15Jack Antonoff Was Actually Her First Love

Via Vanity Fair

The Ghost World actress may currently be off the market, but her fans still remember a few of her most famous relationships over the years. The 33-year-old beauty has even shared that she definitely believes in true love, but she also tries to follow a certain set of rules when

it comes to dating in this modern, technology-driven world. And speaking of her dating memoirs, we cannot help but laugh at "He's Just Not That Into You"— a movie that comically chronicles her character's troublesome relationships and barely-there communication with the guys. Since her first boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, Scarlett has changed and learned a lot, but she still keeps an eye out for a few specific things, like her partner's mindset, behavior, and priorities.

The Manhattan-raised star further explained that the guy's obsession with every message or text is an absolute turn-off for her. Maybe, her first love, Jack, was not that confident in himself, so their sugar-sweet romance just fell apart. Besides, Scarlett once shared that being monogamous is quite hard for her anyway. Well, it sure explains why most of her relationships were pretty dysfunctional.

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