15 Ways Emilia Clarke And Her Game Of Thrones Co-Stars Like To Burn Their Millions

There is little doubt that Game of Thrones is the number one show on television these days. One of the most impressive things is that it was hard to imagine back in 2011 how global of a sensation the show would become. And we are so glad it did. The story is almost unlike anything we had ever seen on television, and the acting is so good that everyone who started this show has already gone on to make profitable careers for themselves in Hollywood starring in several movies and even other TV shows. We can easily say that Game of Thrones was a win-win for everybody.

Now, this was a win-win not only in terms of worldwide recognition and awards but also financially. The biggest stars in the show are getting paid ridiculous amounts of money going into this final season, and you won’t find a fan who says they don’t deserve it. From the villainous Cersei to the heroic Jon Snow, everyone should get paid a bunch of money. To be more specific, the main cast of Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau were all getting paid $500,000 per episode in 2017. Only Robert De Niro and Mark Hammond got more money on the small screen last year. So, without any further wait, let’s find out 15 things Game of Thrones stars use their money for.

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15 A House Of Dragons

Via: celebuzz.com

Since she was in the title, we thought it would be best if we started this article talking about Emilia Clarke. Most of you probably expect her to be taking residence in Kings Landing sometime soon. Nevertheless, while she has yet to conquer the Seven Kingdoms, the Queen of Dragons has bought herself a lovely home in Venice Beach.

While Daenerys Targaryen is riding her dragons in a fictitious land, Emilia has turned into quite the celebrity on Earth. And like all other celebrities, she needs a place to stay in California. She decided to go for a $4.64 million home in Venice. The place is huge (some could call it a castle), but we will just tell you that it has an area of about 2817 ft². Should be a large enough a place for her to put a Dragon or two, right?

14 Jon Snow Likes To Party


Kit Harington is a peculiar guy just like his character in Game of Thrones, the honorable Jon Snow. However, from time to time, Harington is known to be doing things that Jon Snow would probably not approve of. For example, it was not that long ago when the Game of Thrones star was kicked out of a bar in New York City because he was so drunk no one could take him anymore. Seriously, imagine you finding Jon Snow in a bar so out of it that you don’t even want to take a selfie with him. That was the situation everyone in the world saw when a video of Harington’s intoxicated antics was released by TMZ.

Nevertheless, money is not a problem for this guy, and he wanted to make amends for his bad behavior. So, he went back to the bar and gave a 100 percent tip on his $70 bill.

13 Clues For Fans

Via: timeincapp.com

When you are part of a television show that has a following as insanely passionate as the following of Game of Thrones, everything you do is taken as a clue. Even the money you spend is something that fans are always keeping tabs on. Let’s take Sophie Turner as a perfect example. When she hit the red carpet for the 2017 BAFTA Awards, some fans were wondering how many thousands of dollars she had spent on the stunning black dress she was wearing.

But that was not the only thing. That dress was also taken as a clue by some fans on what could be happening to her character during the next season. Some fans saw that there were bruises in her legs that were exposed by the dress. With those bruises, some people concluded that Sansa Stark was involved in some action scenes for the next season.

12 Cersei Making Moves

Via: blogspot.com

Lena Headey’s character in Game of Thrones is arguably the most cunning person in all of Westeros. The actress behind the character seems to be just as smart, at least when it comes to managing her money. We all get news of celebrities spending millions and millions of dollars buying homes in California and all across the world. But most of the time, we see celebrities falling from grace and losing money when they eventually have to sell their houses in a rush.

Lena is different. Someone who once struggled for money, she seems to have a knack for making more of it now that she has some breathing room. A perfect example is how she bought a home in Sherman Oaks for $790,000 and eventually sold it for almost 2 million.

11 Facing Your Fears

Via: mshcdn.com

If you know the character of Arya Stark on the TV show, you know very well that she is the kind of person who does not fear anything. That being said, we still believe Arya would think twice before jumping from a plane to go skydiving. Well, that was not the case with Maisie Williams when she decided to go skydiving in order to raise money for charity.

In case you were wondering, charity is one of the many ways Maisie likes to spend the millions of dollars she has earned while playing Arya. This was not the first time she went skydiving either. The charities she was trying to raise awareness and money for during this endeavor were the Dolphin Project and Mencap. It is good to know that while she is not slitting throats on the small screen, she is trying to help those in need.

10 Better Than A Cave

Via: dailymail.co.uk

One of the many scenes that will never fade away from the minds of Game of Thrones fans happened when Jon Snow and his wildling love, Ygritte, finally consummated their relationship inside a cave before all hell broke loose in the north.

Fans will be glad to know that these two also became a couple in real life. Rose Leslie and Kit Harington have been dating for a while and will probably get married sometime soon, in an affair that might have a similar impact of a royal wedding when it comes to Game of Thrones fans. Nevertheless, we wanted to tell you a little bit about the beautiful 15th-century home that the couple bought in East Anglia. How much did they pay for it? Well, nothing less than £1.75 million. Now, we’re just wondering how much that would be in Westeros money.

9 Another Castle For The Queen

Via: dealmakerz.co.uk

The rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms needs to conquer a bunch of castles in order to take control of the entire empire. While we don’t know how quickly she will succeed, or if she will succeed at all, we at least get to see Emilia Clarke building herself a bunch of castles in the real world.

We already talked about her beautiful new Venice Beach home in California, but she also has a not-quite-so-humble abode in the United Kingdom. While she did spend a lot of money on her California home, it doesn’t come even close to the £8 million she supposedly spent to buy a six-bedroom Victorian home in Hampstead. This is an area that celebrities seem to be buying homes by the dozens. Another example of someone who bought a property in the region is Justin Bieber.

8 Date Night

Via: therichestimages.com

We don’t know exactly how the relationship between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas works from a financial standpoint. By that, we mean that we don’t know who picks up the check whenever they go out together. The recently-engaged couple has a little disparity when it comes to their net worth as Joe is worth an estimated $18 million while Sophie is worth somewhere around $5 million.

Maybe they split the checks; we don’t know. But it would be a sensible thing to do when you start checking out the places these two go during their date nights. A perfect example happened when they went to a place called Catch in West Hollywood. There, the items in the menu can be as expensive as $105. Yeah, even rich people have to watch out for how often they go to places like these.

7 Visiting Refugees

Via: hearstapps.com

There are few ways of spending money more noble than visiting places and helping raise awareness for folks who have problems as large as the ones refugees are facing in recent times. Wars have always ravaged countries and destroyed the lives of several people, but it seems like the age of social media and the interaction between celebrities and fans have been making a difference when it comes to raising awareness to these issues.

One great example related to Game of Thrones and its cast happened when Maisie Williams, Lena Headey, and Liam Cunningham traveled all across affected regions, visiting and meeting Syrian refugees who told them their stories—stories that they passed on to their fans and hopefully made them care more about the problems in the real world. So, props to Arya, Cersei, and Davos on this one.

6 Spoils Fans

via:Business Insider

Everyone knows that Tyrion Lannister is one of the most hardcore drinkers in the history of fiction. Despite not being the tallest of guys, Tyrion is someone who could drink the Mountain under the table. Seriously, this guy can drink more wine than anyone could think it would be humanly possible for someone his size. So, it is no surprise when you find out that Peter Dinklage is someone who also enjoys his adult beverages every once in a while.

But that is not the only thing about Peter that resembles Tyrion. His character in Game of Thrones is a fan favorite because he is one of the few people you can easily say is a good person in that show. One of the many reasons why we think Peter is also a great person in real life is because he even buys drinks for his fans when he gets a chance.

5 The Engagement Ring

Via: timeincapp.com

As we have already established, one of the greatest things to happen behind the scenes during all the seasons of Game of Thrones was the beginning of the relationship between Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. Jon Snow and Yggrite are just meant to be together. Be it in the fictional or the real world, one of these marriages had to happen. But since something tragic happened in Westeros, we are left waiting for the marriage on Earth.

Meanwhile, we get to wonder and guess how much money Kit shelled out in order to buy this ridiculous rock for Rose to celebrate their engagement. Yes, this is one hell of an engagement ring. And while we could try guessing how much money he paid for it the entire day, we will just refrain from doing so and say that it was probably a lot.

4 A Savage Party-Goer

via:Just Jared

Would you ever drink beer that was made by Khal Drogo? Well, this is a question you might have to ask yourself sometime soon. It turns out that Jason Momoa, the beast of a man who portrayed Daenerys Targaryen’s first love in Game of Thrones, has supposedly partnered up with Guinness to make his own brand of beer. Yeah, we might actually have Dothraki beer in the world sometime soon. Well, it might be some Aquaman kind of beer too since Jason has become quite the star since his role in Game of Thrones.

But that is not all of it. The rumor mill is also brewing with the idea that the actor spent some serious money to buy a large building in Detroit. According to the stories, that building will eventually become Jason’s own brewery.

3 A Good Sellsword

Via: westerntelegraph.co.uk

The name of the profession is self-explanatory. A sellsword is someone who sells his sword, as in a person who will fight to the death for whoever gives him the most money. A lot of people might think this is a construct of fiction, but sellswords were actually one of the most common fighting forces in the history of our world. Hell, we still have mercenaries getting paid big bucks in war-torn countries these days.

Either way, we are here to talk about our favorite sellsword. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you know very well that we are talking about the one and only Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. Now, Bronn will do pretty much anything for money, but the actor who plays him, Jerome Flynn, actually does a lot of good things for his community. For example, he started a group that raised thousands of pounds for local charities like the Rainbow Support Centre.

2 Running Shoes

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Spoiler alert!

Her character might not be alive in the show anymore, but Natalie Dorman was, without a doubt, one of the best actresses to ever appear in the Game of Thrones TV series. If you were to ask a guy what his dream woman would be like, there is a good chance that a bunch of people would describe Natalie. She is beautiful, she has a pair of eyes that look like they can see through you, she is funny, and she also has what is arguably the number one smirk in Hollywood today.

But did you know that one of her hobbies is running? Yeah, this lady probably spends a bunch of money on running shoes. It was not that long ago when Natalie ran the London Marathon in order to raise awareness and get support for the NSPCC ChildLine.

1 Learning Different Languages

Via: harpersbazaar.com

Now, we don’t know for sure if she has taken language classes to learn all of the languages she can speak, but we assume that there is no way someone can speak as many different languages as Emilia Clarke does without any proper classroom time. Just in case you were wondering, Emilia can speak English, French, German, Italian, and a few others. Another impressive thing about her language skills is that she can mimic several different accents and dialects of English. For example, she could be talking to you in a New York accent one second and suddenly change to a Liverpool accent without much trouble. Yeah, this has to be an invaluable skill for an actress.

Although it might be completely unrelated, it kind of makes sense to see how quickly her character, Daenerys Targaryen, picked up speaking Dothraki in the show.

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