15 Things Only Pippa Can Tell Us About Kate

When Prince Harry started dating Meghan Markle, the world seemed to perk up with interest over this potential new member of the British family that wasn't even British. As an American actress that already had one marriage under her belt, the relationship definitely sparked a huge amount of attention. Now that the two are engaged, it seems like the media scrutiny has increased even more and the world just can't wait until the couple walk down the aisle. Yet, that doesn't mean that the world has stopped caring about the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. When the couple tied the knot in 2011, it was seen as the biggest royal wedding of this generation and people couldn't help but look happily to their future.

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They have gone on to create a family together and are still seen as one of the happiest well-known couples in the entire world. Despite the media scrutiny and despite the fact that Kate Middleton lives her entire life in front of the public, there is still so much that isn't truly known about this former commoner that is now married to the man who is second in line to the throne. Yet, there is one person that probably has a huge amount of insight to the Kate Middleton behind the scenes and that's her sister, Pippa. The two are known to have a great relationship together and are close enough in age where they could see each other as best friends as well as siblings. Check out our list of the 15 things only Pippa can tell us about Kate and see if we've touched on some of the questions you'd also want to be answered.

15 Does Kate Still Think About Her First Love?

While everyone seems to get fixated on the relationship between Kate Middleton and Prince William, it's foolish to think that she hadn't ever dated prior to dating Prince William. She was a beautiful girl that came from an illustrious family, so it shouldn't be surprising that she would be considered a major catch while she attended Marlborough College. That's where she was when she started dating Willem Marx. An insider reportedly gave a statement to The Telegraph and said, "He was her first love." Willem ultimately became a reporter for CNBC and married the beautiful television presenter, Johanna Botta. Yet, Pippa could probably give far more details on what went wrong with that first relationship and whether or not Kate still holds him dear as her true "first love."

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14 What Really Happened When Kate And Prince William Separated?

While Kate Middleton and Prince William are now seen as one of the happiest couples in the world, many people forget that the couple once separated briefly while they were just dating. During this time, Kate was rumored to be dating Henry Ropner. Not only was Ropner incredibly handsome, but he also came from a family that owned a shipping management company worth a whopping $33.7 million.

While the relationship seemed like a perfect fit for the beautiful Kate Middleton from the equally illustrious British family, there are some that speculate that she was only using this relationship in order to garner attention from Prince William.

Nothing makes a girl seem more appealing to a man than seeing her with a handsome and wealthy beau. The two ultimately broke up and she went back to Prince William, but Pippa could give some insight as to whether or not Kate even truly had feelings for him in the first place.

13 How Did Kate Really Feel About Her Catwalk Show In Lingerie?

Back in 2002, Kate Middleton walked in a fashion show for her friend, Charlotte Todd, at University of St Andrews. It was quite a revealing dress that was little more than a bralette and panty set with a sheer piece to drape over it.

Many people categorized it as lingerie and it reportedly caught the eye of Prince William.

This first meeting has captured the imagination of the public and there was even a made-for-TV film that recreated the catwalk event with Camilla Luddington portraying Kate Middleton. There are definitely some discrepancies in the made-for-TV movie, but no one will ever truly know what that first meeting was like beyond Kate and Prince William (and probably Pippa). It would be interesting to pick Pippa's brain and find out what Kate was really feeling and thinking at that moment, whether it was empowered and beautiful or scared to death and embarrassed.

12 What Did Kate Think About The World’s Reaction To Pippa’s Bum?

Prior to Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William, there was an intense amount of buildup by the media and the public. Everyone was so excited to see the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and there were memories of Princess Diana's wedding, which only helped to build up the hype. Yet, the day of the wedding didn't seem to be only about Kate Middleton and her stunning dress. Instead, there seemed to be a huge amount of attention on Pippa and the shape of her bum. Pippa followed Kate at the church and was also seen helping with the train of Kate's gown. Afterward, there was a media storm regarding her derriere and Pippa, herself, even addressed it by saying,

"It's a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30, on account of your sister, brother-in-law, and your bottom."

While she may have been flattered by the world's reaction, it would be interesting to know how Kate really felt about her sister stealing her thunder on her wedding day.

11 How Did Kate Truly React During The Hoopla Over Pippa’s Wedding?

When Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she had to have been over the moon with elation. She became one of the most famous commoners to become part of a monarchy and also became the envy of women all over the world. While she was undoubtedly ready to become the focus of media outlets for the rest of her life, she probably wasn't prepared for the fame that would befall her sister.

Pippa's wedding may not have been a royal wedding, but it definitely had a huge amount of media attention and had a great deal of pomp and circumstance.

It would be interesting to know what Kate thought of the world making such a big deal about her sister's wedding and, of course, the media comparisons that were made regarding the dress and the beauty of the bride.

10 How Does Kate Feel About The Constant Comparisons To Princess Diana?

While Prince William has fought hard to make a name for himself outside of being solely the eldest son of Princess Diana, people can't help but think of her when referencing anything to do with Prince William. They remark on how much he loved his mother, how she gave him her charitable spirit and how sad it is that she's no longer around. Yet, the real comparisons seem to be between Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. People are constantly comparing these two women and it's the fashion face-offs that really seem to have people making the stark comparisons. One insight that Pippa would be able to reveal is how Kate feels about these constant comparisons.

Is she incredibly flattered or does she feel like she constantly needs to live up to this iconic figure?

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Does she resent these comparisons or is she purposefully choosing outfits to make people think of her in the same favorable light as the late Princess Diana?

9 How Does Kate Truly Feel About Living Her Life In The Public Eye?

Nowadays, it seems like Kate Middleton has perfected her relationship with the media and the hounding paparazzi that follow her everywhere she goes. She's constantly seen smiling and waving and there is never even a hint of discomfort when she's out in the public eye.

Yet, many people wonder whether or not this perfected persona is just a façade that she dons while she's out.

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Pippa would definitely know more about how Kate truly feels about living in the forefront of the media and the public scrutiny that comes with it. Is she resenting this way of life or is she revelling in it? Is she crying behind closed doors or is she enjoying the fame that has come with her marriage to Prince William?

8 How Does Kate Feel About The Rules That Are Involved In British Royalty?

While people are generally aware that marrying into the British Royal Family will forever change a person's life, not everyone is aware of all the strict rules that come with that change. There is a laundry list of rules that people must follow and be aware of as members of the British Royal Family. One of them revolves around the nail polish that is allowed at official royal events. The go-to shade for royals is a clear polish or a pale pink. The Queen has reportedly favored the Essie shade "Ballet Slippers," and has worn this light pink shade for almost 30 years.

Another absurd rule is the fact that little boys can't wear long pants until at least 8 or 9 years old and must wear shorts to signify that they haven't yet reached adulthood.

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Pippa could give some insight into how Kate feels about all these new rules that she must follow throughout her life.

7 What Kind Of Relationship Do Kate And Queen Elizabeth Really Have?

Queen Elizabeth is seen as a truly complex individual and people have been quite fixated about her persona and character over the years. There have been television shows and films that have featured Queen Elizabeth during her younger years and the public seems intrigued by what she must be like in person. Now that she's much older, it's not like she's on the daytime talk show circuit or giving interviews every day. Instead, people have to settle for seeing her at various royal events and imagining what it must be like to be in her company. Yet, the relationship she has with Kate Middleton must be extremely unique. Pippa would undoubtedly know all about the inner workings of their relationship and whether or not Kate has true affection for her grandmother-in-law or she just endures her company for the sake of her persona and her husband.

6 What Does Kate Middleton Think About The Constant Events She’s Forced To Attend?

Becoming the Duchess of Cambridge entailed far more than just getting to marry a Prince and wear a tiara from time to time. There is a myriad of different social and royal events she must attend. People often remark on how beautiful she looks during one occasion or another or how striking she was while out and about with other dignitaries. Yet, Pippa could give some insight as to whether or not Kate actually enjoys these constant events.

Is she the type of person that isn't happy unless she's getting ready to go out and tends to thrive in a social situation or is she a secret homebody that just wishes she could stay home and watch a bit of television?

These little things may never be known to the world but it's something that Pippa would easily know.

5 Are Kate And Prince William Truly In Love With Each Other?

At the beginning of the relationship between Kate Middleton and Prince William, it was obvious that the two were smitten with one another. Yet, it's been quite some time since the two were only dating and any married couple will tell you that having children can drastically change a relationship between husband and wife. It would be interesting to know whether or not these two are actually still in love or if they're just playing it up for the cameras.

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Pippa would definitely know if Kate was crying herself to sleep at night or if Prince William was opting to sleep in another bedroom at Buckingham Palace.

While the two still seem like they are very much still the happy couple, only Pippa would truly know what's going on behind closed doors.

4 How Does Kate Feel About The Scrutiny Over Her Weight?

While the world still seems to be reeling from the death of Princess Diana, it's interesting how much scrutiny and negativity went her way while she was still alive. One of the biggest criticisms had to do with her weight and it seemed like she was constantly having to defend herself, despite the fact that she was never seen as an overly obese woman.

There was an infamous picture of Princess Diana's upper thigh and the media commented that they could see cellulite.

Yet, Kate Middleton has never seemed to have any issues with weight, despite having multiple children. She's always seen as quite petite but Pippa would know more about whether or not she is just naturally thin or if she's starving herself and exercising nonstop in order to stave off the critical comments from the media.

3 What Kind Of Mother Is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton has seemed to perfect the "perfect mommy" look whenever she's out with her kids. There aren't ever any photos of her lifting up a skirt to deliver a royal spanking and she never looks frazzled or at her wit's end like so many other mothers with small children.

Her kids seem perfectly behaved and always ready for a professional photoshoot but any mother can tell you that there are definite meltdowns for any child at a young age.

Pippa would surely have insight on this because she would be able to be around Kate and her nieces and nephews far from the public eye. She would see how Kate reacts to misbehavior and whether or not there are days where she just loses her temper or needs to take a break from the kids.

2 What Are Kate’s True Feelings Toward Her Father-In-Law And Camilla?

While the world seems to adore the memory of Princess Diana, there are major ill feelings toward Prince Charles. The two famously had a tumultuous relationship and the public seemed to take Princess Diana's side on it regarding how the marriage dissolved. Camilla was the reported mistress of Prince Charles and after Princess Diana's death, she became ingratiated into the royal family. The public assumes that Prince William and Prince Harry might have ill feelings towards Camilla as the woman that came between their mother and father. It would be interesting to know how Kate feels about this pair.

Is she close to her father-in-law or does she look down on him for his past indiscretions?

Does she enjoy Camilla's company or does she think of her as the dirty mistress that weaselled her way into the family?

1 What Does Kate Really Think About Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry has had quite a few different high-profile romances over the years and people didn't know whether or not he would ever settle down. He was always seen as more of a wild child in the British Royal Family, especially after the infamous Vegas hotel room incident that involved nude photos. When he started dating Meghan Markle, people didn't quite know what to think at first. She wasn't British, she was previously married, and she seemed far more outspoken about the feminine empowerment movement.

In the lead-up to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Kate has been spending some time with her, and photographers have shown them sharing a laugh or two.

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Yet, Pippa would know whether or not Kate truly likes being around her or she's just putting up with her because she will be the newest member of the family.

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