15 Things To Know About Justin Bieber's New GF Baskin Champion

Rebounding is what Justin does best and sure enough, he is once again in rebound central with another lucky lady. Truth of the matter is that no matter how many paparazzi pics get snapped of him or how many rumors the tabloids will run with, no one will ever know if he will actually settle down.

Now that Selena has rejected him once again, he has already very quickly fallen into the arms of yet another slender and insanely gorgeous blonde, this time by the name of Baskin Champion. It also goes without saying that this one too is a model – no big surprise there given his not so subtle preference for Victoria’s Secret model.

Although she isn’t an angel yet, she definitely is in his eyes, especially since he didn’t hesitate to call her again once his relationship with Selena got stonewalled by her family and friends. But the question on everyone’s mind is just who exactly is Baskin Champion? With a unique name like that, it might be tempting to think that she’s related to the ultra-tasty ice cream chain, but we’re sorry to disappoint that there is no relation whatsoever.

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15 Rebound Central

Via Instagram & US Weekly

There is no shortage of rumors when it comes to Justin Bieber and his revolving door of beautiful women, but one thing is for certain: when Selena calls, he is by her side in the blink of an eye. The moment that she broke up with The Weeknd, Selena and Justin were nearly straight away spotted taking a romantic bike ride, followed by her attending his hockey scrimmages, as immediately reported by TMZ. It didn’t take long for Selena’s mom Mandy Teefy to get in the way of the young couple’s Bonne & Clyde type romance, despite claiming to Gossip Cop that her daughter is “an adult and can make her own choices.”

Nevertheless, Jelena is no longer an item and the Biebs has flown into the arms of blonde-haired and blue-eyed beauty Baskin Champion. According to the Daily Mail, it’s all a ploy to make Selena jealous, but according to a source that told confided to People, Justin “loves [Selena]. He wants her back” and that he misses her. Whichever the case, those feelings clearly haven’t had time to dissipate yet, making his relationship with Baskin a likely rebound.

14 Still, She Ditched Her Boyfriend

Via Gossip Cop

Now that all eyes are on her all of a sudden, she has had to do some major social media housekeeping. Just from her Instagram, it’s easy to see that most has probably been deleted, especially since hardly any captions accompany 600+ of her photos. It’s kind of hard to believe that the spunky-looking millennial wouldn’t have exchanged any back and forth comments with any of her friends and family or put more than just a couple of emojis under each picture.

Very curious is the fact that although Elle has laid the claim that Gossip Cop was able to uncover the fact that Baskin had scrubbed her Instagram clean of any pictures pointing towards her having a boyfriend, the fact has all but been removed from the web. If she did, the evidence has been destroyed, except for the comment claiming that she had recently deleted every picture of a supposed boyfriend. Boyfriend or no boyfriend? One thing is for certain: she only has eyes for the Sorry singer.

13 She's A Cancer Sign Just Like Selena

Via: Hollywood Life

Justin sure knows how to pick ‘em! As a Pisces himself, he clearly knows exactly the kind of partner that he needs in life: a cancer woman. Whereas Selena was born on July 22nd 1992 and is older than Justin by a year, Baskin was born on July 1st 1995 according to Famous Birthdays and is younger than Justin by one year instead. Maybe he figures that he needs a younger cancer this time?

Analyzing Justin’s relationship with Selena, Elite Daily had written: “These two signs are both water based, meaning together this couple has a deeply emotional connection. They are able to intuit one another's needs without working too hard at making their needs known.”

Also going on to write: “Pisces is deeply sensitive and Cancer is fiercely protective and nurturing over the ones they love, so Justin can count on Selena to always be considerate of how he's feeling.”

As Baskin is a cancer sign as well, then this would definitely apply to her relationship with Justin as well, but hopefully in a more successful way!

12 One Difference In Their Relationship

Via Daily Mail & Instagram

Apart from Selena being a major thorn in Baskin’s side, there is a bigger issue at play as well. Judging by her Instagram, it’s clear that Baskin is a HUGE dog person. She has posted quite a few pics of herself holding her dogs up, as well as cuddling with them. Her dog Charlie Champion even has his own Instagram account with over 1,000 followers!

Whereas Justin might think of himself as a dog person, his actions have proven time and time again that he is better off living a pet-less lifestyle. Just last year, he was once again thrown in the spotlight for abandoning yet another one of his dogs. This time though, he gave his seven-month-old dog chow chow named Todd to his backup danger C.J. Salvador, who revealed to TMZ that it was due to Justin’s busy work schedule. The worst part is that Salvador only realized after that the dog would be needing a $8,000 surgery. The good news is that he able to raise the money on his own. The bad news? Justin didn’t pitch in a single penny.

11 They Reunited Over SoulCycle

Via Daily Mail

In the midst of denying any associations to each other, Justin and Baskin were caught attending a SoulCycle class together on April 12th 2018. They definitely didn’t fool anyone by arriving separately, especially since according to an eyewitness who shared to E! News: “He arrived and went up to the front desk and was chatting with the staff. He was very animated and friendly."

The source also added: “A few minutes later, Baskin walked in and walked right up to Justin. He was leaning against the desk and she put her arm around his for a second as she leaned in to say hi.

They are undoubtedly playing coy and while this date could have easily been attributed to just a friend hang out, the fact remains that Baskin was photographed arriving at his house later that same day. Those endorphins they released probably had them craving a different kind of steamy session. The funny part about all this? According to the Daily Mail, Justin attended the SoulCycle class just a couple of hours after attending a church service with Selena.

10 She Dropped Out Of School

Via Instagram

Confiding to AL.com, Baskin revealed the reason for which she decided to take a “break” from earning her fashion design degree from Auburn: "I knew I would miss my friends and family, but I also knew I could not pass up this opportunity. Most female models work during the ages of 16 to 24, so I knew I had to go for it if I wanted my dream to become a reality."

Although that’s a rather interesting reason to drop out of school, it’s enough to make anyone wonder where her head is at now given that she is 22 years old. Judging by her assumptions, she is just two years shy from the modelling cut-off, unless of course, Justin scores her a connection to a Victoria’s Secret contract. As her sister Abby confided to AL as well, this would be the ultimate break in her career: “For a model, this can be the pinnacle of success. Many models work as hard as possible hoping to be selected for an audition." If we are to look at Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, two of the oldest Victoria’s Secret models, then there might still be hope for Baskin.

9 Her Younger Sister Is Dating A Schwarzenegger

Via Daily Mail

For a while, Baskin was almost exclusively referred in the tabloids as "Abby's sister" and even then, it was only if she was spotted with her sister and her boyfriend, Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick, together. Although Patrick has previously dated AJ Michalka, Tootsie Burns, and even Miley Cyrus, he has been dating Abby Champion since 2016. Interestingly, the sisters were born just eight full months apart, which means that Abby would have been conceived almost immediately after Baskin's birth! Another peculiarity is that although were born nearly a year apart, the two sisters may as well be twins given how similar they look.

Baskin’s younger sister also has a bigger Instagram following, but then again, her name has been in the tabloids a lot longer. According to W Magazine, there’s a strong possibility that Baskin would have met Justin through Patrick. One week before being spotted with Baskin at a concert, Justin had been spotted on the red carpet for Patrick’s upcoming moving Midnight Sun. Speaking about Justin, Patrick had said: “I'm just really blessed to call him a friend, he's a really great guy.… I'm really happy he came to support me and I'll support him throughout his life.”

8 She Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

Via Instagram

Baskin isn't just a pretty face. She may have dropped out of school for now, but she has also traveled with the goal of helping others. With her father who is a doctor, she has been to Kenya and Tanzania, where she has tried her best to help kids in hospitals. As she told AL.com: "I got to go in there and hold the babies, you know, some of them are only one pound. I got to feed them and just love on them and love on their mothers. It was just truly the best experience I've ever had."

It was in that interview that she also revealed having scaled Mount Kilimanjaro when she was just a teenager: "I spent a week with no showers, sleeping in tents on the side of the mountain, hiking eight hours at least a day. I reached the summit on my 17th birthday."

7 Just Your Every Day All-American Girl

Via Instagram

Along with hoping to secure a Victoria’s Secret contract one day, Baskin has also joined the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 casting call, as did her sister Abby. According to Sports Illustrated announcement about it, Baskin “loves Pilates, chocolate chip cookies and Alabama football.”

At just 24 years old, Baskin is already checking lots of her to-do list! Before dropping out of school to purse modelling, she even won Miss Alabama Teen in 2014, much to the excitement of all her classmates. At the time of securing the title, she confided to AL.com: “They think it's great. It's going to be different for me to have to balance both because there's a lot of traveling with this." Clearly, trying to balance everything didn’t exactly work out since she replaced studying with hanging out with the Biebs.

Another not so surprising fact about Baskin? She was in the Phi Mu sorority while at Auburn University.

6 Their First Date Was At A Concert

Via The Cut

As uncovered by Marie Claire, Baskin is huge fan of music festivals and can be caught raving it away at all the yearly Coachellas. In fact, she was just spotted at last year’s Coachella with none other than Patrick Schwarzenegger, her sister’s boyfriend. Chances are good that the longer she sees Justin and her face is plastered all over the tabloids any time she comes over to his mansion, the more likely she will need to find some suitable masks or face paint at next year’s Coachella.

Interestingly, the new couple actually had their first date at a Craig David’s concert towards the end of March 2018. They were caught on camera cuddling and dancing together and coincidentally, this happened just a couple of days after Selena was caught on camera getting “handsy” with someone else, as reported by Elle.

5 She Shares Justin's Devotion

Via Instagram

Every so often… okay, more and more often, Justin Bieber is quoted talking about his faith to the tabloids. Most recently, he went off on fans about how “Easter is not about a bunny.” More specifically, he took to his Instagram to share a heartfelt message, detailing just how much “Jesus has changed [his] life.” As early mentioned, he was even spotted attending a church service with his ex flame Selena just moments before going to SoulCycle with Baskin.

Coincidentally, Baskin is also very religious. Her mother Laura Champion explained to AL.com: "We believe that we have raised our girls with good values and morals. As Christians, we have tried to live by the principles of the Bible."

She also added that their kids know what it means to “be good.” “They know it means more than just being good. In our family it means, G-God centered, O - others concerned, O - Obedient and D- do what is right,'' she said. "We pray that they will always remember this and live by it.

4 Her Sportiness Isn't Just For Show

Via Instagram

Although W Magazine has claimed that she "may be a surfer" or that "maybe she just endorses surfing without clothes", it's evident through many of her Instagram pictures that she's a very sporty girl. Among her numerous bikini pics and midriff-showing pics, there are quite a few sportier pics. It's clear that she really is a surfer and that she is very active in general. There is even a pic of her on a bike, so maybe Justin could take her for a little ride too? It would probably be too soon...

On top of being a huge water lover, the model also has a number of other hobbies, such as hitting weights at the gym and boxing. Judging by a video on her Insta, she actually looks to be a very good boxer!

3 A Selfie Model In The Making

Via Instagram

Baskin's Instagram account started off the same way as most people. Her very first post came in May 2012 when she posted a picture of her suitcase with the caption "24 hours". Another picture followed in July of a little girl holding up a "Welcome Home" sign. Eventually, she posted another picture of herself at the summer of Mount Kilimanjaro. Throughout the next couple of years, she posted many other pics, mostly of herself in a bikini and with the signature Insta filters. More recently, however, he pictures have taken a clear turn towards an effort to monetize her pics.

She is unlikely thinking that since all eyes are currently on her with this whole brief Justin relationship, then she may as well make the most of it financially. Along with a couple of pics of herself wearing clearly branded clothing, she now appears to be getting into promoting healthy eating. It surely won’t be long until she is promoting all the same products as the rest of them with the signature #ad in the caption.

2 She Hopes To Get In With Duck Dynasty

Via Instagram

True to her name, Baskin loves ice cream and is very vocal about her sweet preference in the limited amount of interviews that she has granted. But she also has another interest that is sure to ruffle the feathers of many.

Confiding to AL.com about her love for the outdoors, she said: "I love hunting. Hopefully, I'll be able to hunt with the whole 'Duck Dynasty' crew."

Justin Bieber has been spotted doing many controversial things that have riled up the public to no end, but hunting is definitely one activity that clearly doesn't interest him. Obviously, this little fact could still change, especially as he spends more time with Baskin. Justin has previously been very vocal on many controversial issues, so it would be interesting to know his opinion on this one.

1 She Has Her Priorities Straight

Via Instagram

At the end of the day, it's clear that Baskin is well in tune with what matters the most to most: her friends and her family. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of the most important people in her life as she definitely takes enough time to check in with all of them often, especially her sister!

She may have dropped out of school, but she knows what she wants and she is going after it. The question now is whether Justin will be able to get past Selena and appreciate Baskin? We’re #TeamJelena forever, but if neither of them are in a relationship anymore and are seeing other people, then the least they can do is take the time they need to get over each other before getting mixed up with anyone else!

Sources: Elle.com, Seventeen.com, DailyMail.co.uk, EOnline.com, AL.com, WMagazine.com, FamousBirthdays.com, MarieClaire.com, EliteDaily.com

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