15 Things About Hermione Granger That Don't Make Sense

Hermione Granger is probably one of the most interesting characters in the Harry Potter story, and a lot of us view her as our favorite character. After Harry Potter, she's probably the most complex and multi-faceted character, one with lots of inner conflict and turmoil. She's the type of person you'd least expect to become friends with two boys like Ron and Harry, and that's what makes her so interesting. She is meant to represent the author herself, so in many ways we are experiencing the magical world through her eyes. This is made doubly true by the fact that Hermione is muggle-born, meaning she's totally new to everything the reader is experiencing.

But for all of Hermione's positive notes, there are a lot of things about her that don't make a lot of sense. When you write 7 books on a single story, there will always be some things that just don't add up. But it's interesting to take a closer look at this character, and all of the things that leave us scratching our heads. Some of these things are obvious mistakes by the author. But others seem to point to a contradiction within Hermione's character. These contradictions actually make her seem more human, which in turn makes her even more interesting and relatable.

15 JK Rowling All Of A Sudden Decided To Change Hermione's Race

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One of the most controversial things that ever happened to Hermione's character was her change in race. This all came about with the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was a play. Hermione's character was played by an actress who just so happened to be black. Let's be clear – there is nothing wrong with this. Theater is all about challenging perceptions and the fact that Hermione's character was cast to a black actress means nothing.

But what didn't make a lot of sense was the way JK Rowling handled the situation. She ended up going a little bit too far in her efforts to seem diverse and inclusive. Basically, she claimed that Hermione could always have been black, and that nowhere in the book was her race ever mentioned. Of course, this was quickly disproven by some die-hard Harry Potter fans, who quickly found mention of her "white face" and her hair color.

14 Why Doesn't She Just Use The Time Turner To Defeat Voldemort?

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Another thing about Hermione that doesn't make a whole lot of sense has to do with the time-turner. Potter fans will be very familiar with this issue, as it's something that comes up quite frequently. The time turner of course appeared in both the book and the film, The Prisoner Of Azkaban. This small device has the ability to turn back time, allowing Hermione and Harry to travel through time and save the day.

But there were so many issues with the time-turner. Many people asked the question of why Hermione didn't just use the time-turner to go back in time and defeat Voldemort, or make sure that he never rose again. Sure, you can argue about being careful with time travel and "disturbing the time continuum," but it honestly doesn't make a lot of sense why they didn't make better use of this powerful device. And why didn't it ever reappear in the books? It seems like the majority of their problems could be solved this way.

13 Why Does She Hate Her Parents?

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Out of Hermione, Ron and Harry, one set of parents are talked about the least. And that would be Hermione's. Ron's parents are major characters, and Harry's parents are talked about frequently, even though they're actually dead. In comparison, Hermione's parents seem to be a minor footnote, with only a few sentences dedicated to them throughout all of the books. So why do they play such a minor role?

The most obvious answer is because Hermione doesn't spend much time with them. At all. She spends most of the year at Hogwarts, and every summer she seems to be at Ron's house for the entire school break. Don't you think it's a little strange that she wants to spend so little time with her own parents? Never once does she talk about how much she misses them. In fact, she rarely talks about them at all...

12 Why Did She Lie About The Troll?

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In the first book and film, we're just beginning to get to know Hermione's character. At first, it doesn't seem like Hermione will play a major role. She seems like your average stereotypical nerd, a teacher's pet and not much more. But as the story continues, we learned that there's much more than meets the eye when it comes to this girl. The moment when she really becomes close with Ron and Harry is when she runs into the troll in the bathroom.

Most of us remember this scene. Ron and Harry have to go to the bathroom and save Hermione, and they just barely manage to do so. But what happens afterwards makes no sense. Hermione lies, saying that she thought she could deal with the troll herself, and that she was stupid to be so overconfident. But why does she lie? What's the point? She could have easily told the truth – that she was in the bathroom while the feast was taking place, and that she had no idea about the troll's presence. The lie seems to serve no actual purpose in the story.

11 Why Does Hermione Get Special Treatment?

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If you're even vaguely familiar with the story of Harry Potter, you know that House Gryffindor gets some serious special treatment throughout the books, and this mostly comes from none other than Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster. He once crushed Slytherin's hopes of winning the house cup by awarding some pretty generous points to Gryffindor at the last moment.

Hermione is one of the three people who seems to get some seriously special treatment throughout the books. She is routinely awarded points by her teachers for answering questions correctly, while not many other students seem to be so fortunate. And let us not forget that Dumbledore gave her the time-turner so that she could attend more classes. No one else got this honor.

10 Why Is She The Only Person Who Read Hogwarts: A History?

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If you know Hermione, you know that she's one of the most avid readers in Hogwarts history. That's where she gets most of her knowledge from, and sometimes this can lead her to be a little narrow minded. Most of the books she reads are completely unknown to other students, and this can give her a serious advantage in all kinds of different areas. But one book she's most famous for knowing almost word for word is Hogwarts: A History.

So why is she virtually the only person who has ever read this book? It's not like it's some obscure book in the forbidden section of the library. We're talking about a required textbook which was on their school lists from the very first year. And yet there's pretty much no mention of anyone else ever reading this book.

9 Why Was She Never Punished For Harming Ron?

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Students using spells on each other at Hogwarts is strictly forbidden. Whenever this happens, there are huge punishments. Sometimes people are even expelled. But you can bet that if anyone ever uses magic on each other, Dumbledore will know about it, and there will be consequences. Teachers are supposed to be constantly on the lookout for bad behavior, and there's also the fact that the Ministry seems to know when students are using spells illegally. Surely there is something similar in place at Hogwarts.

But if you're Hermione, the rules just don't apply. We've seen evidence that she has a mean streak, but this was made clear when she attacked Ron. After seeing him kiss another girl, she actually sent a flock of crows to attack him, and he was pretty badly hurt. But I guess we're supposed to believe that it's okay, because it's Hermione and she was feeling hurt?

8 Why Did She Constantly Set Her Cat Loose Around Scabbers?

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Crookshanks was a great addition to the book, and a lot of cat lovers really related to Hermione's adoration of her moody cat. While Harry got an Owl and Ron got a Rat, Hermione picked a slightly magical cat to be her familiar. While we can totally relate to having a pet cat, we can't quite understand why Hermione was so casual about letting Crookshanks roam around while Scabbers was in the same room.

It's just common sense. You don't let your pet pose a danger to other people's pets. That's like the number one rule of having a pet. But whenever Ron complained about his pet being endangered by Crookshanks, Hermione just rolled her eyes and said that Ron should be more careful with his pet. What was she thinking? She was purposely bringing her cat over from the girl's dormitory to be around Scabbers. It was like she was trying to risk Scabbers' life.

7 Why Is She So Mean To Luna Lovegood?

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When we are first introduced to Hermione, we see that she's quite lonely, and isolated from other students. Being a know-it-all doesn't generally win you a lot of friends, and neither does being a teacher's pet. This is clearly something that Hermione has suffered from all her life, even before she attended Hogwarts. This is why her treatment of Luna Lovegood is so strange.

You'd think that Hermione would see a lot of herself in Luna. After all, she doesn't have very many friends, and she is ridiculed by other students. But for some reason, Hermione chooses to be yet another person who makes fun of Luna behind her back. In the film, she even "accidentally" calls Luna by her derogatory nickname, "Loony." In the books, she is arguably even more mean-spirited when it comes to her treatment of this outcast.

6 JK Rowling Decided That Hermione And Ron Got Divorced, And That Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Harry

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Pretty much the only romantic subplot worth mentioning in the books and the films was Ron and Hermione's relationship. Harry and Ginny's romance was pretty stale and boring, and the rest were pretty cartoonish and one dimensional. But Ron and Hermione's love for each other was full of ups and downs, arguments and breakups, and all kinds of twists and turns. They were complete opposites, which is what made their romance so appealing and interesting, not to mention understandable.

So why on Earth did JK Rowling decide to completely destroy such a beautiful relationship? With the release of The Cursed Child, Ron and Hermione's relationship was that of two estranged partners who no longer loved each other. It ultimately ended in divorce. And to add insult to injury, Rowling later stated in an interview that she had "made a mistake" with the ending of the books, and that Hermione should have married Harry instead.

5 Her Intelligence Was Basically Wasted On A Magical Education

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There's no denying the fact that Hermione is an incredibly bright witch. But this really has nothing to do with her inherent magical power. Her talent and strength comes not from a scar left by a dark wizard, or a family history of magical talent. Her strength comes from her brain, and that's pretty much it. It's interesting to note that Hermione was already a great student before she attended Hogwarts, when she was at muggle school. One would assume that she was very good at Math, grammar, basic science, and all of the other subjects. She was probably a grade A student.

One has to wonder whether her intellect was wasted on 5 years of magic training, instead of a "real" secondary and university education. Think about it. Someone of Hermione's talent might have gone on to cure cancer, or invent a new source of clean energy. And since muggles represent the vast majority of the population, helping the muggle world would've had the most positive net effect on the world. Instead she spent 5 years learning how to turn mice into cups, and ended up creating an organization aimed at giving rights to an obscure magical creature.

4 Why Was She So Obsessed With Gilderoy Lockhart, Who Was Obviously Fake?

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Throughout the many books and films, Hermione establishes herself as a character who is incredibly intuitive. She sees things that other people miss. These little details are often mannerisms or comments made by other characters in the story. Hermione picks up on these signs, and often makes deductions from them that end up being very helpful. She's supposed to be an excellent judge of character, someone who can see through to people's real intentions.

So why was she so obsessed with Gilderoy Lockhart, a wizard who was quite obviously an idiot and a fake? You might say that she was blinded by his charm and suave mannerisms, but that doesn't even seem like a mistake Hermione would make. She's not like other young people. She should have been able to see that he was making everything up, especially since there would have been obvious signs that he didn't know what he was talking about.

3 Why Doesn't Hermione Just Fix Harry's Eyesight Instead Of Constantly Repairing His Glasses?

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Harry Potter's eyesight is a topic that comes up a lot with fans of the story. If you've seen the movies or read the books, you'll know that the person who always fixes Harry's broken eyesight is Hermione. You'd think that after a while, she would get tired of constantly saying "Oculus Reparo" whenever Harry ever got a minor knock. You'd think that she would, oh, I don't know, figure out a way to permanently fix the problem?

A witch of her talents, especially near the end of the story, would undoubtedly have the power to permanently fix Harry's eyesight. You have to remember that the medical knowledge in the wizarding world is incredibly advanced. They were able to regrow entire bones in the Hogwarts medical wing. And Harry's eyesight actually represents a significant disadvantage when fighting Voldemort and Death Eaters. So why doesn't Hermione just fix the root of the problem?

2 Why Is Hermione So Condescending Towards House Elves, Who She Supposedly Cares About?

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Although Hermione can be a little mean at times, and she can definitely be patronizing, she's also established herself as someone who is very concerned about equality and fair treatment in the wizarding world. Her stance on house elves is a testament to this. She even creates an organization aimed at giving rights to house elves, and the organization is called S.P.E.W. But is she really concerned with their well-being?

On many occasions, Hermione seems to be a little condescending towards house elves. She talks down to them, as if they're incapable of understanding the complexities of equal rights. She seems to pander to them at times. Perhaps her greatest mistake is assuming that she understands what it's like to be a House Elf. We're talking about a completely different species here. There is no way she could ever understand how their minds work or what they actually want. Regardless, Hermione is intent on "freeing" them all, even though some of them are actually happy working at Hogwarts for no pay. She fails to understand that Dobby might just be an isolated case, and not a representative of all house elves.

1 Why Is Her Boggart So Lame?

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One of the most interesting parts of the Harry Potter story is the Boggart. This magical creature has the unique ability to read the thoughts of people, and then take the shape of their worst fear. Harry's Boggart is a Dementor, one of the creepiest creatures in the magical world. His fear is supposed to represent fear itself. Ron's is a little more comical –  a giant spider. But this is still pretty scary.

But for many people, Hermione's Boggart was a bit of a disappointment. We were hoping to get a deeper and more meaningful look into Hermione's psyche. But all we got was an angry Professor McGonagall telling her that she'd failed every course. Seriously? That's it? We get that she's afraid of failure, but couldn't it have been something a little more... scary? We expected more from JK Rowling.

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