15 Times Celebs Were Stood Up At Their Own Wedding

If you've ever had the traumatic privilege of being in love (or more fittingly, in lust), then you are well aware of the seemingly endless amount of speed bumps and potholes and hills and trenches and mountains and craters that are constantly being built or dug in your relationship–sometimes by you and sometimes by your significant other–but always leading to either a lifetime's worth of compromised happiness or a fatal plunge off the side of a bumpy road or a cliff. The choice of which path to take is entirely up to you... EXCEPT when it's entirely up to the other half of your relationship. You see, love is a narrow, icy (when cold) two-way street, and it is very important to remember that the vow to "have and to hold through sickness and through health" doesn't officially go into full effect until you're standing at the altar, so if you're having any misgivings about being able to complete that rather daunting task, then I recommend that you take a few notes from these folks and run while you can (if that's your best option). Here is our list of 15 celebrities that were stood up at their own wedding... That's gotta be pretty embarrassing....

15 Dylan McDermott And Julia Roberts

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Examining Julia Roberts' dating history is like being sucked into a black hole of broken hearts and half-written "Dear John" letters. It's messy, it's mournful, and there's no real end to it because... well... she's bad at closure. Let's start back in 1988 when a young Roberts, fresh off of her first Hollywood hit Mystic Pizza, is about to leave the set of her new movie, Steel Magnolias, with an Oscar nomination and a new man on her arm, her co-star in the movie, Dylan McDermott.

The two dated for the first two years of Roberts' twenties, and McDermott slid a ring on her finger only to have it thrown back at him before he could even get fitted for his tux.

But can you blame the girl? She was young and new to fame. We can rest easy knowing Miss Roberts learned from her mistake and proceeded to handle the hearts of future men with the fragility they deserve. Oh, wait...

14 Kiefer Sutherland And Julia Roberts (Again)

Once she split from McDermott (or maybe even before if you smell what I'm stepping in), Roberts had a hole in her heart that could only be filled by a swoopy-haired blond, so she apparently bleached her luscious locks and went about her big-toothed way. However, later that year, she needed something more and she fell head over heels for her Flatliners co-star Kiefer Sutherland. The media and the public alike wasted no time crowning them Hollywood's latest "it couple" and those two crazy kids returned the favor by getting hitched... almost. Just days before the wedding, right around the time Roberts' $8,000 wedding dress was ready to be picked up and after over 100 guests were ready to watch the couple say "I do" on a 20th Century Fox soundstage which had been decorated to look like a garden paradise,

Roberts bailed on Sutherland and even hopped on a jet to Ireland with his best friend, Jason Patric, on the day the wedding was supposed to take place.

And while this all sounds like an awful thing to do to someone you love, when you think about how she starred in Runaway Bride only a few years later, it makes it seem way worse.

13 Hugh Hefner And Crystal Harris

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Crystal Harris is a nice girl from Arizona who moved to Hollywood in the hope of finding some fame and maybe a little fortune. By 2010, she had been named Playboy's "Co-ed of the Week," had one year of reality television under her belt from starring on E!'s The Girls Next Door, and had a big fat diamond engagement ring given to her by none other than Hugh Hefner himself. But what's a girl to do once the reality of marrying a man sixty years your senior starts to sink in?

Harris called the engagement off just five days before the wedding

after Playboy Magazine had published a special issue with Harris on the cover introducing her as "America's Princess." A few months later, the couple was able to put the little hiccup in their review and eventually wed in 2012 and stayed that way until his death in 2017.

12 Carson Daly And Tara Reid

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Back in the late 90's, Carson Daly was kind of the spokesperson of a generation. He was the sole host of MTV's most popular show, Total Request Live (TRL), and did an extraordinarily good job as commander of the youth for five years. Within that time, another teen sensation was simultaneously taking teens by storm in the form of a raunchy comedy called American Pie, starring an unknown actress named Tara Reid. Through the avenues of youth marketing and staged interviews, Daly and Reid met, began dating, fell in love, and got engaged in 2000 after nearly a year and a half of on-air canoodling. However,

by 2001, the wedding had been pushed back and was eventually canceled completely.

Daly went on to host The Voice and marry Siri Pinter while Reid, well, went on a pretty bad downward spiral.

11 Brad Pitt And Gwyneth Paltrow

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Most people believe Brad Pitt's love life began with Jennifer Aniston but many forget that there was a four-year period between Pitt catapulting to fame with Interview With a Vampire and meeting Aniston in 1998, where he was on the hunt for someone to call wife #1. He met Paltrow on the set of Se7en in 1995, and for all intents and purposes, the couple's relationship seemed on par with upper-class normalcy. They dated for two years, had a huge engagement party at her parents' house, and even set a date for the wedding in East Hampton, New York.

But while Pitt was eager to exchange vows, Paltrow experienced cold feet and, at the age of 25, decided she was too young to be committed

to the world's sexiest man for the rest of her life and called the whole thing off just a few short months before the ceremony could take place.

10 Jude Law And Sienna Miller

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Back in the early 2000's, Jude Law was a pretty hot ticket. In fact, you could argue he was on the verge of overexposure. The British actor starred in eleven movies in five years, six of which were released in 2004 alone. So, when he fell for his Alfie co-star, Sienna Miller, that same year, it was the type of news that shot to the front page and stayed there. Unfortunately, if you fast-forward two more years and one wedding proposal later, you'll notice the headlines evolved into sob stories once Law publicly admitted to having an affair with their nanny (classic)

and Miller called off the engagement.

A few years later, the two made brief attempts at reigniting the flame but it never lasted, although Miller has gone on record saying she still cares "very deeply" for her ex-fiance.

9 Marilyn Manson And Evan Rachel Wood

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They were the strangest couple that made the most sense. Manson is, of course, the highest-ranking official in the army of the anti-Christ, and Wood, despite her bubblegum pop appearance, was always billed with having a darker side after her breakout role as a troubled teen in Thirteen. Manson once described his relationship with the then-18-year-old actress as "Lolita-esque" in regards to the nineteen-year age gap between them, but it didn't stop the couple from getting together in 2006. It may have played a part in their breakup two years later, but that didn't stop them from getting BACK together in 2009, and although they were statistically indecisive, Manson dropped on one knee and asked for Wood's hand in marriage while performing in Paris.

She eventually had a change of heart... again... and ended the engagement and their relationship for good eight months later.

"I appreciate everything he taught me," Woods said years later, "I just don’t think we were right for each other."

8 Chris Klein And Katie Holmes

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Poor Chris Klein. Here's an all-American kid, plucked from the desolate plains of Omaha and plopped smack dab in the middle of two of the biggest teen movies of the late 90's, Election and American Pie, and before you know it, he's getting busted for DUIs and no jobs on the horizon. At least he had his girlfriend of five years and fiancee Katie Holmes to keep him warm on those cold, lonely nights. Then Klein was taken in for his second DUI in 2005, and Holmes walked out. I mean, poor Katie Holmes too, but let's be honest, most of her life problems sprung up once Klein was out of the picture. The actress started famously dating Tom Cruise just a few weeks after splitting from Klein, and we all know how that turned out.

7 Alec Baldwin And Janine Turner

Try to imagine a time when you would say the name "Alec Baldwin" and someone else would answer "Who?" Baldwin didn't become really REALLY famous until the mid-1980s, and before that, he was just another hungry actor trying to scrape up enough loose change to afford another pack of Ramen. Lucky for him, he had Janine Turner, a struggling actor herself, by his side to help toss in whatever pennies she had left over from breakfast. Through their shared passion for the performing arts and growling stomachs, the couple fell in love, and by 1983, Turner had a ring on her finger.

Everything seemed hunky dory during the wedding planning phase until Baldwin suddenly decided to call the whole thing off.

"The breakup was very very painful," Turner remembered years later, and I'm inclined to believe her because there is not one photo of these two together on the internet. Turner famously pawned the ring for food money only a few months before landing her breakout role in Northern Exposure.

6 Emilio Estevez And Demi Moore

Movie screens in the 1980s were ruled by filmmaker John Hughes and his band of loyal actors affectionately referred to as "The Brat Pack," a crew consisting of Judd Nelson, Rob Lowe, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Andrew McCarthy, and as you may have guessed, Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore. The group did several beloved movies together, but it was on the set of 1985's St. Elmo's Fire that led the co-stars to romantic involvement and eventually, an engagement.

The date and location were set and the invitations were mailed out by the time the couple decided to call it quits.

Then Moore married long-time husband Bruce Willis just one year later, claiming that she and Estevez decided to remain friends.

5 Lance Armstrong And Sheryl Crow

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Lance Armstrong is most famous for winning the Tour de France, a record making seven consecutive years in a row between 1999 and 2005 and then being stripped of every last one of those titles when he was caught doping in 2012 and plummeting out of the hearts of the public faster than he ever could have on a bicycle. However, before that, he was happily engaged to the beloved songstress, Sheryl Crow, for years.

The two seemed like an odd but manageable match and announced their engagement in 2005 only to announce their breakup a short year later.

In the end, it boiled down to Crow wanting children of her own and Armstrong wanting the opposite having just had kids in his previous marriage... which turned out to be another lie because he went on to have two brand new children with his next girlfriend.

4 Richard Jefferson And Kesha Ni'cole Nichols

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Before she was on Basketball Wives, Nichols was a New Jersey Nets backup dancer (they were still in New Jersey at this time) where she met her husband-to-be and Nets star player Richard Jefferson. The two dated for some time while Jefferson was traded to the San Antonio Spurs until finally deciding to make it honest and setting a date for a lavish $2 million wedding ceremony in the Big Apple. But

while Nichols was zipping up her dress and guests were sitting down to order their filet mignon, Jefferson was nowhere to be found.

The only semblance of an appearance the NBA star made was when he called Nichols a few hours before the ceremony to tell her he wouldn't be coming at all and gave a friend his black American Express card for all the guests to enjoy because money can't buy love but it can rent happiness.

3 Rachel Hunter And Jarret Stoll

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Okay, first, try to imagine falling in love with a man named "Jarret," then imagine that man dumping you only a few months before you're supposed to marry him. It's a harsh reality that supermodel Rachel Hunter knows too well. According to reports, she was waist deep in planning the wedding when Stoll (a professional hockey player twelve years her junior) decided he wanted less than nothing to do with her effective immediately. The breakup devastated Hunter who remained in private mourning over their dead relationship for several weeks after its demise.

2 Levi Johnston And Bristol Palin

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Levi Johnston is one of those people who claim to be an actor/model even though the most he's done of either was pretending to smile/posing for the above photo. Back when Sarah Palin was running for the Vice Presidency in 2008, her daughter, Bristol, was pregnant with Johnston's child, her high school sweetheart, and Palin proudly announced that the two were to be wed. Johnston denied claims that it was a shotgun wedding even though the echoes of a 12-gauge loading up could still be heard throughout Alaska by the time he jumped ship the moment Palin lost the election and he no longer had to play the role of the doting father-to-be. But suddenly, in 2010, amidst rumors of a devastating custody battle,

Johnston and Palin announced that the wedding was back on... only to announce it was back off three weeks later.

Would you believe they were able to jump back into the headlines with all of this the same time Palin was competing on Dancing with the Stars? The timing is uncanny.

1 Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez

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Ah, Bennifer. What a time to be alive. These two met on the set of Gigli in 2003 (voted by some to be the worst movie ever to be recorded) and spent the rest of their two years together on the cover of every tabloid printed from here to Hong Kong. They were the butt of 64% of every joke made in the mid-2000's, a statistic I just made up but still seems low. Despite having each of their names dragged through the mud, hosed off with boiling hot water and then shot,

they managed to smile through a rocky engagement until neither could take the public hate any longer.

It didn't help that Affleck was being accused of sleeping with a Canadian dancer, but hey, nobody is perfect, right?

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