15 Surprising Things About Jennifer Lawrence That Her Fans Should Know

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. This 27-year-old lady from Kentucky has shot into stardom, and it doesn’t seem like she will ever come down from that stratosphere. After first becoming a thing in the movie industry with her superb acting that earned her an Academy Award nomination for the 2010 Winter’s Bone, Jennifer became a household name when she agreed to play the hero Katniss Everdeen in the juggernaut success that was The Hunger Games series. Those chances were all she needed in order to shoot to fame and solidify her footing as one of the best around. Since her early career successes, Jennifer has been having year after year of putting out award-nominated acting performances in all kinds of genres.

There are, however, a few select characteristics this young lady has that the big bosses in Hollywood might not be too keen on the general public knowing. That being said, most of these little traits and facts are probably things Jennifer is very proud of, and she will talk about them without any filter. So, without any further delay, let’s go into 15 weird things Hollywood forgets about Jennifer Lawrence on purpose.

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15 She Is Not Good Company For A Flight

Via: youtube.com

In a recent interview, Jennifer Lawrence gave out something very interesting about her personality. While she is not scared of flying, she seems to be the kind of person no one would want to go on a plane ride with. The reason for that is that she suffers from plane anxiety, but not because she is afraid the giant iron box is going to fall.

No, Jennifer is afraid that at some point during the flight she is going to start yelling “we are all going down! It’s coming down!”

Yeah, this is not the kind of behavior you would expect from someone who probably spends a good deal of their time inside an airplane traveling from place to place. Either way, if you ever hear someone yelling that on a plane, you are either in terrible danger or about to meet Jennifer Lawrence. (Source: TeenVogue)

14 She’s Claustrophobic

Via: denverpost.com

This is an interesting phobia for people who sometimes have to act in different environments where claustrophobia could be a very real problem. Didn’t Jennifer Lawrence do a movie where she was supposed to be in space with Chris Pratt or something like that recently? Yeah, some of the sets for that movie must have been quite claustrophobic.

However, that is beside the point. We found this little gem because of that same interview she gave after the release of her movie mother! In the interview, Jennifer talked about how she was afraid of what she could do inside an airplane, but also mentioned that one time she got really claustrophobic inside an Air France flight and tried to jump off. Oh yeah, flying with Jennifer must be one of the most memorable experiences in the movie industry. (Source: TeenVogue)

13 She Can Be out of touch

Via: popsugar.com

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those people who seems like she would rather lose a friend than miss a joke, and that is okay most of the time. However, there were times in which she crossed the line, especially when it comes to dealing with historic sites and other people’s cultures. All of you probably remember the time when she was filming The Hunger Games in Hawaii, and she found some rocks that were supposedly sacred to the people of the islands.

What most celebrities would do in a situation like this would be to admire the rocks and ask the locals what makes them so special, and you know, learn new things. Not Jennifer Lawrence though. Apparently, she started to itch during filming, and she used one of those rocks to scratch it. Not the most respectable of moves. (Source: CNN)

12 She Was Almost Not Famous

Via: filmofilia.com

Maybe the title didn’t go far enough, so we should explain this a little bit further. During their careers, every actor or actress will at some point receive a script that can potentially change their life. Turn them from a D-List celebrity into an A-Lister. For Jennifer Lawrence, that script was The Hunger Games. This was her major break out role, and it allowed her to become a household name overnight.

However, what most of her fans might not be aware of, is that the actress almost said no to the script that would turn her into Hollywood's most wanted woman.

She is probably counting her blessings right now that she did say yes, as it clearly changed her life for the better. Just imagine where Jennifer would be if she had said no. (Source: ProjectCasting)

11 She’s A Nerd

Via: businessinsider.com

When we say she’s a nerd, we don’t mean that she likes Star Wars and plays League of Legends. There is nothing wrong with those, Star Wars is actually awesome, and everyone should watch it at some point. When we say she is a nerd, we actually mean that Jennifer Lawrence is probably smarter than your regular actor or actress. Before she started acting full time, she had to graduate high school, an ordeal that usually takes people four years. Jennifer, however, smart and hungry to be able to do what she loved full time, decided four years was too long.

She only took two years to finish high school with a 3.9 GPA. Jealous yet?

So not only did this lady become one of the most famous actresses of her generation, she could have probably gone to any college she wanted. (Source: AOL)

10 You Look Too Good

Via: myhdwallpapers.org

Here is one thing we thought we would never hear. Can you imagine being an actress and at some point, being told that you were “too pretty to play the lead role,” in a movie? Yes, this is infuriating for an actress, especially considering Hollywood is based on looks. However, this is something Jennifer Lawrence had to deal with in order to receive her first Academy Award nomination for her acting in Winters Bone.

This was one part she was dying to play and actively pursued the opportunity. But she was denied because the director thought she was too good-looking to play the lead role.

But as fate would have it, this cunning lady who found a way to get the part. Now, we don’t know if this is true or not but, apparently, Jennifer went to New York and proceeded to walk several blocks in the snow and then showed up to audition “dirty” and with hair she hadn’t washed in a week. (Source: BusinessInsider)

9 Too Competitive

Via: youtube.com

If you have seen any interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, you know that she is not your usual actress or woman for that matter. She is one of those ladies who fit in better with the boys than with the girls when she was little.

Jennifer was good at sports, and at some point, her preschool decided not to allow her to play with the other girls because she was too rough with them.

Anyone who knows Jennifer Lawrence knows that she hates losing as much as she hates bad acting, and this probably showed back when she was a little girl.

While her fans love her for it, you can be sure that there are some big Hollywood higher-ups who don’t like having a progressive and free spirit like her being one of the top ladies in the industry. (Source: DailyMail)

8 what she's good at

Via: youtube.com

As you can imagine from our last entry, Jennifer is not one of those people who is afraid of saying how she feels, or talking about whatever she wants. She is a free spirit, and she will tell you how it is, no matter how annoying or gross the information she has to share might be.

A perfect example that the higher-ups in Hollywood were probably not too happy with was when she decided to tell the world that she was the world's fastest person at going to the bathroom.

Yes, nothing brings a celebrity down to the real world like talking about their bodily functions. To her credit, Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps the number one actress in the world today in terms of talking about things that her fans can relate to no matter how gross those things might be. (Source: RollingStone)

7 She Fangirls Pretty Hard

Via: justjared.com

When we said that Jennifer Lawrence is the number one celebrity when it comes to being able to get other people to relate to her, we were not kidding. Despite being an Academy Award-winning actress and arguably one of the most famous people on the planet, this lady still can turn from a superstar celebrity into a fangirl in the blink of an eye.

This happened when she met John Stamos of all people. The General Hospital star was attending the same party as Jennifer, who was so above the moon with the prospect of meeting him that she went bananas. Apparently, she stalked him throughout the party, and when he finally came over to talk to her, she was so out of her mind that he thought she was on mushrooms. (Source: EOnline)

6 She Is Not Too Sensitive About Sensitive Issues

Via: youtube.com

Some people try to be funny with everything they say, but there are times when being funny about certain issues is probably not in your best interest. Let’s say, for example, trying to make jokes about war and the military during Memorial Day; or making jokes about your cat’s sexuality while giving an interview to Ellen DeGeneres right in the middle of the national Day of Remembrance for transitioned people. Yes, this really happened.

Even Ellen almost lost her composure as Lawrence went on ignorantly.

She went on about how weird it was that she thought her cat was a boy, but it was a girl and went down a ridiculous spiral. Thankfully, Ellen was graceful enough to help Jennifer out of that tight spot, and even educate her.

5 That Poor Squirrel

Via: fpscinema.com

Jennifer Lawrence is someone who does seem to love animals, like most other people in the world. She has cats, and we have hardly ever heard any complaints that link her to any kind of animal cruelty. Still, there was one time where she did something for a movie that many people would not have agreed to do. For the most part, Hollywood has kept it clean when it comes to animals in order to produce the best results for their motion pictures. One time when that line was crossed, however, was when Jennifer was on her way to winning her first Academy Award nomination for her work in Winter’s Bone.

During the filming of that great movie, Jennifer actually had to do things the old way, as in skinning a squirrel. (Source: EOnline)

4 No Love For Royalty

Via: skim.gs

Before he became engaged to Meghan Markel, Prince Harry was arguably the most notorious bachelor in the world. This guy did everything there was to do when it comes to being a bachelor. He was photographed in more parties than we can remember. He has been involved in more scandals than probably any other monarch since Caligula was the head honcho in Rome.

With all of that, it is not surprising at all to find out that Prince Harry had a thing for inviting attractive young actresses to party with him. Sometimes, he would even be as gallant as to offer them a date to see Kensington Palace. One of the ladies who allegedly got that invite in 2015 was Jennifer Lawrence. Unfortunately for Harry, she gave him the no-no treatment. (Source: Tribune)

3 The Hack

Via: independent.co.uk

These days, it is almost impossible to find any big-time celebrities who have not been victims of some sort of hacking. The most popular brand these days is the kind of hacking that sees a celebrity’s private pictures being leaked and spread out for the whole world to see. Jennifer Lawrence was one of the celebrities who fell victim to this disgusting habit of some hackers.

Several pictures of Jennifer were leaked, but for a long time, she decided the best course of action was not even to acknowledge what had happened.

After a while, however, she did mention the incident and said that it was not even a scandal, it was just a crime, and it needed to be prosecuted. And the consensus is that everyone should agree with Jennifer on that matter. (Source: Mashable)

2 Shower Much?

Via: pinterest.com

We talked about how in order to get her part in Winter’s Bone, Jennifer Lawrence walked through the frozen streets of New York and spent almost a week without cleaning her hair, but apparently, that was not a sole occurrence in her life. It turns out that while she was filming The Hunger Games, it seems like the other stars started to pick up on little things that made them believe Jennifer was not too keen on the whole showering thing.

For example, apparently, there were a few times in which people caught her in the morning filming when she still had fake blood and scars that the makeup artists had performed for her the day before. And yes, those should come off with a single shower. This even earned her a funny nickname with the production as Elizabeth Banks started calling her Katpiss Neverclean. (Source: ThoughtCatalog)

1 The Twilight Thing

Via: ew.com

We talked a little bit about how some actors and actresses might pass on the role of a lifetime when they are given a script of a movie that is going to become a huge success, but at the time they think it’s just going to blow over. This happened to Jennifer Lawrence when she first got the script of The Hunger Games, which she thankfully did not decline and became one of her best roles to date.

Following that same line, there are parts that actresses audition for and are usually sad because they don’t get at first. But later on, they suddenly find out that not getting that part was probably the best thing that ever happened to them. This was what happened to Jennifer after she auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in Twilight. Yes, just imagine what would have happened if she got that part. (Source: UsWeekly)

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