15 Things About Pregnant Jinger Duggar Only True Fans Of TLC Know

It's no secret that the world is utterly obsessed with the Duggar family. Michelle and Jim-Bob and their gigantic family got a reality show way back in 2008 — a decade ago! — where the world could see exactly what growing up in such a large family was like, and how they made it work. Although, they did need to get the title changed twice, from the original 17 Kids and Counting to the final 19 Kids and Counting.

The Duggars have now reached a point where several of the oldest children are leaving the Duggar family nest and starting up their own families — including Jessa and Jinger, who are frequently featured on the new spin-off show Counting On. 

While most fans have certain family members that they like the most, there's no denying that many people seem to love Jinger Duggar — now Jinger Vuolo. There's just something about her positive attitude and willingness to bend the rules a little that people respond to, so everyone loves seeing what she and hubby Jeremy are up to in their lives.

So, if you've ever wanted to know a little bit more about Jinger Vuolo, who is expecting her first baby, we've got you covered — here are 15 things about the mom-to-be.

15 She Wears Pants (A Big Deal In The Duggar World)

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Okay, to most people, a woman deciding to wear pants is not really worth mentioning — everyone has their own sense of style, and some women just prefer pants to skirts or dresses. However, the fact that Jinger wears pants is a huge deal in the Duggar world. It's not that her pants don't keep her covered up — modesty is a big deal to the Duggars — it's just that the Duggar wardrobe consists mainly of long skirts. Even though they're now moms who have left the nest, most of the older Duggar women still rock long skirts as their daily staples. Except Jinger. Apparently, her hubby Jeremy was totally okay with her wearing pants, and in the Duggar world, the husband is the head of the household — so if he says it's okay, it's okay!

14 There's A Rumour She Secretly Dated Someone Before Her Current Hubby

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If you know anything about the Duggar family, you'll know that they don't really date freely like a regular person might — they court. And it's pretty much implied that courting is a short process that takes place before marriage, so it's not exactly casual. While fans got to see Jinger and Jeremy court on the show, what they didn't get to see was that Jinger may have been involved in a courtship before. Allegedly, she was courting a family friend by the name of Lawson Bates for a while, and they were even photographed together at Jinger's cousin's wedding. However, Jinger appears super happy with her hubby Jeremy, so perhaps that courtship ended amicably — sometimes, you just know that you're not a good fit, and there's nothing wrong with that.

13 She Has Dreams Of Moving To The Big City

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Even when members of the Duggar family move out to start a home with their spouse, they often don't go too far from the family's Tontitown, Arkansas home. However, that may not be the case forever — Jinger talked, far before she was married, about how she'd love to live in New York City and be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. Given how she absolutely loves fashion and photography, we can totally picture how the Big Apple would have a huge appeal to her. Given that her hubby is a pastor and she'll likely be a stay-at-home mom once her first (probably of many) child is born, they may not be able to swing New York City prices — however, who knows, perhaps their adventurous spirits will take them to a big city one day.

12 She Rebelled And Picked A Husband Her Dad Didn't Totally Approve Of

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It's no secret that Jim Bob Duggar vets all his children's potential spouses — after all, the courting process involves the parents as well as the couple actually courting. And, rumour has it that Jim Bob wasn't always the biggest fan of Jeremy. While he may be a pastor now, and religion has a big role in his life today, that wasn't always the case for Jeremy Vuolo — he used to be a professional athlete, travelling the world and playing with his team rather than travelling the world to do missionary work, like many of the other Duggar sisters' spouses. However, Jinger seems crazy in love with Jeremy, so at the end of the day, that's all that matters — Jim Bob didn't object enough to actually call off the courtship, so it seems he saw something in Jeremy that he approved of after all.

11 Many Assumed She Was Being Extra Careful After Her Wedding

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It's no secret that the Duggar family doesn't believe in birth control. After all, Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 children, and the oldest daughters who are married began having children almost immediately after their wedding — we're talking about honeymoon babies here. Neither Jill nor Jessa got more than a few months past the wedding day before conceiving a child, so it always seemed a little bit strange that Jinger managed to last over a year. Given her sisters' track record, and the fact that she's also young and of peak child-bearing years, many have speculated that Jinger and Jeremy may have been using birth control as a preventative measure for that first year until they were ready to start expanding their family. They haven't confirmed either way, but hey — Jinger's body, Jinger's choice!

10 She Has No Problem With Poking Fun At Her Family's Rules

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Jinger Vuolo, the rebel! So, for people who don't know all the ins and outs of the Duggar family, let us explain the meaning behind the word "Nike" — it's not just a clothing brand to them. Back in the day, "Nike" what Jim Bob and Michelle would say in public when there was a scantily clad woman in the vicinity and they wanted their sons to avert their eyes. Perhaps Jinger doesn't remember the code word her family used to frequently — or perhaps she remembers perfectly, and is using this as an opportunity to throw a little shade and sass at her family's rules. Either way, we kind of love that she's not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum and define her own rules with hubby Jeremy.

9 She Broke The Duggar Rules Of Courtship With Her Now Hubby Jeremy

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Jinger and Jeremy are making their own rules as husband and wife — and it seems they've kind of been doing that all along. Now, everyone knows that a Duggar courtship comes with a whole bunch of rules — you're not allowed to kiss your partner, or even hold their hand, prior to marriage. It's a very, very strict way of looking at things. Even when it comes to hugs, there are rules — you can only hug your potential spouse from the side, so you don't have frontal contact. However, it seems that Jinger and Jeremy didn't always respect the courtship rules that Jim Bob set out — they've been captured sharing a few hugs that are definitely not the Duggar-approved side hugs. Perhaps that's yet another reason why Jeremy isn't exactly Jim Bob's favourite son-in-law.

8 She's Passionate About Photography

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We don't always hear a lot about the Duggar girls' hobbies because, well, they're too busy filling their days with tasks like cooking and cleaning and helping raise their younger siblings. However, we did get a glimpse at a particular passion of Jinger's — photography. She's always been a bit of an artsy type, and it seems that the photographic medium is the one that truly calls her. One thing is for sure — she'll probably have the most gorgeous shots of her children and family as it grows and expands. Who knows, maybe she'll fall so in love with taking photographs of her children that she starts up her own baby photography business — stranger things have happened! At the very least, it's a fun hobby to dabble in between all the household chores.

7 She's A Big Bookworm Now

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The Duggar family members all obviously know how to read, but books and reading have never really appeared to be a big passion in their lives. There's no massive library in their Arkansas compound, and they're not really shown reading ever. However, that's all changed for Jinger now that she's married to Jeremy. It seems that Jeremy is actually a huge bookworm — it just proves that you can't stereotype athletes! — who has a constantly growing collection of books, everything from fiction to religious texts. And it seems he's a big influence on his new wife — Jinger captioned a shot of him browsing the stacks of books with "Jeremy loves books. I love Jeremy. Now I love books." We absolutely love these two as a couple — they seem so good for one another!

6 She's Debating Going Into Business For Herself

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You won't often find any of the Duggar sisters discussing business ideas, or even career paths, because, well, it's kind of assumed that they'll just become stay-at-home moms to their large families and allow their husband to bring home the bacon. However, Jinger breaks the mold in that respect too — in a recent episode of the show, Jinger was chatting with Jeremy about her idea of creating a blend of coffee beans that she could sell online. A Duggar woman venturing into the e-commerce world — who would have thought we'd ever see such a thing! While we feel like Jim Bob would have shot down an idea like that, Jeremy is totally supportive, even suggesting a few names for Jinger. We hope she decides to take the plunge — why not?

5 She Left Arkansas For Laredo, Texas

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Frankly, we're a little surprised that more of the Duggar women haven't ended up having to move far away from Arkansas as they follow their husbands. However, it seems Jinger and Jeremy are yet again setting a new trend. Jeremy ended up getting a position as a full-time pastor at a church in Laredo, Texas, so the Vuolo family moved to Laredo! Their transition has been documented on the show, from Jinger's sisters helping her decide how to decorate her new home to Jeremy and Jinger's adventures out and about in Laredo. We have to admit — the move is probably one of the best things that could have happened to Jeremy and Jinger, as they're now far away from Arkansas and can really make their own rules.

4 Her Hubby Has A Normal, Wild Child Past

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In most cases, the Duggar women end up entering in courtship with guys who hold very similar beliefs. After all, the average guy who isn't religious likely wouldn't be willing to jump through all those hoops and avoid any kind of physical contact for so long before the wedding! However, Jeremy breaks the mold a little when it comes to Duggar sons-in-law. Before he got in touch with his religious side and became a pastor, he was a professional athlete — and as most people know, professional athletes don't always have the most squeaky clean reputations. While he didn't do anything totally crazy, he did admit to drinking and partying during his college days, and even has an arrest under his belt for second-degree harassment. He seems like a new man now, but still —it's a big deal in the Duggar world!

3 She And Her Hubby Practice A Slightly Different Faith Than The One She Was Raised In

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Talk about a scandal! So, it turns out that the type of fundamentalist Christianity that Jeremy practices is slightly different than the Baptist faith that Jim Bob and Michelle live by. It's not as scandalous as if Jinger married someone who wasn't religious at all, but apparently Jim Bob and Jeremy have gotten into a few heated discussions because their faiths disagree about certain things. However, it hasn't caused too big of a rift in the family — it seems that, as long as their girls are following what their husband wants and behaving in a devout way, Jim Bob and Michelle aren't terribly worried about what specific faith they're practicing. Can you imagine if one of the Duggar children ended up becoming a strict atheist? It would cause a huge uproar in the family!

2 She Listens To Secular Music

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The Duggar children had very, very strict rules growing up about what kinds of media they could engage with. There were countless movies and television shows they weren't allowed to watch, and a ton of music they weren't allowed to listen to, because it just didn't align with their beliefs and Michelle and Jim Bob didn't want their children exposed to it. Now that they're adults, though, they can make their own rules — and Jinger certainly is. She's done work with her mother-in-law's charity Swan4Kids, which helps children of incarcerated parents flourish through music, and even added a caption to an Instagram shot including the lyrics to Nat King Cole's song "LOVE." Listening to secular music may not seem like that big of a deal, but to a Duggar, it totally is.

1 One Of Her Hobbies Is Flipping Cars

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Now that she's out on her own with her husband, away from her parents' home, Jinger is truly blossoming and developing her identity. She's no longer just one of the Duggar sisters — she's her own person, with hobbies and interests. And apparently, one of her interests is flipping cars. She isn't exactly worried about becoming the family's primary breadwinner and transforming her hobby into a thriving business, but it's something that she's interested in and that she's been incorporating into her life, which is pretty cool. Who knows — perhaps her interest in flipping cars will turn into an interest in flipping houses and before we know it, there'll be a show starring Jinger on HGTV and she'll move to a whole new network! The sky's the limit for this Duggar daughter.

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