Kate Gosselin Is Making A Comeback: 15 Things She'll Never Live Down

Who could forget mom-of-eight, Kate Gosselin? Her reality series all about her huge family made for must-see TV, and her relationship with her ex-husband Jon was a hot mess throughout. And just when you though Kate disappeared from the public eye, she is back in the spotlight as the star of yet another reality show. But this one is not about raising her kids. Now we get to watch the 43-year-old look for “Mr. Right” on a new dating series Kate Plus Date.

Just when you thought you could not care less about who Kate spends her time with, you will be drawn in as you become a fly on the wall as Kate meets various men in search of her “Prince Charming.” We all know that Jon surely was not the right match for Kate, so perhaps her special someone is still out there. And he will have to be very special considering he will be a possible future stepdad to a boatload of kids.

But before tuning in, it would be a good idea to refresh your memory about the media-hungry mom. Her presence on TV was controversial at times, proving that life in the spotlight can have its shady moments. Moments Kate would have us forget if she had the power to make that happen. But what’s reality TV without a little drama?

Now that she is making a comeback, here are 15 things Kate hopes we forgot about. And she ought to pray that her dating prospects forgot about them too.

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15 Her Iconic Hairdo

These days, Kate looks fresh and fab with a natural-looking hairstyle that makes fans do a double-take. She looks better than ever, mostly in part to get ready for her new reality series, we assume. But years ago, Kate turned heads for all the wrong reasons when she sported a hairdo that was, let’s call it, interesting. Spiked up in the back and swooping to the side in the front, the multi-colored cut was odd, to say the least. Kate seemed comfortable and confident with her unique style, but hairstyling professionals from around the world let out a collective gasp when they first caught wind of the wacky look. As if Kate didn’t already stand out from the crowd with her litter of kids in tow, she really needed that attention-grabbing hairdo as a cherry on top?

14 Disciplining Her Kids

Many parents use spanking as a form of punishment, while others feel that any sort of physical punishment is unwise and uncalled for. But Kate seems to think a good whooping is a good way to keep her kids in line. To each their own, but when you are caught on camera grabbing and spanking your child, the world is going to chime in with their two cents. Perhaps Kate stands by her decision to give her child a pop on the behind, but she surely wishes the moment wasn’t captured on film. This pic will live on forever, embarrassing her daughter and used against Kate when people question her parenting skills. We bet that Kate wishes she took matters indoors for privacy rather than letting everyone in on her parenting style.

13 The Tabloids

Lots of reality stars’ lives make it to the front pages of the sauciest of tabloids, and Kate is no exception. National Enquirer had the mom of eight on their front page with the headline, “House of Horrors.” The paper alleged that Kate was super strict with the kids and never gave the nannies a break. While many of the stories gossip rags find fit to print are works of fiction, this one seems to be the real deal. And the thing is, Kate likely loved being on the front cover of the popular paper. Any publicity is good publicity, so Kate probably purchased dozens of issues to hand out to family and friends. She may have been raising her kids in a “House of Horrors,” and all the publicity had Kate coming off as cruel. Maybe she has toned it down over the years, but until we see her on Kate Plus Date, we’ll have to assume the same old Kate is back for another round of ridiculousness.

12 How She Looked Before She Became Famous

Before Kate started making a buck, she did not look quite as “glam” as she does now. She was a dowdy gal from who-knows-where with bad hair and questionable taste in fashion. But boy did that change when Kate decided to get on TV with her own reality show with her large family. People had differing views as to whether it was a good choice to put all her kids on TV, but most would agree that she looks a whole lot better than she did before. Professional stylists and a good hair and makeup team can do wonders. Kate is living proof of their magic touches. She looks like a completely different person. Only she wishes we never saw the “before.” Hey Kate, we’ve all had our “awkward” phases. Hopefully the men she dates on her new reality show never Google Kate before she was famous.

11 She Dropped Her Cleaning Lady On Her First Day On The Job

For a woman with so many messy kids, you would think she would cut an innocent cleaning lady some slack. But not the “perfect” Kate Gosselin. She hired some help around the house and the cleaning lady didn’t meet Kate’s expectations. On her first day, no less. What did the well-meaning maid miss? She didn’t dust behind a laundry hamper! Sure, we all hope we get our money’s worth from the folks we pay to get stuff done, but fire her? How about kindly telling the cleaning lady that she missed a spot? No second chances are being offered up by Kate. Just ask her bitter ex. If it’s not Kate’s way, it’s the highway.

Let’s hope the guys she dates on her upcoming reality series are neat fellas.

Otherwise they’ll be out on the curb with the trash, Kate’s ex-husband, and her former housekeeper.

10 She Was Super Mean To Jon

We all know that the relationship between Kate and Jon was headed towards disaster, but how could anyone blame the bum for wanting to leave her? We saw Kate constantly put him down, making fun of everything from his balding head to the way he talks. You’d think that Kate was the image of perfection by the way she would criticize nearly everything about Jon. Not that he’s such a winner, but he didn’t deserve to be treated like crap by the mother of his kids. For the sake of Kate’s upcoming suitors, let’s hope she has learned to keep her nasty thoughts to herself. She needs to remember to look at the big picture and not get all-consumed in what she perceives as flaws. Otherwise, her reality show won’t result in that happy ending she’s after.

9 Hat Or Inverted Bird’s Nest?

Kate may have come a long way when it comes to her style, but she has had some unflattering setbacks along the way. Take this horrendous hat for example. Kate is all smiles, but she does not realize that nobody is smiling back. They may be laughing, but at her expense. She is at the Kentucky Derby and big hats are all the rage at such an event, but Kate’s looks more like a lampshade or a bird’s nest than something ripped from the pages of a fashion magazine. Hopefully the production crew on her new reality television show will have a seasoned stylist on board and a fashion-forward wardrobe department with plenty of stylish clothing and accessories for Kate to choose from. Because the fella who is hot for Kate in a hat like that must have serious issues.

8 Crayola Chaos

On one episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the parents took the kids to the Crayola Factory. A day filled with coloring and creativity was dampened by Kate’s rules that the kids may not play with markers. We get it, markers can be messy, but kids are supposed to have fun when they are being expressive and artistic. Couldn’t Kate have allowed the kids to color to their hearts’ content and then do a load of laundry when they got home? Those kids probably wished they could have let loose, but mom was too worried about stains and smears. Jon was not having it, sticking with the kids on the matter, and probably causing Kate to get even more riled up. The next time Kate plans a family trip, she ought to think about what the day might be like at a place called “Crayola Factory.”

7 Tears On Television

Kate would love for her upcoming reality dating show to be free of weeping and woes. Back when she was on TV in her previous reality gigs, the waterworks were flowing regularly. Perhaps Kate was stressed out from all her responsibilities as a mom of eight or her marital problems were causing her to lose it. Or maybe she was playing it up for the camera to reel in good TV ratings. Whatever caused the tears to fall is something she’d probably like us to forget. While sadness and frustration are natural emotions, sobbing like a baby on national TV has got to be highly embarrassing. If she could turn back the clock, would Kate be all smiles and sunshine? And if so, would we have tuned in to watch her?

6 Her Spin On Dancing With The Stars

Like many D-list celebs, Kate took another turn on TV when she signed up for Dancing with the Stars. Kate was one of the “stars” who took a chance on the dancing competition show in its 10th season. She not only shimmied but she allegedly got into some shake-ups too. It was reported that she and her pro dancing partner didn’t exactly hit it off. Tony Dovolani was fed up with his partner and even threatened to quit.

Kate must have really ruffled his feathers to cause such an upset.

But the show went on and Tony didn’t quit, as much as he’d rather be out of work than deal with Kate’s alleged unbearable behavior. They didn’t win, and it didn’t seem like they had much fun either. Time to hang up those dancing shoes Kate.

5 She Was Called Out For Her Insensitive Behavior

Kate may have thought she was being funny at the time, but she lost a bunch of fans when she posted a pic of herself which many suggested seemed like she was making fun of Asians. Wearing a plastic “wig” and pulling her eyes taut, many felt her gesture was racially offensive. Being that her ex is of Korean ancestry and her eight kids are part Korean, doing something like this is just plain stupid.

Even if she was just “joking around,” she must have realized that there would be backlash.

Although the pic was snapped while she was still married to Jon, there is still no excuse to offend a large group of people. Did she apologize? We’re not sure, but we’d bet that Kate would love for us to forget we ever saw this pic in the first place.

4 It Didn't Last With Her Rich Boyfriend

After splitting from her ex-husband Jon, Kate found another flame — millionaire Jeff Prescott. But that relationship lasted less than a year because Jeff dumped Kate for a younger woman. Word got around that Jeff did not want to film for Kate’s reality show, Kate Plus 8, and he was always traveling for work. While away, he allegedly met the 26-year-old blonde beauty and told Kate it was over. Too bad for Kate who could have shacked up with a millionaire who was willing to put up with her and her eight kids. He has three children of his own, so that would have been quite the modern Brady Bunch if they made it to the altar. Somewhere, Jon was chuckling as he stuck more pins in his Kate voodoo doll.

3 Paparazzi Pics From Her Target Runs

Nearly all of us have been to Target to bargain shop, but for a semi-celeb like Kate, being snapped stocking up on bulk goods and discount items has got to be embarrassing. Kate would love for us to forget that she’s just like the average American mom when she grabs a big red cart and goes up and down the Target aisles. But when you’ve got eight kids, it is important to save every dollar. Kate probably wishes she was wealthy enough to have a personal shopper or to be seen shopping at a high-end Rodeo Drive boutique, but when a mom needs canned veggies and dozens of packs of tube socks, Target is the best place to go. Too bad the paparazzi follow her every move. Manager to aisle eight!

2 Sunbathing While Her Kids Are Bored 

Lots of women love to lay back and take in the sun, but when your kids are bored senseless, perhaps you ought to be entertaining them rather than having them watch you get a tan. The sun may have been shining and the weather may have been just right, but these kids want to splash around in the pool or play in the sand, not watch their mom’s skin turn bronze. Kate surely wishes that this pic never made it to the web, as she looks like she is only interested in doing what relaxes her, with no concern for the kiddos. She kind of gave up that luxury after popping out eight kids. If she wants to sunbathe, she better be sure her kids are occupied first. Otherwise, they’ll be putting a big cloud over her sunny day.

1 Her Teens Look Super Uncomfortable On TV

It is bad enough that Kate’s kids had to grow up with cameras following them around 24/7, but when Kate took them on a morning talk show to chit chat, the twins look quite uncomfortable as they squirmed in their seats. Perhaps they are sick and tired of talking about their lives, even if their mom is into it.

Being a teenager is awkward enough, let alone growing up in the public eye.

These teens look super-annoyed, shy, and like they would rather be anywhere else. What more could Kate possibly want these kids to share with the world? Let them be “normal” for once… if that’s even possible at this point. Kate probably hopes nobody tuned in to that morning show that day, but chances are that lots of viewers saw the awkward exchange and cringed.

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