15 Things About Beyoncé We Don't Pay Attention To (But Should)

American singer Beyoncé has conquered it all. She has dabbled in various undertakings and has always come out on top. From the music industry, to the big screen, to her own fashion line which are just a few of her endeavors, the talented singer is the perfect symbol of a woman who is passionate and goal driven.

It’s not just hypotheticals and abstract plans for the music icon, when she sets her eyes on it, you can bet she’s out there to deliver. Whatever she gets her hands on turns to gold. Beyoncé seems to find success anywhere she steps her foot into and it’s not thru sheer luck, the pop icon is a multi talented entertainer as well as a smart business woman.

Now 36, and married to an extremely successful individual like herself, the Queen B lives a very comfortable life. Some would have you believe that she is “Flawless”. In picture she is. Booming businesses, married to the love of her life, mother to children of three, many aspire to a life like Beyoncé’s. But she’s not all perfect as some paint her to be. Beneath the seemingly perfect image are cracks hiding under the canvas.

Upon closer inspection, Beyoncé’s life is actually riddled with spots and smudges. The amusing thing is how she seemingly gets away with it.

Here are some of the interesting things about Beyoncé’s life that no one seemed to have made a big deal about.

15 She Is Very Controlling

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Everyone in the music industry knows the great lengths of Beyoncé’s OCD tendencies.

Though sometimes she oversteps her boundaries and can be bossy, the people she works with enable it in fact, because everyone believes in her talent and has faith in her prowess as an artist.

The “Lemonade” star continuously shows to her millions of fans, worldwide that she has the staying power at the top and owns it. To be able to do this, Queen Bey hired her own videographer that films her during her tours.

It has been said that before hitting the bed, renowned pop star meticulously watches her performances and critiques not only herself, but everyone else as well.

From her dancers and the people from the production crew like the cameramen, she ensures that they execute her vision precisely how she wants it. So in the morning, these people will receive a round of notes from Beyoncé herself that they will be able to use to fine tune their performances to her standards.

14 Copycat Choreography

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In 2008, Beyoncé released “Single Ladies.” Like any other Beyoncé hit, the song was critically acclaimed because of its catchy rhythm and spectacular choreography. Many were fascinated by the grace and originality of the dance moves showcased in its music video.

The more astute viewers, however, noticed more than just the mesmerizing steps; Observant individuals noticed an uncanny resemblance to the 1969 The Garrys hit, “In This Dream.”

When people started to cry foul over it, Beyoncé addressed the situation by then revealing that her dance moves were actually inspired by the mentioned classic.

Smart move to save your reputation. It is still questionable though if crediting the original is all it takes to make what she did acceptable.

Many people find it distasteful when a movie blatantly copies the plot of a successful film prior to it just to make money. How does Beyoncé get away with it?

13 Takedown! (My Super Bowl Photos)

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Super Bowl Halftime Show has always been regarded as a very prestigious showcase of talent. Only the best of the best get the privilege of being selected to star in the centerstage.

Not surprising that Beyoncé was chosen to take centerstage in the February 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

As expected, the performance was a spectacle to behold. Despite her glorious title as the Queen, Beyoncé is still but human. Unflattering photos of her during the performance have made rounds on the Internet. For obvious reasons, Beyoncé wanted her unflattering photos erased from history.

When you’re the Queen, much like other real queens of the world, it is obvious you’ve got power. You feel it in your heart, you feel it coursing through your veins. Unfortunately, once you’ve had a taste of power, it could get to your head. You feel like you have command over everything.

Even Queen Bey is no match to the powers of the Internet; hence, her unflattering photos can still be found online.

12 Alter Ego Gone Wrong

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For those that follow Beyoncé, they would know who Sasha Fierce is. The rest of the world however, needs an introduction.

Sasha Fierce was the alter ego created by Beyoncé in 2008. As per Beyoncé from an interview, “I created my stage persona to protect myself, so that when I go home, I don’t have to think about what it is I do. Sasha isn’t me.”

That decision allowed her to be more creative with her craft by being more sensual and more aggressive. Nothing wrong with mixing it up.

Artists sooner or later crave to expand their skills like actors who want to change from action oriented films to possibly a drama centered one.

Diversification isn’t a bad thing but when your songs and music videos reach a point where they can be too sexual or too vulgar in words to the point of being offensive, one must question if this is still art.It takes great courage to exercise freedom but even greater strength to exhibit restraint when necessary.

11 She Wears Fur Coats Despite PETA's Advice 

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Beyoncé has been ruffling the feathers of PETA so to speak since 2006, when the latter confronted the “Survivor” pop star while dining in a New York restaurant for Beyonce’s use of fur.

A few years later, PETA sent an open letter to Beyoncé when she continuously wore fur and other exotic animal skins.

During her remarkable 2013 Super Bowl Halftime performance, the “Bootylicious” singer wore a Rubin Singer-designed leotard made of python, iguana and cow.

Less than a month later, the “Bonnie and Clyde” couple was spotted having an all plant - based meal in a fancy vegan restaurant.

What made PETA’s blood boil was Beyoncé‘s callous choice of clothing. The famous singer was seen wearing a Christopher Kane parka with a real fur collar in a meat-free swanky Los Angeles restaurant.

And in 2015, during her visit in “Good Morning America”, Queen Bey introduced and promoted her new business venture - a vegan food delivery service.

A lot of animal rights activists have cried foul over this calling Beyoncé a cunning businesswoman who remorselessly wears furs, minks, leathers while masquerading as a pretentious vegan.

10 Beyoncé And Jay-Z Avoid Interviews About Their Relationship

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Isn’t it strange for two people, who claim that what they have is the real deal, do not like to talk about their relationship?

The influential couple has stated that when it comes to interviews, they prefer to stay away from the love talk. Beyoncé says, “I never talked about relationships” and “I only talk about them in my songwriting”.

Now this isn’t necessarily an issue, but if you consider Beyoncé being the expressive woman that she is, it’s perplexing that she draws a line and only uses her music to convey to the world her feelings; but why are real conversations about love matters are off limits.

Sure, you perpetuate those emotions through your songwriting, but sometimes the world just wants to know what’s really in her heart thru a more sincere, more intimate conversation that a song just can’t provide.

9 Feminism is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

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Beyoncé might be a music prodigy, but one has to question if her lyrics are starting to cross the line. The singer has always been an expressive individual and it shows how vocal she can be about her thoughts and ideals.

As of late, her songs seem to touch on the topic of feminism more and more. The pop icon was part of an all female group called Destiny’s Child which popularized “Independent Women”. The song was about women being self reliant. Later in her career, she wrote “If I Were a Boy”, which generalized men as just drunkards and womanizers. Then came the song “Run the World” which had a clearer, heavier implication of who Beyoncé thinks is the more superior gender.

It’s one thing to empower women, but why should we suddenly promote women as the dominant gender? For the longest time, people have called for gender equality, why should we destroy something a lot of people fought for by reversing the issue?

8 How Private Her Life Is

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When you’re a celebrity your privacy is non-existent. There will be no leisurely walks in the park, no fun and intimate movie and dinner dates and certainly no quick donut runs while wearing your jammies in the middle of the night to satisfy your craving.

The price of fame is being the public’s property. The more famous you are, the more the fans and paparazzi will hound you.

The same can be said in the case of Mrs. Carter. Despite the paparazzi knowing about her secret marriage with the rapper and business mogul Jay-Z back in 2008, her memorable and most talked about pregnancy announcements, her radio silence behaviour about the elevator incident between her sister Solange and her husband Jay-Z and as to who Becky really is, who was mentioned in her most recently talked about single “Lemonade”, Queen Bey has still managed to receive some level of privacy that most celebrities do not.

The pop superstar only shares what she feels like sharing and she does it only whenever she thinks is the best time to share to her legions of fans. Because that’s the way of the royalties, and certainly Queen Bey lives by it.

7 Controversy Doesn’t Stick Long When You’re Cunning

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It’s not easy escaping the suffocating clasps of the public when you’re a celebrity. Make a mistake and surely you’re headed to gossip ville. For Beyoncé, rumors never really stay long with her.

The reason controversies surrounding the “Irreplaceable” singer die down quickly is because of how tactical Beyoncé has been throughout the years.

Like what we mentioned earlier, Beyoncé made it a habit of only revealing to the public what she deems is they deserve to know about her.

As such, the fans and the media alike have been reconditioned slowly to not dive further than what the naked eye sees.

People overtime, have just grown to accept that fact that if Beyoncé chooses to keep it a secret, it will most likely remain as one.

Conditioning can be a very powerful tool and in doing so, the Queen has created a bubble of protection. Clever it is, but more accurately deceptively cunning.

6 The HBO Documentary She Produced About Herself

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When we say that Beyoncé is a very calculating woman, we don’t say that just for effect. The multi-award winning singer is not just a music genius but an incredibly brilliant strategist as well.

Revealing as little as possible about your personal life drives fans into a trance where they crave to know more. Her enigmatic nature has created a mysterious, if not mystical, portrait that everyone wants to unravel.

Enter the HBO documentary titled “Life is But a Dream”. Anyone care to guess who directed and executively produced the documentary special? Yes, you’ve guessed it, none other than the Queen herself.

Fans all over the world were in frenzy when they learned about the cryptic singer’s documentary, and tune in they did. The HBO show garnered a record breaking 1.8 million viewers in its premiere.

Keeping her personal life private has certainly paid off for the music goddess.

5 The “Elevator Incident”

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The “Elevator Incident” may be one of the biggest controversies Queen Bey may have been through. At the time, it was the most talked about news that Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, attacked Jay-Z while in an elevator ride.

When the security footage from the elevator’s carriage was released, which showed Solange attacking Mr. Carter several times, and had to be forcefully restrained by what seemed like a security guy, people went crazy.

What is really noteworthy in the footage was Beyonce’s reaction to the chaotic ordeal. The “Flawless” star could clearly be seen just standing in a corner and seemed cool as a cucumber and let the security guy handle the situation.

However when the confrontation got physical, she simply stood between her husband and sister to assuage the situation. And just like the Queen that she is, she was able to command the two to cease their altercation.

None dare lay a hand on the Queen lest they suffer the fury of her wrath.

4 Opposites Attract

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. See a pattern? The couples stated are equally attractive.

The list goes on and in show business, it’s no surprise being majority of them make money not just because they are talented, but because they are some of the most beautiful people that grace the Earth.

Generally, we as a society find it more acceptable when two individuals who date are of the same level of attractiveness. Though some people can be judgemental, it’s no surprise that this way of thinking exists.

That is why some people have questioned why Beyoncé and Jay-Z are together. Beyoncé is obviously of the more beautiful specimens while Jay-Z at best, is average looking.

Nevertheless, despite their gap aesthetically, people have accepted that the two are in it for the long run. Love must be literally blind.

3 She Tried to Patent Her Child’s Name

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In January of 2012, Beyoncé gave birth to a baby girl and named her Blue Ivy. Shortly thereafter Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z filed a petition to put a trademark on their baby’s name.

The plan was to use it as a brand name for baby related products and sporting equipment among other things. The petition was rejected though and the ruling was they would be allowed to use the name for business purposes but they won’t have the sole rights to using said name.

Though using your baby’s name as a brand would seem harmless, some may suggest that such motives are opportunistic in nature.

It’s no secret that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are some of the most recognizable names in the industry, it just follows that their baby would be popular as well.

Using your offspring’s name as a business strategy is a bit much. It’s not like they aren’t earning enough already.

2 She Kept Her Pregnancy From Her Dad

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On February 1 of 2017, Beyoncé Knowles revealed on her Instagram account that she was expecting twins. Her fans were shocked by the news and apparently, so was her dad, Mathew Knowles.

It seems Mathew wasn’t in the loop with regards to her most recent pregnancy. Reports say that Beyoncé didn’t want her father to show up on the day of birth of the twins.

To add to this matter, the Beyhive was stirred angry when Mathew took to social media and announced, “They’re here”.

Many voiced out their displeasure stating that it wasn’t his place to announce private matters even if he was Beyoncé’s father. One fan says, “They aren’t here until Beyoncé tells us they’re here”.

Knowing how Beyoncé can be private and controlling, it’s safe to assume that the Queen herself shares the sentiments of her fans. She probably had a tweet or Instagram post all planned out, and that for sure was thrown out the window. Thanks, Dad.

1 Feminism Not Controversial Enough

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Feminism too touchy a subject for you? Not for Beyoncé, apparently. Earlier in the list, we mentioned the singer doesn’t shy away from such a controversial topic.

The fearless singer one ups this sensitive topic and elevates it to new heights. In 2016, Beyoncé wrote a song called “Don’t Hurt Yourself”. The popular song contains lyrics which says “When you love me, you love yourself, Love God herself”.

Now call us old fashioned but God has always been personified as a male entity. Scriptures have always identified God as the FATHER of Jesus Christ. Now father is by definition, a male gender. Why must Beyoncé tamper with such a sensitive, not to mention sacred topic.

Being suggestive is one thing, but sacrilege is a misdemeanor not many will be willing to absolve.

Who are we kidding? This is the Queen we’re talking about. Like it or not, Bey always has the final say.

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