15 Tumblr Posts That Made Us Rethink These MCU Characters

Avengers: Infinity War is about to come out, and come on, you had to know we’ve had the MCU on our minds all month long. Ten years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with the first Iron Man, ushering an entire generation of audiences into the theatres to see the expanding and fantastical Marvel universe grow before their eyes. Since then, we’ve gotten a total of 18 movies in the extended Marvel canon, ranging from the adventures of a nerdy high schooler to the space-faring missions of our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy. And using the internet, fans of the franchise from all over the world have been able to come together and share their own observations and thoughts about the world they’ve grown to love.

Some of these ideas were so good, though, that they really make you reevaluate the characters and look at them in a new light. Some of the heroes we usually tend to see as sarcastic, and even mean-spirited, are revealed to actually be some of the kindest members of the cast. And other characters that might have been pushed aside or ignored have been transformed into some of the most compelling and clever under-appreciated heroes in the group. These posts about our favorite MCU characters helps us look at the heroes in a fresh new way, and manage to even get a couple laughs out of us too. Here are 15 of the best MCU Tumblr posts we’ve found from across the internet.

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15 Tony Needs To Meet Shuri

via: Pinterest

One of the best aspects of the connective tissue between the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been the ability to bounce different kinds of characters off one another. All their similarities end up providing plenty of room for their differences to be highlighted during scenes, and those character interactions and moments are a big part of what makes people care so much about this franchise. This user pretty accurately predicted what we want to see from Tony Stark meeting Shuri, Black Panther’s little tech genius sister. She would be exactly the kind of young woman he’d want to mentor, and would definitely bond with her over their shared snark and love of creating incredibly advanced super suits to fight evil with alongside Spider-Man. The kicker is Pepper Potts just being exhausted with the lot of them.

14 Godmommy Black Widow

via: Pinterest

Even if the section of the movie about Hawkeye’s family farm goes on forever, there does manage to be some solid character moments (outside the infamous and horrible “we’re both monsters, Bruce” bit). The sweetest might be the exploration of Black Widow and Hawkeye’s connection, and just how close Natasha is with the archer’s family. She ends up leaning down next to his wife and is surprised when she learns that it’s going to be a boy, not a girl. The “traitor” is a funny line, but one Tumblr user found a way to make the scene even sweeter in retrospect. The user suggested a world where the boy ends up identifying as a girl, and Auntie Natasha full-on embraces it. She even starts taking little Natasha to ballet, with the artwork accompanying it being especially adorable.

13 Coulson, Hair Stylist

via: Pinterest

Phil Coulson is the darkhorse contender for fan favorite from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, transforming from a small bit player into a recurring player, into a genuine leading man in his own right with Agents of SHIELD. It’s the little moments that helped transform him into one of the most memorable side players in the universe, his cute and charming moments with Pepper Potts or his gushing over Captain America never completely distracting from his innate skills as a spy. It’s his understated enthusiasm that makes him so memorable, and he would 100% would be the kind of guy to try and make sure that Captain America just looked good before anyone else got the chance to see him. She’s the ultimate Avengers assist and has been since the beginning.

12 Iron Man’s Heart

via: Pinterest

Ever since the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the humanity at the core of Tony Stark has been the beating heart of the franchise. Despite his commitment to rocket punching bad guys and delivering funny lines to infuriate bad guys, he’s a sweetheart when it comes to his friends. Even at his angriest with the other Avengers, he cares about them deeply and consistently showcases that affection. It’s especially evident whenever they’re in danger. There’s his freak out over Spider-Man and War Machine’s injuries in Civil War, and there’s his anger over the death of Coulson in Avengers. But the most affecting might be his quiet sadness after his bodyguard/friend, Happy Hogan, is left in a coma in Iron Man 3. This user points out the fluctuation in the usually cool, Tony Stark’s, demeanor and speaking voice for how much the event has hurt him, and it’s a great testament to Robert Downey Jr. and his command of the character.

11 He Doesn’t Even Know What A Camera Is

via: Pinterest

Thor, being a bit of a puppy dog, is one of the best directions the MCU could have gone, giving a charming humanity to the God of Thunder and making him easier to relate to and get attached to. He’s just a nice guy— short-sighted but friendly and happy. He’s such a dopey buddy to everyone he meets. And while his buffoonish dopey side was more pronounced in Thor: Ragnarok than it had been before, that likability has been a major part of him since the beginning. As this Tumblr user posted about, that excitement has been on display with Thor since his first movie. He doesn’t have any idea what a camera is or what it’ll do, but he still looks up at smiles at it when someone asks him to smile.

10 Character Development In Two Easy Shots

via: Pinterest

One of the trickiest elements about Avengers in retrospect was managing to juggle a team of six characters and have all of them advance and grow over the course of the film. While some of them got shortchanged out of that growth thanks to mind control like Hawkeye, most of the team got the chance to improve and change throughout the story. But the most pronounced might be Iron Man and the kind of respect that grows between himself and Captain America that lets him realize his own limits. He starts the movie as independent and self-confident as ever, but Captain America manages to stand up to his prodding and actually make him reflect on his own failings. It’s never expressly defined or discussed on screen, but it’s beautifully done in the subtext between the two. It builds all the way to the final fight scene, where Iron Man easily relinquishes command to Cap. It’s an understated strong moment for the character.

9 Respect, Respect, Bad Joke

via: Pinterest

Black Panther is different from most heroes, even other royal characters like Thor. While Thor might be the Prince (well, now King) of a race of space Gods, he is defined more by his charm and power than his royal standing. But with Black Panther, there’s a certain amount of pathos and regality to him. He’s just got this natural poise to him that the other heroes in the team just don’t have. A lot of the other characters give him that extra respect that he’s deserved… but not all of them. As this one Tumblr user realized, people like Captain America and War Machine address him by his official title even when they’re against one another. But then you’ve got Falcon, who just sits next to him and mocks him to his face. He’s loving just ripping on the King of Wakanda, and you know part of that is just based on him being the bird guy and he’s the cat guy. It kind of makes Falcon even better. He doesn’t care who you are, he’s gonna make fun of you.

8 It's All In The Eyes

via: Pinterest

One of the most subtle character transformations in the entire Marvel universe has been going on in front of our eyes, and we never even noticed it. Loki is the villain of the first Avengers, wielding a staff that he can use to corrupt people into serving as his lackeys. The physical signal for this is a blue tint that appears over their eyes once they've been taken over. But when they suffer a head injury, they are knocked loose of the influence. But here's what makes it strange. At the end of the movie, Loki is beaten down by Hulk in the biggest laugh of the movie. But when he's done being dragged across the floor and we get a clear shot at him, his eyes are different. They've lost a certain shade of blue they've had all film. Loki was being corrupted by the staff as well, giving way for some of his actions. He's not completely forgivable no, but it at least helps explain why he went so bad.

7 Do It, Peggy, Do It

via: Pinterest

Captain America: The First Avenger was a surprisingly enjoyable superhero movie, going in with an old school enthusiastic version of the superhero story and melding it with a war film. One of the best aspects was Peggy Carter, the confident and heroic spy who becomes Steve’s love interest in the film. She’s not drawn to his eventual looks or muscle though, it’s his heart and mind that draws her to him. As this Tumblr user pointed out, she was on board the Steve Rogers train as soon as she saw how he figured out how to get the flag down. But this post made us realize just how much everyone else around them sees it. Just look at the nurse! She sees the look Peggy is giving him, and she is just so happy for her that she’s gonna try to hook up with Captain America.

6 The Avengers Home Schematic

via: Pinterest

World building is at its finest when just little beats and details of the universe help reinforce the underlining story around the characters. Those kinds of bits can slip by unnoticed by even the most attentive audiences, but for the eagle-eyed fans who find them, they can open up entire other aspects of their favorite stories. Just look at this exploration of what seemed like a second of screentime. Take the blueprints for Avengers HQ from the climax of the first Avengers. Tony’s design for Avengers Tower and their living quarters actually reveal a lot about the characters and what Tony thinks of them. There are lots of little details that are adorable (like giving Hawkeye and Thor the top floors because they would better appreciate those) and practical (like Widow and Hulk having easier access to the ground floor to reflect their skill sets.

5 There Are Just So Many Layers

via: Tumblr.com

This thread is impressive just for how ridiculous it gets. One user noticed just how many little inaccuracies are present in the nurse, who first greets Captain America after he’s found and unfrozen during the climax of his first movie. There are just lots of little inaccuracies in her appearance that wouldn’t make any sense at all for a nurse from the 1940's. While initially, the post seems to just be focusing on all the little nitpicks, another user notices that all those little inaccuracies were there on purpose. It was a test to see how long it took Captain America to notice a problem with his surroundings and regain his response time by Nick Fury–a test that Captain America passes with flying colors. Or maybe it was just a mistake, but this one fan turned it into something way better.

4 Fairy God Iron Man

via: Tumblr

With Disney purchasing Marvel just before Avengers, they managed to get ahold of one of the biggest franchises in the world right before it got incredibly successful. It sets up plenty of funny comparisons between them (just imagining Edna Mode discussing superhero costumes with Iron Man is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face) and allows for fans to make some pretty good comparisons between the properties. It was never established in the movie itself, but Spider-Man: Homecoming sees Tony Stark basically becoming the Fairy Godmother for an unsuspecting, Spider-Man. Beyond they joy on Peter’s face and Iron Man wearing that blue robe, it’s just fun to see such a cute (and 100% accurate) picture of the pair of them together.

3 Gotta Love Those Happy Accidents

via: Tumblr

Sometimes, the funniest things can come about by random happenstance. Take the accidental movie theater jokes that come about when unsuspecting ushers and owners try to change the marquee without realizing the comic gold they’ve created. Take this one establishment for example, which was trying to advertise The Avengers and attract attention for an open position at the theater. The pair of them together though? It looks like Spider-Man’s finally going to get that official Avengers spot he’s been hoping for. Even with the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we all know Peter Parker still wants to be with the greats. And with Infinity War looking more and more like it’ll force everyone to go all out, that excitement is finally going to spill over into his life.

2 Ant-Man Is Just Happy To Be Invited

via: Buzzfeed

Ant-Man, a.k.a. Scott Lang is probably the most normal of the Avengers. And no, Hawkeye’s weird farm doesn’t count. Scott is just trying to pick the pieces of his life back up after some jail time, reconnecting with his family and becoming a hero along the way. But no matter the crazy events that have been thrown his way, he’s managed to keep that patented Paul Rudd enthusiasm at a solid 110%. That carries over into Civil War when he’s recruited to Captain America’s side of the titular battle between the heroes. As this user noted, no matter how cool the other heroes are, one of the most memorable things about the whole movie is just getting to see how enthusiastic Ant-Man is to be there and helping out Captain America.

1 The Smartest Guy In S.H.I.E.L.D.

via: Buzzfeed

While we may have gotten used to the concept, the idea of bringing SHIELD down during the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, was mindblowing at the time of release. We just didn’t see it coming. But it was rewarding to see so much of the spy agency resisting their traitorous former allies and fighting back against HYDRA. For a lot of them, that realization came towards the end of the movie when Captain America manages to get a message through to them. But for this one extra, it seems like his worries and caution were peaked the second Captain America was called a criminal. Look at him! Look at his face! That is the face of a man who is NOT okay with what he just heard. This post is spot on, and we feel so much for that guy. Honestly, if we lived in the MCU we’d probably either be that guy or the dude on the ferry in Spider-Man: Homecoming who will straight cheer his superheroes on.

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