15 Things We Know So Far About The Next Season Of The Bachelorette

Arie’s season was historic in the Bachelor franchise. Audiences were stunned when he proposed to Becca during the finale, only to change his mind and realize Lauren is his true love. He was a hated man for a while. Going back on his engagement and breaking up with Becca on live television was not a good look for the ex-Bachelor. He wanted to be open and honest about the entire thing, claiming he was guilty about how it all went down.

Luckily, Becca has a chance at love again and was chosen as the next Bachelorette. As much as everyone started to hate Arie, everyone began to love Becca. It became obvious that she would be the best fit for the next Bachelorette. Audiences did not want to see her story end just yet. Right now, she’s falling in love with someone. It was a quick transition, but she’s on her own unique journey searching for Mr. Right.

Fans are eager to find out everything they can about the next season, and we’ve managed to gather a few facts for you. In order to protect all spoilers, the shooting of the show is kept very secretive. There are still a few producers who get the chance to tweet a few hints about what might happen in the next season. Here are 15 Things We Know So Far About The Next Season Of The Bachelorette:

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15 She Might Not Be Over Arie

Becca told People, “That morning, I woke up and I was very oddly calm. I just felt it in my heart. I just knew it was me — that him and I were going to be together.

There were still nerves, but I never was too anxious or worked up about it because I just felt it was right with us.”

Becca had also shared a journal with Arie on the show about their future together. She admitted to him that she envisioned their wedding and having children together. She saw her future so clear with him and imagined that he was the one. Some of the people that become the Bachelorette hadn’t made it as far as Becca and Arie’s relationship. Did she have enough time to get over him?

14 Becca Has A Thing For Athletic Guys

Everyone has a type of person that they’re interested in dating, so it’s no surprise that Becca has a type as well. Her Bachelor, Arie, clearly liked women named Lauren and Becca, as many of the girls from his season shared the same name. Everyone that goes on the show is supposed to be some type of eligible “bachelor” or “bachelorette,” but each lead on the series helps producers pick a few people they would normally be attracted to.

When it comes to the men Becca’s interested in dating, she might like someone a bit more athletic. You can see that her ex-boyfriend, the same one that crashed last season, was a football player. Two more football players will be joining the cast of her season. Though the entire cast list can’t be confirmed, New Orleans Tight End Clay Harbor, as well as a former Illinois State Football Player, Colton Underwood, will be joining the cast.

13 There's Going To Be A Guy In A Chicken Suit

When it comes to potentially meeting the love of your life on a short TV show, it’s important that you stand out in the introductions. A lot of people go to great lengths to make sure that they catch the eye of the person they might be marrying. In the past, people have ridden in on horses, cool vintage cars, and a few times, they even dressed up in strange costumes.

This season is no exception, and from a few leaked photographs, we can see that the men are already planning to do whatever it takes to stand out for Becca.

One of the men decided to show up wearing a chicken suit. While he might think it’s funny and Becca will probably laugh it off and think it’s cute, some fans are worried that the show lacks more originality each season.

12 Some Girls From The Last Season Will Be There

It’s always nice to cycle through the past cast of The Bachelor when filming The Bachelorette. Every girl likes to have their friends’ input on what man they should date, and whether or not the one they’re with is the real deal. Of course, at one point, Becca brings in a few members from Arie Jr.’s season, and the reason we know is that one of the producers tweeted the image again. You can tell the other Bekah is there, but the other girls remain unidentified.

We can assume that this was part of some sort of mini challenge in which the boys have to give the girls a manicure? They certainly look like they’re getting some sort of special spa treatment, even if it is with dollar-store supplies.

11 The Men Will Likely Be Playing Dodgeball At Some Point

As more pictures get released of the next season of The Bachelorette, we keep getting little hints as to what the episodes might entail. There were a couple of Becca looking a bit more athletic, as well as some of the contestants dressed up in neon pink and green outfits. She was holding a dodgeball for one of the pictures, but they were also said to be spotted at a trampoline park. It makes us wonder what kind of activity they might be getting involved in.

Becca is already known to have a thing for athletic guys, and she wants someone she can hang out with. A game of dodgeball at a trampoline park sounds like something that would help her get a glimpse of that part of a person’s personality. We’ll just have to wait until it premieres to know what really goes down.

10 Becca's Already Wearing White

Chris B. Harrison, the show’s host, has already released a few pictures of his own on his Instagram account. He shared this picture of Becca on the first night. It’s clear that she’s ready to wear a white dress with her outfit choice for the men’s introduction.For most of the outfits that the girls wear on the show, they have to provide their own wardrobe.

There are a few special occasions that the show will pay for a dress, but for the most part, it’s up to Becca to decide what she’s going to be wearing for an episode. As filming continues, so do the behind-the-scenes look at Becca’s wardrobe, and she clearly came prepared. Is she trying to say something by wearing white on the first night of meeting the men or is it just a coincidence?

9 She's Met Some Of The Men First

Becca was bombarded during the After the Final Rose special just like Rachel was at the end of Nick’s season. She didn’t realize when she went on that she would be meeting four of the next bachelors. The rest of the identities of the contestants remain anonymous until they’re released on ABC’s website. We still got a glimpse at some of the men that would be trying to woo our bachelorette on the upcoming season.

The interactions were short and awkward, but it was at least a little taste to hold us over until we get to the real deal.

One of the men serenaded Becca and a few others just had some cheesy pickup lines. This all happened on the same show that Arie proposed to the girl he first dumped for Becca! If the preview was that crazy, we can’t imagine what the next season will hold.

8 It's Premiering At The End Of May, Meaning She Doesn't Have Much Time

On Monday, May 28th, we’ll have our first episode of Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. It was just last winter that she agreed to marry Arie Jr., and already, she’s been thrown back into this dating competition to find a man that she’ll supposedly fall in love with.

She’s expected to say yes to an engagement to two different men in one year.

Is it actually possible for someone’s heart to go through that? It’s not like her and Arie’s relationship was that long anyway, but it still seems like it wouldn’t be easy to move from one man to the next in months. They’re still filming now, but in just a few short months, we’ll see someone’s love story start, and there’s a good chance it’ll end with a proposal.

7 Her Past Might Come Back

One of the most exciting things to happen won Arie Jr.’s season of The Bachelor was when Becca’s ex returned to try and win her back. He wasn’t anyone we’d ever met before, but with his shocking episode-crashing, it brought a little backstory. He told Arie that it was his engagement and that he had wasted time not proposing to Becca sooner. It was unclear if the producers had asked him to come on the show since he told the cameras he was there on his own will.

He didn’t want to see Becca get engaged to the wrong man. Becca was certainly upset that he was there and told him she was feeling things for Arie. He left, but will that be the last time we see him? Many fans thought he was cute, jokingly talking about how he should be the next bachelor. If people liked him so much, producers might think it’s a good idea to bring him on again for fun.

6 Arie Definitely Won't Be Changing His Mind Again

Arie clearly had his priorities all out of whack when it came to being on the show. He quickly became one of the most hated bachelors after proposing to Becca, changing his mind, and then running back to Lauren. To top it off, he ended up proposing to Lauren on TV as well. They stated they were going to go on a vacation and take a “social media break,” but of course, they couldn’t help but post cute selfies together on their trip.

Some wonder if Arie is over Becca and if he’ll even make an appearance on her season. He’s been clear online that he is completely in love with Lauren and hopes to marry her in the summer. The couple even hope that their wedding will be televised!

5 Family Will Play An Important Role In Her Decision

Becca’s family means everything to her after losing her dad at a young age, Becca certainly had to go through a tough experience that some of us will never know. She’s always had religion play an important role in her life, but her family really seems to be everything to her.

She discussed the importance of finding someone to be the father of her children, so if she doesn’t see daddy material, she’ll probably send a man packing.

She’ll definitely consider his family as well when it comes to choosing a man. It seemed like Arie’s dad wasn’t the biggest fan of Becca, and that made her visibly upset on camera. Finding a man’s family that likes Becca might help her decide who to choose as well.

4 Politics Will Be Important, Too

Politics might play an important role. Becca hasn’t been afraid to be vocal about her liberal views on her social media, sharing posts showing her at a women’s march. Now, it’s not all that radical to want equal rights for women, however, many still see women’s access to healthcare as a political agenda of some sort. Not many bachelor alumni are always as vocal about their political opinions, wanting to maintain a neutral audience.

The show doesn’t seem to get into politics too much. You rarely see contestants discussing past politics or issues that matter to them, things that are normally important in a relationship. Perhaps they never have the chance to discuss that on their short dates, or the producers cut it out so as not to seem bias one way or another. When it comes to Becca, we’ll be wondering how many of the guys she asks about their political stance.

3 There's Already Going To Be Another Bachelor

We don’t know much about The Bachelorette even though it’s filming right now. Even though it hasn’t even premiered, we’ve already been told that there will be yet another season of The Bachelor. Becca isn’t even engaged yet and there’s a chance that one of the men she’s dating right now will end up being the next bachelor.

There hasn’t been a great bachelor in a few seasons, so fans are nervous to see who the next one will be. There’s also going to be a season of Bachelor in Paradise again, and with many of the recently coupled-up contestants from Winter Games have split, meaning really anyone from the franchise could show up on the summer season. Fans were certainly mad that Arie changed his mind, but if episodes keep being made, Bachelor fans will keep watching.

2 Becca's Going To Be Smart

Becca Kufrin is certainly a smart educated woman. She graduated from Minnesota State University in 2012 with high marks. Her degree is in mass communications, and she’s allowed her education to aide her in her job as a publicist. Having an educated background will certainly help Becca in finding a good man.

The Bachelorette should be someone desirable in all aspects, and Becca certainly delivers. She’s smart but also not afraid to be a little silly. When she first met Arie, she had him get down on one knee right away. Although she was chosen after having her heart broken on national television, she still would have been a good pick without the break-up. Love doesn’t always make it easy to think with your head, so we’ll have to watch her season to see what smart decisions she makes.

1 Someone Might Be There For The Wrong Reasons

In a Tweet, one of the producers revealed that (spoiler alert) someone might be there for the wrong reasons. Mike Fleiss tweeted, “C’mon gentlemen. Right reasons. Always. #TheBachelorette.” Many took this cryptic tweet to hint that someone would end up being there for the wrong reasons. This isn’t that big of a surprise, to be honest. It appears every time a character to struggles to have a backstory, or if they need to quickly make someone look like a villain, claiming they’re there for the wrong reasons it’s a good solution.It is a TV show after all. Most of the people there are on the show for the wrong reasons, right? Who auditions for a show expecting to fall in love? It’s still interesting to know that we got a little peek into what the plot points of the next season might be.

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