15 Times We Actually Felt Bad For The Kardashians

When Kim Kardashian was first introduced to the world, people didn't quite know what to think. She was seen at Hollywood hotspots with Paris Hilton and the buzz around her just focused on her incredible beauty and her signature dark hair. Yet, the talk changed drastically when her tape with Ray J was "leaked." People started to sit up and take notice and it wasn't long before she got her very own reality show. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was an instant hit with television audiences but it wasn't just Kim that enthralled viewers. The entire Kardashian clan was featured on the series and people loved seeing the dynamic between each of the family members.

The first episode of the series aired in 2007 and continuously garnered new viewers with each new season. The fascination around the family only grew and there were a number of spin-off shows to feature more of the other family members in the clan. Nowadays, the Kardashians are seen as individual stars and have embarked on everything from endorsement deals to hosting gigs for other hugely popular television shows. Their rise to fame could never have been speculated when the first episode of their reality show aired, but it's interesting to see that not all of the journey has been filled with just red-carpet events and sought-after Hollywood hotspots. The entire family has endured some of the dark sides of fame, especially revolving around constant media scrutiny. The paparazzi has been relentless over the years and have caught some incidents that have made some people feel sympathy for them. Check out our list of the 15 paparazzi photos of the Kardashians that make us feel sorry for them and see if you would be able to endure this kind of regular hounding.

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15 Insulted By A Millionaire

Richard Lugner is an Austrian businessman that attends the annual State Opera Ball in Vienna and asks high-profile celebs to accompany him as his date. In the past, he's been accompanied by Geri Halliwell, Dita Von Teese, Carmen Electra, and Paris Hilton. Yet, in 2014, he asked Kim Kardashian. At that time, she was already engaged to Kanye West but that didn't seem to stop her from taking the $500,000 paycheck to be the millionaire's date for the evening. While it may have seen like an easy payday for some, details regarding the event really made people cringe over Kim's involvement. Kim alleged that Lugner was "aggressive" and repeatedly grabbed her and tried to get her away from her security detail.

Photos from the evening showed that her mom, Kris Jenner, was at her side the entire time and it looked like Kim was really uncomfortable.

When asked about whether or not Kim was a good date, Lugner stopped to tell a group of reporters, "Kim is annoying me. Because she's not sticking to the program."

14 Kourtney Kardashian Freezes Up

With the Kardashians constantly being hounded by the paparazzi, it's got to be a tad frustrating to have to stop and strike a pose for the cameras during everyday outings. Yet, it seems like Kim Kardashian has the routine pretty much mastered. For those celebrities that constantly know how to strike a pose with a seemingly effortless ambience, just stepping out of a car and into a Hollywood hotspot can be a huge boost to their public persona. However, not everyone has that ability every time they step outside. In the case of Kourtney Kardashian, it seemed like there were more than a few times where she was a bit awkward around the media.

During an interview with The Today Show, Kourtney completely froze on live air and this photo shows her trying to pretend like she's on the phone even though it clearly shows that she's not.

It's obviously a bit hard for some people to act normal in such a high-profile lifestyle.

13 The Media Was Mean To Rob Kardashian

While the public has put a huge amount of attention on the Kardashian sisters, it's interesting that it's the only son that will be able to truly carry on the Kardashian last name. This became a huge sticking point when he had a child with Blac Chyna and it created drama over trademarking. Blac Chyna tried to trademark the name, “Angela Renée Kardashian," but the sisters' lawyers claimed "[they'll] suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill." Besides the last name, Rob doesn't have that much in common with his celebrity sisters. He may have had a few similarities back when he was featured regularly on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and he dated some high-profile women like Rita Ora and Adrienne Bailon. Yet, things have really changed for Rob in recent years. Most notably, Rob gained 100 pounds in just one short year and this paparazzi photo of him at the airport during a Paris trip was used as a huge fat-shaming pic that was plastered all over the tabloids. It's undoubtedly difficult for him to be constantly compared to his gorgeous money-making sisters.

12 Kim Kardashian Was Floured

In 2012, Kim Kardashian was arriving at the launch of her new perfume, True Reflection, and was making her way down the red carpet. This was a moment for Kim to really shine and it was during the beginning stages of when she was just starting to build herself into a brand. Yet, that wasn't the most magical event for her after she was flour-bombed by a woman that sought her out at the event. There were reports that someone associated with PETA was involved because there were murmurs of fur being referenced during the event. PETA released a statement saying, "PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for real fur garments. Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.” Kim didn't wind up pressing charges and she ultimately returned to the event, but it undoubtedly put a damper on her night.

11 Paparazzi Caught Kim Falling Off A Bike

Kim Kardashian has made a huge bulk of her fortune through her modelling and endorsement deals. While there are some people that think of this as incredibly easy work, it's hard to deny that some of the conditions surrounding this type of work isn't always the most pleasant. Models are constantly complaining about having to look beautiful in freezing cold water or having to pose for hours in uncomfortable positions. This particular incident occurred in 2014 when Kim was posing for a photos shoot for Hype Energy Drinks.

The paparazzi captured a huge portion of the photo shoot and couldn't help but notice that she was having some difficulty in keeping her balance on the bike.

It turned out to be part of the shoot, but it definitely probably wasn’t the best day for the reality star.

10 North West Falls Without Kim Watching

When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was going to become a mother, people didn't quite know what to think. Kourtney had already proven that she thrived in her role as a mother, but Kim had garnered a selfish reputation over the course of her career. People wondered whether or not she would be a doting mother and it seemed like everything she did was scrutinized quite a bit. This photo was taken when North West was 2 years old and was strolling with her mother. The paparazzi caught her in the middle of a bad fall and the pictures were plastered over every tabloid outlet. Yet, the real story behind the pictures was the fact that North got up immediately and was all smiles after her fall.

Kardashian looked completely aloof in the pictures, but she whizzed around immediately to make sure that North was alright.

The paparazzi scrutinizing every single outing (along with her parenting skills) is enough for anyone to feel a bit sorry for the reality star.

9 Kourtney’s Daughter’s Ditzy Moment

Kourtney Kardashian has always stood out a bit among her sisters and it's definitely not because of her height. While Kim has always been the one to be at the forefront of all the media attention and Khloe has a completely unique look from the rest of her family, Kourtney's public persona has seemed to revolve around her kids. The public has viewed her as a great mother and a woman that seems to make it all look easy. Yet, that wasn't the case during his paparazzi moment when Kourtney was out and about with her then 3-year-old daughter, Penelope. The paparazzi caught just the moment when Penelope walked right into a car door and was dropped to the ground. It wasn't the best moment for Penelope and it made people feel sorry for Kourtney that people were talking badly about one small and insignificant moment in her daughter's life.

8 Someone Tried To Kiss Kim

One of the signature features of Kim Kardashian's physique is her famous derriere and there has been much speculation about it. People have speculated that it's not all natural, especially since before and after photos of Kim make it seem like something had definitely happened to change it to a much bigger size over the years. Yet, she once went to a doctor to have it x-rayed in an attempt to prove that she doesn't have any sort of implant or anything. Her derriere has become truly famous all on its own but it's not always the best thing for her body parts to be so much of an intrigue to the general public. This was definitely evident in 2016 when the celebrity prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, went up behind her and tried to plant a kiss on her bum. He was ultimately tackled by her security but it was definitely something that women everywhere could feel sympathy for in regards to unwanted advances.

7 When Kim Was Paris Hilton’s Minion

While people often reference Kim Kardashian's "leaked" tape when they consider how she first became famous, she actually spent quite a lot of time making a name for herself as Paris Hilton's little minion. The pair had an interesting relationship since Kim was depicted as the woman that Paris hired to organize her closet. Videos of Paris telling Kim not to talk when she talks and treating her like a servant inside her house were actually quite sad and these photos seem absolutely unbelievable. It's absurd to think that Kim Kardashian would have ever worn matching outfits with a fellow celebrity and walk arm-in-arm with them, but that's the type of thing that Kim used to do when she was stuck in the shadows under the Paris Hilton cloud.

6 Amy Schumer Fall Prank

One of the interesting things about being a well-known celebrity is the fact that the world can't get enough of seeing them pranked. Punk'd was a huge favorite with television audiences because people seem to love seeing celebrities go through some drama or get a great prank pulled on them. This is what happened to Kim and Kanye West in 2015 when they were walking the red carpet at the Time 100 ceremony. Amy Schumer used this moment to pull a prank on the famous couple and wildly fell in front of them on the carpet.

Kim and Kanye remained absolutely emotionless and then shared a laugh with Schumer afterward.

Yet, that whole scenario seems utterly cringe-worthy since that's the sort of thing Kim has to deal with now that she's famous. It's a good thing she didn't have a juvenile and "mean girl" reaction since it was all being photographed by the paparazzi.

5 Tackled On The Red Carpet

When the public sees photos of their favorite celebrities on the red carpet, they're often seeing them standing a bit on their own. There's usually ample area for their full ensemble to be shown off and they seem to be standing on their own to really give their look enough space. Yet, seeing some of the chaos that can occur from the hounding paparazzi can be a bit overwhelming. Kim Kardashian saw just how crazy it can get on the red carpet when she was tacked by the famous red carpet crasher, Vitalii Sediuk. She was heading to the Balmain fashion show in Paris in 2014 when Vitalii rammed into her and she almost went flying to the ground. She was saved by her security but the whole scenario did seem a bit sad for those that could put themselves in her shoes.

4 Speculation Over Hair Falling Out

While celebrities are often depicted as having luxurious hair with silky locks and beautiful volume, many people don't realize what can sometimes be entailed in achieving this look. From intense dye jobs to constant extensions, sometimes the hair is put under an extreme amount of stress. When Britney Spears had her head-shaving moment, there were some people that speculated that the constant use of extensions had damaged her hair so badly that the shaving method could be used to give the scalp a fresh new start. One of Kim Kardashian's most signature traits is her hair, but people started speculating about its condition when she was photographed at the airport in 2012. The photo made people wonder if she was losing her hair because of repeat use of extensions or because of stress but both of those reasons were enough to garner some sympathy.

3 Rob Got In Trouble With The Paparazzi 

Back in 2012, Rob Kardashian was still seen as moderately fit in his physique and had even competed on Dancing with the Stars. He had a pretty good run on the series and finished as the runner-up in his season. While this wouldn't even be a blip on the radar for his famous celebrity sisters, this was seen as one of the highlight phases of Rob Kardashian's life. So much of his public persona wound up revolving around his incredible weight gain, his tumultuous romantic relationships, and his failed business attempts. Yet, things didn't stay well for Rob Kardashian during this time since he got into a scuffle with a paparazzi and law enforcement got involved. In 2012, Kardashian was reportedly having a heated discussion with a woman when he realized that he was being videotaped. He wound up chasing the paparazzi into a shop and got in trouble with the cops. Yet, he was released without any charges and it made people think about how irritating it must be to have paparazzi catching you during ultra-private moments.

2 Comedian Should Have Been More Careful During Interview With Kim

When Kim Kardashian first became known to the public, it was her "leaked" tape with Ray J that really had people sitting up and taking notice. It was obvious that she didn't have any prejudice in her heart and proceeded to have a number of different relationships of people of other ethnicities. She's always been proud of her Armenian heritage but she's also been clear to show that she doesn't see the color of people's skin but sees who they are on the inside. In Hollywood, most celebrities can be a bit sheltered when it comes to blatant racism, but Kim found out that it's not like that in the rest of the world. During a trip to Vienna, Kim was subjected to some of that when she was interviewed by a television host and comedian. When asked if he was going to dance, the young male comedian stated, "We're going to dance, we're going to wait for (racist word) in Vienna." The photos of her having to be subjected to that sort of racism really made people feel sorry for her.

1 Trip To Vienna

In the world of the rich and famous, people would think that applying dark makeup on their face would be completely out of the question. Yet, there have been a number of celebrities that have made this horrible mistake over the years. From Ted Danson to Julianne Hough, there have been some celebrities that have made that horrible decision to don brown makeup (and received a huge amount of backlash because of it). Yet, Kim Kardashian had to deal with someone like that in a way that was truly disturbing and her reaction was caught by the paparazzi and videographers in Vienna. While Kim was attending an Austrian society event in 2014, a man with dark makeup pretended to be Kanye West and yelled out to her, "Kim, I'm here." She responded by saying, "I don't get why him or anyone else would find this funny. This is supposed to be a really nice upscale event. How did this guy get in? Is this just like a sick joke?" Obviously, no one should be subjected to this sort of behavior and it was definitely a moment where everyone really did feel bad for the reality star.

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