15 Times Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Made Us Raise Our Eyebrows

By now everyone knows and is probably confused that 19-year-old Sofia Richie is dating 34-year-old Scott Disick. The couple is all over the internet always on a vacation and refusing to keep their hands off of one another. Here’s the thing, the amount of people that most likely feel awkward about their situation is A LOT. Kourtney Kardashian, Disick’s baby mama and ex-girlfriend must feel hella awkward watching her ex walk around with a girl who is younger than her youngest sister. Sophia’s dad, Lionel Richie, in addition to feeling like a failed parent probably isn't very happy with Disick. There is just so much wrong with this relationship. That being said, all the pictures that surface of the couple look like they don’t care at all, they are just living their best lives. Disick being Disick refuses to talk about the situation which is probably the best decision he has made in any relationship. Richie, on the other hand, is supposedly so smitten with Disick and is rumored to constantly be gushing about her new man. Many would be surprised to know that the couple’s relationship is so serious that he has even met her parents. So, enquiring minds want to know, what is so intoxicating about him? Could it be that he has the mental maturity of a teenager? We aren’t hating but we are throwing shade. It’s hard to love this relationship but it hard to not hate it as well.

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15 Whenever He Puts His Arms Around Her

via KISS 92.5

Disick and Richie have been together for a solid 6 months now and almost every picture that surfaces of the two has him with his hands wrapped around her. For a normal couple, this would be affectionate and cute but for these two it’s unsettling. She just looks so young and he looks like he is preying on her. We would love to be excited that he seems to genuinely be happy with her. That being said, it’s too much too fast their affection is unnatural and questionable. It makes Scott look like he can’t get a girl his own age and that she is going through some kind of older man phase. Sofia’s father would agree seeing as he stated that he truly believes that his daughter relationship with Scott is a phase. Can anyone imagine how he feels seeing those photos?

14 Dancing To Her Dad’s Music

via Extra.ie

Just before Christmas, a video surfaced of Sofia wearing a cute Christmas sweater and a pair of white underwear just dancing. However, what makes this moment cringeworthy is the fact that she is dancing to her dad’s music in her underwear while her creepy older boyfriend tapes her, so he can put it on the internet. Just sit and ponder that for a minute doesn’t it sound creepy? It’s like she is trying to be sexy and silly at the same time but she’s also aware that she is being sexy dancing to her father’s music. The video only gets sillier as it goes on as Disick is behind the camera tossing ice cubes at her, so she can catch them and throw them in the sink. This is clearly their idea of fun and they are just being a fun couple. But again, dad’s music, sexy under and dancing.

13 Scott And Sophia Have Very Unique Styles

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Dear God, it’s hard to see photos surface of the couple (on their personal social media pages) with Sofia in her underwear. It’s like you know they either just got down to business or had a heavy petting session. It’s just not okay. Yes, she’s 19 but again he just seems so old and it's as if he has a bad influence on her. We just really want to cover her up and save her from this odd relationship even though Scott probably isn’t even smart enough to be a predator. We have to admit, it’s weird that she has appeared pantless in so many photos. Once, okay it’s her being cute but we are beginning to assume that she just doesn’t like wearing pants (which isn’t always a horrible thing).

12 The Leg Draping Pic

via People

During a trip to Miami to do probably nothing but lay around on the beach, Sofia posted a picture of her and Scott doing what? Laying around. The thing about the picture that made it cringe-worthy is that it was just their legs. Worse off her legs were draped over his. There is just something about their intimacy that makes us second guess following their love story. While we admit the couple can be cute, it’s just weird seeing them cuddle and touching and being so into each other. All that is running through people’s minds is their age and how sexual she comes off in almost every appearance they make together. Yes, she’s 19-years-old but it’s still just weird and having them be so intimate in photographic evidence is just too much for our souls.

11 Mom Duties

via Week Facts

In late January, a picture surfaced of Sofia and Scott going out to dinner with the kids he shares with Kourtney Kardashian. WHYYYY? People love to involve their girl or guy of the moment with their kids and besides that, he looks like he is essentially grooming her to be the stepmother of his kids. This is a rule that is consistently broken among selfish people and if Scott is anything, it’s selfish. Why couldn’t he just spend time with his kids and have a night off from being attached at the hip to Sofia? Then this picture gets snapped as if they are a regular family going out for dinner. It just looks weird and awkward and it’s putting her in a weird situation that at 19-years-old shouldn’t be in. That shouldn't be on her mind.

10 Their Miami Adventures

via OK! Magazine

During a trip to Miami to attend Art Basel the couple was photographed several times sharing very intimate kisses. While we admit it’s cute to see a couple acting affectionate to one another, it was a bit awkward. Scott is intimately holding Sofia’s face and kissing her so passionately. It’s not unheard of for a couple to be ultra passionate this early on in a relationship but when it’s so in your face and so public (no fault of their own) it makes you analyze everything. So, we analyzed it; their eyes are closed and Scott looks so into it whereas Sofia looks so relaxed almost saying “oh, another kiss? Okay, cool”. The fact that this kiss basically looks staged is another thing that makes us cringe. It makes us wonder if this relationship is for real?

9 Scott’s Jealousy

via radaronline.com

We will tell you right off the bat that this is ridiculous. How sad is it that Scott if going around admitting that he is insanely jealous of his baby mama and ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Kourtney Kardashian is currently dating Younes Bendjima a former boxer and let’s be honest, Kardashian is probably the best thing that ever happened to Disick. Now here is the cringe thing, if you were dating someone who is mad that their ex is dating someone, wouldn’t you feel like garbage? Why is he even still worried about what she is doing? He has moved on, right? Maybe that’s why he is so hell-bent on all the public touching and PDA. Maybe he’s trying to prove something to his ex. At least Sofia is young enough to bounce back, you can only go up once you date someone like Scott.

8 Their Candy Dinner

via jusjared.com

Back to Miami, we mentioned that the intimately awkward kisses during this trip. One was at a restaurant and get this, their dinner was the most juvenile dinner we’ve ever seen. It was literally a dinner full of candy at the restaurant Sugar Factory. Scott admitted that this is his favorite restaurant because why wouldn’t his favorite restaurant be a candy shop? But here is the kicker, they were enjoying their candy dinner with another couple; Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble. Yup, this family loves sticking together which isn’t a bad thing, but it must be a tiny bit awkward for Kris. Supposedly Scott couldn’t keep his hands off of her as he continued rubbing her back and giving her little kisses on her face and neck throughout the night. Barf, in front of your almost mother-in-law.

7 When They Came Out

via The Blast

For months Scott and Sofia were making out in public but denying that any kind of relationship was taking place. It’s cool if they want to keep their relationship to themselves but don’t go and make out in public then deny that you're an item. That in itself was weird. What was cringe-worthy was the fact that after all that guessing they felt the need to publicly announce that they were dating. In September, the couple went on a date and had a plate of dessert brought over to them that had the words “Congratulations Scott & Sophia” written in chocolate. First of all, why would you go out of your way to announce this? Second, that dessert looks like trash and third they spelled Sofia’s name wrong. Let’s be honest, this whole night seems like a fail.

6 When They Look Like Tourists

via lifeandstylemag.com

Seeing as the couple is constantly traveling to God knows where they always look like tourists. They look so content and enviable when they do the touristy type stuff like taking a gondola ride in Italy or soaking up the sun on a public beach like they did in Mexico and Miami. Not only does it make us want a man it also gives us serious travel envy. It sucks when people who don’t have real jobs just have an endless amount of money and travel to places that they probably don’t even appreciate. The best part of their tourist look is the pictures. The couple takes pictures that truly look like they are experiencing things for the first time. They take photos that look like a couple that is on their honeymoon.

5 They Match

via YourTango

They are a true couple when they wear matching outfits. It may be a bit early for this couple who haven’t even been together for a year to be wearing matching outfits. However, when people go out of their way to find matching outfits for their significant other it's so cute. And it’s even cuter when they pose for photos in those matching outfits. They actually just look like a cute, normal couple when they match. We don’t recall Scott ever matching with Kourtney which is cool, it may not have been for them. We happen to think a matching outfit or two in the appropriate setting is awesome. If they make it to Halloween, they will probably have matching or couple costumes who wouldn’t be down to see that?

4 He’s Her Cheerleader

via The Inquisitr

Scott seems to be Sophia’s biggest cheerleader these days. This isn’t bad, everyone needs a cheerleader and everyone’s significant other should be their biggest cheerleader. Scott doesn’t seem to have anything else to do besides follow Sofia around. Here she is trying to make it as a model and he’s just latching on to her trips and cheering her on as she poses for photos. This is called being a good boyfriend. We will admit they seem to spend A LOT of time together for someone who has 3 kids but okay, we’ll go with it. This seems to be a significantly different Scott from the one that dated Kourtney, she always seemed to be very independent. She didn’t rely on Scott to do anything maybe because he was busy getting drunk and partying.

3 They Apparently Adopted Puppies

via YouTube

Oh, ma gosh, what a way to win over the naysayers. Scott and Sofia bought two adorable puppies together, no one can talk trash when puppies are involved. It’s way too early for them to be taking this step but that being said, when a couple adopts an animal together it says a lot. Animals are a huge responsibility and while we completely believe that Sofia will soon be a single dog mom, we admit it’s cute at the moment. They do say that animals bring people together and for all we know, this could be one of the things they have in common. They could both be extreme dog lovers. The video that Sofia released announcing the dogs and their names is cute. Scott wasn’t in it but we are assuming he was the one taping.

2 Low Key Dates

via Metro.co.uk

So, yes, it is awkward as hell when Sofia and Scott go out in public. That being said, when they are on a low-key date meaning sweats and sunglasses just going out to grab a coffee or a bit of lunch it comes off so natural and normal. It has to make people long for a partner to do low-key things like seeing a movie or picking up coffees for one another. There is nothing better when someone is in a relationship than dressing down and running to the corner store or even staying in. It may be safe to say that people never really saw Scott and Kourtney doing this. She always comes out of her house dressed up even her gym clothes were fancy AF. It seems like Sofia is more his speed in more way than one.

1 Their Mexico Trip

Via: USMagazine

The couple has been traveling all over the world for some reason but recently pictures surfaced of their trip to Mexico and we have to say, it’s awkward. There are some photos of them on a boat and she is sitting in his lap cuddling with him. It literally looks like they have to travel out to a country that wouldn’t look down on their weird relationship in order to have their relationship accepted. This is where people saw the majority of their affection. Seriously the PDA in these Mexico photos is above and beyond any other PDA. Also, it’s awkward that he is just gawking at her, we almost want to run over and cover her up. Realistically, it’s normal for a 19-year-old girl to wear a bikini but when her boyfriend is older it’s always weird.

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