a student in high school. Sometimes the most talented and best-looking kids are taunted, bullied, and left out the most. “They didn’t think I was cool or pretty enough, so they stopped talking to me," said Swift in an interview. “The kids at school thought it was weird that I liked country [music]. They’d make fun of me.”

But now that Swift is all grown up and has become super famous, she is using her A-list star power to be part of the “cool kids” group she always wished she had belonged to.

And even if that means buying their affections, so be it. Being surrounded by some of the coolest people in the industry makes up for all those sad days Swift in her bedroom while the other kids were hanging out at parties and having a great time without her.

11 She Wants To Break Into Acting

Swift has conquered the music scene, but she still seeks even more fame and fortune. She would love to shine on TV or in the movies, so she is doing all she can to get in the biz by surrounding herself with some of the most popular folks in the industry.

Swift started up an unlikely friendship with actress Lena Dunham who is most famous for her acclaimed work on HBO’s Girls.

That show was a fan-favorite, and wouldn’t Swift just love to be part of a hit television show like that? Perhaps Dunham truly likes Swift, or she agreed to be part of the squad for a wad of cash. Just because the two are “squad mates” does not guarantee Swift a role on TV, but it's worth a shot.

10 She Is Scared Of Being Alone

While being famous usually means having lots of admirers, sometimes the top can be a lonely place to be. Fans see Taylor Swift as a popular gal who has it all, but perhaps all her hard work making her music career as wonderful as it has become has left her without any real friends along for the wild ride.

All that time recording in the studio and on tour creates distance from loved ones, leaving Swift all by herself while her old pals went on with their normal lives.

So, Swift decided the best way to gather a group of friends in a flash would be to bribe them to be part of her special squad with free trips on her tour and parties at her Hampton house. They get a free vacay and she gets the friendships she was so desperately missing.

9 She Is Secretly In Love With Ed Sheeran

Swift may say she is “just friends” with fellow musician Ed Sheeran, but perhaps cupid has her all in a tizzy. Sure, he is engaged now, but Swift had her eyes on the redhead years ago. They love to collaborate musically, but perhaps she wishes there could be more to the relationship than guitars and vocals. She may have asked him to collaborate with her so he could be part of her squad just to get closer to the cuddly guy.

But too bad Swift missed the boat and lost her chance to be his main squeeze.

It seems like Swift goes for the fellas who are traditionally attractive by Hollywood standards, so maybe she was embarrassed to fall for a guy like Sheeran. But he’s the one who found true love, and Swift just keeps writing songs about her failed relationships.

8 She Wants Free Stuff

Hanging out with fabulous supermodels and A-listers affords Swift the opportunity to get free “swag.” Like they say, the rich keep getting richer, and Swift is no exception to the rule. Buy chilling with actors, she can get free tickets to premieres and film festivals, her musician pals get her into concerts with the best seats in the house, and her model and designer friends can get her free designer clothing, expensive shoes, and invites to the fashion shows. Why spend your own hard-earned money when you can get the goodies for free?

Sure, she may have lured them to be part of her squad with free concert tickets and trips, but the payoff was worth it for what she gets in return.

Of course, Swift has enough dough to pay for these things herself, but it is so much more fun to be handed this stuff free of charge.

7 She is Afraid Of Becoming A Cat Lady

We all know how much Taylor Swift loves her kitties. She constantly posts pics of her adorable feline friends on social media and we can tell that she simply adores her little furry companions. But we have all heard the sad but possibly true tale of the “cat lady” who grows old and gray all alone with nobody to spend time with but her cats.

Swift is still young, so she is trying to dodge this bullet by gathering up as many human friends as possible.

If she must bribe them with invites to her parties and luxe outings, so be it. It sure beatsbeing 85-years-old, sitting in a creaky rocking chair all alone except for the company of her four-legged creatures. Not to mention, people live longer than cats do, so she is hoping for some friendships that will last a lifetime.

6 People Are Tired Of Her Breakup Songs

Taylor Swift may have written one bad breakup song too many. People are scared to become close to the singer because they think she may write a song about them if things do not go well. While Swift usually writes her songs about romantic relationships gone south, who's to say that she wouldn’t one day pen a tune about a friendship that fizzled? Remember her feud with Katy Perry?

Until Swift stops kissing and telling through her music, she may not be able to form any meaningful relationships in the future.

That is why she needs to make it seem like being friends with her is worth the risk because the relationships among the group will never get too deep. These folks are not afraid of breaking Swift’s tender heart because they were never that close in the first place.

5 She's A Show Off

Now that Swift has found fame, she loves the idea of flaunting her celeb status by traveling in the same circles as other rich and famous folks. Hanging out with everyday people is not nearly as exciting as being seen with glamorous and fabulous A-listers like the people in her squad. And simply hanging out is not nearly enough.

Swift must document her comings and goings with these stylish celebs by taking tons of pics and posting them on social media regularly.

And she does not care if she is truly friends with these people or not. As long as she gives off the vibe that she is close with the biggest of stars, then that is all that matters. Showing off is worth the price and Swift is willing to pay up.

4 She Wants To Get Back At Kanye

After all the hoopla surrounding Swift and Kanye West's relationship, she wants to prove she is the cooler star by surrounding herself with the biggest stars out there.

West may have the many Kardashians on his side who have his back, but Swift is showing that she can hit the town with some of the hottest stars in the world.

Granted, she may have had to bribe them to be part of her squad, but when it comes to life in the public eye, it's all about the material things. Flashy and showy is what this world is all about. But West knows plenty about that, so perhaps he respects Swift for her never-ending "squad goals." Looks like those two may be more alike than they would care to admit.

3 She Wants To Get Back At Her Exes

After all of Swift's numerous breakups, she wants to prove to her many exes that she is “the one who got away.” By running around town with her A-list squad, she is showing her many exes that she is a superstar even without a man. Even if she had to bribe her squad members to pretend to be her pals, being seen with the best and brightest musicians, actors, and models pays off. Her exes surely must be jealous of the glamorous life Swift is living, whether it is genuine or not.

Perhaps she is trying to make them feel envious of her lifestyle, one they could have still been part of if they had not broken up.

Maybe Swift ought to create a new squad just for her exes!

2 She Wants Her Wings

Swift hangs around with plenty of foxy models, some of which are Victoria’s Secret Angels. They live a ritzy life filled with lavish parties, tons of money, and dozens of good-looking people surrounding them at all times. Swift feels like she would fit in perfectly with such a cool crowd and would love to become a VS model herself.

She has plenty of experience being in front of crowds, so why would walking the runway be any different than being on stage performing her music?

She has the body for it, so why couldn’t she “earn her wings” and become a VS model like some of her stunning squad members? Even if she had to pay her way to get close to the models, if the outcome is that she gets to strut the catwalk, the payout was worth it.

1 They Are Too Busy With Their Own Careers To Trail Swift Around All The Time

Notice how nearly everyone in Swift’s squad is someone who is famous in their own right? Don’t they have places to go and people to see?

How could they possibly have so much free time to chill with Swift whenever the mood strikes?

This may mean that Swift bribes them to do a few appearances with her every so often and take a couple of pics for social media to “prove” they are really friends. Famous models, singers, and actors have super busy schedules, so it is hard to believe that they can all get together at the drop of a hat to spend time with Swift. But if the price is right, they can surely find a way to make it work. Especially if Swift is willing to take them on vacation!

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