15 Things The Cast Of Stranger Things Splurge On (Since Becoming Rich)

Stranger Things hit Netflix with a boom and it quickly became one of the streaming platform's hottest series. Since then, the show has seen a second season that has done arguably better than the first one. The team is gearing up for the third season and they're not letting the momentum slow them down one bit.

With the success of the show, the actors are getting a lot of recognition and most of them are new to acting and Hollywood in general. The Stranger Things fan base has gone crazy over the child actors, watching them grow up since Season 1. It's no doubt that these child stars are some of the most famous in the business right now. There's also no doubt that they aren't swimming in money from their excellent performances.

For child actors, the money typically goes to their parents, who then have control of what their kids can use the money for until they become an adult. The Stranger Things cast has already started to spend some of their earnings and they're sharing it with the world! Of course, with the actors being pretty young they still have a lot of ambitions in life and nothing really stopping them at this moment in time.

15 The Red Carpet Events

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Speaking of new threads, the cast of Stranger Things probably never had to dress in two-piece suits and dresses before their appearance in Stranger Things. All of that changed after the show blew up and they started to receive many awards for its excellent direction and storytelling. The actors have made many appearances on the red carpet, most of them rocking two-piece suits and dresses.

We're sure that the kids could afford full-on suits but it would have been smart for the parents to get rentals, as they are still growing up. Many of the kids take their suits off the red carpet and into things like interviews with late night shows. We've seen Finn Wolfhard rocking a two-piece suit in many interviews.

14 Taking On Other Roles

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It's no surprise that the cast of Stranger Things has pure talent, especially for child actors. The fans aren't the only ones who are noticing either. Hollywood has taken a special interest in the cast of Stranger Things. Specifically, Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike on Stranger Things. We've already seen him take on a supporting role in the reboot of Stephen Kings IT, another '80s-inspired horror film.

We wouldn't be surprised to see more of Millie Bobby Brown in Hollywood as well. We're sure the Stranger Things cast is hard at work with pumping out seasons but surely they can work on other projects in the offseason. As the cast get older, we're guessing we will see the younger cast members starring in more adult films.

13 Bringing A Band Together

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Finn Wolfhard has many passions in life and he has already pushed headstrong into one of those, starting a band called Calpurnia. It's a rock band and right now they're mostly doing covers. However, the band has been surprisingly successful, most likely due to Finn's appearance as Mike in Stranger Things. However, that's not the only thing that has carried him in the music industry.

Many people say that Finn has a genuine talent on the guitar and even on the mic. As mentioned, they mostly play covers but an EP was rumored to be in the works. They've already had shows at places like Brooklyn's Rough Trade in New York City. That is a decent venue for a band that has just recently formed. Finn Wolfhard is one talented kid!

12 Finn's Guitar Collection

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Speaking of Finn chasing his passions, we have seen him posing in many pictures holding a guitar. It's no secret that he is good at playing the guitar and he has a true passion for them. He may not have the biggest collection or a collection at all, but he definitely has taken an interest in several high-end electric guitars. He posts pictures of himself in music shops all the time checking out expensive guitars on his Instagram.

We know he has at least one Fender guitar, as he's been seen performing with it in his band. He has aspirations to further his career in the music business and that's obvious with the way he has learned guitar so quickly. However, he may have to put this hobby on the back-burner and make more money to buy even more guitars to add to his collection.

11 The Gang Travel The World

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Stranger Things has granted the opportunity for these youngsters to travel the world. There are many different red carpet events and interviews to be had overseas. Not only that, but the group has traveled the world for leisure as well. Some of the actors themselves are from overseas such as the actor who plays Jonathon Byers Charlie Heaton is from the United Kingdom. The new character Stranger Things introduced in season 2 Billy played by (Dacre Montgomery) is from Australia himself.

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin in Stranger Things, says that his favorite places he's traveled to for the show were Paris, London, and Los Angeles. He says that he'd love to go back to these places either for work or to simply visit on vacation. Many of the cast also love to visit back home to see their families after a seasonal shoot.

10 Finn Wolfhard Is A Die Hard Gamer

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Finn Wolfhard is your everyday teenager, except he's famous. He loves to play video games and streams them online for people to watch. When the Nintendo Switch launched, Finn was the first person to cut the tape at the grand opening night. He's a huge advocate for the Nintendo Switch and has bought almost every game for it. He's been such a supporter that gaming company, Ubisoft, reached out to him to send him early copies of their games for Finn to try out.

Recently, Finn has been streaming a popular online game called Fortnite with his brother. Finn isn't the only one who loves video games, as Caleb McLaughlin is an advocate for Activision and their Destiny franchise. Caleb got a first look at Destiny 2 before it released and even got a copy sent to him from Activision. These companies sure know their audience!

9 A New Family Pet

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During the filming of Season 2 of Stranger Things, the directors allowed a small dog to be on set with the actors to help them relax during a shoot. The dog has been seen in the actor's trailers and was even taken home permanently by Joe Keery, who plays Steve in the show. Since then, Finn Wolfhard has been wanting a small puppy similar to Joe's. A few weeks after, Finn posted this on his Instagram he can be seen with Joe holding another dog.

Most likely, Finn's parents caved in and let him buy a dog. However, Finn already has at least one other family dog. We're sure that Joe and Finn aren't the only two who will be taking the leap into caring for a new puppy. Millie Bobby Brown will probably be the next one of the kids to convince her parents of letting her have a furry friend.

8 Young Foodies

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While we all know that Millie Bobby Brown's character, Eleven, is very fond of waffles, some may not know that most of the cast members are up and coming foodies. Finn Wolfhard has already been seen trying exotic Italian cuisines that you wouldn't typically think a kid would eat. While most of the characters in the show love to eat sugary treats, the real actors are more sophisticated than that.

The actors are certainly earning enough to treat themselves to trying new types of food. However, you can't go wrong with sitting down and eating a triple stack of Eggo's with loads of sugar packed into them. That's what three of the cast members did when they sat down with Buzzfeed to give on the set secrets and decorate waffles for a tasty treat.

7 Chasing Their Passions

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It's no doubt that a lot of the Stranger Things actors have a bright future in acting. However, many of the kids have a lot of aspirations outside of acting. As mentioned before, Finn has a strong love for the music industry. Caleb McLaughlin, on the other hand, loves the sport of basketball. He's been invited to several NBA games and given the chance to watch the game from unbelievable seats.

All of the Stranger Things child actors are great dancers and performers. Through several late night appearances, they've shocked the nation at just how talented they are. Their performing skills go far beyond that of acting. After Stranger Things wraps up, we wouldn't be surprised to see these child actors using their fame and fortune to chase the things they really want to do in life.

6 Millie Bobby Brown's Personalized Converse

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Millie Bobby Brown made an appearance at a fundraiser that was helping raise money for the Motion Picture and Television Fund. There, she could be seen rocking the personalized Converse that she had specially made for that night. Her shoes are one of a kind and rock a pink and white color palette. They have a bow for the laces and they even have her initials on the bottom of the shoe so you know they're one of a kind.

Sadly, they probably won't fit her for much longer because she is still growing. However, they will always serve as a great piece of Millie Bobby Brown's acting career. It's not every day that an actor gets their own shoe with their initials engraved on them, much less a child actor!

5 Caleb's New Jordans

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Speaking of shoes, Caleb McLaughlin was sent a pair of Jordan Public Schools from Public Schools NYC. In a video on his Instagram he can be seen un-boxing the shoes and thanking the company for sending them. The craziest part of all of this is that the sneakers cost anywhere from $400 to $900, depending on the pair. Caleb has quite the endorsement going for him and heading into his future acting career.

It's likely that he won't ever have to buy a pair of Jordan's himself but if he had to, he certainly has enough money. Caleb will also most likely have other brands wanting to team up with him in the future. We could see Caleb signing on with Adidas and maybe even making a Stranger Things-branded shoe in collaboration with them.

4 Private Flights

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As mentioned before, the cast of Stranger Things travels a lot, whether it be for work or just vacationing. In one instance, the cast of Stranger Things got to fly in their own private jet on their way to shoot on location. Caleb McLaughlin uploaded a video he took of them boarding the private jet and it was massive.

These children are superstars now and they are being treated like it. With a combined net worth of over five million dollars, they're now living the high life. With at least one more season on the horizon, the Stranger Things cast will likely be multi-millionaires by the time it's all said and done. That's a lot of money for young teens to be handling but we're confident they will make the right decisions.

3 Being Friends Outside Of Their Job

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There isn't a group of actors who are closer to each other than the Stranger Things cast. We're not just talking about the kid actors, the whole cast is tight. They all see themselves as part of a large family and often hang out with one another outside of work. The kids, especially, have formed new friendships through the show and often hang out during off seasons.

Two unsuspecting actors who have become best friends are Noah Schnapp who plays Will in the show and Millie Bobby Brown. The two can be seen hanging out together whenever they get a chance. The pair has formed an unstoppable friendship and one that many fans of the show may not have suspected due to them not interacting that much in the show.

2 New Threads

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The Stranger Things series keeps things very grounded in the 1980's and that includes the fashion choices. However, when we take a look outside of Hawkins, we can see that the cast is actually fashionable. We're not sure if the younger stars still have their parents pick out their clothes or not, but if they are, they have good taste.

Surely, one of the first things most rising actors do with their money is to use it to buy new clothing and it seems that this is the case with the cast of Stranger Things. They now have to appear on a wide variety of shows like late night shows and have done several different interviews. This means they need to come prepared and buy the latest fashion that makes them stand out during these appearances.

1 Studying Up On The Past

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As mentioned before, Stranger Things solely takes place in the 1980's. The directors have made sure to pay very close attention to small details to really build the scene for this time period. In the second season of Stranger Things, the four main characters can be seen rocking Ghost Busters costumes for Halloween. It's obvious that Ghost Busters was really popular among kids back in the '80s.

However, it can be difficult for the actors to really understand some of the things that were popular in the '80s. Today, it's hard to find something that doesn't connect to the internet, while in the '80s it was unheard of. This is why the cast of Stranger Things have to put in extra effort into researching their roles. Even coming into Season 3, we're sure the Duffer Brothers have new nods to the '80s in store for the audience.

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