15 Things That Blue Ivy Does That No One Else Could Ever Get Away With

Is it wrong that we are obsessed with Blue Ivy and all of the glory she has brought into this world? How can you be mad at a face like that? She can basically do no wrong. To be 100 with Y'all, Blue Ivy will forever be a step above the rest because her parents are Beyoncé and Jay Z. Rumi and Sir have some big shoes to fill, but she has already probably taken her siblings under her wing. There is no one better to show them the ropes than the person who sets the standard for them and many other celebrity kids. We have noticed that Blue Ivy has made her parents come off as more relatable. She has made fans see that not only are they normal people and that their lives are also run by their children. She has had favorable moments that have made us all say to ourselves, “only Blue could get away with that." She’s out here making other kids seem mediocre. When you look at all she has done in the six years that she has been on this earth, it makes some people look like failures. She has her parents and the world wrapped around her finger. Blue has her own fan base and is already making money based off of her own excellence. She is truly black excellence at it’s best and she’s setting standards that these other celebrity babies are going to have a hard time living up to.

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15 Puts Cheetos In A Louis Vuitton Bag

via elisayin.me

Blue Ivy probably has a better purse collection that most grown adults, so, it may annoy a lot of people to know that she is ruining her designer purses. At the 2018 All-star basketball game, Blue Ivy showed up with her mom and grandmother, Tina Knowles Lawson, and a $1,800 Luis Vuitton purse. What could she possibly do with a purse, let alone an $1,800 purse? This little girl had the audacity to pull out a snack size pack of Cheetos. That wasn’t the only thing shocking about her outfit, she was also wearing a Givenchy leather jacket that retails for $1,500. She is a freaking trendsetter now. If we could even afford the strap on that purse, we could literally pass on in peace.

14 She Makes The Internet Go CRAZY

via glamourparis.com

Blue Ivy can’t sneeze without it making headlines. She has managed to make the world fall in love with her and not because she is the daughter of two very rich and extremely successful people. She has her own following and it safe to say that as she gets older, her fanbase will only grow bigger. There have been several times in her six years on this planet that she has had the internet abuzz, including having a song on the Billboard top 10 at just a few seconds old, rocking some of the most beautiful natural hair that anyone has ever seen, and of course, because she is essentially the boss of her parents. She isn’t shy to express her feelings all you have to do is look at her face, her reactions are priceless, and they usually become memes and go viral.

13 Wear A Crown While Feeding A Tiger

via Elle/The Gloss

During a trip to Thailand, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Blue had the luxury of having a photo op with a gorgeous baby tiger. Blue and Beyoncé wore matching traditional Thai regalia intricate gold tiaras. Normally with a photo like this, people are all about how cute the animal is and all that. In this case, everyone is looking at Blue and her mom matching and the fact that they are literally glistening in the sun. Of course, this photo upset a bunch of people who were worried about animal rights but let’s be honest, Beyonce and Jay Z don’t care and Blue Ivy is too young to understand that this tiger isn't "free." When was the last time you saw a toddler feeding a tiger, dressed like royalty?

12 Workout With Jay Z

via Entertainment Tonight

First of all, we have never seen Jay Z work out. This may be because he has everything in his house so he never really needs to leave it. However, when Blue was four, she was spotted working out with dad because if anything is her job, it’s keeping her dad in shape. Not even Kanye gets to workout with Jay Z. Not only was she “working out” with him, she was able to show the world the fun dad side of Jay Z, as they did more goofing around than working out. He does a few push-ups with her on his back then he pretends to sit on her back while she does push-ups. This is definitely one of the cutest father/daughter moments we have ever seen. She has definitely turned Jay Z into a softer, more relatable person.

11 The Ivy League

via vanityfair.fr

Blue Ivy, at the tiny age of six, has an immense number of followers. Like her mother’s fans, who call themselves the Bey Hive, Blue Ivy’s followers are cleverly named the Ivy League. Not even North West has a name for her followers yet! Blue has always been in a league of her own but this, in a funny way, solidifies that Blue is in a league of her own, but we have to admit, we are quite jealous. Who doesn’t want a group of followers who have their own name? Living in a society that is obsessed with social media and gaining followers, something like this would be at the top of any tastemakers list. Blue has shamed many who have been working tirelessly to achieve this just by being born.

10 She’s A Gay Icon

via czeshop.info

At age three, Blue Ivy was named gay icon of the week because why not, right? She probably doesn’t even know what this is and in addition, she is probably still too young to understand the difference between gay, straight, and everything in between. However, can you name another child that has been named gay icon of the week by any publication? Probably not. Blue is a rare gem, not because she has rich parents, but because she seems to really have a keen grasp on her own life at the mere age of six. She has a style that one has to wonder how much control her parents have over it. She is constantly stealing the show wherever she goes, and she is apparently a little trendsetter. Those are all traits of an icon so, we can definitely see why she would be dubbed that at age three.

9 She Got Queen Bey To Go To Target

via ThisisRnB.com

The world was astounded when headlines read that Beyoncé was enjoying a few hours at Target with her mini-me, Blue Ivy. In December 2017, the hashtag #TargetBey was born, as photos began to flood the internet of Beyoncé laughing and enjoying her time at Target. To be honest, she was probably just happy that she was with her daughter, spending quality time, it most likely didn’t matter to her where they went. This could have been a “celebrities are just like us” moment but Beyoncé made it glamorous by wearing a beautiful wide-leg pant and hiding behind a pair of shades. They were in the toy aisle (meaning this was Blue’s idea). She was playing the role of regular child, as she opted for the shopping cart that is specifically made for people with children. You know the one where the kid pretends to drive while someone pushes them.

8 She Makes Her Parents The Help

via elpais.com

A photo that has and continues to make the rounds on the internet is one that has Beyoncé holding Blue’s fruit snacks and a juice box at the Grammys. One would say, this is what a parent does but let’s be honest yes, Beyonce is a parent but she’s also too glamorous to be holding snacks for kids. Blue has her mommy eating out the palm of her hands. Seeing Beyonce holding Blue’s snacks while wearing a beautiful ensemble is almost contradictory. She managed to make Beyoncé, the queen mother, the help. It's only innocence like this that can make fans love Blue so much. She doesn’t see her parents as celebrities, she just sees them as mommy and daddy, who are responsible for holding her snacks and anything else she asks them to.

7 “No Pictures”


Blue Ivy has said those exact words to none other than the paparazzi. This child is not playing with anyone. She has had to put the paparazzi in their place more than once and when they don’t listen, she looks at them with a stone cold look on her face. When Blue was four, she had to get stern with the paps when she felt like her space was being invaded. Not even some adults are bold enough to do so. People say that the innocence of a child is like no other, she probably doesn’t even realize that the way she said it was a bit abrasive. Good for her, this is a testament to what’s to come. Can you imagine what she will be like when she gets older? If she’s not taking crap from anyone now, just imagine her as a teenager.

6 She Wear’s $11,000 Dresses To The VMAs

via mashable.com

At the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Blue Ivy didn’t only walk the red carpet with her mom, she essentially outshined her by wearing a gorgeous, $10,950 dress. The dress was designed by Mischka Aoki, which is described as a luxury couture house for CHILDREN. Only a handful of people will trust their child to wear a couture gown and the Knowles-Carters are one of those families. The dress was called “Grande Royalle” and is described as a dress that featured a laser-cut bodice and intricate 3-D gold metallic appliqué. Two other celebrity babies have gotten dresses from this fashion house— Suri Cruise and Penelope Disick. But let’s be real, no child rocks a couture dress like Blue Ivy Carter. And it’s gold, come on, not every kid can look good in a gold dress.

5 She Puts Beyonce And Jay Z In Their Place

via cosmopolitan.fr

In January 2018, Blue Ivy was the highlight of the Grammys, not for anything she did on stage, but what she did in the crowd. She was seen checking her parents as they overzealously clapped for Camilla Cabello as she gave her speech in support of the DACA amendment. She solidified herself as a legend when she calmly but assertively told both her mom and dad to calm down. As if to say, Cabello’s speech wasn’t that great. No one will probably ever know the real reason behind her actions, but it was funny to see just who truly runs that house. As if we all didn’t know already. So, for future reference, if anyone has a problem with Beyonce or Jay Z, take it up with Blue Ivy.

4 She Looks Blatantly Bored At Award Shows

via Consequences of Sound

Blue Ivy has attended some pretty prestigious award shows for a six-year-old and we have to say, she always looks bored. Wouldn’t you be? At six, you don’t really understand a lot of what is going on with these grown folks. The only time you ever see her brighten up is when her mom or dad hits the stage. This is very much like Bey’s fans, who just power through an award show until its Bey’s time to shine and then when she is finished, they change the channel. Can you blame Blue for having the same mentality? If someone else looked as uninterested at an award show as Blue normally does, there would be backlash for sure, not cute or funny memes praising them.

3 Starting A Fragrance Line

via Ice Cream Convos

Let’s be honest, no one that is Blue Ivy’s age is starting a fragrance line. This little girl isn’t waiting for her parents to carve out a name for her, she’s taking it upon herself. Beyonce is desperately trying to trademark Blue Ivy’s name in order to give her daughter a leg up. Even if she didn’t want to do anything special with the name, she should trademark it regardless, because a trademark in the wrong hands can cause a lot of hassle. Blue Ivy is only six and she is already planning on having the world smell like whatever she wants them to smell like. You can’t be mad at her hustle, she is so outspoken that she probably TOLD her mom and dad that this was what she wanted to do.

2 Baby Babble Over A Beat

Blue Ivy was famous before she was even born, before Beyonce and Jay Z even graced us with her name, and even before we were blessed with a picture. However, her fame was solidified when her rich daddy put her on one of his tracks at just seconds old. Blue was featured on the song "Glory" with what many recognize as a baby’s cry. Then the music video was released and hit 1.4 million views in a very short amount of time. She was credited as B.I.C which obviously means Blue Ivy Carter. B.I.C. sounds like a legit rap name. Maybe in the future, she will pick up where her dad left off? Since her debut baby cry, she has also been featured on Jay-Z's latest album 4:44 on a song titled, "Blue’s Freestyle."

1 She Spends A LOT Of Money

via br.eonline.com

Blue recently got into a bidding war with Tyler Perry at the Wearable Art Gala. She wanted a Sidney Poitier portrait, but Perry was not backing down. Blue ultimately lost but that did not stop her from spending more of her parent’s money that night. She bid on a lot of things without even feeling the need to ask for her parent's permission. If she liked it, she raised her hand to throw her hat in the ring. The gala was meant to honor her mother and her other grandmother Gloria Carter, so why wouldn’t she bid? Boss moves at the age of six. At the end of the day, $10,000 is chump change for people like Jay Z and Beyonce. Let’s be honest, Blue probably had $10,000 on her person that night.

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