15 Things Only Rihanna Can Tell Us About Her Boyfriend Hassan Jameel

Our beloved Bad Girl has notoriously had the worst luck in love. She has been linked to many celebs over the years, with everyone from Shia LaBeouf, all the way to Justin Timberlake, Matt Kemp, Ryan Philippe, Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Travis Scott and of course, Drake. While Chris Brown wishes she would give him another chance, Rihanna has instead moved on to bigger and better fortunes, with a highly private relationship with billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Although paparazzi pics of the couple first emerged back in June, Rihanna and Hassan have reportedly been together for months before then, placing this couple on the list of some of the most secretive couples in Hollywood.

But her relationship has fans divided into two camps: half are incredibly supportive and happy for the singer, while the rest are convinced that it won’t last. Many from the other camp have even gone so far as to compare Rihanna’s relationship with the Toyota heir to that of Janet Jackson’s, who revealed that she had been made to feel a “prisoner in her own home”. But it’s easy to see why so many of her fans would be protective of the inspirational singer.

At the end of the day, we know that she won’t listen to any relationship advice from anyone as she has proven time and time again that she simply doesn't care about what anyone thinks. Will this IDGAF attitude land her on the cover of more magazines with a busted face?

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15 He Divorced His First Wife

Via: The Sun

Nothing says true love like divorcing your wife just to be with someone else. Rihanna is amazing, but there is still something worrisome about this situation. As it turns out, no one actually knows for certain if Hassan’s marriage had been finalized prior to meeting the singer, but we know for certain that he previously married art expert Lina Lazaar at a luxury ceremony in 2012. As a source revealed to The Sun: “Hassan is an intensely private individual. His marriage was over before he met Rihanna, after getting a divorce from Lina, but it will still come as a shock to her millions of fans. Lina has also moved on with a new partner.”

Then again, Rihanna hasn’t exactly had the best luck with relationships either. The good news is that friends of the singer believe this one to be the “real deal”.

14 For A Moment Everyone Thought She Was Pregnant

Via: Daily Mirror

As hard as she may try, Rihanna just can’t stay out of the rumor mill, but it definitely looks like there might be some weight to this juicy piece of gossip. After her crystal-studded 2018 Grammys performance, the tabloids couldn’t help but notice her rounded stomach. She even stroke a pose backstage that also put both her curves and tummy in full focus.

As reported by the Mirror, she also appeared to place a protective hand over her belly while leaving with her boyfriend Hassam after the show. The 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony was held on January 28th 2018 and now that some time has already passed since these pics were taken, there is the very real possibility that she might be due to give birth sometime soon.

Fact of the matter is that celebs constantly lie about their private lies and although a source told Hollywood Life that Rihanna isn’t pregnant, it could very well be a lie: “At this point Rihanna feels like all she can do is laugh off all the pregnancy rumors, in addition to just ignoring them now. She’s not pregnant, and she’s not even trying to get pregnant either at this point.”

13 Linked To Osama Bin Laden

Via: ParisMatch.com

It’s never a good sign when your boyfriend’s family has been previously been accused of being linked to Osama Bin Laden. If you ask the Jameel family though, they will tell you that the reports were false. Real or false? No one really knows, but Hassan’s uncle Youssef Jameel did take legal action again The Sunday Times newspaper, which falsely “linked” him to the 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

It would seem that the newspaper report had read “Car Tycoon”, associating Hassan’s uncle to Bin Laden because he allegedly owned a car dealership at the time. As reported by Hollywood Life, a “New York judge later said that the docs had ‘serious foundational flaws.’ The judge later ruled that he was unable to ‘make the logical leap that the document is a list of early Al Qaeda supporters.’”

12 His Uncle Did Not Want His Daughter To Leave Saudi Arabia

Via: DailyMail.co.uk

A false connection to Osama bin Laden isn’t the only dark detail in the Jameel family past as that same uncle has also been accused of abducting his British daughter. After taking his daughter Sara Bailey to his home in Saudi Arabia for the half term break, Hassan’s uncle Youssef refused to return her back home to her mother Carole Bailey. As the Daily Mail reported: “After Sara remained in Saudi for months his estranged wife told a family court Jameel had plotted for years to take his daughter to his home country.” It was only after the mother contacted the Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe that that the girl was finally allowed to return home after a couple of months.

Whether Hassan’s uncle in the only bad apple in the family remains to be seen as his relationship with Rihanna develops further.

11 He Dropped Naomi Campbell

Via: PopSugar

After seeing pictures of Rihanna and Hassan making out in Spain, Naomi Campbell was reportedly furious. No one actually knows what went on between Naomi and Hassan, but it would appear that they may have dated…until he dropped her to be with Rihanna. As with his previous marriage, he does seem to move quickly from one hottie to another. It might even have something to do with his taste at fame, with his name being plastered all over the tabloids the moment he steps a foot outside with the singer.

A source anonymously revealed to Hollywood Life: “Naomi has known about Rihanna dating Jameel for a while and she is furious about them being together. On a superficial level, Naomi feels she’s hotter and more successful than Rihanna, so it’s frustrating to see the photos circulating online.”

10 He’s Helping With Rihanna's Bad Girl Image

Via: People

For the longest time, Rihanna’s fondness for the green plant was no secret. It’s only after getting kicked out of a hotel in Barbados for engaging in her favorite vice, that she officially started displaying her love for it more publicly. The pics of her indulgences are plentiful on the web, with everything from paparazzi pics catching her in the act, all the way to her very own Instagram pics and music videos.

Curiously, her incessant blazing pics have stopped. It’s true that the singer had confessed during a show in 2015: “I’ve been trying to be a good girl though, I try not to smoke.” That wasn’t the first time that she vowed to quit though as she had previously made comments about it before, but kept on smoking up anyways.

It’s certainly possible that this time, she has a stronger motivator for quitting and changing her bad girl image. There is no telling just yet if it’s out of her own initiative or if there is more than meets the eye behind closed doors with her new boyfriend.

9 Is He Okay With Strong Women?

Via: TMZ

Nimco Ali, a prominent feminist activist tweeted: “Rihanna you can do better than a man whose family would have an empowered woman like you disowned, locked away or stoned. Dump the loser.”

“I like to tell women about abusive men or men who support abuse. It's called sisterhood … He is linked to the house of Saudi and family rule over the abuse of women daily. So yeah I object to him and his fellow men,” she continued.

These are certainly shocking statements to make given that neither she, nor anyone else, knows the exact nature of Rihanna’s relationship with Hassan. But as Independent.co.uk pointed out: “Jameel is not a member of the Saudi royal family. He’s a private businessman, who happens to be from Saudi Arabia, a nation where women can’t drive […] women are stoned […] for adultery.”

8 He May Have Popped The Question

Via: People

At the end of March, J Balvin’s response on a YouTube show ignited the fury of many fans. While playing a game on the show, he answered that: “Rihanna isn’t a good woman to marry, just fool around”. A very controversial response for sure, but one that was apparently taken out of context.

With regards to Hassan and Rihanna though, many are wondering if the pair might already be engaged. With how outrageously RiRi tends to dress sometimes, her choice of jewelry can easily go unnoticed. Although many would have missed the detail, the tabloids and fans who make it their life obsessions to analyze any new thing sported by Rihanna certainly didn’t miss it. Back in December 2017, People caught on to the fact that the singer stepped out a giant diamond ring “on that finger”. It was overshadowed by a crazy outfit, but there is still the chance that she might indeed be engaged, but no one knows for certain just yet.

7 His Seems To Be Charitable

Via: Radiocnews.com

On top of being a Grammy award-winning singer, Rihanna is also widely praised for her extensive philanthropy work. After starting The Believe Foundation, she explained to People: “When I was young and I would watch television and I would see all the children suffering, I always said when I grow up I want to help.” In 2017, she was also named Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year.

Her boyfriend Hassan also appears to have a giving heart. He is the president of Community Jameel, a division of his business, which as outlined on their website, “[focuses] on the social, cultural, educational, and economic development of individuals and communities in the Middle East region and beyond”. That’s certainly fantastic, but it’s enough to make anyone wonder if it’s just for show. It is a division of his car business after all and not an actual initiative of his own. Despite putting on a smiley face for the cameras, he has never actually been pictured taking time out of his busy schedule to do volunteer work.

6 When Polar Opposites Attract

Via: E! Online

The Bad Girl’s barely there outfits appear to be a thing of the past, with the singer opting instead to cover up a little more. But whereas she obviously loves the attention, Hassan is undeniably her polar opposite in that regard, choosing for much more relaxed and casual look than most with his wealth would. Even while grabbing coffee, Rihanna sported a pinstripe suit, while he opted for just jeans and a t-shirt. Any time they are pictured together though, he is always wearing his signature jeans and a t-shirt, sometimes accessorized with a hat and jacket.

When most would dress up for the awards ceremony, he still went for his usual look when accompanying the singer at the 2018 Grammys as reported by E! Online. Is this a case of polar opposites attracting? It’s enough to make us wonder if his ultra conservative background may end up changing our favorite popstar for good.

5 She’s Lining Up To Be Set For Life

Via: The Mercury News


Although the Jameel family has been ranked by Forbes as the 12th wealthiest Arabs in the world with a net worth of over $2.2 billion, no one knows the true extent of Hassan’s personal wealth. At that level of wealth, most fortunes aren’t truly calculable given their numerous investments, so while his net worth is reportedly $1.5 billion, he is probably worth a whole lot more, a tidbit of information that Rihanna might actually be privy too.

With a net worth of $230 million herself, Rihanna wouldn’t exactly be all that affected by his fortune though, but there is still something to be said about how he is believed to inherit that family fortune one day, as reported by the Mirror. Along with owning right to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia, Hassan is also the deputy president and vice chairman for the family business Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic.

4 It Helps To Have An Entourage

Via: Ok Magazine

As it turns out, although the very first pictures to emerge of the couple were released in June 2016, the couple had reportedly been dating for several months before that. One has to wonder how they managed to pull it off given the way in which paparazzi is on RiRi like flies on honey

Even back then, an anonymous source told the Daily Mail: “This relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she's in love with him and seems completely smitten. They've been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They're really enjoying each other’s' company.”

It undoubtedly helps to both be loaded with money and it’s almost for certain that they would have paid out a lot of money over the months to ensure their privacy and especially, through the rentals of many window-tinted limos.

3 He’s The Master Of Love

Via: Arabia Weddings

The story of their courtship has been incredibly private and although they haven’t spoken out about their relationship yet, it’s clear that he has tried hard to woe the Rude Boy singer, most notably through their steamy make-out sesh in Spain.

Whatever he did clearly worked because she clearly completely forgotten about Drake, despite the rapper’s best efforts. After breaking up with Jennifer Lopez, Drake posted a picture of himself wearing a pair of Rihanna’s FentyxStance sock and then there’s of course his infamous confession of love at the VMA Vanguard. After awkwardly trying to kiss her, he proclaimed: “She's someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old. She's one of my best friends in the world. All my adult life I’ve looked up to her even though she’s younger than me. She’s a living, breathing legend in our industry.”

2 Going For The Crown

Via: Daily Mail


Although Rihanna is known as the Caribbean Queen, she is still only seen as a Pop and R&B Princess, but it looks like she might be angling to steal the Queenly crown. Beyoncé is also known as the Princess of R&B, but fans have more recently also dubbed her Queen Bey, primarily also resorting to that nickname in social media posts as well.

Whereas Jay-Z is the majority owners of the basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets, RiRi’s boyfriend for his part, owns an entire Saudi premier football league. While it might be a little difficult for Hassan to buy an entire basketball team, he could probably find a way to buy Jay-Z’s share if he wanted to, especially if he decided to help nudge Rihanna’s status even higher. One thing is for certain, she definitely doesn’t need his help and will almost certainly secure the Queen crown soon enough on her own.

1 He Tried To Break A Guinness World Record

Via: DailyEntertainmentNews.com

As the vice chairman of the family firm, Hassan accepted a rather interesting challenge back in 2013. As reported by The Telegraph, he accepted the challenge to break the Guinness World Record for “the most amount of Toyotas put in one long line”. At the time, the record holder was Toyota Cyprus… and it’s still the current record holder, with a parade of 742 cars.

Although he accepted the challenge, he still hasn’t fulfilled it, effectively not putting his money where his mouth is. After TMZ did some digging, they found out from Guinness that no application has been submitted yet in an effort to break the record. That’s really quite too bad given that a feat like that, although boring by many standards, would still be great publicity for the company, but they probably make too much money as it is to care.

Sources: TheSun.co.uk, Mirror.co.uk, DailyMail.co.uk, HollywoodLife.comPeople.com, Independent.co.ukEOnline.com

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